Update from BigBadToyStore: Binaltech Dead End and RobotMasters!!!

Transformers News: Update from BigBadToyStore: Binaltech Dead End and RobotMasters!!!

Thursday, July 8th, 2004 5:24PM CDT

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Hi - Here is a quick update from http://www.bigbadtoystore.com about some great new arrivals and pre-orders:


TAKARA INSECTICON 'CLONE ARMY' REPAINT: Takara will repaint the #16 Insecticon re-issues with a red and black paint scheme 'Clone Army' set.
This exclusive set will be a fairly limited edition size and is available for pre-order for $54.99 per set of 3 - or order 4 sets for the reduced price of $194.99

STREET FIGHTER SERIES 2: Sota Toys has announced the 2nd wave of their much awaited Street Fighter figures. Wave 2 includes: T. Hawk, Blanka, Ken, Vega, and Cammy. Series 1 will be coming out fairly soon and we still have some pre-orders available.

(If you have pre-orders for any of these items they will be processed

TAKARA SUPERLINK: SC-17 Wing Saber highlights the new Superlink arrivals along with SC-16 Ariel - which is the Japanese version of the hard to find Arcee figure. SD-16 Chromhorn (Insecticon) and SD-15 Shockfleet (Mirage) are also both in stock. More SD-01, SC-10 and other figures are also in stock.

TOYNAMI - MACROSS SUPER POSEABLES / ROBOTECH: Toynami has just released their Macross - 'Do You Remember Love' set of 3 Super Poseable figures. Included in the set are a red and blue VF-1A Super Valkyrie and Roy's Strike VF-1S Valkyrie. The set of 3 is available for $36.99. Robotech Masterpiece editions #4 Max, #5 Miria, #6 Jack Archer are all back in stock for $64.99 each. We also still have some stock of the new Yamato Armored VF-1J

TAKARA TRANSFORMERS: More of the BT-03 Streak and BT-04 Hound have arrived - each are available for $54.99. The Transformer KT & History PVC style figures are each in stock for $44.99 per box of 12 figures - each box will likely contain the full set of normal figures. These are fairly obscure items and we are not heavily stocked so may sell out fairly soon.

MASTER REPLICA: The Darth Vader Lightsaber FX edition has just arrived and is available for the lowest price M.R. will allow us to sell it for - $113.99 - The Luke and Mace FX sabers will be out fairly soon and we also have pre-orders for the Stormtrooper, Rebel, and Leia Blasters

BANDAI JAPAN: The PX-03 Kaneda's Bike has arrived and we have a limited quantity remaining - $84.99 each - the bike itself has a lot of diecast metal and is a great looking item overall. The Gundam Zeonography #3003 Zaku has arrived - $39.99. Also more of the 6" Gamera vinyl figures from the Godzilla line are now in stock.

SIDESHOW: The very cool Hellboy Prop Replica 'Right Fist of Doom' has just arrived - its a huge 1:1 scale high quality foam prop that you can actually wear. Also in stock is the 'retired' Thomas Hewitt Leatherface figure from the Texax Chainsaw Massacre remake - a great looking figure.

STAR WARS: We've restocked the OTC TIE Fighter and X-Wing and still have 12 varieties of the Trilogy figures in stock for $6.99 to $7.99.
Pre-Orders are available for upcoming Vintage waves and more.

PALISADES - MUPPETS & PREDATOR: Wave 8 Muppets sets of 4 are in stock - $42.99 - another very cool set from Palisades featuring Sam the Eagle, Movie Usher Scooter, Dr. Phil Van Neuter and Marvin Suggs. The Predator Elder bust has arrived and is priced at $55.99 Also back in stock is the Pink Panther set of 4 for $39.99

SIDESHOW WETA: We've received a few Grima Wormtongue Busts, Galadriel Busts and some Helms. We've managed to find a few various statues in very limited numbers as well.

INCOMING TAKARA TRANSFORMERS: Takara will be releasing the BT-05 Dead End black Viper and all 10 of the first RobotMasters in about a week - we expect them to arrive around July 22nd so now would be an ideal time to pre-order. The #14 Hound will be released at the end of July. We'll be processing BT-05 Dead End and Robotmaster pre-orders within the next week or two. Also don't miss out on the OTFCC Exclusives!

INCOMING TOYBIZ ITEMS: Toybiz has confirmed they will be shipping Marvel Legends Series 6 and the Lord of the Rings Fell Beast with Rider figures to us sometime next week. We are about 2/3rds of the way sold out on Marvel Legends Series 6 sets - so be sure to pre-order soon if you'd like the set. (Please note that Toybiz may have increased the set from 5 figures to 6 - if so, we will automatically increase your pre-order to include one of each of the normal figures and adjust the price proportionally - any chase figures will be sold separately once we sort through all our cases)

MARVEL: More of the Ultimate Thor figures have arrived - $16.99 each

INSANE CLOWN POSSE: The Hell's Pit set of 2 figures is available on the 'Other' Menu for $24.99

Thanks for your interest in www.bigbadtoystore.com and be sure to check out the new items! Thanks so much to all of you who have placed orders with us - we greatly appreciate it!


Joel & The BBTS Crew
Credit(s): BigBadToyStore.com
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