Wildfur News Updates

Wildfur News Updates

Friday, October 29th, 2004 8:56am CDT

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Wildfur Productions, production company of Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman, has updated their website with several news items. The news updates mention the following Transformers-related items.

Making their last UK appearance of a packed 2004, Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman will be dropping into Comic Expo 2 in Bristol on Sunday 7th of November. As well as taking part in a Transformers talk/Q&A session (alongside TF UK artist Mike Collins), Simon and Andrew will be selling signed/bookplated editions of the recent Transformers: War Within - The Dark Ages trade paperback. Numbers are very limited, and exclusive to Comic Expo 2. For more information go to comicexpo


Making his second US appearance this year, Simon Furman will be joining a host of Dreamwave writers and artists (including Pat Lee, James McDonough, Don Figueroa and Joe Ng) at the Area 51 convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma over the weekend of November 19-21. The convention marks the first ever combined appearance of all Dreamwave's writers and artists, so whatever's in your collection still needs signing... this is where to get it done! For more information go to www.area51con.com


The final, epic Energon storyline kicks off in issue #32 of Dreamwave's comic book series (with a shocking prelude in #31). 'Armageddon' is the searing five-part conclusion to Energon and the lead-in to Transformers Cybertron. Making their comic book debut will be the likes of Command Ravage, Doom-Lock, Energon Demolishor, Energon Grimlock, Energon Swoop and many more. No happy endings are guaranteed as the secret origin of Alpha Quintesson is finally revealed - and the seeds of all-out invasion are sown! Issue #32 ships in February 05. For images and previews of all Dreamwave's upcoming releases go to www.dreamwaveprod.com


The first Titan collection of the rarely seen (outside the UK) Marvel UK black & white Transformers comic strip material will be 'Aspects of Evil' (collecting the 5-part 'Aspects of Evil' story from TF UK #223-227, plus #251-254, #235-236, #240 and #245-247). All stories are written by Simon Furman and the line-up of artists includes Andrew Wildman, Geoff Senior, Jeff Anderson and Simon Coleby. The collection - the first of five - will be published in b&w manga format in May 05. At some point thereafter, a full-sized colour edition with extra features and bonus strip material, will also be available. For details of all Titan's Transformers collections, visit www.titanbooks.com


Volume 10 (chronologically speaking) of the Titan Transformers trade paperbacks (collecting the original Marvel US series) will feature, in addition to Bob Budiansky's final five issues (#51-55), a host of never-before-seen bonus materials. These include Bob Budiansky's original pencil breakdowns for the pages he drew from issue #55's story (his only sequential art on Transformers), a draft of Bob's never-used (and certainly never-before-seen) 'Transformers: New Generation' treatment, and the original text for Optimus Prime and Megatron's Transformers Universe entries. Transformers: Last Stand ships in March 05. For details of all Titan's Transformers collections, visit www.titanbooks.com

Credit(s): www.wildfur.net

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