UK Toyfair News: Energon, Alternators, and Cybertron

UK Toyfair News: Energon, Alternators, and Cybertron

Thursday, January 27th, 2005 11:37am CST

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TriBlurr of has very kindly posted a report from todays UK Toyfair containing some very interesting Information. Highlights include the future of the Transformers line in the UK, and news about Alternators, Energon and most interestingly Cybertron. In particular the possible size and colour of Cybertron Starscream, and an estimated Cybertron UK release date of 2006! This is what TriBlurr had to say:

Well I just got back from the toyfair . Heres what to report

Hasbro ARE continuing the energon line albeit at a trickle for now with the added bonus of the Universe combinners (sixturbo represented) having the energon logo slapped onto them . The display showed most of the late wave repaints (except Galvatron, Overcast and quickstrike), Wingsaber and some of the combiner limbs with only steam hammer representing the deluxe central combiner . Apparently the tf representative who i talked to didn't know any exact time they were shipping with the exception of the micromasters in which she stated were out already at about 2.99 - 3.99 pounds sterling .

The alternator stand showed most of the alternator range with the exception of tracks for some reason (the did have a pic of ravage and wheeljack though) An easter egg here is the picture of the NSX police car that was recently swapped around the web is a genuine alternator Unfortunately it still is in its car form (no sign of the robot mode for now ) . One hasbro rep stated they are going to expand on the alternator range this year thanks to the dancing citoren

And heres another easter egg . Hasbro UK have actually got protos of the CYBERTRON line with packaging ! The packaging itself is a cross between Hasbro US's Zoids Fuzors and Takara's own mega scf boxes with good use of metallic blues and greys . Badly mistransformed examples of Vector Prime , Dreadrock and Thundercracker linme the stand along with a big Galvatron sized box entitled.... Starscream! and what will really get your goat is Cybertron starscream's boxart seems colored more akin to Wingsaber than GF starscream . You'll get the idea if you ever visit from today to sunday
The Hasbro rep told me those will start hitting the stores January 2006

Also anyone looking for any universe or masterpiece primes : You'll be better off getting it import Hasbro UK are still mulling about launching the lines in the UK but haven't made a decision yet

Read TriBlurr's orignial thread here at

Credit(s): TriBlurr,

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