Transformers Generation Zero - Official Japanese Event Information

Transformers Generation Zero - Official Japanese Event Information

Monday, August 2nd, 2004 9:48am CDT

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This was taken from a translation of this event at Takara's Transformers Robot Masters website:


TF official event
* Event information *

2004 August 21 22 day

Makuhari ƒƒbƒZ international display room
C3 (ƒLƒƒƒ‰ƒzƒr 2004) being similar,this summer largest TF eventopening decision!
Preparing the premiere goods, it waits!
If the transformer fan it is participation absolutely!

* < 1st day > (13: 00 - 14: 00)
"Transformer 20th anniversary anniversary event
Transformer generation ZERO "opening!
You celebrate transformer 20th anniversary with everyone, sing, make a noise
It is anniversary plan! The luxurious guest and it probably will rise together!

Guest of ‡@ song
- Live performance schedule artist - 21 22 sunrise performing
"TF super link" subject song it came even Hiroshi
"TF ƒ}ƒCƒNƒƒ“ legendary" subject song rhinoceros kick rubber
"TF ƒ}ƒCƒNƒƒ“ legendary" subject song Takatori ƒqƒfƒAƒL

‡A dubbing artist guest
- Talk show performance schedule artist - 21 22 sunrise performing
"TF super link" gland convoy part Konishi Ž happiness person
"Transformer" first convoy part μ rice field Satoru Akira person (video performance)
"The B strike wars" convoy part child it is cheap Takehito (video performance)

Pulling out selection meeting of ‡B limited edition TOY

* < 2nd day > (11: 00 - 12: 00)
20 years of transformer, every nook and cranny of the history with anecdote and commodity
You look back!
Because there is also first putting out information, the person of the robot lover gathers everyone!

Up-to-date information of ‡@ transformer
(Future development including, up-to-date information than TF project release!)
Now, commemorating 20th anniversaries, announcement meeting of the large-sized commodity which is sold!

‡A TF inside story(development anecdote)
In the guest and simultaneous, disclosing the anecdote which now can be said with the booth! ?

‡B various guests(song dubbing artist)

‡C limited GOODS pulling out selection meeting
Sign entering colored paper and specially made luck sack etc. of dubbing artist,

* Both day common plan
Bi- null TEX motor show!
MAZDA RX of that topic - 8 in bi- null TEX vivid debut!
RX - It displays also the actual car of 8! The degree of completion will be verified!
The BT series new product successively appearance!

Robot master's corner
Robot master's all line-up exhibition.
Reproducing the fight of the corps beautifully with the enormous diorama!
World view of the masters bodily sensation will be done!

Walking corner of TF20 year
The successive TF toy assembles!
While looking at successive image, bodily sensation it will do the thickness of history!
During TV broadcasting "super link" commodity and reissue series
Line-up within year large release!

Preceding sale corner!
- Illustration of the successive convoy collected luxuriously,
Generation ZERO specially made "original poster"
- BT-07 smoke screen feat.SUBARU in presser WRC2004
- In addition TF-RELATED commodity large number
In the customer who buys the above-mentioned commodity at the day meeting place, the premiere goods
Pulling out selection ticketof pulling out selection meetingand "event limited ƒTƒCƒoƒgƒƒ“ƒ}[ƒNƒXƒeƒbƒJ["
It presents!
* There is the limit in the number of commodities of the day. Truly selfishness commodity
Without as soon as to become, you make sale end. Beforehand acknowledgement.

* As for event contents there is no notice and there are times when it modifies.


Be sure to hit to applicant everyone!
*In the midst of "robot master's campaign" execution! ! *

* Robot master's prize (with pulling out selection 10 people)
"Super enormous ƒTƒCƒoƒgƒƒ“ƒx[ƒX"
* Customization prize (with pulling out selection 100 people)
"Original limitation color weapon set"
* G1 convoy prize (applicant everyone)
"Maneuvers letter of instructions from convoy"
Type of letter of instructions 3 types, reaches with random.

* Pasting robot point 2 it has been attached to the robot master's-related commodity in the application postcard, or the postcard of marketing which is the shop front clearly writing address, name, age and telephone number, when you apply to the below-mentioned address, either one of the above-mentioned commodities hits by all means!
§ 342 - 8691 Yoshikawa post office private secretary boxes 15
Robot master's campaign person in charge
Application period 2004 September 30th (wood) the day postmark validity
Inquiry: Robot master's campaign Executive Office
TEL: (Earth day national holiday is excluded from 048 - 981 - 6260 Office Hours weekday 9:30 to 18 o'clock)
As for application we ask with 1 mouth concerning the postcard of the marketing 1.

* Color of the photograph, as for specification there are times when it becomes modification.


Television magazine & toy the and others Æ’X
*Transformer super link coating picture campaign*

Application period:July 1st - September 30th(postmark validity)

* Special prize (with pulling out selection 5 people)
"Gilded gland convoy"
* Toy the and others Æ’X prize (with pulling out selection 10 people)
"Original color G1 convoy"
* The color of your work becomes the toy!
* Winning a prize
4 masterpiece convoy USA versions
ƒKƒ‹ƒoƒgƒƒ“ USA edition (toy the and others ƒX limitation) 6 people
To line (toy the and others Æ’X limitation) 10 people
10 TF station limited sky looms
10 TF station limited blast arms
10 toy the and others Æ’X limited energy spears
10 toy the and others Æ’X limited energy axes
ƒ}ƒCƒNƒƒ“ƒu[ƒXƒ^[ (either one one) 150 people
Toy the and others ƒXƒIƒŠƒWƒiƒ‹ window charger 180 person
TF super link DVD (1 volume - 3 volumes) each 20 people
TF super link sound track CD 20 person
TF super link theme tune single CD 20 person
Food Šß "transformer" (5 kind sets) 80 people
Specially made transformer seal 365 person

* Toy the and others ƒX of entire country, in the application post card for campaign which is the transformer counter, please enter address name sex telephone number, make the coating picture of the ‚¤ and others aspect complete, apply. In addition, when the television magazine August edition (July 1st sale) with the October edition (September 1st sale) is attached, applies with the application post card your work becomes the color, as a ƒeƒŒƒ}ƒK prize, there is a chance where the "original color gland convoy" hits. When "the application box of attaching empty for campaign" you apply making provision for toy the and others ƒX, without pasting the stamp, that way, you can apply. _ mail with apply do when, by all means 50 Yen stamp paste post to mail do.

- Application box installation period July 1st (wood) - September 12th (day)
* September 13th (month) pasting the stamp, please mail later in the post
You can apply the announcement of the commodity with dispatch.

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