Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip

Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip

Sunday, December 21st, 2014 8:46pm CST

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A new preview clip has been posted to the Discovery Family Channel site. This is a preview of the next new episode "Quarry's Quarry". It airs next Saturday December 27 at 1:30 EST. on Discovery Family Channel. Click the link below to check out the new clip.

Enter the Dinobots! Colonel Quarry tries to force Doc to build him more robotic dinosaurs to rebuild his game-hunting business. The result: Heatwave, Chase, and Blades must take on DinoBot forms. Watch this all-new episode of Transformers Rescue Bots Saturday, 12/27 at 1:30pm ET | 12:30pm CT.

Quarry's Quarry - Clip 1 (Season 3, Episode 10)

Credit(s): Discovery Family Channel

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Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1633115)
Posted by Sabrblade on December 25th, 2014 @ 10:00pm CST
Episode 61 -

Doc's testing out Dither's new bio-electric chip, which is malfunctioning and causing him to steal toasters. First Doc's, then the mayor's, and now it's heading towards Baranova's place.

Full theme song.

Baranova stopped Dither by simply acceptig his offer of toast, and then shutting him off while he's distracted.

The chip malfunctioned due to it being covered in bacteria. Strange thing is, it was built in the Clean Room, which is sealed off from all forms of foreign contaminants.

Time to whip out the Scrub Mites, microscopic cleaning robots programmed to seek out and consume all bacteria, completely sanitizing any area that they're in.

Turns out Doc left his breakfast donut in the Clean Room by accident. It's covered in the same bacteria as the bio-electric chip.

Kade being Kade just grabbed the donut and, having just arrived at the lab only after Doc explained about the Scrub Mites, ate it.

And now he's got some painful hiccups.

Doc's missing six Scrub Mites.

As expected, the missing Scrub Mites are inside Kade.

The mites are likely doing some serious damage to Kade's body by eating the good bacteria in his body. There's no way to shut them off, their batteries are long-lasting, and the recall signal can't penetrate human tissue. And they keep moving, so surgery is out.

Using the Minimizer to shrink down, Chief, Graham, and Dani will ride inside the Bots, who will pilot the Sigma, and enter Kade's body via another eaten donut. Doc and the two kids will keep in touch with the rest of the Team with the ComTab.

"Power Up and Energize!" -- contrary to Heatwave's order for stealth, Blades uses a cannon that fires a capture net.

Since the team was shrunk down a little smaller than they planned to be, the three mites that were in Kade's stomach are too big to fit inside the ship, so they must be fitting to its exterior instead.

The remaining three mites are near Kade's spine.

The first three mites are trying to break free of the ship.

Electric brain pulses are shooting off bursts of energy in the vicinity of the Bots. It's due to the mites eating the myelin sheath off of Kade's nerves.

"Power Up and Energize!" -- Chase is using the claw his toy comes with.

And Blades is using the net cannon again.

One of the mites slammed Blades into a nerve, zapping and injuring him. And now Kade can't feel his legs either.

They got all six of the mites, but the mites are eating through the ship.

The ship has stopped en route to Kade's head. They must have eaten through the ignition panel.

They need an electrical jump to restart the ship. Kade can provide an electric pulse by moving his foot, but he still can't feel his feet.

But, after a little insult, er, I mean reinforcement from Heatwave, Kade finds the strength and will to move his foot, thus sending the electric pulse necessary to repower the ship.

The mites are starting to break free, but thankfully, the ship has reach Kade's nasal cavity, and Kade claims he can sneeze on command.

"Power Up and Energize!" -- Heatwave uses a grapple to snag the one Scrub Mite that almost got away.

Once out of Kade's body, Frankie recalled the Scrub Mites back to their canister.

Ship's back in its hangar and de-shrunk to full size. And according to Doc, Kade's fine.

Doc's got an "experiment" (over dinner) with Baranova, much to Frankie's dismay.

Another decent episode. Since I've never seen Fantastic Voyage, this ep reminded more of certain episodes of The Magic School Bus, only with a greater level of danger for both the body and its guests. Of course, it was obvious that no one was going to die or get seriously injured, but the journey itself was still engaging enough, and even had some things happen that I didn't see coming. Like, Kade's legs becoming immobilized at one point, or Blades being electrocuted by the brain pulse, or even the brain pulses themselves. In fact, the brain pulses being depicted as unpredictable bolts of lightning seemed to me to be more scary than the "evil brain pulses" seen inside Megatron's body in the G1 cartoon episode "Microbots". One could even consider this episode to be like a modern update of that episode's story, but with a less black-and-white notion of good and evil. Whereas the threats inside Megatron's body were obviously wicked, those inside Kade's were of no moral allegiance and far more predictable. And with the host body being one of the heroes, those on the inside had to do their best to avoid harming their friend from within, making their trek all the more challenging. Overall, while the end result was obvious, the steps leading up to it were enjoyable as they were.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1633691)
Posted by Sabrblade on December 28th, 2014 @ 7:51pm CST
Episode 62 -

Baranova's on a fishing trip with Frankie and Doc, the latter of whom is testing out his "laser slice cubes" and also trying to get Frankie and Baranova more interested in each other.


Using Heatwave (whom Doc brought along for the trip) to get away, he leaves the two girls alone to let them get better acquainted, only for a mayday alert to come through on the radio. However, something's interfering with both the signal and Frankie's holocomm. So the two have to go after the SOS by themselves.

Quarry's the one who sent the SOS, it was a trap.

Short theme song.

The trap was meant for Doc.

Quarry's captured Baranova, but Frankie was hidden well enough for the Q-Drone to miss her.

Meanwhile's Doc's completely oblivious to the others' predicament, happily making the perfect mustard back at his lab.

Quarry's sent a Q-Drone to project a hologram of himself at Doc's lab.

Quarry believes Doc to have created the "robotic dinosaurs" and the "giant bots", thankfully oblivious to their true nature. Thus, Quarry blames Doc for the damage done to Quarry's island and business, and demands that Doc build three more robot dinosaurs and return the other two from before. Five dinos should cover the debt and rebuild his business. Once he has the five, he'll let Baranova go. Doc has 12 hours to comply and must come alone.

There's no data on where Quarry's island is located.

A wild Optimus had appeared!

Chief called Prime to come after they heard that this was a problem involving "dinobots".

Prime proposes that he and Boulder offer themselves to Quarry in their dino forms, and then rescue the ladies from Quarry once they reach the island.

Since they need five dinobots, Heatwave and Chase volunteer scan dino forms, while Blades is convinced through peer pressure. Though, he ha to scan a flying form, much to his chagrin. And Energon patches are placed on the three to keep them from going crazy.

"Rescue Bots, scan and transform!"

Heatwave scans an apatosaurus (that breathes water), Chase a stegosaurus (with an electric tail), and Blades a pterodactyl... but he fails to transform. Into any form. He fears that the process messed up his T-Cog.

Cody tries to look inside Blades' cockpit to see if anything came loose, but then Quarry arrive to pick up his five dinos. Since Blades can't transform, he has to hide and Doc will have to make up an excuse about the missing fifth dino. Cody's still inside Blades, but he'll get out when Quarry leaves.

Doc explains that fifth dino is incomplete, so Quarry decides to take Doc and the unfinished dinobot (Blades, hiding under a tarp) to the island so that Doc can finish it there. Since Blades was taken, Cody didn't get a chance to get out.

Quarry plans to sell the dinos and rebuild his big game business off the profits.

Cody tried to contact Frankie with his comlink as soon as they arrived on the island, but Quarry's jamming all communication signals.

Quarry's testing the dinobots' abilities.

Frankie found Baranova and tried to save her, but instead tripped the laser sensors and got herself trapped inside with the prof. Fortunately, Baranova had already disabled the external alarm, so Frankie's security breach hadn't drawn any unwanted attention.

Graham's pinpointed where Quarry's island might be based on where Cody's comlink last ceased its transmitting.

Baranova says that she had lived under the sea for 28 years.

With Optimus buried, the others have to pretend to fight each other to work their way over to Optimus and save him without Quarry noticing their true intentions.

Quarry's used this demonstration to auction the dinobots off to the highest bidder, and uses his Amber Drone to cease their fighting and put them into a stasis field.

Quarry's preparing to have the dinobots shipped off, and is reevaluating the terms of Doc's release.

Frankie and Anna use the former's holocomm to trick the Q-Drones and escape.

Doc used Quarry's equipment to build some heat-seeking goggles to find the ladies.

Blades reveals his true self to Anna. Welcome to the team, professor.

Blades finally transforms! Into his dino mode! He disables the Amber Drone and frees the others, who take out Quarry and his Q-Drones.

Quarry attempts to get away but the Darby Ava pulls in just in time. Quarry is arrested and locked inside the boat.

Anna and Optimus have a full introduction to each other.

This episode... I knew it was gonna be cool with Quarry coming back and the other Bots getting dino modes, but having Baranova not only included but also getting in on the Bots' secret was the icing on an already delicious cake. A big game changer episode (in more ways that one, lol) that had a lot going for it and just kept getting better. This is how you combine excellent character-driven writing with a need to advertise toys, along with multiple turning points in the greater story, and make it all work. Now the Bots all have dino forms, Baranova's part of the team, she and Frankie are on good terms with each other, and Quarry's been defeated (until further notice). What's more is that this episode also put in some little things that make us ponder about the much larger continuity of the series, such as when the series takes place (28 years after Project: Midgard) or who Quarry's client was (MECH is possible, but slim).
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1638127)
Posted by Flashwave on January 11th, 2015 @ 10:31pm CST
Sabrblade wrote:Episode 62 -

or who Quarry's client was (MECH is possible, but slim).

You know, I kinda hope they leave it ambiguous, just this once. Although I'd not be surprised if it was Madeline, or maybe the Doc Moroc using him as ususpecting muscle. But I prefer the "Ambiguous".

When's the Next Ep slagging fragit!?
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1638139)
Posted by Sabrblade on January 11th, 2015 @ 11:13pm CST
Flashwave wrote:
Sabrblade wrote:Episode 62 -

or who Quarry's client was (MECH is possible, but slim).

You know, I kinda hope they leave it ambiguous, just this once. Although I'd not be surprised if it was Madeline, or maybe the Doc Moroc using him as ususpecting muscle. But I prefer the "Ambiguous".
I forgot about Madeline. I could definitely see her being an option.

Flashwave wrote:When's the Next Ep slagging fragit!?
You are in luck.

It just so happens that the second missing episode from season 2, "Chief Woodrow", will be airing on Sunday, January 18th, at 7:00am (between reruns of the two season episodes it was meant to be in between). I guess the reason they held back this one didn't come to pass, and so decided to just let it air in its proper placement during the season 2 reruns.

As for the next episode of season 3, "Did You See What I Thaw?" is somehow already available to watch right now on Amazon Instant Video, when it's not due to air on TV until February 28th.

The following are the names and descriptions for all upcoming episodes:

Episode 48 (season 2 skipped episode): "Chief Woodrow"
During Griffin Rock's biggest tourist event, oddball Uncle Woodrow is in charge of the Burns family while Chief is out of town.

Episode 63: "Did You See What I Thaw?"
The Bots discover a caveman preserved in ice and attempt to help him adjust to modern life.

Episode 64: "The Attack of Humungado"
Monsters from Kade's favorite movie materialize; it's up to the Dino Bots to corral the Kaiju.

Episode 65: "Thieves Like Us"
The Bots must contend with thieving miniature souvenir replicas of themselves.

Episode 66: "Time After Time"
A renovated clock tower causes Cody to relive the same morning over and over.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1638835)
Posted by Sabrblade on January 13th, 2015 @ 7:50pm CST
Flashwave wrote:When's the Next Ep slagging fragit!?
Watch while we can:

Thanks to its early release via Amazon Instant Video.

Episode 63 -

The team is investigating an energon signal on Wayward Island that Optimus contacted them to look into. It's located inside an ice cave.

One of the walls has cave painting on it.

Cody's found something glowing.

It's a man fully encased in ice. The center stone on his tribal necklace is what's glowing.

It's brought back to Doc, who deduces it being from the Neo-Paleolithic Period.

Cody saw the man's finger move. And Dani saw his toe twitch. They're not wasting any time getting to the point where they find him still alive.

Doc deduces that the subzero temperatures interacting with the energon shard on the man's necklace must have put him into suspended animation.

The newly-awoken caveman is at first frightened by his new surroundings, but then lovingly embaces the Bots' legs when he sees them.
Something about the Bots' presence seems to calm the man.

They lend the man some of Kade's clothes.

Since the man can't speak English, the team names him Ira, based on one of his grunts sounding like that.

They attempt to use TV to educate Ira, but a meteor shown striking Earth on the screen upsets Ira enough to send him running. Luckily, the energon around his neck makes him easy to track.

Mayor Luskey is personally escorting Mrs. Dumont, who is one of the benefactors to the island's scientific community.

And thanks to Ira, they've crashed their car and are trapped in a fire.

This time, Heatwave shoots fire retardant out of his knuckle cannons, instead of water, to put out the fire.

Mrs. Dumont is thinking of making a contribution to the new Luskey wing at the museum, so the Mayor doesn't want any more incidents to put a damper on her visit.

Ira's inside the museum, drawn their by a large poster with an image of a mammoth on it.

Ira is depressed by the sight of the caveman exhibit. Boulder manages to persuade Ira into coming with him back to Doc's lab.

Heatwave and Blades head back to Wayward Island to look for more energon.

An unexpected visit to the lab by the Mayor and Mrs. Dumont forces everyone to hide Ira in a closet.

Ira breaks out of the closet, wearing a labcoat. Doc claims him to be a fellow colleague, "Dr. Ira". As for why he's grunting, Doc, Frankie, and Cody claim he's from another country, but I can't make out what its name is (Cody seems to have made it up on the spot). I think he might have said "Fredonia".

Mrs. Dumont is so impressed by "Dr. Ira" that she requests he attend the fundraiser banquet being held that evening. Chief attempts to get Ira out of it, but the Mayor absolutely insists that they do as Mrs. Dumont wishes.

Back at the cave, Heatwave and Blades discover more cave drawings, this time depicting Autobots.

The team's getting Ira all dressed up for the occasion, fancy suit and all.

Heatwave shows the others their findings, and deduce that Ira must have known the Autobots in the paintings. Ira tries to tell them something, which they think means that Ira was saved by those Autobots from a meteor shower in the past, and gave him the energon amulet he wears. Heatwave thinks Ira might know where more energon is, but first, the mayor's dinner awaits.

Ira's bad manners are seen as charming, exotic behavior at the party, but the event's fireworks scare him off.

Ira's scaling the radio tower. He thinks the fireworks are meteors and is trying to protect his family: The team.

The top of the tower's breaking under Ira's weight. But Blades and Boulder got him.

Since Ira's so dangerous and unpredictable, it is decided to let him live on Wayward Island where he can be safe and away from causing trouble.

Boulder tries to ask Ira where more energon is, but Ira responds by drawing in the dirt a picture of a hill, trees and himself waving.

While there doesn't appear to be any more energon right now, they figure that more might turn up in time as the ice caves continue to thaw.

BUT... There IS something else in the cave. What looks like some sort of pod or spacecraft!

Jason Marsden voiced "Caveman Ira"
Jeff Bennett voiced Mrs. Dumont :lol:

This episode had a premise that has been seen before in other shows, such as The Powerpuff Girls and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. And frankly, while there wasn't anything inherently wrong with this one, it was kinda bland and uninteresting overall. It's like they started off with wanting to tackle the "caveman in the present" concept at first, but then didn't know what to do with it. Sure, they had Ira do a few things, but nothing that hadn't already been done before and not very funny either. It mostly played itself safe this time around, rather trying for something more impressive. Whereas the aforementioned examples of other shows that did this thing either had the caveman be a mad criminal or being a crazed Fred Flintstone! Here, Ira didn't so much as even roar at all. The only thing this episode had going for it was the search for the energon, which proved fruitless, and the craft reveal at the end. It wasn't a bad episode, just a little boring.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1640650)
Posted by Sabrblade on January 18th, 2015 @ 9:15pm CST
This morning, a Sunday morning, the 48th episode of Transformers: Rescue Bots aired on Discovery Family. Why it aired on a Sunday morning instead of Saturday night is a bit of a tale. This episode is the second of two episodes (the first being episode 46, "The Riders of Midwinter") from season 2 that were skipped over in that season's original airing, held back to air at a later date. While episode 46 was purposely delayed to allow it to air on the weekend of Midwinter, this episode's reason for not airing in its proper placement has yet to be determined. We can only assume that whatever occasion it was held back for did not come to pass, as its airing this morning occurred during reruns of the other season 2 episodes that it's set between.

Episode 48 -

The tourist event is the Dolphin Wonder Festival. It's an event set up for tourists to see dolphins swim by the island.

Full theme song this time.

Pier 3 is collapsing with people on it due to the weight of Huxley's news van.

I'm betting a lot of these tourists haven't seen the Bots before.

Chief has to leave for a week to attend a Peace Officers Conference on the mainland. Doc and Frankie are also out of town. However, Chief had the foresight to ask someone else to keep an eye on... "things".

Enter Uncle Woodrow. On the "Old Jalopy" itself, which belonged to Woodrow's and Chief's father (grandpa of Chief's children).

Chase is taken aback a bit by Chief referring to the Old Jalopy as the "best car ever."

Woodrow wants to learn more about Cybertronians, their world and their culture, which Boulder would love to do.

Woodrow has been instructed to not participate in any rescue missions since he's "not official".

Since chase can't be seen driving without a driver, he's gonna walk home in robot mode and asks Cody to join him. But Cody's gonna ride with Woodrow in the Old Jalopy, much to Chase's chagrin.

And Woodrow parks the car in Chase's spot.

Woodrow's plans for dinner are Bait Tackle Louis, a little recipe he picked up in the Calliope Rainforest.

The mayor and Mr. Alper launch some beacons into the water to attract the dolphins in an attempt to keep them near the island all week, so as to build up tourism. However, the mayor's impatience and carelessness cause them to release too many and one gets inside the mayor's yacht, causing it to malfunction and run out of control.

Woodrow recalls a game Dani used to play with her toys when she was younger in order to inspire Dani to use Blades a ramp to launch the yacht into the air for the other Bots to catch.

For saving his life, the mayor is awarding Woodrow a medal. And until Chief returns, the mayor names Woodrow Temporary Acting Chief, much to Kade's dismay.

Woodrow was once made Honorary Tribal Leader for the Treepeople of Tatui.

Woodrow's wearing a police uniform.

Woodrow's trying to be useful, but the others don't need his help.

The beacons have headed up the river away from the sea, with the dolphins in pursuit.

Woodrow accidentally overheard the others making a joke about him. They tried to apologize, but he gets it and promises to stay out of the rescues.

The dolphins are stranded upstream in the wetlands. They won't survive there for much longer.

Cody and Chase insist that Woodrow come along since chase needs a driver.

Boulder is determined the most to save the dolphins.

The humans will get the beacons out of the water while the Bots will carry the dolphins out of the wetlands and back in the main river, which will carry them downstream back to the sea. However, as there's so many dolphins, the team is running out of time before the dolphins overheat.

Woodrow suggests they raise the water level of the wetlands by blocking off its two outlets, so that he can "convince" the dolphins to head back to the sea.

Woodrow attempts a dolphin call with a megaphone underwater to lure the dolphins out, but it doesn't work. However, the call he used worked in the Marshall Islands because the dolphins there were Pacific Whitesided Dolphins. What he needs to do is instead speak Atlantic Whitesided Dolphin. Sure enough, this time it works.

The dolphins jump over the Bots.

Chief's come home to homemade pizza. Guess it's now a week later.

And now it's time to say farewell to Uncle Woodrow.

None of the civilians who had background lines were credited.

This episode was a filler, having no affect on the greater storyline whatsoever. But, it was a GOOD filler. A very character-driven episode that focused on a guest character, here being Woodrow Burns. We got to see more of his personality and how he thinks, liking to recall events of the past to help solve problems in the present, and trying to be a mentor, advisor, and a pal to the rest of his family. Though his reputation for being unhinged to rules and regulations put him in a spot where the others didn't turn to him for assistance, the underlying theme of this episode was how first impressions shouldn't be the determining factor in how a person is. Woodrow came off as being goofball to his family, so that's all they took him for. But when worse came to worst, Woodrow proved his worth in the end by showing that has an accumulated knowledge of other places and that such seemingly trivial knowledge can come in handy in times of need. It was Woodrow's knowledge about the dolphins that ultimately saved the precious creatures from dying upstream, and hopefully this kind of usefulness and likeability will hopefully lead to more appearance from him.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1646205)
Posted by Va'al on February 3rd, 2015 @ 10:54am CST
Thanks to fellow Seibertronian captain N, we can report on a new addition to the Rescue Bots DVD collection courtesy of Shout! Factory, as well as a reminder about the set out next week. Check out below more information and the cover for Jurassic Adventure and Return of the Heroes, respectively out on 10th February and 12th May, both priced at $13.93, and head here for even more!

Get Ready For An Up-RAAWWR-iously Good Time!

Join Chase, Heatwave, Blades and Boulder — the Rescue Bots — as they encounter five new dino-sized adventures! The quiet little town of Griffin Rock won’t know what hit it when Doc Greene's new pet, Trex, wreaks havoc! Can the Rescue Bots and their human allies save the day? Find out with Jurassic Adventures!


The Rescue Bots Return For More Excitement!

Everyone's favorite emergency first responders — Chase, Heatwave, Blades and Boulder — return for five new adventures with their Griffin Rock friends, the Burns family! And this time, they're joined by iconic Autobots like Bumblebee and, of course, the greatest leader of all time: Optimus Prime!

Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1646210)
Posted by Sabrblade on February 3rd, 2015 @ 11:03am CST
We just keep getting DVDs of random episodes, meanwhile Australia's gonna be getting a complete season 1 DVD box set. >:oP
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1646211)
Posted by Sabrblade on February 3rd, 2015 @ 11:04am CST
Blasted Internet forcing a double-post. :BANG_HEAD:
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1657678)
Posted by Sabrblade on March 1st, 2015 @ 10:37pm CST
Episode 63 aired on TV yesterday. It had previously been released via Amazon Instant Video, but now it's on TV too.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1660455)
Posted by Sabrblade on March 8th, 2015 @ 12:58am CST
Episode 64 -

"Attack of Humungado" is the name of the movie itself, with "Humungado" being the titular kaiju.

Mr. Bunty's running the drive-in's film projector.

The projector booth has caught fire.

Whilst on the job, Kade addresses Heatwave as "Fire-Bot"

Though Mr. Bunty's film projector was destroyed, Doc has come with a replacement built from the same tech as the Imaging Chamber. Called a Holo-Morphic Projector, it recalibrates the polarized light from any two-dimensional movie and converts it with the Holo-Lens(TM) to create a holographic movie.

Humungado fans are referred to as "Humungadorks"

Another monster from the movie is named "Ravenus". Intentional Armada reference, or coincidence? (though, the Armada character's name is pronounced like "Ravenous", while this one's name is like "Raven us").

Kade accidentally blew a fuse in the booth when he microwaved his Nachos del Kade, and a spark struck the holo-projector, resulting in it functioning more like the Imaging Chamber than it was meant to, manifesting a fully physical, real life version of Ravenus.

Chief: "A monster's munching the mayor's mansion. ...And, no, I will not repeat that."

Ravenus has gone underground.

Ravenus can breathe energized ice blasts.

The scene transition replaces the Autobot symbol with the faces of Humungado and Ravenus.

Doc believes a power fluctuation caused the projector's lens's photonic component to overload, and the surge of energy turned the hologram of Ravenus into a solid creature and embodiment of the movie monster, complete with the original's instincts.

To send Ravenus back into the movie, a dynami-pat was hooked up to the projector to duplicate the conditions of the power surge. When the power reaches critical level, they'll reverse polarity which should return the creature back to its holographic state, which can then be sent back into any moment in the movie.

However, the knob on Doc's device breaks off, and while the team looks for it, Humungado himself appears onscreen in the movie, and materializes in the real world while the projector is having its previous power surge replicated.

Humungado easily overpowers all four Bots and starts heading for downtown.

Kade calls Boulder "B"

Kade says tha Humungado hates dinosaurs ever since the second sequel where he and Ravenus team up against as "Supersaurus".

Because of this, the Bots finally bust out their Dino Modes! But without energon patches.

Ravenus broke free of his container and is loose once more.

Though he wreaked havoc, Ravenus was recaptured after being paralyzed again.

Ravenus is used as bait to lure Humangado back to the drive-in.

The dino-moded Bots have to transform first into robot mode before being able to transform back in the vehicle mode.

Humungado shot down Blades!

Ravenus is loose again!

The two kaiju decide to team up instead of fight each other, just as they had done against the Supersaurus and the "Rhinoctopus", and now against the rescue team.

Blades grabs hold of Ravenus while the other three wrestle Humungado.

The team finally manages to get the two monsters in front of the video feed, giving Doc the chance needed to send them back into the movie.

Kade is just astounded that the two Kaiju were allies all along.

Shannon McKain -- "Customer"
Steve Blum -- Mr. Bunty (naturally)

Oh yeah, the dinos made their comeback and took it downtown! As did the Imaging Chamber tech, allowing for movie monsters to be made real. Though it was a bit confusing to see those forms of theirs be assumed without energon patches since previous episodes made it seem like those would be a requirement for every use of the Dino Modes. But on a different note, we got to see a side of Kade never ever seen before: His geeky side. So often do we see him act like a "big man on campus" jock type that to see him fanboying over a series of classic monster movies, and even declare a need to rewatch them all after learning about a new angle of character portrayal he had never considered before, was just so great. And even Heatwave and Blades got some more attention in this one, with Blades learning to overcome another fear of his and show how gutsy he can be, and Heatwave coming around to seeing the better potential in his teammate instead of underestimating Blades' ability. A mutli-layered episode with a fun premise and a great payoff.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1662819)
Posted by Sabrblade on March 14th, 2015 @ 9:56pm CDT
Episode 65 -

This episode opens on the first day of spring.

"Power Up and Energize!" - been a while since we've seen an Energize tool. Heatwave's using a Collision Foam Cannon to rapidly construct a wall of Hardening Foam.

Short version of the theme song.

"Power Up and Energize!" - Chase is using a net-launching cannon.

For their ongoing and outstanding work in protecting Griffin Rock, the Burns family will be honored Saturday with commendations from the State Emergency Response Bureau, with the award ceremony being photographed for this month's issue of Emergency Response Illustrated, The Lifejacket Edition.

And to not exclude the robots, Mayor Luskey has declared this Saturday to be the start of Bot Appreciation Week. In addition to such events as Bot Races, Pin the Tail on the Bot, and a Bot Dog-eating Contest, the mayor will personally present the Bots and the Burnses with the key to the city at noon.

Everyone who attends will receive a free miniature souvenir replica of the Rescue Bots that can auto-transform, make lights and sounds, and shout "Re-elect Mayor Luskey! Re-elect Mayor Luskey!"

The Bots were previously scanned by Doc Greene's 3D printer, making the souvenirs exact copies on a smaller scale.

Kade: "Which do you guys think is my best side for the magazine cover?"
Everyone: "YOUR BACKSIDE!"

The mayor ordered another ten crates of souvenir Bot toys, so Doc's up late monitoring the printing process. However, he can barely keep awake, so Frankie has him sent to bed. Unbeknownst to either of them, this gives the perfect opportunity for an intruder to break in from the ceiling pipes. Enter Evan and Myles!

Myles gets to reprogramming the printer to make the Bot toys do "all kinds of neat tricks."

At the celebration, Dither conducts an orchestra of self-playing instruments playing the Griffin Rock Anthem.

Doc arrives with the latest batch of Bot toys. His printer was acting strangely, he says.

Over at the mainland, the Burnses were awarded Emergency Response Team of the Month, and are heading back to the island. But the Darby Ava comes to a halt when its propeller gets caught in kelp. Dani's the only one with a wetsuit aboard the ship, so she's gotta untangle the propeller. However, a swarm of poisonous jellyfish is heading right for them. And Dani can't hear the others' pleas for her to get out of the water. This just isn't their day.

They get her out by lowering the boat's air horn into the water, blowing it, and then pulling her out after she grabs onto it upon seeing the jellyfish.

Huxley wants a "Mini-Boulder". Hey wait! That means the Bots' real names are common knowledge to the civilians.

Myles uses a remote to activate the reprogrammed miniatures, which start sneaking around on their own to stealthily steal people's wallets, cash, and valuables.

The Burnses are stranded at sea until the jellyfish surrounding their boat decide to leave.

The key to the city is gone. And other people have noticed their belongings are missing.

Mayor Luskey can't make up his mind on what kind of orders to give the Bots, o they just sit tight and wait since they can't risk revealing their identities and no one has gotten hurt yet.

Frankie spots the souvenirs making off with everyone's goods, and Luskey accuses Doc of having done something to them, which Doc denies and deduces that someone must have tampered with them.

Unnoticed, Evan and Myles slip away from the scene in their van.

Amid the panic, a fire's broken out.

Frankie gives the Bots an order to protect everyone and to keep obeying said order.

The jellyfish were drawn to the half-eaten shrimp Kade kept tossing overboard. Chief takes the rest of his son's shrimp and casts them far off away from the boat, drawing the jellyfish away and giving Dani another chance at untangling the kelp caught on the propeller.

Evan and Myles begin Phase Two, which involves having the tampered miniatures go around causing all kinds of random destructive mischief, like a swarm of semi-intelligent/competent insects.

The Burnses finally arrive back to witness the chaos, and spot a group of souvenirs heading off in a particular direction.

The miniatures break into and rob a bank vault.

Evan and Myles have been spotted, but refuse to go down without a fight, ordering the miniatures into Attack Mode while they drive off.

Blades hooks the twins' van, forcing them to flee on foot. Boulder uses a shockwave to bring them down, and Kade deactivates the toys with Myles's remote.

Doc re-reprogrammed the minis to return all the stolen goods and repair the damage they caused.

Luskey finally presented the Burnses and Bots with the key to the city.

Lacey Chabert -- "Woman"
Jeff Bennett -- Mr. Rubio
Robbie Daymond -- Bot Dog Vendor
Imari Williams -- "Man"

You know, it's episodes like this one that really help me to understand why this show is so likable. This show can take a concept that sounds either dumb at worst or questionable at best and turn it into something really enjoyable. I mean, this episode's main conflicts revolved around toy robots stealing things and jellyfish surrounding a boat. Both of those sound so mundane and simplistic that it's a wonder why anyone would bother going with such plot ideas. And yet, this episode made them both not only work, but work well! There was emotion, tension, suspense! And even with the uber predictable return of Evan and Myles, whom we should all be sick of at this point for how small-time and petty their schemes always seem to be, those two still managed to impress even in their moment of retreat. Myles especially is so confident and so unyielding in his attempts to win in an un-winnable situation that one cannot help but admire his passion and determination to still try to come out on top when all odds stack against him and his brother. And as Chief Burns said at the end, "Today was a powerful reminder that a team performs best when all of its members work together." Though simple, the message reigns true in the end, with so much charm and love put into this episode and the show overall. This show fully deserves its title of being the second-longest Transformers cartoon of all time.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1665361)
Posted by Sabrblade on March 22nd, 2015 @ 1:43am CDT
With this new episode, Rescue bots has officially overtakening Prime as being the second-longest Transformers cartoon of all time, as Prime had 65 episodes while this is Rescue Bots's 66th, and is heading on up to 78!

Episode 66 -

This episode opens with a rare instance of Cody actually getting ready for school, as his school life is almost nonexistent in this show.

There's a new clock tower dedication happening later this morning.

Cody got an old pocket watch from Deputy Barney at the the lost and found.

Is that squirrel Mister Pettypaws is chasing voiced by Frank Welker?! Sure sounds like his Abu voice from Aladdin.

Even rarer, we actually get to see Cody and Frankie inside their school building and in class for the first time ever.

Their teacher talks like Ben Stein.

The new clock is run by a magno-fusion power core that will sync up every time-telling device in Griffin Rock (save for Cody's old-fashioned pocket watch).

An accident involving Edgar Prewett's truck and Mrs. Rubio's minvan causes the latter to crash into the "Mayor Luskey Clock Tower". Minimal damage and no one was hurt, though.

However, once the clock strikes 9, Cody undergoes a time shift. He's back home at the beginning of the episode.

Cody's catching on quick to the time shift, realizing that he's definitely experienced these events before and concludes that he went back in time somehow.

Kade asks Cody what tonight's Lotsa-Bucks numbers are, but Cody doesn't know since it was only 9am when he time-shifted.

Though the rest of Cody's family and the Bots aren't quite fully certain on Cody having time-traveled, Heatwave and Chase do feel the need to ask Cody about anything they might need to be cautious of to come later in the morning. That's actually pretty cool.

Cody has the team stop Mister Pettypaws from chasing a squirrel that would later cause Mr. Harrison to get in an accident, and then informs them of the toolbox an fire hydrant that are later going to cause a calamity with Mrs. Rubio at the tower.

Frankie actually believes Cody about having time-traveled and wants Cody to go see her dad.

The teacher's name is Mr. Schulte.

Doc explains Cody's situation as his "experiencing a random distortion in the temporal continuum, perhaps caused by a nucleo-electric anomaly."

Doc theorizes that Cody should be safe from time-shifting again if they can prevent Mrs. Rubio's car from hitting the clock tower again.

Mrs. Rubio almost crashes into the tower a different way this time, but Heatwave saves her from crashing.

However, Cody still time-shifts.

After a long explanation from Cody about the first two mornings, Graham and Kade are gonna examine the clock's magno-fusion battery up close to see what's wrong with it.

Graham has a phobia of ladders.

The floor below the battery casing is covered in peanuts. The battery itself, however, seems completely fine.

Cody's finally realized that the squirrel runs up the tower each time.

Cody's discovered the problem. The squirrel was about to chew up one of the battery's wires, but Cody scared it off. The clock strikes 9 and Cody finally doesn't time shift, but the loudness of the bell is so overwhelming that it sends Cody over the edge of the tower's railing.

Heatwave blasts a geyser of water to slow Cody's descent so he can catch Cody more safely.

Graham states that the squirrel chewing through the wire made the battery momentarily surge, which caused the time jolt that kept sending Cody back.

Frankie and Cody realize that Cody's pocket watch might be the reason that only Cody was time-shifting, since Cody had only just gotten it that morning. Frankie takes it to have her dad take a look at it.

Graham brings back the pocket watch to explain to Cody that it isn't ordinary. It contains the same type of crystal as the one from the time portal in the lab (the Temporal Station from the season 1 finale). The energy disruption in the clock tower battery interrupted with the crystal, forcing the watch to become a mini time machine that took Cody back to the exact time he wound the watch.

There's a smudge on the back of the watch. Wiping it away reveals... Dr. Morocco's insignia! DUN DUN DUN!

Maurice LaMarche -- Utility Worker
Jason Marsden -- Timmy
Jeff Bennett -- Mr. Schulte
D.C. Douglas -- Mr. Harrison

Well, this one seemed like it was going to another generic take on an old Saturday morning cartoon plot, but with that ending, I can't help but feel like it's meant to foreshadow something bigger to come. After all, it didn't really end, but just stopped, kinda like how other Morocco-foreshadowing episodes have. The abrupt way it ended just felt so ominous and intriguing that I can't help but hope for a follow up episode to come later. But aside from that, even though this episode used a plot setup that's been seen many times before, there were still little things in it that I felt were handled very well. For one, Cody was observantly quick to notice his time-traveling and inform the others of his situation. And each time it happened, he was savvy enough to assess his situation with minimal hesitance and a keen sense of what needed to be done. What's more is that, instead of simply writing off Cody as being silly, his family and friends were wise enough to not only listen to him and consider his claims as a possible truth, but also even used said possibility to their advantage by wanting to prepare themselves for any potential dangers to come, even if Cody's claims were to have turned out false. Sure, it would have been a false alarm, but these people are trained to take any and all disaster warnings seriously, and it was cool to see that used here instead of them just writing off Cody as crying wolf.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1666668)
Posted by Stuartmaximus on March 25th, 2015 @ 2:45am CDT
Still waiting for this big fella to appear on the show!
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1666732)
Posted by Sabrblade on March 25th, 2015 @ 8:36am CDT
Stuartmaximus wrote:
Still waiting for this big fella to appear on the show!
Be patient. Those three are coming.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1667027)
Posted by Sabrblade on March 25th, 2015 @ 7:02pm CDT
Teaser video for newcomer High Tide... with most of the footage being from older episodes and the only new footage being of High Tide himself at the very end.

High Tide will make his debut in the show in episode 68 (season 3 episode 16), "Turning the Tide".
An old friend of Optimus arrives to train the Bots in ocean rescues.

Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1667174)
Posted by Autobot032 on March 26th, 2015 @ 2:23am CDT
Courtesy of fellow Seibertronian Sabrblade, we have our first glimpse of the newest addition to the Rescue Bots roster: High Tide

Here's what Sabrblade had to share:

Sabrblade wrote:Teaser video for newcomer High Tide... with most of the footage being from older episodes and the only new footage being of High Tide himself at the very end.

High Tide will make his debut in the show in episode 68 (season 3 episode 16), "Turning the Tide".
An old friend of Optimus arrives to train the Bots in ocean rescues.

Will you be watching? Let us know in the forums, after you watch the included embed above! And since you're on the site, why not drop by our Rescue Bots galleries as well?

Keep your optics tuned to for the latest in news and updates, plus the best galleries around!
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1667203)
Posted by Stuartmaximus on March 26th, 2015 @ 4:47am CDT
I wonder how tall High Tide actually is? As tall as Tidal Wave maybe? Or maybe as big as G1 Skyfire! anyway......the bot mode of him in the show looks superb! just a pity the toy is a bit of a letdown in the fact that IT has no robot mode
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1668452)
Posted by Sabrblade on March 28th, 2015 @ 5:25pm CDT
Episode 67 -

It's Griffin Rock's Founder's Day celebration, the anniversary of the day Horace Burns founded the town.

Dani's real name is revealed to be "Danielle"

Dani's been chosen to light Founder's Day torch for having organized Griffin Rock's successful clothing drive for the mainland.

Huxley stops the torch-lighting with some breaking news. He claims that Horace Burns's wife, Bertha, was Bertha the Pirate, who in 1652 stole a fortune from Ye Olde Griffin Rock Guild Hall charity fund.

Dani states that Horace's wife Bertha was her great great great grandmother, meaning their son was Zachary Burns's father, his son was Zachary, and his son was the father of Charlie and Woodrow. From Horace to Charlie's children, there have been six generations of Burnses on the island.

Huxley produces a portrait of Bertha the Pirate, who bears a striking enough resemblance to Dani.

Mayor Luskey is so angry over the accidental fire and his hair getting doused off in the aftermath that he can't think rationally and refuses to listen to reason, and suspends the Burnses in his blind fury. He storms off with Mr. Alper, Mr. Harrison, and Milo to form a "Citizen's Safety Board"

Neither Boulder nor Cody understand how someone could be blamed for the actions of another from long ago. Cody's teacher Mrs. Murphy (obviously a different teacher from Mr. Schulte) still yells at him for all the trouble Kade caused in school years ago.

Chase has looked into the Burns' history and has found no piratical record.

Through some "persuading", Huxley confesses that he learned about the Burns' being descended from Bertha via Woodrow Burns, who's currently at the library.


Woodrow didn't come to the family with the news first because he wanted to surprise them with the map to Bertha's lost treasure.

However, the map doesn't specify exactly where the islands its depicts are located. Boulder scans the map and Graham has him invert the image, revealing that the islands aren't islands, but bodies of water, and that the shoreline resembles the cove by the sea caves near the Griffin Keys.

Cody and Dani are willing to go looking for the treasure with Woodrow, but Dani's reasons are her wanting to get to the bottom of this whole thing and clear the Burns family name (and her face). Naturally, Blades is on board too.

Meanwhile, the traffic lights start acting up, so Luskey's new Citizen's Safety Board attempts to help by having Mr. Harrison direct traffic. He does well at first, until a bee lands on his nose and his swatting it away messes up his hand signals, causing several vehicle collisions.

At the cave, Blades is too big to fit inside, so he stay behind, much to his secret delight.

The three spelunkers search the cave for a long time and wind up falling down a rivered tunnel. The walls are too thick to contact Blades, but they hope he's gone for help by now. In actually, Blades is cheerfully building a sand firehouse on the beach outside the cave. :lol:

One of the walls in the cave bears a skull and crossbones. Or crossbone since there's only one.

In the direction of where the missing second bone would point if it weren't missing, Dani's found a lever, which opens the wall to reveal... a chest!

The chest is brought back to the firehouse, and is opened to reveal... nothing, much to Woodrow's disappointment.

However, there is something written on the inside of the chest: "Only the last key will unlock the hidden treasure."

They deduce that it refers to the farthest island of the Griffin Keys.

Chase will stay behind to watch over the command center while everyone else goes out to find some answers.

Kade inadvertently angers a nest of digger wasps, to which Kade is allergic.

Heatwave forces Kade into a nearby pond to ward off the wasps.

Things are getting worse in the town as the Citizen's Safety Board proves more and more inept. The mayor regrets having suspended the Burnses, but he feels compelled to not give up and that he can't just go back on his decision.

X-shaped palm trees mark the spot!

Boulder digs till he hits something, which is... a rotted piece of wood.

Dani encourages boulder to keep digging. The rotted wood is revealed to be a mast of a ship!

Bertha had buried her entire ship!

Inside the captain's quarters is a desk on which a large chest of gold coins and Bertha's log book are set upon.

Bertha's long reads "I, Bertha Carnahan, hereby end my pirate career with my richest booty yet, the Guild Hall charity fund. I wish to start afresh in life as Mrs. Horace Burns, but I cannot return the treasure without revealing my identity. While I would gladly accept my own punishment, I cannot bring shame upon Horace and his family. Thus, I bury this treasure here hoping that, one day, my descendants may find it and do what is honorable. What I do, I do for love."

At "Founder's Day Part 2", Milo protests the Mayor in attempt to "Bring back the Burnses!"

The Burnses present the treasure to the townspeople. It'll be used to pay for any damage caused during the Burns' absence, and the rest will go to charity as originally intended. And Bertha's pirate ship will go to the museum (much to Blades' disappointment).

Dani convinces the mayor that, even though Bertha gave up being a pirate before she married Horace, people should be judged for what they do, not for what others do or have done. Thus, the mayor reinstates the rescue team.

Mr. Alper let's Chief know about the emergencies that still need taken care of.

Cody wants Dani to repeat what she said to the mayor to Mrs. Murphy at Cody's school.

The log book doesn't mention how Bertha and Horace met or how they fell in love, which gets Woodrow excited about finding out more to the story.

This one was surprisingly well done. Woodrow was a nice surprise that wasn't announced before the episode's airing, and as always, he's a fun addition. And Dani got to be the center of attention this time, in which she demonstrated a competent degree of leadership skills and a string willingness to uncover the truth about her family's history. And the end result of the episode was a good lesson about judging people based on who they are instead of who they're related to. And on top of it all, we were presented with a good old fashioned treasure hunt, and who doesn't like one of those? But what's more is how it wasn't an ordinary "follow the map" type of hunt, but one laid out with cleverness and intrigue based on just how cunning a pirate Bertha was by leaving clues and riddles that had to be solved in order to find the treasure. That woman must have been a genius with the lengths we saw her having gone to. I think the only downside of this episode was how bad it made both the mayor and Huxley look in this one, when we've seen before how the two of them are typically good people not prone to such slandering others. But at least the two of them learned the truth in the end and were made better for it.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots "Quarry's Quarry" Preview Clip (1672059)
Posted by Sabrblade on April 6th, 2015 @ 8:02pm CDT
In the absence of a new episode from this past weekend, I've something else I'd like to try discussing: The timeline chronology between this show and TF: Prime.

Showrunner Nicole Dubuc has stated before that she has a timeline chart that the staff uses to keep track of events that occur in the timeline of both shows, and which they use to keep Rescue Bots in continuity with Prime.

Well, I myself have tried taking a crack at making a timeline of my own to see how the two shows might relate to one another.

I first started with the only truly known exact point in time when the two shows share a direct link, in which the end of "What Rises Above" leads directly into the beginning of "Nemesis Prime". From there, I back-tracked to the beginning of each show to see which episodes lined up with which and where. Then I adjusted things a little to make them flow a bit better with each other to avoid any potential conflicts or confusion. Granted, since we still don't know at which point during Rescue Bots that Prime's third season begins, nor do we know at which point during Rescue Bots that Predacons Rising occurs. Thus far, Optimus Prime continues to be alive as far as Rescue Bots is concerned, so I placed all of the Rescue Bots episodes that have aired so far as of this typing (meaning up to "Pirates Ahoy") in the timeline prior to the Prime season 2 episode "New Recruit", which is the start of the long stretch of episodes that lead directly into the Prime season 2 finale. Should a later Rescue Bots episode bring about new info that would conflict with this, I can make the necessary adjustments since this timeline is very much subject to change.

But for now, here's what I have so far (Prime episodes are in blue, Rescue Bots episodes are in red):

Darkness Rising, Part 1
Darkness Rising, Part 2
Darkness Rising, Part 3
Darkness Rising, Part 4
Darkness Rising, Part 5
Masters & Students
Con Job
/ Family of Heroes
Convoy / Under Pressure
Deus ex Machina / Hotshots
Speed Metal / Flobsters on Parade
Predatory / Walk on the Wild Side
Cody on Patrol
Four Bots and a Baby
Christmas in July
Deep Trouble
Return of the Dino Bot

Sick Mind / The Other Doctor
Out of His Head / The Reign of Morocco
Shadowzone / Small Blessings
Operation: Breakdown / The Griffin Rock Triangle
Crisscross / Rules and Regulations
Metal Attraction / The Lost Bell
Rock Bottom / Bumblebee to the Rescue
Partners / You’ve Been Squilshed
T.M.I. / Countdown
Stronger, Faster / The Haunting of Griffin Rock
Little White Lies
One Shall Fall
One Shall Rise, Part 1
/ Shake Up
One Shall Rise, Part 2
One Shall Rise, Part 3
Orion Pax, Part 1
/ Rescue Boy
Orion Pax, Part 2
Orion Pax, Part 3

It’s a Bot Time
Bot to the Future

Operation Bumblebee, Part 1 / Road Trip
Operation Bumblebee, Part 2
Loose Cannons / Sky Forest
Crossfire / One for the Ages
Tip of the Iceberg
A Virtual Disaster
Prescott's Bots
Blame the Gremlins
Feed the Beast
What Lies Below
What Rises Above

Nemesis Prime
Grill / Space Bots
The Island of Misfit Tech
The Vigilant Town
Buddy System
In Search of the Griffin's Nest

Armada / Bots and Robbers
Flying Mind
Tunnel Vision
/ Triangulation / Triage / Toxicity / Rescue Dog
The Riders of Midwinter
Movers and Shakers
Chief Woodrow
Odd Bot Out

Out of the Past / The Griffin Rock Express
Double Villainy
Rise of the Heroes
Land Before Prime
Big Game
Too Many Kades
Phantom of the Sea
Unfinished Business
No Place Like Dome
Bugs in the System
Bot-Tastic Voyage
Quarry's Quarry
Did You See What I Thaw?
The Attack of Humungado
All Bots Great and Small
Time After Time
Pirates Ahoy

New Recruit
The Human Factor
Hard Knocks
Inside Job
Darkest Hour

  • "Con Job" is selected as the starting point for Rescue Bots since that episode has Optimus excuse himself from the party at the base for most of the episode, enabling him to go to Maine to debrief the newly-arrived Rescue Force Sigma-17.
  • Though "Under Pressure" is place with "Convoy", it would have to start a little sooner since Heatwave's team gives Optimus a call early on in the episode, while Optimus is only at the base at the start of "Convoy", meaning the call would have had to have been made before Fowler's call to Prime at the beginning of "Convoy".
  • Five RB episodes are placed between "Predatory" and "Sick Mind" to allow "The Other Doctor" and "The Reign of Morocco" to coincide with "Sick Mind" and "Out of His Head", as both two-parters fit well together with "Out of His Head" providing a point where all of the Autobots are away from the Jasper base, during which time Heatwave's attempt to give Optimus a call in "The Reign of Morocco" would go unanswered.
  • Continuing the pattern onward allows "Bumblebee to the Rescue" to coincide with "Rock Bottom", during which Optimus, Bumblebee, and Ratchet are not featured, providing an opportunity for Bumblebee to be in Griffin Rock while Optimus and Ratchet are back at the base, where Ratchet will tell Optimus about the virus that the Burnses would tell Optimus about via a communique between both bases.
  • "Little White Lies" is place by itself before "One Shall Fall" due to the latter being serialized with "One Shall Rise" while the former is now serialized with its next episode, "Shake Up". This allows enough time to pass between "Little White Lies" and "Shake Up".
  • "Shake Up" is place with "One Shall Rise, Part 1", but can really take place during any point within the three-parter during Unicron's global earthquake. This placement is the only way that Unicron's earthquake can make it into Rescue Bots without it just occuring offscreen between episodes. While the giant subwoofer was the given culprit of the quake in the RB episode, one could presume that the RB quake just happened to coincide with Unicron's quake, and that Griffin Rock was miraculously spared the worst of it. It's a stretch, yes, but it's better than handwaving it away outright.
  • "Rescue Boy" is place with "Orion Pax, Part 1", but could really take place at any point in that three-parter due to how serialized it is. And it placed during this three-parter rather than in the "One Shall Rise" three-parter due to there needing to be enough time to pass after "Shake Up" for "Rescue Boy" to occur. If "Shake Up" were to take place early enough during "One Shall Rise", "Rescue Boy" can occur late enough during "Orion Pax".
  • "It's a Bot Time" and "Bot to the Future" are both place after "Orion Pax" but before "Operation Bumblebee" since both Optimus and Bumblebee appear in them and Optimus is an Autobot with his memories intact and Bumblebee can transform.
  • Only "Road Trip" and no other episode is placed in the "Operation Bumblebee" two-parter due to the two-parter being serialized while "Road Trip" and "Sky Forest" are not, requiring more time to occur between the two.
  • Eight RB episodes are placed in between "Crossfire" and "Nemesis Prime" to allow "What Rises Above" to lead right into "Nemesis Prime". Plus, it gives MECH more time to complete and perfect Project: Chimera before its formal field debut in "Nemesis Prime". Though, in this regard, some of these RB episodes could admittedly take place at some point before "Crossfire" but still after "Operation Bumblebee".
  • "Space Bots" is placed with "Grill" instead of "Nemesis Prime" to give it more time to take place after "What Rises Above" since, as the two are not serialized, "Space Bots" doesn't seem to take place the very next day after "What Rises Above".
  • The next bunch of episodes are where things get tricky. Optimus's next appearance in RB comes in "Changes", in which he goes over to Maine to meet with and train Heatwave. However, Optimus has no free time to do that from "Armada" until after "Hurt", requiring that to be the earliest point at which "Changes" can occur. Plus, none of these RB episodes are serialized like the Prime ones are, which means that they need to coincide with at least every other serialized Prime episode. What's more is that the four relic hunt episodes all take place at the same time, permitting only one RB episode to coincide with them. Thus, four episodes are place before "Armada", one during "Armada", none during "Flying Mind", one during the four relic hunt episodes, and none during "Hurt".
  • After "Changes", the next four episodes are placed before "Out of the Past" because of "Odd Bot Out", in which both Bumblebee and Optimus appear, and in which Optimus and Blades go after an Iacon Relic. In "Out of the Past", Optimus is seen still trying to decrypt the Iacon Database, so the relic he and Blades got might have been the very first one that Optimus decrypted (and apparently did so before Soundwave). Plus, "Out of the Past" has Bumblebee returning to base from somewhere, so this could possibly be his returning from Griffin Rock after Optimus returned further ahead of him. What's more is that "Hurt" had Bulkhead being more dead than alive, while "Out of the Past" showed him to be alive, awake, and attempting to move around, suggesting a fair amount of time having passed since "Hurt".
  • The rest of the RB episodes are all shoved in before "New Recruit" since that's the beginning of the end for Prime season 2. As of "Quarry's Quarry", Optimus seems to still have the freedom to go back and forth between Jasper and Griffin Rock a few times with ease, yet has precious little free time to do anything of the sort by the time Smokescreen arrives. Plus, as of "Did You See What I Thaw?", Optimus is still invested in locating and securing energon deposits on Earth, as he tasks the Rescue Team to do in that episode, when much greater concerns like more relics, the Omega Keys, and the Omega Lock take away all of his attention by the final act of Prime season 2.And most notable of all, "Unfinished Business" has the Jasper base still in operation, as we get a glimpse of its interior in that episode (even though it was the military base hangar in Maine seen in episodes 1 and 45 that was used for the background instead, but Ms. Dubuc's comment about Ratchet suggests that it was meant to be the Jasper base, with the Maine base background just being recycled to represent it).
Granted, this timeline isn't perfect and doesn't have all of the episodes that have yet to air, and word has it that Optimus is the one who sends High Tide over to train the Rescue Bots in the next newest episode to come (as of this typing), so we'll just have to wait and see how the rest of season 3 and all of season 4 correlate to more of the Prime episodes.

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #270 - An Ox, a Seagull and a Monster
Twincast / Podcast #270:
"An Ox, a Seagull and a Monster"
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Posted: Sunday, February 14th, 2021

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