Transformers Prime Tuesday Q&A: Background Designer Jason Park

Transformers Prime Tuesday Q&A: Background Designer Jason Park

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 2:49pm CST

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The Transformers facebook page has posted this week's Transformers Prime cast and crew Q&A session. This week it's Background Designer (and lifelong Transformers fan) Jason Park. The session is mirrored below for those without facebook access.

Amber Whetstine asks: I really like how the backgrounds have a painted look to them, so how do you create them for each episode?

JASON PARK: Thanks! I think the "painted look" is terrific too! However, I imagine the look you're referring to in the finished product is not so much my contribution to the process. As a background designer, I am responsible for the physical design of the place and its set-dressings. I generate the design as line drawing, usually accompanied by a basic 3D model. It is then given to the color team, to whom the look is attributable. All of the color team come from a strong foundation in traditional painting. They define the atmosphere, lighting and texture that gives TF Prime its unique look.

Abby Dillon asks: Hey! Thanks for all your work on the show! Is there any particular background that you would like to design for Transformers Prime? Why?

JASON PARK: Hmm... I guess I really dig doing designs for anything related to Cybertron as a location. As a kid watching G1 TF on TV, all the glimpses of Cybertron are what got my imagination racing the most. I'd just sit there trying to imagine it all. As such, chances to design sets there are the most rewarding for me. I get to add to a rich 20 year plus history of Cybertron designs and try to contribute my own touches to developing its fiction. It's like being an architect, but the clients are Autobots and Decepticons.

Kassie Kaye Terry asks: (1) How hard is it to design a background in the show? (2) Do you get any inspiration by traveling to Nevada or looking at different scenery? (3) Since you are a Transformers aficionado, how do you like the different designs of the characters from G1 to the present?

JASON PARK: 1. Some tasks and designs are more challenging than others, so the level of difficulty in designing can vary broadly.
2. Inspiration for me has definitely been enhanced by traveling to places such as Nevada in the past. As an artist and designer, I think all the experiences and places one visits, ultimately augment the believability of many set designs. Places one has experienced can lend a subtle depth that reference images alone can't convey.
3. Being a TF fan, primarily G1, I'd say the TF prime characters are easily my favorite since my childhood. The raw style and vision that Prime principal designer Jose Lopez brings to the design of the established characters is totally awesome. I think he culled the best elements of the previous existing incarnations and added a unique flair that really wasn't present in the franchise prior to his involvement. Very strong designs with a lot of flavor all around.

Rebecca Gillette asks: How long does it take on background designs alone per episode?

JASON PARK: In general, we're allotted about 3 weeks per episode, split between 3 artists and our supervisor. The actual time it takes to do the backgrounds can vary quite a bit though.

Credit(s): Transformers facebook page

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Re: Transformers Prime Tuesday Q&A: Background Designer Jason Park (1332569)
Posted by P R I M E on January 11th, 2012 @ 1:58pm CST
Hey look, there's a Zeta Gundam in the background of the picture :D

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