Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Even More Fan Questions on Twitter

Friday, January 8th, 2016 11:43am CST

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Remember how a question and answer session for popular Transformers comic series More Than Meets The Eye happened last week? Well, the author is back for more, as once again James Roberts took to his Twitter account yesterday to answer 100 more fan questions marked with the hashtag #MTMTE15. Twitter can be difficult to follow along with, so now that this fun Q&A has wrapped up, we've transcribed the questions and answers here for your reading enjoyment.

Are more crossovers in our future? Where's Sixshot been and how is he coping? What toys would Mr. Roberts love to see based on the book's characters? What happened to Roller? Who is Tarn? Who is Lobe? Will we learn more about Bluestreak? Does he have any writing tips? Ten? Read on and you may just find out some of this.

Editor's note: Many questions and answers have been edited in an extremely minor fashion for clarity, and to correct spelling mistakes. The hashtag was also removed from the text of Tweets to assist with reading. Images added are for ease of reading and were not generally included in the original questions or answers.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Even More Fan Questions on Twitter

On to the questions!

MMortAH asked: What exactly is a Wellbeing Clinic?
James Roberts replied: A clinic specialising in CBT.

MMortAH asked: What's your favourite Megatron moment in IDW outside of MTMTE/Chaos Theory?
James Roberts replied: When he looks down at Verity in Infiltration OR when he says 'All. Hail. Starscream' in the Spotlight.

MMortAH asked: How old is Rung?
James Roberts replied: Six million years+

MMortAH asked: Would Prowl's analytical skills be considered an outlier ability? (knowing he's CC)
James Roberts replied: Brilliant! Very possibly.

sharkofwisdom asked: Would an Autobot have been allowed to refuse a mission-relevant body refit on grounds of Functionist beliefs?
James Roberts replied: Autobot, yes, Decepticon, no. But you'd have to go a long way to find a pro-Functionist during wartime.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Even More Fan Questions on Twitter

CrimsonCyclo asked: "Ten?" (Translation: what more might we get to see of Ten in future issues?)
James Roberts replied: He's in #50.

sharkofwisdom asked: Was the 'symbol ship empire' period post or pre-Thunderwing?
James Roberts replied: Pre

85Lozalot asked: What's your top hints/tips be for an aspiring writer/frustrated With politicians and dreading where the world going?
James Roberts replied: Articulate your frustrations and thereby rally others to the cause. Good luck!

MonoPuma64 asked: Out of all the current More Than Meets The Eye issues which one do you think bests represents the series as a whole?
James Roberts replied: Aargh - brilliant/difficult question. Um. #12, #22, #40 or #50. I will ask others (Editor's note: He did indeed. Twitter can be fun!)

MMortAH asked: Who in the IDW universe would have made the Cameron "For too long we have been a passively tolerant society" speech?
James Roberts replied: Nova then, Starscream now

Munatron asked: Does Lost Light have lots of Wrecker fans?! Is Whirl an "uncool" Wrecker because he's "just" a crewmember/got kicked out?
James Roberts replied: Pretty much everyone on the first page of #12 are Wreckers fans, including Whirl. Whirl is feared more than respected.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Even More Fan Questions on Twitter

sharkofwisdom asked: Standup [comic] Skullcruncher is inspired. Did you cast him before learning of [the] Titans Returns [toyline] or was there a request to include him in some way?
James Roberts replied: I cast him independent of anything else. Glad you liked him. I was unsure.

Sis_Shrieks asked: Some have noted that, by your Conjunx Ritus, many versions of Megatron and Optimus are married. Thoughts?
James Roberts replied: Ha! CR has to be deliberate, so...

MoyaoftheMist asked: Given the chance, would you kill off Optimus (if he became a more prominent member of the MTMTE cast)?
James Roberts replied: You mean if he muscled his way onto the ship? Nah.

stdurante asked: Has IDW given any thoughts to animating some of these major story arcs? I would love to see "Remain in the Light".
James Roberts replied: Not that I know of! Mediafire animated some early issues...

MoyaoftheMist asked: Is nickel a minibot or a minicon? (without other minis to reference against, I can't tell)
James Roberts replied: She's a Minicon (now), yes.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Even More Fan Questions on Twitter

iamtfc23 asked: Do you have a story in mind as to why Impactor is an Autobot in regards to his friendship with Megatron?
James Roberts replied: Kind of. But they were friends when Megs was 'good'. He changed, Impactor didn't... as much. See P1 of Chaos Theory :-)

LargeBorrome asked: What moment felt like the most difficult for you to write? (technically or emotionally) What's the one you're the most proud of ?
James Roberts replied: Lots of issues are tricky because of space constraints, particularly #11 and #21. Difficult *moment* was Starscream's testimony (29), Megatron/Optimus Prime chat (36) and some scenes in Dying of the Light, because [they are] So Important. Proudest moment? The Shockwave reveal (9), the Chromedome/Brainstorm chat (16), the Whirl/Cyclonus chat (47), the character beats in 38 + issue 50.

jobot935 asked: What does Thunderclash really think about Rodimus?
James Roberts replied: Thunders has no 'side' to him. He knows Rodimus' virtues and vices and treats him w/ polite affection.

jobot935 asked: Aside from Ravage, who are Megatron's three favorite Lost Lighters?
James Roberts replied: Magnus, Magnus and Magnus. :-) OR: Magnus, Ratchet (til he buggered off) and Rung.

Sis_Shrieks asked: Whose fault is it that Rung is the only Lost Light therapist? Because 1 therapist to 200 potential clients is an ethics nightmare
James Roberts replied: It's the war's fault. Therapists are easy to kill.
Sis_Shrieks asked, as a follow up: Gosh well in that case I've got to wonder how many Cybertronian therapists are alive /in total/ at this point. Got an estimate?
James Roberts replied: Single figures, I reckon.

jobot935 asked: Will we ever see what happens if Rewind is exposed to UV light?
James Roberts replied: Oh, I don't know...

Sis_Shrieks asked: What makes Rung a "psychiatrist" as opposed to a "psychologist" or "therapist"? Do robots even have psych meds?
James Roberts replied: On Cybertron, the term's a bit broader. But during wartime, he worked principally in the field of mental illness.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Even More Fan Questions on Twitter

citygrl903 asked: Will we ever find out what happened to Roller?
James Roberts replied: Some mysteries will never be solved...

JazzBandChouwa asked: Would Minibots like Swerve, Tailgate, Nickel etc have what would be a Transformers equivalent to dwarfism? Just so we're clear ya'know
James Roberts replied: No. No equivalent in Cybertron society (until someone contradicts me).

Sis_Shrieks asked: What kind of alts did Senators have, to put them at the top of the functionist hierarchy?
James Roberts replied: I'm saving this for later. Not surprising you asked, though.

BritneyJean24 asked: What is Rung's favourite book from earth literature?
James Roberts replied: The Remains of the Day, by Kazuo Ishiguro.

CrimsonCyclo asked: If Rodimus ever gets to realize his untold, lifelong dream of forming a rock band, what will his debut album be titled?
James Roberts replied: Flame On

CrimsonCyclo asked: Is there, or have you ever, formed a concept for a 3rd or more types of "Endura" on top of Conjunxes and Amicas?
James Roberts replied: No. Not yet.

Tragicbirdwiz asked: How does Ratchet feel about Rodimus? I know there's anger there because of Drift but is there also (perhaps grudging) fondness as well?
James Roberts replied: Spot on. Think of it as an uncle/nephew relationship.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Even More Fan Questions on Twitter
Probably low on the Functionist Hierarchy.

MoyaoftheMist asked: Evidence suggests that flyers were lower on the functionist hierarchy than four-wheelers. is that accurate?
James Roberts replied: Depends on what type of flyer.

weasleygeek asked: Any more Scavengers backstory outlined (during the war, how they wound up on WAP)? Might we hear some in future issues?
James Roberts replied: Very, very likely.

CrimsonCyclo asked: Personally, James, which MTMTE issue was more difficult/interesting to write for: #16 or #47?
James Roberts replied: Rewind's message in #16 was a *nightmare* to write.

Xiki_Muffin asked: Will we learn more about protoforms and how they develop?!!
James Roberts replied: After the Xmas Special? Most likely. I like to drip-feed this stuff, and to do so organically.

weasleygeek asked: Has Perceptor ever used one of Brainstorm's weapons and would he consider it if not?
James Roberts replied: 'Persniper' has, and Preceptor does in secret.

rozzingit asked: Will we see further expansion on Getaway and Atomizer's arrest? It seems like it was wrapped surprisingly quickly.
James Roberts replied: Remember I said issues 47 - 49 were something of a trilogy...

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Even More Fan Questions on Twitter

rozzingit asked: Does Optimus have more or fewer murder flowers than Megatron?
James Roberts replied: Fewer. But Optimus has a big, big field...

T_F_Allens asked: (Editor's note: this question was from a now deleted tweet, so I'm not sure of the exact context. Personal speculation is that it's about the reveal of Agent 113's identity, but this could be incorrect. Answer from Mr. Roberts provided anyhow.)
James Roberts replied: Sorry to hear it let some people down. The reveal was means to get to 'Necroworld'. Maybe we'll see him in flashbacks.

_britishnerd_ asked: Are there any characters who you never expected to be as popular as they are now?
James Roberts replied: God, practically *all* pf them! Especially Rung, Tailgate and Pharma

Surelockholmes asked: So where have the Annuals been? We got one for 2012 and that's it. Can't really call it an Annual if there's only one
James Roberts replied: Good question. Don't know the answer. But there have been more Spotlights, DC x-over and Xmas Special...

T_F_Allen asked: Which MTMTE-original character (who doesn't yet have a toy) do you most want to see get an official HasTak figure?
James Roberts replied: (1) Rung, (2) Nautica, (3) Tarn, (4) Pharma, (5) Nickel

rozzingit asked: Have you ever had storylines, pairings, anything like that that got vetoed by the higher-ups?
James Roberts replied: No, actually - not actual, full-blown storylines.

Cronosiem asked: Shouldn't Cyclonus be using straws when he drinks? How come he doesn't spill his drinks with those holes in his face?
James Roberts replied: Micro-gravity pockets. Socket pockets.

Colossoraptor asked: How much do the Knights of Cybertron know about the war?
James Roberts replied: That'd be telling. That'd also be confirming whether or not they exist.

Colossoraptor asked: If the Knights of Cybertron agree to put Megatron on trial, what's to stop them from doing the same with Optimus?
James Roberts replied: What indeed?

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Even More Fan Questions on Twitter
Image from TF Wiki

emcrpyrean asked: Even TFWiki has to guess who Lobe is, but I assumed he's this imposing piece of work. Who is he really?
James Roberts replied: Guy on the left. 'Person' in middle is just equipment. :-)

jobot935 asked: Between #28 and Elegant Chaos, are there any deleted scenes you can tell us about?
James Roberts replied: #34 was originally 2 issues: one in present day, one not. EC had BIG deleted scene: shootout @ Rung's house.

jobot935 asked: What can we expect from MTMTE in 2016?
James Roberts replied: In Dying of the Light (Feb to Jul), the most feels- *and* action-heavy six issues EVER. Then Season 3 = change.

passivelyfabail asked: Approximately how many pieces of contraband Tailgate merchandise have been confiscated so far?
James Roberts replied: IRL or on Lost Light?

Blast_Off_G1 asked: Are we going to find out more about Whirl's past/pre-empurata days?
James Roberts replied: Mmmmaybe.

asverit asked: When bots give their frames away to relinquish-clinics, what do they get?why do they do it?do they receive it back after a while?
James Roberts replied: They get use of another body, or payment (for them or others). And yes, they get them back.

asverit asked: How did it come that it was only CC bots who tended to be guilty of crimes? Was it because there are that much many more of them?
James Roberts replied: As Minimus Ambus said, "a coincidence." But greater number of CC helped.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Even More Fan Questions on Twitter

zerokaiser85 asked: A lot of folks have been DYING to see Punch/Counterpunch in IDW, is he on your radar for anything in the future?
James Roberts replied: Honestly? No. TBH, if he appeared he would inevitably disappoint after so many years of anticipation/mythologising.

NarysZhala asked: Will we see more events that involve the New Institute in Season 3? Involving all the Lost Light who has a past with this org
James Roberts replied: No plans at present, but you never know

jobot935 asked: Where did the CC bots end up getting deported to, in the Functionist AU??
James Roberts replied: Hmm, yes, "deported"...

chrismcfeely asked/stated (regarding the earlier question about Lobe): Ta v. much! The designs don't really match at all, that's why I had to ask, but you've settled a small debate. :)
James Roberts replied: Yep; Lobe on left. Let's call the other one... Full-Frontal. Actually, no. Let's not.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Even More Fan Questions on Twitter
Fun fact: Full Frontal is the name of a character in Gundam. Really.

Blast_Off_G1 asked: Will we be seeing more Scavengers? Will they finally meet the Lost Light crew?
James Roberts replied: Yes we'll see them again. Will they meet the LL crew? Heh. Imagine that.

AlexisVengeance asked: So how does it feel when you kill off a character?? Do you feel guilt, pride, or nothing? Also have a nice day. :)
James Roberts replied: How I feel depends on how their death improves the issue/storyline. Sometimes I feel sad. Proof: :-(

T_F_Allen asked: Since Nautica's no longer the token-fembot, is there a chance she might get romantically involved?
James Roberts replied: There's a chance *any* of the crew might; but I still think we have too few female TFs on board.

sxizzor asked: Are we gonna see any amica couples in MTMTE?
James Roberts replied: There may already be some...

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Even More Fan Questions on Twitter

Driver_270 asked: Which G1 toy #MTMTE characters did you own in the past?
James Roberts replied: Rodimus, Magnus, Megs, Ravage, Ratchet, TG, Cyclonus, Swerve, Domey, Red. Whirl, NB, Skids and Brainstorm eventually.

skidblast asked: Did Ambulon get his name when he was an Autobot or about to join them?
James Roberts replied: No, it was Decepticon-given.

su_su_ru asked: Will we see Ambulon in future?
James Roberts replied: Flashbacks are a wonderful thing.

mimstachio asked: What inspired you to make the cute mustache princes... and are there more mustache princes hiding across the galaxy?
James Roberts replied: Can't remember what made think mustache. Tho I had been writing Spotlight Orion Pax feat. Alpha Trion...

mikunissinen asked: Strafe had belonged security team since LL departured? Or because of Kimia friends killed by Cyclonus, he joined it before 47?
James Roberts replied: Been there since the start, I think. Good spot re link to Kimia/Cyclonus, though.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Even More Fan Questions on Twitter

HakethKOTB asked: How do you think Sixshot is handling the peace? We haven't seen him on Cybertron yet & he's still active I bleive
James Roberts replied: He's still out there, yeah. I think the Phase Sixers are a solitary bunch. He's probably handling it just fine.

gay car asked: Is Starscream on the DJD's "hit list"?
James Roberts replied: You're on the list if you represent a threat to the Decepticon cause, so...

sunslammerdown asked: Are we ever going to find out more about the "Lost Light 2"? Especially the command dynamic with respect to Drift and Ultra Magnus.
James Roberts replied: It's tricky to find a way without flashbacks... and then we need a reason to do that.

herakuwa asked: Please tell me about other Hydrobots than Riptide.
James Roberts replied: I can tell you that one's called Aquabat (criminally under appreciated name imho) and - exclusive - one's called Crest.

Draikinator asked: Will we ever see Whirl's quarantine babies again??? james pls
James Roberts replied: When I wrote the story I thought not, but since everyone's gone 'awww' I dunno...

Bluestreakcc asked: How did you come up with the idea of Bluestreak's appearance in MTMTE? Is he gonna do something worth an attention?
James Roberts replied: Honestly? BS was a favourite of mine. I missed him for Season 1. I want to make more use of him.

Kijikun2 asked: Can you clarify - would Tailgate have been considered an 'adult' by Cybertronian standards when he fell?
James Roberts replied: Yes. He is naive, trusting, loyal and dependent - you could say these are childlike qualities. But he is not a child.

SmallRodimus asked: Who are the youngest bots on the Lost Light?
James Roberts replied: In a sense, Ten.

SmallRodimus asked: When will Rodimus punch Megatron in the face?
James Roberts replied: Well he *thinks* about it all the time...

TotallyTeebs asked: Who were Trailbreaker's main drinking buddies when he'd spend time at Swerve's?
James Roberts replied: Jackpot, Mainframe, Nautica, Riptide, Skids and the Monsterbots.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Even More Fan Questions on Twitter

Bluestreakcc asked: One more question if it's allowed, I thought Bluestreak still hated Decepticons seeing him obsessively trying to check the patient's badge. But then after a while he seemed to get along quite well with Decepticons, even feeding Ravage.
James Roberts replied: In #34 BS was just curious at first. He wasn't prepared to *sacrifice* anything for a Con, but he'll be civil.

asayosi asked: How about Sixshot, now? I worry about him.
Do you have any plan to advert to Sixshot on some topics related with Phase Sixers?
James Roberts replied: I'm sure he'll be back in the end.

snarkcase asked: I like to theorize about Red Alert's super hearing affecting his daily life. Does it? Can he tune down his audios while resting?
James Roberts replied: As a Transformer, yes, he can; but he often worries about not hearing something important, so listens all the time.

snarkcase asked: G1 Red Alert has superior visual & olfactory senses - does MTMTE Red have them? Isn't such an inflow of information overwhelming?
James Roberts replied: I guess he does, yes. He can recalibrate them to prevent overstimulation, but (see last answer) often chooses not to.

kidcrimefighter asked: Will the Lost Lighters ever remark on how often they seem to run into the number 113 in places of significance
James Roberts replied: I'm trying to work out whether that would explode the fourth wall once and for all.

RobuttLove asked: Jumped on this late! But... If you may, will you be writing anything with Prowl in the foreseeable future?
James Roberts replied: I'd love to, but I don't know...

papercuteyes asked: I know I'm late but Mr. Roberts will Prowl and Chromedome ever talk about the information Chromedome was able to extract from Overlord?
James Roberts replied: Good question! What renders the info less than useful is the lack of ununtrium. So no more Phase Sixers.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Even More Fan Questions on Twitter

Parasidian asked: Is the white & purple police officer in issue 37 Springarm and Wheelarch's spark brother Valve?
James Roberts replied: Without going back to check the script... yes, I think.

TheLastGherkin asked: (Late to the party.) Does Kaon have black eyes or no eyes?
James Roberts replied: No eyes as we understand them.

tina_jabbour asked: Will we get another MTMTE/RiD crossover like Dark Cybertron?
James Roberts replied: No plans, but who knows?

tailgatingMini asked in Part 1: Was Tailgate counted in the numbers on Rodimus's hand? Tailgate mentioned he missed the voting. Was he the only one?
James Roberts replied: Other inoperative TFs would also have been excluded.
tailgatingMini asked here, as a follow-up: waaaaiiittt so how then Nightbeat was able to solve the mistery? wasn't he told the exact number of people on board?
James Roberts replied: Rodimus told him the number of people who voted.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Even More Fan Questions on Twitter

Andrew67436285 asked: I have a question, who is the Tarn? Under the mask of the people who in the end is who? Can you tell me?
James Roberts replied: Can't tell you who's under there. Sorry!

WOTFANAR asked: Not sure if I'm too late to ask - will we discover Rung's transformation in 2016?
James Roberts replied: You've seen his alt mode. You mean what does he *do*? You might never find out at all!

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Even More Fan Questions on Twitter
Added by me, here, for absolutely no reason at all.

teenagegengar asked: How come Nightbeat knows what amica endurae are? In the RiD/Transformers comics its shown to be a Camien thing.
James Roberts replied: Nightbeat was translating because he knew he was speaking to a Camien.

Draikinator asked: Here's an odd question- since Quark is in MTMTE, will we ever see Rev-Tone cameo? I know how personal he is for you!
James Roberts replied: You know that? He was in #48. He's named in the script as the 'bot who gets a new mouth...

Xiki_Muffin asked in Part 1: Are there such things as polyamorous Conjux Endurae?
James Roberts replied: Nope!
rozzingit asked a follow up to the previous question: Curious as to the rationale. Is it social? Poly relationships frowned upon?
snarkcase then asked, as an expansion to rozzingit's question: Or is it because polyamory is so outrageous for our society that most readers would't approve?
James Roberts replied: It's not frowned upon, just v rare! To paraphrase BS in #16: "Most people never find their CE"

c0gwheels asked: Has it ever been established why characters like Ravage & Laserbeak etc don't have "traditional" robot modes ?
James Roberts replied: Not to my knowledge, no. It's something I've been thinking about for a while.

That concluded the Q&A, for good! Or at least my "Ctrl+V" and "Ctrl+C" fingers hope so. Once again, a big thanks to Mr. Roberts for answering these questions. Remember that you can follow James' Twitter for events like this as they happen. While you're there, don't forget to follow as well to get all the latest news right there on your timeline.

As always, keep it here at for all the latest coverage of Transformers comics from IDW Publishing, and look forward to More Than Meets The Eye #49 later this month.

Credit(s): James Roberts, Twitter

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Posted by D-Maximal_Primal on January 11th, 2016 @ 12:55am CST
Wonderful Q and A's. Very much enjoyed them and learned some good stuff! :BOT:

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