Vector Prime Answers More Questions On

Vector Prime Answers More Questions On

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005 9:42pm CST

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Vector Prime has once again answered some fan questions on

Q: Are you the legendary guardian of time and space?

A: Indeed I am.

Q: How did Megatron get Unicron armor?

A: After the Autobots’ astounding battle with the Decepticons and Unicron, Megatron’s need for more and more power made him seek out the Spark remnants of the disembodied Unicron. Forging Unicron’s lost spark into armor, Megatron was reborn into the evil leader we know today.

Q: Who is the strangest person you ever met?

A: I think all human people are strange, if only because they have one form and cannot transform.

Q: Will there be a girl alternator transformer?

A: They do exist in my world, only time will tell if they cross over to yours.

Q: Why do the Transformers look different in every new season?

A: The Transformers ability to scan different forms allows them to look different in different stories.


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