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Transformers News: Transformers Galaxy Force Episode #7 Clips

Saturday, February 19th, 2005 3:23AM CST

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Our friends Fan2Fan at have put up clips of Transformers Galaxy Force Episode #7 "The Fastest Brave Warrior, Nitro Convoy!!" for download. Low res clips, screen captures and a brief synopsis can be found here. will be hosting both low and high res versions of these clips later today, so watch this space!

In spite of Galaxy Convoy's instruction about not to intereact with the locals on Speedia and First Aid's repeated reminders, Exillion still came out and helped Autolander and Skids. With the support of First Aid, they were able to fight back Landbullet and Gasket. As Skids and Autolander thanked them for helping them, they lied that they were from another part of Speedia and did not go around much, not a very convincing story for Autolander, since being an old Transformer, he has practically been to every part on the planet but he did not pursue the subject.

  • Hi-Resolution (gf7a-hr.wmv)
  • Low-Resolution (gf7a-lr.wmv)

    As Skids and Autolander leave, First Aid reprimanded Exillion for defying Convoy's orders and expose themselves , risking their mission. While the 2 got into a heated argument, Autolander asked Skids to come back and ask them which roads do they usually travel so he could bump into them and thank them sometimes, so before they realized, Skids was behind them and overheard everything... no choice the Autobots told Skids and Autolander everything.
    (Not in clip: Back on Earth, Dreadrock was requesting to Galaxy Convoy that he replace either Exillion or First Aid on Speedia, knowing the 2 have exactly opposite personalities, they might be debating all the time and risk the mission but Galaxy Convoy do not agree to the exchange.)

  • Hi-Resolution (gf7b-hr.wmv)
  • Low-Resolution (gf7b-lr.wmv)

    On Earth, Starscream engaged Dreadrock in battle, as he is faster and more flexible in jet mode, he toyed with Dreadrock and damaged him, but Galaxy Convoy came to help Dreadrock and asked Dreadrock to return to base. Turns out it was part of the Decepticons' plan to locate the Autobot's base, as Thundercracker tailed Dreadrock to the base, thinking he located it, he power up his force chip ignition and blasted the base, destroying it. But all this was also known to the Autobots, knowing the Decepticons will not stop till they find their base, they have constructed a false base and lured Thundercracker there, now thinking the base destroyed, the Decepticons will not be looking for their base now.

  • Hi-Resolution (gf7c-hr.wmv)
  • Low-Resolution (gf7c-lr.wmv)

    Back on Speedia, as the elder Transformer, Autolanderhas no idea what a force chip is, he agreed to help Exillion and Skids, asking Skids to be their guide on the planet. Skids suggested they go and see Nitro Convoy, since been the fastest transformer on the planet, he might have access to the force chip. As they located Nitro Convoy, they were shocked that the Decepticons were also there. Master Megatron was asking for more info about force chip, unfortunately Nitro Convoy did not know, but he knows something similar, a force cup, something that was awarded to the fastest Transformer on Speedia, which he now obviously holds. Master Megatron asked if he could see it, Nitro Convoy simply said if Megatron can win him in the race, he will show him. Not wanting to let Megatron get hold of the force cup, Exillion rushed in to join the race (to the protest of First Aid as he logically deduce that Megatron will not win the race). As the trio sped thru the course, Master Megatron and Exillion each accusing the other been the evil Transformer, Nitro Convoy said he did not care who is the evil one as long as the one who win the race will get the cup.

  • Hi-Resolution (gf7d-hr.wmv)
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    Part 2 of the race scene, the higher power Megatron was having difficulty with the interwining course. As they went into their final lap, Exillion was able to lead the race, but First Aid noticed that Landbullet and Gasket might be up to something...

  • Hi-Resolution (gf7e-hr.wmv)
  • Low-Resolution (gf7e-lr.wmv)

    As he thought, Landbullet and Gasket caused Exiilion to lose the race, that did not sit well with Nitro Convoy. Master Megatron decided to leave and the Decepticons left the course. Nitro Convoy, impressed by Exillion's racing, agreed they will race again when Exillion has been repaired, and if he wins, he will listen to them about their mission.

  • Hi-Resolution (gf7f-hr.wmv)
  • Low-Resolution (gf7f-lr.wmv)

    Next Episode: "Fierce Battle! Starscream!"

  • Hi-Resolution (gf8trailer-hr.wmv)
  • Low-Resolution (gf8trailer-lr.wmv)

    Credit(s): Fan2Fan
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