Various Energon Prototype Rumors

Various Energon Prototype Rumors

Sunday, October 5th, 2003 4:52pm CDT

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Prototype and Test Shot images of Energon figures have leaked. Due to various legal crap that I don´t feel like going into, I´m prohibited from posting these pictures. You guys deserve to at least know what´s coming your way, so I´m gonna drop some info on ya.

-Prowl: That´s right, everyone´s favorite police car is back in Energon! Except he´s not a police car anymore! He´s a slick Formula-1 Racer! His transformation is similar to Starscream´s Mini-Con, Swindle. the figure´s head does resemble G1´s Prowl, though.

-"Snowcat:" We don´t have a definate name for this figure yet, but as the name implies, the vehicle mode resembles a GI:Joe Snowcat. In robot mode the figure shares Energon Optimus Prime´s portly torso and skinny legs. One version of the prototype had both Autobot and Decepticon insignias. The head is insect like, best compared the G1´s Roadbuster.

-Rodimus: Rodimus Returns! Rodimus´ alt mode is a hot-rodding bottle-nosed truck. Thing G2´s Hero Prime with a spoiler (Remember kids, everything on wheels needs a spoiler to be cool. No exceptions!). In his robot mode, the head and chest scream "G1 Rodimus Prime" except he has Optimus´ "ab grill" on his lower torso. He has shoulders similar to Armada Blurr´s.
-Cruellock, Landmine, and Signal Flare: I have yet to see a picture of these figures, but they´re listed on the list of upcoming figures. As soon as I´ve seen ´em, their descriptions will be up here on the rumor page!

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