Classics G2 Sandstorm

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Classics G2 Sandstorm

Postby Fuhzimota » Sat Oct 13, 2012 2:00 pm

Motto: "Don't follow me. I'm lost, too."
Weapon: V-Lock Rifle, V-Lock Cannon
Inspired by the unreleased G2 prototype and artwork. Decided against Sandstorm being a Conehead, just to make him stand out a little. Enjoy!
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...back in my day, you had one alt-mode. ONE! Articulation? why, if you had enough articulation to transform, you had plenty. And if you wanted more articulation, you know what you did about it? NOTHING. You transformed, stood there with your faceplate closed, and your optics sharp, just like everybody else who didn't have ball-jointed this, and swivel-jointed that. And when your were told to, you transformed and rolled out! ...And another thing...
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