Transformers Collection in the Norwegian news.

Transformers Collection in the Norwegian news.

Wednesday, May 11th, 2005 5:57pm CDT

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Our very own Atreyu let us know that his collection of Transformers has been featured in the Norwegian regional newspaper "Stavanger Aftenblad"

The translation is as follows:


I don't know if there's a norwegian name for it. They just say "transformers", so I guess that's norwegian now. "Transform" is english, and means to change or convert. We find the word in transforming something, for instance in a tranformer booth. But transformers is a toy that changes. It looks like something, and can change into something completely different.

Frank Herfjord is a 27 year old newly educated social worker from Trondelag, that lives in Sandnes and collects transformers. He has what may be the largest collection in Norway, more than 600 figures, and half of them are stored in their original boxes. And this is a man who's got his deal together, knows what he's talking about and takes the hobby seriously.
-The oldest are from 1984, but it was the series on Super Channel that really set the ball rolling. I started collecting in 1986.
-So, what you have is 600 robots?
-Transformers. Robots with movable parts, so you can fold and build them into other things. A car or a plane. A penguin or a tape recorder. They can have up to 100 movable parts, and then I need 15 minutes to transform them.
-I bet. Are they american?
-Started in Japan by Takara as Diaclone and Microchange, before Hasbro imported them as Transformers. And at the end of the 80s, some were produced in Europe.
-Yes, I remember that well.
-You have to mention, our website. We have 300 members in Scandinavia. We are three active in Rogaland.
-Oh, so there are more than one of you.
-And next year, it's really going to take off when the movie by Steven Spielberg and the people behind Armageddon, X-men arrives. Here's the comic book Transformers, from Marvel in the US. The legendary Espen Grundetjern from Vennesla, Norway coloured the new Dreamwave from 2001-2004.
-Was Grundetjern part of
-They tried publishing the comic in Norway in 1987, but it didn't become a success. Ended in 1990.
-Yes, I do remember well.
-You have to mention our website, I collected most actively before puberty. But then I got a girlfriend. Now we're getting married, so now I could start again.
-Yes, we'll se how long you'll be allowed to.
-This is Optimus Prime, 2004, the 20th anniversary edition. Got him for a grand. Have paid up to 5-6000. But, you know, the most expensive, like Bluestreak, from 84, can fetch up to 10-20000.
-Right. And you and Hild live in Daleveien, here in Sandnes. Do you know what's at the end of Daleveien?
-Oh well. I won't tell anybody.

Here is a picture of the article itself.

Join the discussion in Atreyus thread here at the Energon Pub.

Credit(s): Atreyu

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