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Thursday, June 26th, 2014 8:37AM CDT

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Topic Options: View Discussion · Sign in or Join to reply long-time member First Gen was able to catch a viewing of the highly anticipated (by many) Transformers: Age of Extinction movie, and took some time to write a thorough, lengthy review of it. However, much like on Crosshairs and Drift's alt-modes - there are spoilers throughout the entire piece, so stay away if you'd rather not read them! Carry on if you will.


First Gen wrote:Hey Seibertronians, First Gen here. This evening I had the honor to attend and advance VIP screening of, and now will provide you with a full out, detailed review of the highly anticipated fourth installment to the Transformers movieverse, Age of Extinction!

Directed by return Director Michael Bay, with a script by Ehren Kruger, AOE brings all the known features you can expect of a M. Bay film to the screen, while giving our beloved Robots in Disguise a little more face time than in past installments. But let me make this point clear, this IS a Michael Bay film, and yes, this will tick off some of you fans out there.

SPOILER ALERT!!!! Do not read on if you do not wish to have the film spoiled prior to viewing it.

The film opens with a shot of prehistoric Earth, and what appears to be a Cybertronian fleet approaching its atomosphere. It is a time when dinosaurs ruled the land, and things are about to change. We see non Cybertronian life forms shooting, what appear to be bombs onto the lush green world, then a wall of fire exterminates all life that enters its path.

Flash forward a couple epochs later, to what we can only assume is present day in the Arctic. Dr. Darcy Tirrel, played by Sophia Myles, is walking towards what appears to be a dinosaur skeleton, but only its made of metal. The foreman of the site, played by Glenn Keogh, states that they've made the discovery of a lifetime.

Enter Cade Yeager, played by Mark Wahlberg, a former research and development specialist in everything robotic from his own research facility, which has been reduced to a scrap metal salvager and old electronic repair man. He's out with his partner/ employee Lucas, played by TJ Miller, trying to salvage old equipment from a rundown movie theater when he happens upon an old cab over engine truck, just there, in the middle of a theater, which apparently the owner wasn't aware of when Cade asked how much he wanted for it.

While Cade barters with the theatre owner we get our first look at Chicago today. Signs stating to "Remember Chicago" can be found everywhere, but now the great city is the home to RIS, a research facility thats doing more than just research, and the Cemetary Wind Team, a group of humans who are trained to hunt down and destroy Transformers. The CWT was on the hunt for their next victim when they picked up a reading on a possible location. Using little surveillance copters they call Minicons, they locate their suspect and prompltly blow him out of his hiding space. The transformer in question is Ratchet. Following Optimus Primes orders, Ratchet went into hiding as the Hunt for the Decepticons became the hunt for all Transformers. With the help of a Decepticon named Lockdown, the humans put Ratchet down as Lockdown quizes him on the location of Optimus Prime. Ratchet refuses and pays with his spark. Lockdown does not appear to be taking sides with Decepticon or Autobot, having his own cryptic agenda that we never get a straight answer to.

The film then introduces Cade's daugther Tessa in the only way Michael Bay knows how to portray women. We then discover that the truck Cade purchased was actually a transformer. Cade and Tessa argue over what to do about that while Lucas suggests they turn it in for a reward to help with the mounting bills and eviction notice that Cade has acquired. Before they can come to an agreement, the CWT is on them looking for Optimus Prime. Prime is holed up in Cade's barn, but when he hears that the CWT is going to kill Tessa to learn his whereabouts, he busts out and dispatches of the team holding them hostage and tells them to run. In the distance, what appears to be a driverless Rally car pops up and does some pretty skillful driving manuveurs to simeultaneously dispatch of the CWT thats in pursuit of the group and pick them up. No, its not an Autobot, its Shane, Tessa's non existant boyfriend played by Jack Reynor. A super Bay car chase ensues as suped up muscle cars and Lockdown in his vehicle mode give chase. Prime fights off Lockdown and saves the group, but not before Lockdown turns Lucas into a statue of ash.

Introduce the rest of the Autobots. All four of them. Yes, four. Hound, Crosshairs, who comes off as a real jerk and not Autobotish at all, Drift, the samurai Bugatti, and of course fan fave Bumblebee. These four are a ragtag group that don't particularly like each other. Drift almost kills Bumblebee for assuming leadership while Prime was MIA. Prime puts an end to the foolishness and gathers up the bots saying they've got one more thing to do then they're done with the human race. This takes us to KSI and we meet Joshua Joyce, played by Stanley Tucci. Joyce is in kahoots with CWT team leader and former CIA operative Harold Attinger (Kelsey Grammar) and they want to harvest the material Transformers are made of, calling is Transformia. They are melting down the carcasses of the bots they've killed, which include Leadfoot, Ratchet and Megatron. Using the DNA code and data that the still kicking Brains can decipher from the dead bots, they're making their own Transfomers. And if you've put two and two together already, then you figured out that Galvatron is a man made transformer. Galvatron was supposed to be modeled after Optimus Prime, but for some reason, a reason the technicians don't understand, he still resemble Megatron.

The other TFs they created with this Transformia were meant to mimic the real thing, like the Stinger that was said to be an upgrade to Bumblebee. Bumblebee would use that fact later on in the movie to make a humorous crack on not going for knock offs. They show how the man made transfomers transform, which reminds me of the T1000 from Terminator 2. Its not genuine transformation, which really put a damper on the coolness of the Cons. And unlike real Transformers, these human versions have no spark. Prime and the Bots infiltrate KSI to find out whats going on there, then end up just leaving when Joyce tells them to stop and wake up essentially. Attinger tells Joyce to dispatch his Transformers to dispose of Prime. We get our first shot of Galvatron and Stinger in action. Another Bay chase ensues, Galvatron does not completely obey the remote control commands of the humans and actually speaks to Prime while they fight. Enter Lockdown, who blasts Prime, cause Lockdown is pretty bad ass in this movie, moreso than Galvatron or any other threat, and he again talks to Prime in the cryptic talk of the Creators and hauls him off to add to his "collection" of legends, while taking Tessa as well. Cade and Shane and the bots manage to get on Lockdowns ship, save Tessa and Prime by detaching a piece of the ship before Lockdown goes into hyperdrive. A few star trekkish references were made about space.

Another huge battle ensues claiming alot of Chicago once again. Robot dogs at the call of Lockdown are seen which seem like the Terrorcons. We then learn that Megatron was actually downloading his own essence into Galvatron and letting the humans think they controlled him and the other decepticons they were creating. We then learn about the Seed. The Seed is actually a massive bomb that destroys all the life in its path and turns it into Transformia. Joyce bartered with Lockdown for it in exchange for Optimus Prime. Destruction is laid to Chicago again and with this Joyce relocates RIS to Hong Kong. When Joyce gets there, he receives a call from Cade, pleading with him not to release the Seed as it will bring the end of humankind. Joyce has a change of heart and becomes a fugitive from Attinger, running from the CWT.

Then Galvatron just decides to become self aware and do some blue magic glow thing to "awaken" the rest of the Decepticons. There's 50 of them. Being so outnumbered, Prime goes to the Legends room in the ship that was detached from Lockdowns, and we finally get to see the Dinobots. None of them have names, they were only referred to as The Legends, and they weren't in the ice in the Arctic, or even on Earth. Prime beats Grimlock into submission telling him to either for for him or die. Then Prime rides Grimlock like a horse for the next ten minutes of screen time the Dinobots get. Cade does ALOT of fighting in this movie, using a Cybertronian weapon he figured out how to use by yelling at it. Prime is once again bested by Lockdown, and only with the help of Bumblebee, Cade, Tessa and Shane is he able to finally beat Lockdown. Galvatron says something about being reborn then runs away.

The film ends with Prime releasing the Dinobots to freedom in Hong Kong then doing his normal outro, sending a message to his Creators, telling them to leave Earth alone and that he was coming for them.

Overall the film has some fun moments and entertainment value, but clocking in at over two and half hours, this movie had so much going on with so many subplots and ridiculous continuous set up for future films, it really took away from what it could have been. The bots look great, but some of the CG looks really NOT real. The movie did an Amazing Spiderman 2 and just had too many villians. Despite screen time, Bumblebee seemed to only be there to appease the fans and Primes weak, desolute attitude is not becoming of a Prime. Throughout all that, the film tried to make the same humorous cracks and situational comedy takes that didn't go over as well as with the first films. Cade and Tessa continuously bicker about family issues and who takes care of who.

It really looks as if though they were trying to set up the next two films instead of leading into the next film. This is definitely a film you'll have to see more than once just to catch everything thats going on.

Overall, I rate AOE 2 1/2 stars out of four. Go into this with and open mind and no expectations.

A huge thank you to Jose Cruz and for allowing me to view and review the film. You can follow them at and Facebook for your chance to score free tickets to advance screenings.

That's all I've got for you Seibertronians. Keep your optics locked to for all the latest info in the Transformers universe.
Credit(s): Paramount, First Gen
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Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1585903)
Posted by BeastWarsFTW on June 26th, 2014 @ 8:48am CDT
Not sure if I will go see tonight or not.
Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1585905)
Posted by Rodimus Prime on June 26th, 2014 @ 8:56am CDT
Bleak5170 wrote:...but is anyone even a little disappointed that so far, this barely ranks above the abomination which was Revenge of the Fallen? ... esearch=rt

Go see it for yourself. Don't let anyone else make up your mind for you. See it, then like it or dislike it. :)
Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1585906)
Posted by MenaceRX on June 26th, 2014 @ 8:57am CDT
Thank you for the thurough review. I didnt mind the spoilers. I am still going to see it, but by your review it sounds as if I should prepare for let down. I dont know what my expectations were yet but the review didnt sound like this film will meet them beyond eye candy.

Looking forward to the movie regardless to see the Dinobots transform, a closer view of the new bot modes.
Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1585918)
Posted by First Gen on June 26th, 2014 @ 9:43am CDT
Go see the film, its M Bay, but its Transformers, and the bots look.great.
Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1585924)
Posted by Downbeat on June 26th, 2014 @ 10:30am CDT
That sounds awful. I'm not going to give this my money, or support a film series that has been racist and sexist throughout just because it has robots that turn into other things.
Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1585927)
Posted by ILL-Star on June 26th, 2014 @ 10:46am CDT
I highly doubt that I won't like it. I very much enjoy the first three. In fact, Revenge Of The Fallen is my favorite just by a margin over Dark Of The Moon. Looking forward to seeing it, but I'll try to wait at least a week to go.

In regard to there being to much going on in the movie, I feel that helps make them even more enjoyable. I still pick out things here and there in the first three that I've never realized before. I love that. :D

We must learn to judge movies for what they are. For an action/sci-fi movie such as this, rate it based upon the level of enjoyment you experienced. Nothing else.
Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1585931)
Posted by dreadwing95 on June 26th, 2014 @ 11:05am CDT
im going to watch it and probably enjoy it
Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1585938)
Posted by Plasmatika on June 26th, 2014 @ 11:27am CDT
Was actually getting a little drawn in with more and more details of the movie being revealed but now that it's all out there I'm gonna pass. I really liked the first movie but the last two were really big let downs and it doesn't look like this one is any better and if more than anything has the sin of being consistently condescending to the fans and the general audience. I was at least entertained with ROTF because of how bad things had gotten in the final act but DOTM somehow negated any sense of action and suspense and actually had me really bored during the endless fight in Chicago.

One of the biggest middle fingers to me is the switch and bait tactics with the Dinobots. I've always loved them and its one of the reasons I got into Transformers in the first place and the people who made this movie know how big a draw the Dinobots are so a lot of hype and the trailers have featured them. To know now that they are only going be to so underutilized to the point they won't even have names or lines or even be referred to as Dinobots is just asinine. I'm not sure how anyone will want to endure over two hours of sitting just to see about 10 minutes or so of Dinobot action.

If I can give them any good points is the prospect of Lockdown's character (the fact you can even refer to him as a character is already something in the film series) as well as having a proper Galvatron. Also I do appreciate having more of the Transformers themselves getting better screen-time and lines to work with. Beyond that I think I'm gonna pass, I feel like I've already seen the best of what the movie has to offer from the trailers and teasers.
Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1585943)
Posted by SW's SilverHammer on June 26th, 2014 @ 11:44am CDT
If his lordship, Posthumous, Roger Ebert hated Transformers Dark Of The Moon, then I shall hate every sequel out of respect. [-(
Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1585949)
Posted by Actar on June 26th, 2014 @ 11:56am CDT
Huh... I personally had no issues with keeping up with the characters and interweaving plot threads. All in all, I personally felt that they did a successful job in fleshing out each villain, giving them each adequate screentime and characterization.

The human characters were all good and they all contributed to the overall narrative in one way or another.

Loved that the tone of the movie was far more serious with regard to the tone. Right from the get-go, a comic-relief character died and Ratchet, a bot we've grown to know over the course of the past 3 films, was killed as well. This gave the movie some much needed tension that was lacking from the previous installments.

In addition, a jaded, disillusioned Prime? Brilliant. No longer the (G)1-dimensional wise leader, that added serious depth to the character and it felt justified. Cade serving to restore Optimus' fate in humanity also gave them some great interplay.

Not to mention, I was actually invested in all the fights as the characters were developed (more so than the previous films) and had vibrant personalities.


Also, it's Transformium, not Transformia...
Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1585979)
Posted by Megatron Wolf on June 26th, 2014 @ 1:07pm CDT
sounds a little better than i expected but not enough to go see it, ill save my money for guardians of the galaxy.
Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1585985)
Posted by Sub-Prime on June 26th, 2014 @ 1:19pm CDT
I believe everything Actar said! Actar your review seems like what I expected. The humans look much better than before. And I love Optimus 's darker personality that you described. Makes the movie really interesting.
Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1585992)
Posted by Peridot on June 26th, 2014 @ 1:38pm CDT
Who are the drones that Galvatron recruits? Is it just an army of Stingers, or what?
Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1585999)
Posted by Mindmaster on June 26th, 2014 @ 2:12pm CDT
Question: since Galvatron is voiced by Frank Welker, did it sound anything like Welker's Megatron, Galvatron, or neither?

Metro Prime wrote:Who are the drones that Galvatron recruits? Is it just an army of Stingers, or what?

I assume it's the Chevy Traxes.
Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1586007)
Posted by Peridot on June 26th, 2014 @ 3:21pm CDT
Also, does the helicopter Drift actually appear in the film, or is just a toy-only thing?
Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1586010)
Posted by chuckdawg1999 on June 26th, 2014 @ 3:27pm CDT
Does Prime turn into the newer film truck? If Prime does does Prime just show up with the new body?

Once in full control does Galvatron refer to himself as Galvatron or Megatron?

Does Prime kill humans?
Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1586011)
Posted by Bleak5170 on June 26th, 2014 @ 3:27pm CDT
Metro Prime wrote:Also, does the helicopter Drift actually appear in the film, or is just a toy-only thing?

Could be wrong but I'm positive I saw his helicopter form in some footage.
Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1586018)
Posted by Krayt on June 26th, 2014 @ 4:05pm CDT
Drift = triplechanger. Swords are blades, so seeing on back in toy are linked to the rotor. Can define rotor and car wheels easy in bot mode. No changing from car to helicopter, he just picks one or the other.

Prime = Murderer. My step daughter loved the personality update. As for upgrades, heard BBee scan better modes while driving with passengers and update quickly, I was totally expecting some squished human goo....

Galvatron = upgraded Megatron. They used TF DNA to gain control of transformer metal.... The source? Yup, MrMegatron! Therefore the Prime clone they wanted looks Megsy, and he infects with his personality to gain control. His army is not just stingers, whole range of different modes.

Worst part of movie is product placement. Especially when a nice dark scene, and then BAM! Colourful billboard truck seen driving past.... Also sucks we don't get some brands here in Australia.... I wanted a beer too, stupid blue Bud.

Best thing is that this isn't like DotM, as in I didn't sit there going " they pulled that from this G1 ep" seems like all original story, of course we will prob notice it drew on xxxxx later...

Also, cons are NOT TRANSFORMERS!!!!!!! Magic floating colour hanging cubes my ass..... No wonder the Galvy toy sucks like it does, and stinger is toyless....they had no basis for the toy conversion!
Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1586022)
Posted by soulblade on June 26th, 2014 @ 4:20pm CDT
God the film that MB keep doing is as bad as the first one and I agree the same joke talk is terrible that I swear its not even limber cheese or any other cheese. Seriously, how many transformers characters they're gonna kill off since Ratchet was the only medic group of the team which Bumblebee still lost his voice (does he in this film), which puts the autobot team (sort of team) in a bad position without medic support and MB just do his awesome explosion and plothole of the characters recovery. Also human beating the main bad guy that 200 times taller than them is ridiculous as most MB film focus on human not the transformers. The video game rise of the dark spark (the gameplay multiplayer is terrible and plot of alternate universe had no connection at all between them) has a better storyplot and battle than the movie sound like.
Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Review - SPOILERS (1586031)
Posted by partholon on June 26th, 2014 @ 4:49pm CDT
starting to get that sinking feeling after reading some of the reviews.

now its ONLY based on that but if its true that the dinos dont say a word then this is TWICE bay has taken a fecking AWSOME concept and somehow managed to hollow out damn near everyting good about em.

first devestator in ROTF , and now the grimlock / prime dynamic. its the bots equivilent of the starscrem/megs relationship and shoulve been a source of fun dialogue and head butting. u was really looking forward to a john wayne/dirty harry bitchfest off them but considering bay never really got the latter megs/screamer interactions right either i guess it shouldnt be a surprise.

im kinda lost as to the moaning about the lenght of the film. the last two were pushing near three hours too. in fact if you throw in the bleeding ads/trailers that precede them they both went well over it in my local.

so a bum number is what i was expecting. the thing that pisses me off most is how the hell they can be that long and not actually have the bots and con's DO anything of any real consequnce till the last 20 minutes or so.

i mean has ANY of the animated stuff been longer than 90mins? and they managed to get the job done.

ill be honest , ill go see this and take it for what it is, but more and more i just wish bay would fuk off an leave the franchise to a director that actually KNOWS what heroism, character, intrigue and pathos is all about as the only things he's really good at it blowing shyte up.

i mean the films called "transformers" i really shouldnt be going in more intersted in kelsy grammer and stanly tucci's characters unless theyre doing voice work !

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