Need large/small wings for Prime: Beast Hunters Shockwave

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Need large/small wings for Prime: Beast Hunters Shockwave

Postby OmarJT82 » Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:05 pm

On this thread: many people have been asking which alternate form suits Shockwave better.

A tank/artillery form or an aircraft/spacecraft form?

My reply to this: A jet/tank hybrid like ROTF Megatron!

Even long before that thread was posted and when the first promo pics of Prime: Beast Hunters Voyager Shockwave were released, I wondered how I would turn him into a jet/tank hybrid like ROTF Megatron!

The pics below illustrate my plan for that! ;)

Larger wings (represented by the wings from Cybertron Deluxe Sideways) will be installed on the rear tread engines, while smaller wings (represented by the small wings from ROTF Voyager class Megatron) will be installed on the outer sides of his front wheel wells/robot mode feet!


They will be installed via a hinge that will allow them to fold up against his legs and be held in with a long screw (from one of my junk Transformers) where the original long rivet is.


In order to attach the larger wing with hinge, I plan to drill a hole at the outer sides of the rear tread engines via the screw shaft that holds his tank treads in place.

Afterwards, the will be held in place with a long screw that has the same design/shape as the original.

Once they are in place, I believe that the rear wings will be able to fold up against his rear tread engines in his tank and robot modes. ;)

Even though my plans for this task have been layed out carefully, there are still two major hurdles:

  • Finding large wings that are narrow/slim and colored in the same shade of purple as the hull of his rear tread engines.
  • Finding small wings that are narrow/slim and colored in the same shade of brown has is wheel wells/feet.
I am desperate to find these types of wings from any Transformers and/or non-Transformers action figure.

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