Upcoming Energon/Universe Releases...

Upcoming Energon/Universe Releases...

Thursday, March 25th, 2004 9:33am CST

Category: Rumors
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Even after SEIBERTRON.com´s crash last night, we´re still dedicated to bringing you the latest news and rumor updates!
Fans may remember the appearance of "Grimlock/Swoop" in a list from Wal-Mart´s computer database. This set is listed as a Mega figure from Energon, but what is it? Well, none other than a repainted Cruellock and Divebomb, apparently, which will be disappointing to fans of the original Dinobot. Another figure, however, was believed to be a repaint - Doom-Lock. However, it may not be a repaint after all... keep an eye out for updates on these future Energon releases.
On the Universe side of things, a lot of interest was generated by the Ultra-sized "Constructicon" two-packs. Once again, fan guesses seem to be correct - these two sets are none other than a G1 Constructicon-style repaint of Landfill! Keep an eye out for both of these two-packs this summer.

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