TRANSMISSIONS from Cybertron Con - Vote for your favourite model kit!

TRANSMISSIONS from Cybertron Con - Vote for your favourite model kit!

Monday, March 12th, 2012 11:25pm CDT

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From our friends at Cybertron Con:


Dear Cybertronian Ally,

We have intercepted a plea for support from the Autobots, namely Optimus Primes and Bumblebees. We were surprised too when we transposed the transmission, but after analysis, we have realized that the plea(s) came from the 50 customised Optimus Prime(s) and Bumblebee(s) that are currently on display at the ‘Transformers Re-Imagined’ showcase at the Cybertron Con 2012.

For the un-indoctrinated, this year’s Cybertron Con displays a never before competition where local Singaporean designers and hobbyists have submitted a model kit of either Optimus Prime or Bumblebee that is entirely designed, coloured and even decorated according to their personal interpretation.

According to reliable sources, there is also a voting mechanism where ‘Con’ attendees can pledge their allegiance to their favourite customised model kits by voting for it via the Facebook page ( where the Liveshare app can be found.

In addition, voting can also be done via the ‘Liveshare’ mobile app(iPhone or Android) that is available for download. Voters need only search for the ‘Transformers Re-imagined’ stream to cast their votes.

There is also a reward for those who have pledged their allegiance to the winning submissions. 3 lucky voters will receive Transformers Product hampers worth up to $100 should their vote be selected.

Winners of the inaugural ‘Transformers Re-Imagined’ showcase will be announced on Wednesday, 14 March (the final day of the Con) at 5pm.

Love them? Adore them? You decide – Pledge your allegiance today.

1. Go to & click on “Transformers Re-Imagined”

2. You will reach this page. Scroll and look for your favourite customised piece by the hobbyist or designer.

3. Click on the “like” button at the bottom right corner of your favourite customised toy. One Facebook account is entitled to one vote. Your vote is important. Every votecounts. Please vote wisely.

Votes gathered here will count for 40% of the final round judging score,

while judges' votes will count for 60% of the final judging score based on creativity and aestheticism.

Name of Judges:

1. Mr Jerry Jivoin, Transformers Global Brand Director, Hasbro Inc.

2. Mr Aaron Archer, Transformers Vice President, Design & Development, Hasbro Inc.

3. Ms Joy Koh, Marketing Manager, Hasbro Singapore

Voting starts at 11 March 2012 00:00AM and ends on 14 March 2012 2:00PM.

Results will be announced at Cybertron Con's Main Stage on 14 March 2012 5:00PM, followed by the prize presentation ceremony.


The winner from the "Hobbyist" category will receive a 'Limited Edition Gold-Painted Optimus Prime' and 3 voters who cast their vote for the respective piece will receive $100 worth of Transformers Product Hamper.

The Winner of the Hobbyists Category will win a limited edition Golden Optimus Prime (visual below):

Whilst the winner of the Designer Category will win a limited edition Silver Bumblebee (visual below):

**Please note that not all hobbyists and designers have taken part in this competition.

Till the next [TRANSMISSION], remember, they are amongst us.

For more information, please go to: or

Credit(s): Cybertron Con

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Re: TRANSMISSIONS from Cybertron Con - Vote for your favourite model kit! (1357968)
Posted by Dark Ops on March 13th, 2012 @ 10:40am CDT
Great designs. If I could examine them up close... never before has a photopage made me think "Man, I wish this page were a slideshow."

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