"True Peace"

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"True Peace"

Postby BeastProwl » Fri Aug 10, 2012 8:46 pm

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This is...something I've been working on for a little while, kind of a viewpoint from the optics of a battle weary explorer type on the Autobot's side after the war. it does have some story to it, though really it's just a way to test how good I can be when I think really hard about the way I phrase things in my stories and whatnot. I hope you enjoy this little experiment of mine:


Let me start by saying, that the Great War between the Autobot and Decepticon factions has long been but a distant memory, written in our hystory books as a time of darkness, and greed. Bloody warfare,

And that's all it was. See, I bring it up because, even though its long since been over, the effects still linger. In the end, the Autobots and the Decepticons became harder and harder to distinguish from one another. Acts so dishonerable, so evil on the side of "good", and acts of bravery and valor, on the side of "evil". The war then had become more like one big grey area, and less black and white than the high Counsel would have you believe.

The High Counsel is a group of several individuals who, for lack of better terms, are basically the government now. Or at least, they like to think they are, Bigger bots are pulling the strings behind the curtain, but The Counsil are in charge of many different things that impact the civilization's day to day lives, no matter were the people live.

But back to the war. This war that ravaged so many planets, so many systems, was as much our fault, as it was theirs. One side may have started it, but nobody really finished it. Coming to a peaceful agreement after tearing a huge scar through the universe isnt ending a war, no. In my honest opinion, all its doing is putting it on hold.

Since that dark time, Cybertron has experienced a time of "peace" as it is referred to. The higher-ups don't want the people to know of their problems, and what may come. If they even know whats coming next, that is. I can tell you first hand, they don't. Little do they care that the civilization has problems of it's own. They dont give a scrap about the ever expanding population. They dont care about how many of them are living in alleyways and huts made of the rusty, jagged metal of what was once a proud city. They know they are out here, making what they can just to get by, but they dont do anything about it.

They just keep trying to re-assure them, spouting mountains of candied words from their silver-tongued processors.

Cybertron is at "peace", and in a time of "rebuilding". There is much that is still destroyed. large smoldering metal fields that were once teaming cities filled with innocent bots of all shapes and sizes, reduced to large crators, oozing energon from countless battles.

See, they cant build new cities, not yet. They wont tell the people why, but there is a reason nothing's been built in certain areas.

There are Chasms, and tunnels dug by each side to surprise one another during the wars, that meet in the middle, and fall so far into the planet that no one dares to explore them. Whole cites have fell down into them! Cities people think have been long destroyed in fact!

But many of the scholars and scientists, "Thinktanks" if you will, say that its a waist of time, and resources to exscavate them.

That's a spoon fed lie. They are digging down there now, I can see them. I guarentee you that in the future, even after they construct cities over this mangled land, they will keep the passages down there intact, but hidden, so they can continue their work in private.

Inevitably, they'll find something that will change the face of the planet, that will revolutionize the way people view their petty, meager existance in the illusion of peace brought forward by the High Counsel of Cybertron, and wars will eventually arise around whatever he is, and history will repeat.

He told me so, so I know.

The High Counsel denies the fact that war will arrise again, and that their peace isn't on a thin enough line as it is, though deep in their sparks, they know it to be true.

Iv'e seen whats down there. Among the bodies and ruins that fell from the city above, there is a massive, hybernating entity. It's alive, whatever it is, and Iv'e been givin much of it's knowlege to safegaurd, so it doesnt fall into the hands of the corrupted and greedy. The High Counsel wont find much left of him.

I now know its name. He has been dormant, and long forgotten, but he's alive, waiting for the right time to spring forth and bring peace to this jagged planet.

I know this sounds crazy, it is, a little. But I now know that this "High Counsel" will do nothing but further destroy our beloved planet if they find him.

They will innovate and innovate untill the planet's uninhabitable due to toxic waists and the increasing population. Conflict would arise as the blame gets shifted from one company to the next, counselmen will take sides, people will rally behind them, and the followup is even more crime, riots, and finally warfare.

Disbanding this counsel would cause sides to split within the counsel itself, between the Decepticon members and the Autobot members. War would ensue.

There isnt a logical way out of this that doesnt lead to warfare on any level. Maybe that's just the path we have carved out for ourselves?

I believe my time here is done. I'm leaving before this mess spirals into a new war. I'm sure I'll be pulled into it again by him at some point. My duties to the war, the Autobots, the counsel, all of Cybertron, are done. One day, I'll return, and who knows? I could be wrong, and all would be at peace.

But givin this deep knowlege, I highly doubt it.

When I leave from my seat in the counsel, It will likely cause chaos and unrest amongst the populence.

I doubt a war would start immediately, but it will be the tipping point of the people. I hope it does start branching untill war inevitably ensues.

It would prevent them from finding him and throwing themselves into another massive, interplanetary war. Once he himself awakens, he'll put a stop to the chaos, he has to. He will only awaken once I return. He'll call me. I know he will.

And it's a risk I'm willing to take, to push Cybertron into a new era of peace. True peace.

So yeah, whatever that was. I hope you liked it. Maybe give some pointers to help the story evolve a bit? I want this to go some were, as its a puzzle piece in a more grand scheme. Input is helpful!

Check out my Art Thread! It actually gets updated from time to time!

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