Update from BigBadToyStore: New Products including WAR WITHIN Jetfire and Thundercracker!!

Update from BigBadToyStore: New Products including WAR WITHIN Jetfire and Thundercracker!!

Wednesday, March 8th, 2006 9:05pm CST

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Hi - Here is a quick update from http://www.bigbadtoystore.com about a variety of new arrivals, more new preorders, and a nice batch of images from Hasbro for recently announced items.

------------- NEW ARRIVALS: -------------

IMPORTED GUNDAM:  A nice new batch of Gundam figures has just arrived including Zeonography #3009a and #3009b - the blue and red versions of Z'Gok.  Advanced MSIA RX-78-2 is in stock for $19.99 and the MSIA Baund Doc figure is $44.99

GENTLE GIANT:  The very cool Darth Maul Statue, Lando Bust, and Corpse Bride Bust-Ups have just arrived.  Darth Maul is priced at $164.99, Lando at $44.99 and the set of 5 Bust-Ups is $27.99

HOT TOYS 14" SCAR PREDATOR:  This oversize figure comes in a very large and nicely done display box, high quality and high detail on this figure - in stock now for $184.99

MARIO KART CAPSULE TOYS:  Another nifty import from Japan, this set of 4 pull-back motor karts features Bowser, Mario, Luigi, and Princess.  The set of 4 is in stock now for $11.99 - check out other Nintendo items here as well:

GAMERA VOLUME 2 TRADING FIGURES:  Another round of 'Blind Boxed' trading figures from Konami, we have these available singly at $5.49 each, a nice variety of monsters in this wave.

MARVEL UNIVERSE TRADING FIGURES:  These figures are around 3" to 4" tall and come 'blind boxed' from Yamato as part of the Story!Image!Figure! series.  Single figures are $6.49 each and possible figures include: The Thing, Dr. Doom, Captain America, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, and Iron Man.

MICROMAN:  We've restocked the Batman Begins version of Batman, Elder Predator, and 3 various Godzilla Microman sets.

PALISADES TRANSFORMER STATUES:  We were able to pick up reasonably discounted Transformer Statues and offer them at reduced pricing, back in stock are the Grimlock, Starscream, Wheeljack and War Within Prime Statues

BUFFY'S SCYTHE PROP REPLICA:  One of the most awaited props from the Buffy Universe, the new Scythe from Factory X is in stock now under the MSRP at $249.99.

-------------- NEW PREORDERS: --------------

6" TITANIUM TRANSFORMERS:  This could be the beginning of a fantastic line of new TF's from Hasbro!  We've just received images and listed preorders for the 6" Transforming Die-Cast versions of Jetfire and Thundercracker. Both molds look fantastic and its great to see a version of Jetfire thats closer to the G1 figure.  We also have images up for some of the 3" Titanium figures, which also look great, but don't transform like the 6".

NEW STIKFAS & CUBOYDS:  Stikfas brings us three new releases for May, the super-sized 4-pack 'Assault Team' gives you 4 different body styles, all in a khaki color, along with a slew of weapons for $16.99.  New basic figures include the Sigma Egyptian and Alpha Male Outdoorsman - both nice entries into their growing lineup.  The Cuboyd series is a more blocky set of pre-assembled figures with lower price points, good for customizing or amassing even more highly poseable figures.

MACROSS 1/100 TRANSFORMABLE ACTION FIGURES:  Toynami brings us a great looking set of new 1/100 scale figures that can transform into all three modes.  We have the Series 1 set 3 and Series 2 set of 3 listed now for $59.99 ($15 under the MSRP)  Toynami will also be releasing 12" Action Dolls of Hikaru Ichijo and Maximillian Jenius for $79.99.

NARUTO STATUES:  Toynami has 4 statues and a set of Bookends planned for mid 2006 for this hot Anime property.  We have an image of the Naruto Shadow Clone Jitsu Statue and listings (all under MSRP) for all the rest here: 

TOYNAMI'S EMILY THE STRANGE, PRECIOUS MISERIES, SKELANIMALS:  A bunch of new preorders for all these properties have just been listed.  A variety of plush figures, dolls, keychains, magnets, clip-ons, statuettes, and figures can be found here:

----------------- FRESH NEW IMAGES: -----------------

Hasbro has just sent a bunch of new images our way - be sure to check out these preorders now that you can see the full coolness of the new items:

SIGMA 6 - 2.5" AND 8"  Most of the upcoming 2.5" images have been released and this line looks great!  The smaller scale allows for very nice vehicles that are still reasonably sized (and priced) and the figures have nice detail.  The 8" Commando Wave 4 and Soldier Wave 3 figures all have pictures uploaded as well - more nice looking items!

BEAST WARS 10TH PRIME & MEGATRON:  Hasbro pulls out all new molds for the 10 year treatment of your favorite leaders.  Each is priced at $19.99 and the new molds are nicely done.

CYBERTRON:  All the new Cybertron preorders have been restocked and images have been uploaded for:  Nemesis Prime, Metroplex, Mini-Cons wave 4, New Deluxe, New Scout & more!

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA:  The Titanium 3" versions of B.S.G's coolest ships have been updated - $5.49 each - nice looking items.

ALTERNATORS:  We have a picture of the all new case wave with the Ford GT - Mirage, Optimus Prime, Tracks, and Meister.

Thanks for your interest in www.bigbadtoystore.com - we really appreciate it!  Many more preorders will be listed over the next few day so be sure to check out our ever expanding selection then.


Joel & The BBTS Crew www.bigbadtoystore.com

Credit(s): BigBadToyStore.com

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