Transformers Ongoing #31 Preview

Transformers Ongoing #31 Preview

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 12:31am CST

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Newsarama has posted an exclusive preview on Transformers Ongoing #31, scheduled to hit shelves next Wednesday. This issue concludes the "Ongoing" run that will be splitting into two new ongoing titles, Robots in Disguise and More Than Meets The Eye, after the Death of Optimus Prime one shot. Check out the preview below.

  • Story - Mike Costa
  • Art - Casey Coller
  • Color - Joana Lafuente
  • Letters - Neil Uyetake
  • Associate Editor - Carlos Guzman
  • Editor - John Barber










Credit(s): Newsarama

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Re: Transformers Ongoing #31 Preview (1319069)
Posted by JRFitzpatrick7 on December 3rd, 2011 @ 3:05am CST
love the G2 emblems.
Re: Transformers Ongoing #31 Preview (1319215)
Posted by zodconvoy on December 3rd, 2011 @ 12:35pm CST
Darth Bombshell wrote:Re: Escalation. "That's not really an appropriate story. How do you know that story?"


Really, Mike? Really?!

I should have known better than to believe that he wasn't going to go away without taking one more shot at his critics.

It wasn't a personal attack on the story or its writer. Alpha Trion is talking to kids, despite their size. Generally, children's stories have violence only to show the stakes involved or the punish someone. Even the Grimm's violent and dark tales did so only to get the message across. To tell them to story of their leader getting the sh!t kicked out of him to the point of death serves no lesson, just entertains. Alpha wants to teach them something. The Wreckers on G-9 is far more violent but will teach them bravery and sacrifice and honor. I don't think Ironfist could've asked for better than that!
Re: Transformers Ongoing #31 Preview (1319272)
Posted by dinogeist on December 3rd, 2011 @ 3:13pm CST


Disclaimer: I state norhing as fact,these are only my opinions.

but what happened to optimus prime? he used the matrix to defeat to D-Void & was last seen going thru this portal following the D-void.

Will the D-VOID & Optimus prime duke it out in issue #125? or
in issue #31?

surely that can't be all we got of the D-VOID,Just a decepticon-D-void avatatar & that sphere energy thing that megatron & optimus helped to destroy.

Is it too hard to ask for decent writting in these IDW TF G-1 on-going comics? like showing the D-void's origin,where it came from,how it evoulved,who it is,what special powers it has. a look into it's dark twisted persona mind. why it hates cybertronains so much,etc..

Personaly we didn't need that 3 comic issues wasted on the last story on earth. those issues could have been used to flesh out a 3-d persona for the D-void.

We didn't need ANOTHER detailed origin story on optimus & megatron. this wasted to many comic issues & felt forced to co-incide with the TF Prime cartoon origin stories of optimus & megatron. it also felt forced to further help pad more story to the original 13.

LASTLY,Idw killed off 3 major faction leaders. megatron,optimus prime & galvatron. who gonna lead the factions now a bunch of monkeys?

I had at the very least wanted Rodimus Prime to lead the whole autobot army. while galvatron led the whole decepticon army.

I suspose having shockwave lead the decepticons with ratbat in the back ground,is kinda cool as this mirrors those marvel TF G-1 Comics.

Bumblebee,I can't believe their still making him the faction leader. i had hopes bumblebee would get killed or bumblebee would get de-promoted by grimlock or rodimus prime or jetfire or?

at best i'm looking forward to simon furmans 2012 issues 80.5 thru 100 continuation marvel TF G-1 series under the IDW label.

I'll probably opt to buy the trade paper backs in july for 2012's more than meets the eyes & RID. I just don't think these 2 series merit me spending gas every month traveling to my comic book store.
Re: Transformers Ongoing #31 Preview (1319755)
Posted by I want to be prime on December 5th, 2011 @ 8:50am CST
My self I've liked the IDW take, and am looking forward to seeing how they handle the series going forward into MTMTE AND RID.

Ive tried to map out the different story threads for IDW todate and want to upload it to see if Ive got it right how do I do it?
Re: Transformers Ongoing #31 Preview (1319848)
Posted by Supreme Convoy on December 5th, 2011 @ 2:09pm CST
Awesome! I'm looking forward to this.

Man, I wish that Trevor Hutchison cover wasn't a variant. It's the best of the bunch!

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