Optimus Primal gets a ride!

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Optimus Primal gets a ride!
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376 captions have been posted for this image so far ...
Nik Hero writes: Munkky AND & ON Trukk!
Mr Skram writes: That face says he just dropped some muck in that trunky...
william-james88 writes: Koba fight for Koba.
Maximal Rainmaker writes: MUNKY TRUKK
tumacher writes: So this is how Optimal Optimus was born...
Megatron1 writes: You exceed the weight limit- GET OFF!!!!!!!
SentinelA writes: Prime: Get your filthy paws off me you damn dirty ape!
Dragon_Convoy writes: hey primal watch where your sticking that thing
galvatron224 writes: YOU LIKE THAT DON'T YOU? I KNOW I DO!!
StarSaber1701 writes: Peter Jackson: Optimus Get off G1 Prime thats not supose to happen yet!
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Shadow of Lio Convoy writes: Prime: Get off NOW!!!
Primal: No I havin a good hump!!
G1 Op: F*ck you...
Dragonoth writes: Oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-ah-uh-oh-ah!
On the road with Tarzan Boy!
blank writes: rhinox: optimus stop humping the truck
Grimlock_Prime writes: I hate time travel.
Unknown writes: Primal:Hi ho silver and away!!!!!!!!
Prime: First cliff I see...
Unknown writes: Primal: I'm the next Donkey Kong!
Prime: No, you're just the next donkey, jackass!
ZeldaTheSwordsman writes: Prime:Next stop,New York City!
ZeldaTheSwordsman writes: Optimus Prime:How in the hell is my beast-bot
version from many years ago riding me?
Optimus Primal:Don't you remember the one
time warp?
Optimus Prime:Oh yeah...
Vector Prime,from afar:Oh,that was such a
great joke!
Castle74 writes: Prime:Hey PrimaL! Reflector thinks they can hold their pose longer than us!
Primal: It's On!!
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Kamakaze Thrower writes: King Kong has a new toy.
Scatterlung writes: Rumble n Dragstip aint got **** on these two
TundraTRX writes: PRIMAL: Mmmm, I love the feeling of cold hard steel between my legs.
Lich Lord Dranas writes: The origin of Optimal Optimus.
Roadshadow writes: Primal: Who's a naughty little trukk? You are! Munkky not trukk!
Prime: I swear to Primus I'm gonna shoot his brains out if he keeps humping me...
Thogg writes: Prime: Ahhh Nature its all over me! Get it off get it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Road Turtle writes: Prime, "You know, gorillas eat their own poo."

Primal, "Really, that's what that is? I thought they where mounds of grass pudding..."
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: Primal: You think this is bad, you should've seen what I did to Star Saber.

Prime: What......The.......

Victory Leo(off camera): You don't want to ask......
gauthic_angel7680 writes: I hope the guys at the plant don't see me like this. A giant ape dry humping my back. It's the worst yet. It's worse then the time I snorted 4 metric tons of crack and humped Grimlock. Eww, now just thinking about that gives me the willies.
Montmorency writes: Prime: No monkey! Bad monkey! Down monkey! I knew the petting zoo was a bad place to take the kids.
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tron01 writes: im f u c k i n g the car
Tom Of Doom writes: Prime:Hey,what the..
Tom Of Doom writes: Prime:Is it wierd that this feels good?
Omega - Prime writes: For the love of primus! i DIDNT drop the soap I tell ya!!!!!!
Cybertron's Last Hope writes: I'm pushing my little red wagon! The only problem is that the wagon has a big mouth.
skyrinkfusion writes: Prime: hey, wtf is that warm feeling...

Primal: SAFETY!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: .oO(Man, the merry-go-round at Six Flags just isn't what it used to be!)
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primal,"What do you mean we're outta gas?"

Prime,"Out of gas,you know like this monkey on a truck bit?"

Primal,"Ohhhhhhh that I can relate to."
Road Turtle writes: On todays episode, the part of Optimus Prime's trailer will be played by Optimus Primal.
Minicle writes: Prime: There is'nt a monkey sitting on me, there is'nt a monkey sitting on me, its all in your head, its all in your head...
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Minicle writes: Primal: AAAAHHH! Its no good! I can't take living anymore! Hurry up and find a cliff to drive over allready!!

Prime: All this just because the arm on your Alternator Hound broke?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Ah man this pics been up so long the jokes have gone into repeats!

(Even this joke's been retreaded from the Rumble on the Subway Caption!)
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primal,"All right the ultimate team up! You drive,I'll fling my crap at the Predicons,and Decepticons!"

Prime,"*sigh* This is worse than the G.I.Joe crossovers."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"Okay fine ride like that,but I'm tell'n yeah bugs are gonna fly into your eyes."
the purifyer writes: prime: primal is that a gun in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
the purifyer writes: primal: quick prime Mcdonalds breakfast menu ends in 2 mins i need my hotcakes or im one pissed off gorilla!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"Okay we've been trapped here for like 2 months now,what the hell are you staring at?"

Primal,"mmmmmm pie.
2FB writes: love is in the air (******** cencored!!!!),
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"Are you sure this will work?"

Primal,"Of course! See those 10 Decepticons lined up in the triangle over there?"


Primal,"Well I roll you at them as hard as I can,and knock as many down as I c
crzbw writes: he when the dealer said this trailer was loaded he wasn't kidding. I hope I don't have to clean up after it.
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Bluestreak13 writes: Grape Ape, Grape Ape!
Beagley, Beagley!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"We go left,we end up here.We go right,we end up here.We go foward,we end up here.We backtrack,same thing it's like were caught in and endless loop in the space time continum."

Primal,"Or a caption contest."
Castle74 writes: Prime:Okay it's been how many months now? Can you get off my back now?!
Primal:Can't if I wanted to! Too stiff and my leg fell asleep!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Submitted for your approval,a transformable gorilla,and a truck both heros by every measurable standard.Held captive day after day,week after week,while catty comments are made by people that proclaim to enjoy their exploits.A carnivale of insults and pai
mrmister writes: BOTH: To the pub!
star_sabre86 writes: After watching Harold and Kumar go to white castle, primal had an idea. But Cheetor was away and that left him with only 1 solution...
Dark Monkelus writes: primal: are we there yet? I need a wee
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Ladies and gentleman! I give you the winners of the longest caption contest!
GrnMarvl13 writes: The evils of cross promoting the TF and King King movies.
Megashock writes: Primal: Are we there yet?
Prime: For the last frikin time. No!
Primal: How bout now?
Prime: I'm driving off a cliff!
Primal: But jets are broken.
Prime: I know.
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Zeedust writes: While the parts for Prime's brakes were on back-order, Primal suddenly found himself with a new part-tume job... Not as cushy as his previous gigs, but an Optimus has to pay the bills somehow...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primal,"Oh come on,what the hell,this trip is taking forever! Can't you move any faster? I could fly there faster than this!"

Prime,"You can FLY? And you made ME drive all this time? You son of a bitch."
Vile MK III writes: Primal:Hurry Prime,to Mcdonalds!
nothing_face writes: Primal: Munky on Trukk!

Prime: I swear to Primus, I'm never gonna volunteer for carpool duty again.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Join Pimp Master Primal every week for Pimp My Bot.

Mondays after RAW only on Spike tv!
Byrerprime writes: Prime: Ahem, Ex-cuuuse me!

Primal : Dang, sorry. I really hate trying to find the little monkey's room in the dark.

Primal: Oh, I'm done too!
Road Turtle writes: Prime, "...So...is it true what they say about monkeys and poo?"

Primal, " Yup! I can nail moving target from a quarter mile..."
lockepsb writes: ...RUMBLE...

...10 seconds later.

Prime: "did you feel that?"

Primal: (whistling) "feel what?"

Prime: "that earth quake that lasted for about 10 seconds."

Primal: "Oh... what earthquake? (whistles again)
lockepsb writes: Prime: "So what you're saying is that there is a planet that is ruled by apes and the humans are slaves. we got to go there to help the humans."

Primal: "over my dead gorilla hairy booty."
lockepsb writes: Primal: "Quick Prime, we need to get to my cousin Donkey Kong's, he's gonna show us something really cool called a Video Game.

Prime: "Video game? HAH, Why.... They never made a video game about Generation 1 for the United States..
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primal,"Man 1st thing I'm gonna do when a new Ultimate Caption Contest pic goes up is hit the little gorilla's room.I have really got to pee bad!"

Prime,"That's it I'm in hell.It's official I know it."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primal,"Whoa.Hey did you see this cryptic word hanging in mid air here?"

Prime,"No what does it say?"

Primal,"moc.nortrebies. What could that mean?"
Soundwave05 writes: "Well alright...,but I still don't see what this has to do with my exhuast system.."
Yodaman writes: Primal- Are we there yet?

Prime- No

Primal- Are we there yet?

Prime- No

Primal- Are we...

Prime- Why is my descendant so annoying! Did Wheelie genes get spliced in during those 4 million years?!
Minicle writes: After the affair involving the disappearance of several Hasbro executives, Prime and Primal attempt to leave the country.
Minicle writes: Prime: Geeeez, why can't you just use a cloud like every other monkey?

Road Turtle writes: Primal, " On the road again...Just can't wait to get ont he road again...The life I love is making music with my friends...And I just can't wait to get on the road again..."

Prime, "...SHOCK! watch the monkey get hurt, Monkey!.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primal,"Dear god I think they left us here."
Prime,"Calm down they'll put a new pic up soon."
Prime,"Easy big guy calm down,were ok,your okay."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primal,"Jeezz Optimus I didn't realize Bumblebee was sitting here first."

Prime,"Yeah well that's just great."
Prime,"BRAUN! Get over here and scrap Bumblebee off of his ass!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The best part of being stuck in the caption contest.

No annoying kid sidekicks!
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Road Turtle writes: Primal, "Humm...I keep popping in quarters but it still dosn't move."

Prime, "I'm not a kiddie ride, and THAT's Not a coin slot!"
Magnatron301 writes: Primal:Who would have known riding my ancestor would be so fun!

Prime:Shut up.
Tammuz writes: Prime: everybodies got a monkey on their back
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primal,"And I want an X-box,and a scooter,and a Energon Superion,and a.."

Prime,"STOP! 1st your over a month late for this bit,and I..AM..NOT..SANTA..CLAUS!"
Road Turtle writes: Primal, "Say Prime, how long you think we're going to stay up here?"

Prime, "Gee, I don't know, maybe till they find that pic of Junkions dancing to Wierd Al Yankovic."
punycron writes: Prime: Right.
Primal: No, it's left.
Prime: It's right. Trust me.
Primal: Go left dude.
Prime: Get the map out.
Primal: I don't need a *%&# map.
Prime: Yes you do. You always do this! Get the ma...
Primal: You're
Starscream7 writes: Prime: Tell me again, why are you sitting on me?

Primal: Until I become a Transmetal with a kick ass hoverboard, I've gonna have to improvise.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Early in their careers Prime and Primal took some sugestive pictures for Out magazine.

They were young they needed the Energon.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"Sooooo how much longer you gonna sit there?"

Primal,"I like it here!"
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Cybertron's school photos suck just as much as Earth's.
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The move from Dreamwave to Devils Due was an inconvience to everyone especially Optimus Prime.
lboy92 writes: oooooohhhhhhhhh do dat boy ohhhh yeah. come on babe smack dat monkey
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"Think they've run out of monkey/truck jokes?"

Primal,"Actually I'm still waiting to here a joke.This is more like..."

Prime,"Bad comedy?"

Primal,"Exactly! Thank you."

Prime,"Thank G
Byrerprime writes: May I present exhibit #526 in The State of California v. Michael Jackson
Byrerprime writes: Primal: I'm getting in the new movie even if it kills me.
Tammuz writes: Do you think we should tell Prime someone stuck a 40ft ape on his back?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primal,"20th Aniversary Prime is soooooo much cooler than you."

Prime,"Grrrrrrrrrr.I hate you."
Dark Monkelus writes: primal: ok, now my ass is getting reeeeaaallllly numb

Primal,"1st I'm a gorilla 2nd this isn't Optimus Prime is it?"
Road Turtle writes: Primal, "...the wheels on the Prime go round and round, round and round, round and round; the wheels on the Prime go round and round, all through town; the horn on the Prime goes beep-beep-beep, beep-beep-beep, beep-beep-beep..."

Prime, "
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Road Turtle writes: Primal, "Five little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head; Mama called the doctor and the doctor said, No more monkeys jumping on the bed! Four little monkeys jumping on the bed..."

Prime, "In the Name Of Alpha Tr
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"I'm telling you Primal I don't care how much beans you ate this is not gonna...."

Prime,"I take it back! I take it back!"
DarkProwler writes: Prime: Geez, you're heavy.

Primal: Oh, shutup. You think it's comfortable sitting like this?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primal,"You suck Prime.I can understand not having XM,but could you at least install a CD player?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: After a good healthy bm Primal cleaned up by using Prime as toilet paper.
rodimoose writes: Prime: Come see the 8th wonder of the world! KING PRIMAL!
Primal: Just drop me off at frikkn' faro island, I gotta score to settle with the oodako...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"Have I mentioned what lovely blue eyes you have?"

Primal,"Yes a number of times and to be honest it's quite disturbing."
Happy Noodle Blacker writes: The last time Optimus went on Safari . . .
Road Turtle writes: Primal, "Are we there yet?"
Prime, "no"
Primal, "Are we there yet?"
Prime, "No"
Primal, "Are we there yet?"
Prime, "NO"
Primal, "Are we there yet?"
Prime, "SHUT UP!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"How long is this G1/Beastwars crossover anyway?"

Primal,"Well it's a Dreamwave mini series soooooo like 15 issues I think."

Prime,"Ah well it's still better than Micromasters.

Both laugh.
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: To save on money Prime always had to take Primal to the drive in movie.

But of course if they did it the other way that would just be stupid.
Zeedust writes: Stay above fifty!
DudRound writes: Just like fat chicks and mopeds...fun to ride, but you dont wanna have your friends seeing you ride it...
ArctosPrime writes: Primal: Rhinox! Get me Some more Quarters!!!
Prime: the things i do to keep getting toys made of me...
Minicle writes: You've heard the term "Ram Raid"...
Minicle writes: Primal: Do you see that!

Prime: Big Bad Toy store Pre-order...Predaking!

Primal: *Drools*
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"ohhhhhhh the pain,the pain"

Primal,"Oh come on all I did was grind that rail with you."

Prime,"please get ratchet ohhhhh i hurt"

Primal,"Oh what a wuss.SUCK IT UP!"

Thanatos Prime writes: "This new puppy can do 70 mph tops! but if you go over 30 people might not see it."

"Yeesh, you really think this'll get kids ta buy dem transformers? Seems kinda silly don't it?"
Acelister writes: Primal: "I'm telling you, there's killer bee's chasing us!"
shadex writes: primal: oppy want cake oppy want cake

prime: for christ sake i'm driving as fast as i can
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primal,"..98...99...100."
Prime,"Yeah man keep going! Two more sets of squats.Come on man do it,gotta keep in shape man do it."
Primal,"Okay..huf,huf..okay. 1...2...3..."
Hell On Wheels writes: Primal: Ultra Magnus never complained!
DarkProwler writes: Primal: Um, how much longer do we have to stay like this?

Prime: Until you frickin' smile, that's how long!
Road Turtle writes: Primal, "You don't say, and all this time I thought we came from Vector Sigma and the Quintessons...so who and where is this Takara?"
Road Turtle writes: ...after befriending a semi version of himself, Optimus Primal's search for Takara continues...
parkay writes: A monkey in it's natural habitat...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primal,"Hey you.Yeah you at the keyboard.Which way to the Gay Pride parade?"
Phenotype writes: Unbeknownst to the casual fan, Cybertron has a booming underground gay porn industry.
siekone writes: AHHH! I told you primal its supposed to be a bannana in the tail pipe..sheesh
Road Turtle writes: Primal, "I am King Arthur, king of the Brittians, and this is my horse Patsey!"
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wraeth_x writes: Remember bots dont let other bots fly home using their prime jets after going on an energon bender."A safety message from the autobot/maximal council"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primal,"Second star to the right,and straight on til morning...."

Prime,"You were watching Star Trek VI:The Undiscovered County again weren't you?"


Minicle writes: Primal: I ain't gonna get of until you gimmie the Matrix!

Prime: The what!? This is Pre movie! It doesn't exist yet!

Primal: ...What?
Minicle writes: Attendant: COME IN OPTIMUS PRIME YOUR TIME IS UP!
BLACKBIRD writes: Prime:Man,I can not go across A Weight Station with this Monkey on the back of me. I have no Bill of Ladding,over weight and gross,plus if I get Inspected,I will get shut down due to mechanical defects and my log book is way behind. So it is time to play
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primal,"Quickly to the Batcave!"
Prime,"Are you on drugs? No seriously,have you been smoking those banana's again?"
Primal,"What? No,I just thought I'd spice up the caption contest with some witty bantor."
Prime Nova writes: don't you think people are going to look seeing you on my back?
Zeedust writes: Primal: "Okay... To find your trailer, I have to think like your trailer...."
TwV writes: powerlink complete!
Road Turtle writes: On this episode of TRANSFORMERS ODD COUPLE, Felix Prime and Oscar Primal go to a drive in!

Oscar Primal, "Man this movie sucks! I told you nothing good was playing!"

Felix Prime, "I happen to think that this is a remarkable protrayal
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Road Turtle writes: Primal, "man, I wish I had a girlfriend in my cartoon series..."

Prime, "Yeah, I dated Elita-1 for a couple of days, crash landed on Earth for about 5 Million years, then got to visit with her for one whole day, then I die, come back to
Road Turtle writes: Primal, "(sigh) oh look, it's Unicron...again."

Prime, "Great News! I just saved 10% by calling GEICO!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: B.J. and the Bear 2525 is a suprise breakout hit for the WB network.
Thanatos Prime writes: Bad JO JO! Let go of optimus prime now or no banana's for you!
Bluestreak13 writes: simply enfuego
Road Turtle writes: Primal, "...and then I told Magilla I couldn't see him anymore and he was really bummed... Prime, did I do the right thing?"

Prime, "Sure ya did. Now how about that nice Grape Ape fella? He's great guy..."
Nuke Mayhem writes: Primal-"Hurry up Prime, I gotta get to that car lot in an hour or I'll loose my job of standing outside all day to inform people they are having a sale with the big "sale" sing on my chest."

Prime-"And you say that like it
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The monkey and truck re-inact Kmart's workforce reduction of me.

I'm represented by the truck.
teiscotron writes: Will this new trailer disapears when I transform?
DragonTerratron writes: These pictures given to Fox News by an annonymous tipster calling himself "M-tron" clearly show Optimus Prime engaging in unwholesome activities with what MUST be King Kong's younger sister. Clearly, no one in good conscience can vote Auto
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omega magnes supreme writes: PRIMAL:see, told you I would fit now drive we need to find a way out of this hidious white empty nothingness
PRIME: that white nothingness is your brain now get off and walk!
1337W422102 writes: Though hardly pleasing to the eyes, this duo is currently holding the #1 position on the Heavy Metal War scoreboard.
Bruticus Buckeye writes: In Soviet Russia, monkey spanks you!
(I know, that was bad!)
Valandar writes: Tony Hawke: "No, Primal, you and Prime can NOT be in my next video game!"
DeltaOmega writes: O' Baby!
Minicle writes: Primal: I'll give you a jump start & that should get you going in no time.
Minicle writes: Primal: Let's play petrol pumps...and while we're at it, why don't we test for emissions
aeleven writes: " Hey Primal, I dont mind giving you a lift but, could you put on some shorts or something"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primal,"Is this thing pull cord or electic start?"
Road Turtle writes: Meanwhile, back at the Island of Misfit Toys...
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Prime,"Will you SHUT THE HELL UP!"

skyshadowprimus writes: Primal:For someone with matrix power within them your pretty damn slow...ever heard of fifth gear.
Prime:Ever heard of atkins??
Dark Monkelus writes: clint eastwood: clyde, we really should sue over this
skyshadowprimus writes: Prime: Hey primal ever heard of atkins??
Shermtron writes: Mysterious voice: It is the year 2005 and optimus primal still hasnt called Geico..
Minicle writes: A desperate publicity stunt!
Minicle writes: Prime: So, your place or mine?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primal,"I love our Sunday afternoon drives."
Racer X writes: AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

BJ & The Bear flashbacks!!!!!!
Operation Ravage writes: The "Trukk vs Munky" debate taken to a new level . . .
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Road Turtle writes: Robot Master Prime, "Is everybody on board? Good! Now we're off to find the other Prime's!"

Primal, "...uh, OH! I think I just sat on World's Smallest Prime..."
Road Turtle writes: ...and the search for the other Optimus's continued...

Robot Master Prime, "So this is where the legendary G1 Prime was last seen...I can't wait to meet him! He started all this you know. Then we need to find God Genri Prime, Star Convoy
Nemesis Sturmvogel writes: Weird, Optimus Primal has a new kiddie-ride!, now he can have a little fun (if Optimus Prime can Hold him for enough time)... Maybe Primal will work in a Circus...


Leaked pictures from the set of Peter Jackson's:King Kong do not look promising.
Randomflyingtransformer writes: (As Prime and Primal charge into battle, the little kid from TF Armada stares blankly and turns to his mom and says...)

Kid: Mommy! i just saw a giant monkey riding a semi truck and now they're fighting a purple t-rex shooting a Walter-P38.

myron73 writes: Prime: Hey Primal.
Primal: Yes Prime.
Prime: I wanna tell you somethin'.
Primal: What, you like playing with me?
Prime: No, I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico, now get the hell off my back.
Fyrehawk writes: His hygiene standards were so low that the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy boys didn't allow Optimus Primal to sit in their car.
Fyrehawk writes: Half man (nearly), half machine, what could it mean? What could it mean?!

....it means he's half man and half machine, idiot.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: An ape on a truck? Alright not all that cool,but it got me thinking.

A T-Rex carrying a cool ass gun now that I'd pay money to see!
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime thinking *Sigh I will never get that smell of ape off of me.*
RedMenace613 writes: Wow. New dimensions in "autoerotic..."
Ravage XK writes: Optimus Primal wasn't happy with the new Scooter he got for Christmas.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Happy Holidays!
From the Autobots and Maximals!
Minicle writes: Prime and Primal are momentarilly distracted, by floating Website address.
Minicle writes: Prime: Now then Primal, what toy would you like?
Primal: *Points* I want that one!
Prime: Are you sure Primal? Its very expensive.
Primal: Yeah I know.
Prime: But if I buy it for you, I won't be able to afford your anti black plague tablets. You
juggaloG writes: Finally, the MUNKY and TRUKK make peace!
juggaloG writes: Every Megatron's worst nightmare
juggaloG writes: Primal: Ride! Ride like the wind, Prime!
Prime (thinking to himself) As soon as I transform, I'm gonna let Primal have it with my ion blaster & get this monkey off my back FOREVER!
Suzuki writes: Tonight on "Prime Time", Prime needs to get a big monkey off his back, when Primal goes bananas over a Decepticon-run Soapbox-Car Race!
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Minicle writes: Prime: Hey Bumblebee! Just look what I brought on E-bay!
Minicle writes: Primal: Oh, oobee doo, I wanna be like you!
Dark Monkelus writes: your name's optimus too? ...and you lead a heroic race of transforming robots? What are the chances of that happening, eh
Dark Monkelus writes: prime: we had to transform to hide our existance from the humans. What the frick is your excuse?
Primal:...Ummm, I... like monkeys... ?!
Dark Monkelus writes: doctor (out of sht): of course, we usually try to treat herpes before it gets to the 'articulated lorry' stage...
Dark Monkelus writes: Prime: the nature of monkey was irrepresible?! you're not kidding, I'm exhausted!
Aqualec writes: "I Just hope that is a bannana in my tailpipe."
TwV writes: Convoy Exceptionel
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"So then Hasbro shortened my stacks."

Primal,"What are you complaining about they cut off my.."

BluavalancheZ71 writes: Aww! come on the ride is broken again, Prime you really need to have Rachet look at this and fix it the right way!!
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Who the hell put this on the cover of Maxim? Man that mag has really gone downhill!
TwV writes: Optims Prime:"Huffer, could you take this one?
My back is kinda soar..."
TwV writes: Optimus Armani; get together.
Binaltech Bombshell writes: "All my friends, ridin' lowridas."
Zeedust writes: The first thing to go when Masterpiece Convoy got downsized into Robot Masters Convoy? The suspension. One look at Primal's face will tell you how people feel about that.
Bunny_FooFoo writes: Autobots, now with trans series inbreeding! See it now, only on junkion TV at 5.
firebert writes: dear lord...the ape is ----ing a truck!!! Come on! thats not right, no one should ---- trucks!
Pokejedservo writes: Garry Chalk tried to top off that stunt Scott McNeil pulled off with Vic Mignogna, unfortunately poor Peter Cullen was never the same again...
Minicle writes: Optimus: Strange...My trailer feals rather hairy tonight...
Minicle writes: Prowl: Optimus...Is that a monkey on your back, or are you just pleased to see me?
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DarkProwler writes: "... and every Christmas Eve, Santa Primal drives his big red semi truck, tossing poo at all the bad little children of the world..."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Low ride.....take it easy.....
Silent writes: (Prime talking to Primal)
When is it my turn to ride you?
Octocon writes: both with smug satisfaction: "Now thats what i call maximised!!! ah"
Dirtbag writes: Grandma got ran over by a gorila...driving home from the market chirtmas eve!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"Everytime he gets drunk I gotta drive him home."
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Primal: (singing) We got a great big conv-
Prime: (interrupting) Don't you DARE sing that!
UltraRodimus writes: Bad Monkey! I am not a go-cart!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: As much as the feature film Transformers:Generations sucked the computer generated characters showed more depth and range in their acting skills the entire cast of Star Trek:Generations did.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The Prime's statue at Iacon Central Hall was not nearly as breath taking as Grapple had hoped.
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touchedbydarkness writes: Ack! The heat from your exhaust stacks burned off my nipples!
Viper 16 writes: King kong (primal) strikes back
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Hi I'm Optimus Primal,and this is monkey truck boarding."


Cybertron Jackass
Zeedust writes: Optimus Prime (As Donkey from Shrek 2): "Pray for mercy from TRUKK..."

Optimus Primal (as Puss In Boots from Shrek 2): "...And MUNKY!"
The King writes: Thank You for the ride
Acelister writes: Primal: "Get up to 88!"
Prime: "I'm doing 120, I told you I can't go through time!"
Acelister writes: Primal: "Wow..."
Prime: "I know."
steve2275 writes: wait.................this isnt the polar express
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TreadX writes: Worst Macey's Day Parade Ever!
Josh writes: Primal: "Munkeyy nawt trukk!!!!"
-Ry- writes: Prime:okay okay...okay...so once we getback to the base our story is that the hookers attacked us first.

Primal:This is the last time i go on a binge with you.
BluePaladin writes: "And Team 2 have appeared to be stuck!"

Prime: I knew we shouldn't have entered the national leapfrog comptition!
DarkProwler writes: Primal: Hurry! The seeds of the future lie buried in the past!
Prime: *sigh* They don't pay me enough for this...
Primal: Megatron must be stopped, not matter the cost!
Prime: Hey! That's my line!
Castle74 writes: The new "Donkey Kong Kart"..coming soon for Nintendo Gamecube!
Agent_One writes: Brass Monkey - that funky Monkey
Brass Monkey - junkie
That funky Monkey
greenperky writes: Primal:Mommy, this tonka's too small for me!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Megatron says were racists? Who nearly eraidacted the population of Cybertron in a geneicidal attempt to purge organics from the planet? And as for the issue of order Megatron attempted to undo time itself does that sound like order? A vote for Pred
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Yes a monkey,and a truck.That's all that stands in my way of universal domination.Doesn't sound to promising does it?Do you trust your fate to a monkey,Primal's been qouted as saying if he wins the election he'll bring an end to
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shadex writes: prime: you know primal i'm glad were open about our relationship
primel: oh my god you can talk
hutcheedingo writes: "Honey, Do you think he toy truck is big Enough"
Z3ROhour writes: Prime: (in that robust way that Prime sort of announces everything)Come on ape-bot! Let's roll out!
Primal: Ow...ouch...*grunt*...ow!
Prime: What seems to be the problem, my hairy freind!
Primal: Well, old freind, your trailer hitch and 14 gallons
little_fly writes: optp oh great who putted this gorilla on me ???
optimus it was my fellow autobots im sorry
optp oh ok i am not to heavy for you am i ?
nexus_rayne writes: Prime: I am so tired of the humans always asking ME to take care of there King Kong problem
magikal writes: "listen there is no bana in my tailpipe."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primal,"Move out Optimus we gotta go hunting for Energon gelstat's! To Walmart!!"
DarkProwler writes: Reuters - Today, officials unveiled one of the cars from the bumper car ride at the new Transformers Theme Park near Orlando, Florida.
chi-chi writes: its not what it looks like officer optimus just stopped a bit sharp thats all, honest
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"Will you get the Hell off of me! You don't need a ride you've got jets for Primus's sake!"

Primal,"Is that any way to talk to the guy that had your spark inside me millions of years ago?"

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omega saber prime zero writes: optimus Primal:You must go faster!!faster!!
optimus Prime:!!!transform!!!
optimus Primal:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
optimus prime:Er you ----ed on me er
it was a fat monky joke.
optimus primal:For that hers more.
Castle74 writes: Here we come..walking down the street...getting the funniest looks from...everyone we meet....
LoneMaximal writes: Thanks to future Beast Wars technology, Optimus Prime was revived for a "better" use...
Thanatos Prime writes: *Special Edition* Powermaster Twin Alt.Mode Primalus Prime! Combine the truck cab and gorrila to form the ultimate leader of the Autobots and Maximals.
Only $59.95 plus tax!
Arkanoid writes: This is what you got after convincing Peter Jackson to give up the King Kong movie to make the Transformers movie -- and then he decides to do the two *together*!!
Aqualec writes: Optimus Prime:"Whoa.. Hey what are you doing to my tailpipe!"
Acelister writes: Prime: "Just look natural... Then they won't make anymore 'Trukk/Munky' jokes..."
Acelister writes: Primal: "Prime, I know you're driving, but can you change the music off of Country and Western?"
Prime: "Me cab, my rules. I told you that before we left."
Acelister writes: Prime: "Y'know, this wouldn't be so arkward if we were toys..."
Acelister writes: Primal: "Just imagine... Somewhere out in the eternity of the cosmos, someone is doing exactly the same thing we are..."
Prime: "What did I tell you about that Energon?"
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Acelister writes: Prime: "We'll laugh about this in the morning..."
eddiekane3000 writes: I've been going to my AA meetings but I just can't shake the monkey off my back!
shockwave_inoz writes: PRIME: "Hey, Primal - I think my nuts have come loose... have you got a MONKEY wrench I can borrow to tighten them up with??"
PRIMAL: "Grrrrrr..."
PRIME: "You don't growl at me - eat exhaust pipes!" *vrrrroooooommmmmmm
shockwave_inoz writes: PRIME: "Now, Megatron we are more than a match for you! Together we shall defeat you!!"
MEGS: *snort..chuckle* "Indeed, Prime..Primal..You two will cause me to DIE LAUGHING!! MWAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH...MWAH HAH HAH...MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Binaltech Bombshell writes: "Primal has a problem...down there. He wasn't careful you see, now he's paying the price!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "I swear officer it was a gorilla on the back of a semi-truck!"

"It's 10am isn't it little early to be this drunk?"
TFBuyer writes: Next on Hasbro's idea list: a huge gun with a tyrannosaurus on its back. Brilliant!!
Kevinus Prime writes: "Could you watch the bumps? My thong is riding up."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Well I'm a member of Team Super Monkey...uh, Super Monkey Robot..Super Hyper Monkey...aw Hell, forget it. I'm third from the left.
Kevinus Prime writes: "As soon as we cross the California line, we can get married!"
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Kevinus Prime writes: "OK, I admit it...those two black lines running to my chest DOES make it look like I'm wearing a bra."
Kevinus Prime writes: Kong: "Mmmm! I like these! Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "No, Kong, that's not Godzilla, it's Grimlock."
Kevinus Prime writes: Jaws drop as the door to Optimus' room is suddenly opened...
Kevinus Prime writes: A scene from the new movie, "Goodbye, Mr. Chimps"
LunarFormer writes: Optimus: First you take my spark, THEN you decide to take me for a ride! Do you realize how much I hate you?
LunarFormer writes: Prime: ok... you're SURE this will get me into the Universe storyline... looking like this... right?

Primal: Oh, yeah, sure. Now take me to the Arcee "Playbot" photo shoot! PRONTO!
Arc the ZAKO writes: Megatron: BWAHAHAHAHA! So this is what the great leader Optimus Prime has been reduced too?

Prime: Shut up, shut up...
Rational Gaze writes: So this is how Autobots are born, eh?
BluePaladin writes: Prime: ok...I understan that technicicly, i'm your brother, but does that alow you to SIT ON MY BACK?

Primal: ok...let's skate

Prime: God help me
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Unknown writes: Prime: "Pleasedon'tfartpleasedon'tfartpleasedon't..."
Prime: "AAAAAUUGHH!!!"
TFBuyer writes: Another failed cart racing game for PS2...
XeroSyphon writes: Optimus: "Well, Jazz, I have a monkey on my back"
Jazz: "Really? Is it big?"
Optimus: "You could say that"
Road Turtle writes: "Robots In Disguise"
Yeah, that dosen't look conspicuous at all.
Road Turtle writes: Primal, " So, in your universe Megatron turns into a handgun huh; and you have a trailer that becomes a weapons platform and a repair bay with a mini scout drone? Sweet. The Megatron in my universe turns into a towering plasma breathing Dragon and al
Road Turtle writes: Primal-Prime! Powerlinx!
Kit writes: prime: youre cramping my style, kid
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Hey what's cooler than a truck and a monkey that transform into to giant kick ass robots?

uhmmmm nothing actually,that is the pinicale of cool.
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Even though the Official Autobot Cheerleading Squad only got two members to sign up, they were still able to form a decent pyramid.
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demarcusgd writes: "And this is where "Robots In Disguise" came from..."
magikal writes: It's really hard to get the monkey off your back.
D-340 writes: primal: i said left at the coner, dang it!

prime: shut up or i'll turn myslef around!
Warhead writes: Opimus famly reunal
crzbw writes: This is the coolest big-wheel ever.
crzbw writes: My trailer can do everything battle station and now king kong nothing can stop me.
Overloaded writes: It was either Ride on Prime or the bus
Vectorshot writes: Umm...uh oh. I ah... think it means that he likes you.
Binaltech Bombshell writes: An early screenshot of the next Mario Kart game.
Ransom writes: Optimus Primal is happy that he scored a ride on the Big O himself. Really happy, honest. Don't let that stolid expression fool you.
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trailbreaker writes: KIDS, CLOSE YOUR EYES! THIS IS DIRTY!
Angels_LS writes: And they said monkeys couldn't drive
Angels_LS writes: On the road again
HardHead writes: Optimus Primal couldn't wait to show the Maximals his new push buggy.. if only he was small enough to sit on it properly
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primal,"What the... $3.00 a ride what a jip,the Starscream infront of Shoprite only costs a quarter!"
Castle74 writes: Jazz:Baby, who's that? Don't look now there's a monkey on your back!
Optimus:Ok Jazz, no more 80's music for you!
Dragontron88 writes: Prime- I present to you, KING KONG
Zeedust writes: Primal (in George Jetson voice): "Rhiiinooox! Stop this crazy thiiiiiiing!"
Air Dawg writes: Get off my back, you dirty ape!
Jetfire2004 writes: It's not cheating if it is with yourself.
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Thanks to new legislation the union of truck/monkey was no longer illegal.They were free to live a life of wedded bliss.
Castle74 writes: Optimus Prime:Get you stinkin paws off me you damn dirty ape!(In Charlton Heston Voice)
Castle74 writes: A planet where apes evolved from transformers?
Acelister writes: Prime: "How many dirty stinkin' apes does it take to change a lightbulb?"
Primal: "I swear to the Matrix, one more joke..."
JazZeke writes: Elita-1: "Aww, Look at Optimus giving Junior a piggy-back ride."
Optimus Primal: "Faster, daddy! Faster!"
Optimus Prime: "Ow! My suspension system!"
Acelister writes: Prime: "I told you not to drink that..."
Primal: "Urgh..."
Prime: "I've thought some Autobots were Elita-One after drinking it..."
Primal: "Just get me home..."
Acelister writes: Prime: "Softly, softly, catchy monkey..."
Primal: "Whats that now?"
Prime: "Nothing!"
Alphatron writes: Optimus Prime: Get off of me, fat-ass!
Toonami writes: Prime: So why am I doing this again?
Primal: Remember the christmas party last year when you dyed my fur white for the Pantomime?
Prime: Hee Hee, oh yeh. That was funny.
Primal: Hmmmph
Acelister writes: Prime: "Ready or not, here I come! Now where are you hiding and why arn't I allowed to play in Robot mode?"
- Back to top -
Toonami writes: Primal: ...997...998...Come on you wimp only two more push ups and your done.
Acelister writes: Prime: "When I find out who modified my trailer... And I'm looking at you Wheeljack... I'm going to make them sorry..."
Binaltech Bombshell writes: "Pow! Pow! Power Wheels!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Oh come on! This never happened in Beast Machines.
TYRANATRON writes: here , in this scene from the new transformers movie ,set to release in 2006, we see paris hilton's failed clone doing her best to appear sober.
Anubus Prime writes: Prime:I should have never played poker with
you.And made that stupid bet!!
Primal:Well,a bet is a bet.Come on,only 2 more
hours till we will reach Las Vegas!
Brakethrough writes: Isn't that a lovely flaot, June? And oh, look behind it, it's Santa Claus!
Brakethrough writes: The original grease monkey.
kunesukwan writes: Prime : at least he`s lighter than that Eric Cartman kid
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redspark writes: Primal: "You know. It's much easier to groom other monkeys. I don't get exhaust stacks stuck in my nose."
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Unfortunately for Optimus Prime, Gohan was not only a Transformers collecter, but quite unable to distinguish between toys and actual Transformers in oozaru mode.
Pierrimus writes: Primal-Pop, can I borrow the matrix while you and Elita are shopping in town?
Prime-What do you need it for?
Primal-Um...well, I thought perhaps it's time to make a girfriend.
Prime-No, you're not having little monkeys in this house!
Mystery writes: Prime: Why am I doing this again?
Zeedust writes: Prime: "I don't think we're going to become Optimal Optimus this way."

Primal: "Well, I'm not pulling your spark out again if I don't have to. That thing's a pain in the ass to get back in."
Damolisher writes: Primal: I swear to God if I hear some much as one Circus Monkey joke...
Thanatos Prime writes: Beast Wars episode 00: "The Origin of Optimus Primal"
Thanatos Prime writes: Prime: Ha! Megatron, the only thing that could possibly stop me is a gorrila trying to...oh, you've got to be kidding me.
Thanatos Prime writes: Primal: Okay Optimus on the count of three I'm gonna throw as hard as I can into the decepticon/predacon base. One...Two...

Prime: (there's gotta be a better way...)

Primal: THREE!!
Marv writes: The little known sequel to "Gorilla's in the Mist", "Gorilla's in Driver's School"...
- Back to top -
Marv writes: The Decepticons will never recognise us like this! We'll be indistnguisable from all the other floats in the parade...
Marv writes: Another way the "final confrontation" scene from the movie could've been amde to look much, much more absurd....
Marv writes: No Elita. Frankly, I think your new fur coat makes you look fat!
Marv writes: Primal: Wheeeh! This sure is fun!!! when I
grow up, I wanna be JUST like you dad!
Prime: That's nice son...
Marv writes: As it turns out, Prime didn't die in the animated movie...he merely lost his memory and lived with a colony of lowland gorilla's until snapping out of it by himself...
Marv writes: Megatron's latest plan do dispatch the Autobots: have Starscream try and infiltrate the Autobots in a most cunning disguise...
Marv writes: Prime: yes Megatron! That IS in fact a giant inflatable gorilla on my back!!! No you're prolem is now; what did I bring it for?
Marv writes: All in all, the new Galaxy Force Prime figure looked much, MUCH better on those fuzzy picture on the Internet...
Marv writes: Man, this new trailer sure is unpractical!
Stormclash writes: Beast Wars, photos from childhood: Here, toddler Primal has fun riding around in his Fisher-Price "My First Autobot."
- Back to top -
Sinister Mentor writes: Primal : Transfo'mahz, bustahz in disguize!

Prime: I hate that song! Now get off my ass or I will have Omega detach his claw arm and shove it up yours!
krukid writes: Gorilla-
OH MY, Optimus is so sexy. I want you!
You can't have me. Transform!
Well if I can't have you in bot mode then I will get you as a nice big red hot sexy truck.
ReinaHW writes: Primal: Me like truck! Me go zoom!
Rattrap and Cheetor watching in shock: "That's our leader?!" "Yep, we're doomed"
g2jazz writes: gues this is the orginal/biological way how someone made the transmetals idea real
Acelister writes: King Kong on his way to Godzilla's house to show off his new skateboard.
DarkProwler writes: Breaker, breaker. We've got us a convoy! Yee-haw!
DarkProwler writes: Optimus Prime: Uh, Primal? I don't think this is how Powerlinxing is supposed to work.
DarkProwler writes: When Optimus Primal was a young monkey, all the other kids were jealous of his authentic Optimus Prime ride-on toy.
DarkProwler writes: Prime: Get away from me, you damn filthy ape!
Warhead writes: optimus-this is the lowering point in my career
- Back to top -
Casual Matt writes: Primal: Faster slave!

Prime: Trukk! Not munky!
Acelister writes: Primal: "Faster! Faster!"
Prime: "If you didn't weigh more then me, I would!"
Acelister writes: Primal: "WEEEE!"
Prime: "Its my turn to ride on your back now..."
Primal: "Five more minutes!"
Prime: "But you promised..."
Primal: "Five more minutes and then I'll use my jets while you're on me.
Acelister writes: Prime: "If you tell the Autobots about this, I swear...!"
Primal: "Yeah, yeah..."
Acelister writes: Quintesson: "Yes... My greatest victory is nearing completion! Now how to put a space gun and T-rex together..."
Toonami writes: Primal: hmmm.....this feels good.
Mkall writes: When the decepticons/predacons were finally defeated, the Prime/Primal duo became a famous carnaval act
Spectral Dragon writes: WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darth Bombshell writes: Taking "Trukk Not Munkey" to a whole new level...
ashburnem writes: Primal: "Grape Ape! Grape Ape!"

Prime: "By the Matrix, Primal. Nobody's going to get that referance."
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Ratbat writes: Allllll-RIGHT!! There'll finally be a G1/Beast Wars float in next year's Thanksgiving Day parade!
Ratbat writes: Generation One meets Beast Wars!
Ratbat writes: Optimus! You seem to be falling apart!
Jaw Crusher writes: Sadly, stodgy old classic-movie buffs rejoiced with ultra-conservative glee when the first images from the set of Peter Jackson's 'King Kong' were leaked...
Russimus Prime writes: No matter what Prime tried, he was just never quite able to get that monkey off his back.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primal,"All right the ultimate team up! You drive,I'll fling my crap at the Predicons,and Decepticons!"

Prime,"*sigh* This is worse than the G.I.Joe crossovers."
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