Various Alternators Rumors

Various Alternators Rumors

Friday, September 26th, 2003 3:59pm CDT

Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth   Views: 36,533
Today, we learned the full storyline behind the Alternators/Binaltech toyline. Basically, the Decepticons use Cosmic Rust to basically wipe out the Autobots. As a last ditch attempt to save the Autobots (and that planet we all live on, Earth), humans decide to create their own Transformers. Car companies put out the funding for the project. Once completed, the sparks of damaged Autobots are implanted into the new Earth Made Binaltech bodies and the fight continues!

Shortly after we learned this, several questions made their way to my inboxes and IM windows. Most of which can be summed up in these two questions:
  • Does this mean there won´t be any Alternator Decepticons?

  • Does this mean it ties into the G1 universe?

    Hopefully, answers will be forthcoming. Keep ´em glued the Rumors Page for updates on this, and other TF items!

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