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Top Ten Best G1 Transformers Episodes

Transformers News: Top Ten Best G1 Transformers Episodes
Date: Saturday, May 30th 2015 10:49am CDT
Categories: Editorials, Site Articles
Posted by: william-james88 | Credit(s): Seibertron's own Optimutt

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While there are very few lists concerning Transformers toys on the web(world), it’s a different matter for the G1 episodes, which asks for a bit more special attention. So I called upon the help of an expert, Seibertron's own Optimutt, to write this very special list devoted to the 98 episodes of the original Transformers cartoon:

The Top Ten Best Transformers episodes!

Take it away Optimutt!

Since this is an important list, I had to establish a ruling criteria. This will be the same rules for the subsequent lists I write, if this one goes well. In looking at each episode, I considered a number of important points.
- The first is Enjoyment Factor. If we can’t enjoy a cartoon, why bother watching, right?
- The second is Animation. While some of you may claim this is unfair to the notorious AKOM studio, this is an animated show after-all so I can't ignore it, but keep in mind that this is only one of the many factors.
- To this, I also add Story. Yes, this was a 1980’s cartoon. Yes, I know that campiness was a key ingredient of the stories. Indeed, this WAS a series designed to sell toys. And yes, I wholly understand that these were cartoons geared at kids. But all those factors aside, there were also some remarkably mature concepts that the cartoon introduced to the fandom. In many ways, the story-telling of G1 conceptuality set the standard for what was to come: Dinobot in Beast Wars, Cliffjumper in TF: Prime, the brutality of the movies, Furman’s run on Marvel’s and IDW’s comics, and James Roberts’ More Than Meets the Eye, among countless other examples.
- Which leads directly into Cultural Relevance. The Transformers cartoon was the one that started it all. Without the movie, would Optimus Prime be a walking phoenix cliché? I think not. So much of what the Transformers has become is owed to this cartoon series. Indeed, there are some episodes on this list that would absolutely not belong were it not for their significance to the fandom over the past thirty years.

Before the list begins, I want to make a shout-out to the fans who responded to an inquiry I posted on various fandom media. I asked YOU what you thought was the best episode. The results of that is below.

Fans’ Choice – I submitted this question to a number of different media. It turns out that of all the responses, the fandom feels that Galvatron’s descent into madness was the most fun you could have with the 22 minute time slot of the 1980’s! Congratulations Webworld!

Transformers News: Top Ten Best G1 Transformers Episodes

Galvatron with Dr. Ratchet.

I also want to thank for the episode descriptions and a whole lot of different places for the images. They’re purty.

Finally, an honorable mention. The movie was epic. Watch it, if only for this epic scene. Yes, “epic” is used twice because the whole movie blew minds. Only truly epic things deserve such epicosity of wordage.

Alright. Enough lolley-gagging! Let’s get this show on the road!

Number Ten

Webworld – Written by Len Wein and Diane Duane. Cyclonus is concerned about Galvatron's mental and emotional state and takes him to a planet where he can get treatment.

Transformers News: Top Ten Best G1 Transformers Episodes

Galvatron proving he accepts no outside interference.

One thing to note: Len Wein is the guy who wrote Giant Sized XMen 1, you know, the first appearance of Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Thunderbird. These are some of the most influential characters in comics, and he brought them all to life. But this is only one element of his legacy. The fact that his most significant contribution to the TF Fandom is what was chosen as the favorite episode speaks volumes of his abilities as a writer.

Mutiny is no stranger in the cartoon, but in the first two seasons, we would have seen exactly that. In Webworld, that tradition is circumvented by Cyclonus’ loyalty to his leader. This element, by itself, puts this episode in a unique position in the canon.

More important than the Decepticon situation is the psychological one. The whole episode is a social observation on how emotional connection changes not just the target but also the agent. In opening itself up to Galvatron’s psychological mainframe, the planet of Torkulon contracts the same madness that plagues the Decepticon leader. Titled “Webworld,” the episode almost predicted a potential flaw in the Internet (which would not be made public for at least several years after this episode was made), which was of exploitation. Wonderful as it is, ask any artist or creator about creator rights, and you will see how much damage Galvatron’s madness actually is.

Number Nine

The Master Builders – Written by David N. Gottlieb and Herb Engelhardt. Grapple has dreamed of building a solar tower to collect energy from the sun. But when Optimus disapproves, Grapple finds help from the Constructicons, who are secretly working for Megatron.

Transformers News: Top Ten Best G1 Transformers Episodes

Grapple enjoys his toy model blueprint.

How far will an artist go to create his art? “The Master Builders” looks right in the face of this question. In Grapple, viewers can vicariously make that judgement call that all artists must wring their hands in quiet contemplation when their ideas are rejected. Do they give up? Do they eschew traditional methods and create the art on their own? Or do they make a deal with the devil and sell out? This is the Faustian myth of blues artist Robert Johnson in animated form. And just like the “Crossroads” creator, Grapple has to pay the price of his deal: betrayal and corruption of the dream.

There is also an unspeakable tragedy of war in this: it is difficult, if not impossible to maintain anything of value during wartime. Wartime consequences will come to play a little later in the list (can you guess which episode I am referencing?) but for now, let me just say how amazing an episode this is. There is no line that is out of place, nor scene that does not work into the overarching story. And for once, Megatron (and Scrapper, and Smokescreen, and Optimus… just about everyone, really) shows how competent a leader he actually is. Perhaps it is that overall competence that we see in this episode that makes it so good. Every thread is about using your skills, and other people’s skills to benefit the populous. Ultimately, despite all the betrayal and heartache that we see, it is a sparkly feelgood episode.

Number Eight

War Dawn – Written by David Wise. Some Aerialbots start to have doubts about their cause, some have started to admire Megatron, and are thinking of switching sides. They get pulled into a time warp, and end up on Cybertron, before the current war began. They'll discover more about Megatron, and the origin of one of their own.

Transformers News: Top Ten Best G1 Transformers Episodes

“Pax. Orion Pax. I’ll have a Tesarus, shaken, not stirred.

Who is Optimus Prime? What was he before he became the ultimate Autobot? Why, he was just another chump named Orion Pax, palling around with his girlfriend and buddy. IDW has used this idea as a launchpad for so much of their stories that I would not be able to give the company justice in this review. So I won’t. All I will add about this is that the Cultural Relevance of this episode is mind-bogglingly huge. I mean, Unicron-sized huge.

As far as a story is concerned, it’s ok. There are some serious flaws in the episode (“We must destroy the time machine to save our friends! But now we need to fix it get them back!” paraphrasing courtesy of the author). Despite this, the Aerialbots’ naivete is beautiful. Yes, they are chumps, but it makes sense! How many of us (both young and old) have fallen victim to that crush on that sexy, beautiful person only to realize what a chump they are? I have most certainly made that mistake once. Or twice. So cut Slingshot (Quickslinger) and company some slack. At least they learned from their mistake. Granted, it only nearly cost Orion Pax his life, but who’s counting? We got Optimus Prime out of the deal! Thanks, chumps!

Number Seven

Golden Lagoon – Written by Dennis Marks. The Decepitcons coat themselves with electrum that they find in a golden lagoon. They become impervious to laser fire and attack the Autobots.

Transformers News: Top Ten Best G1 Transformers Episodes

I am Golden Supreme!

Above, if you guessed I was referencing Golden Lagoon, give yourself a No-Prize!

The 1980s were a good twenty something years into the Cold War, a period of non-conflict between Capitalist countries (especially the USA) and Communist countries (primarily the USSR, but also China) to see whose dogma is the better one. If the Cold War were ever to run hot, it would look a lot like Golden Lagoon. What begins as a mere skirmish between a handful of Autobots and Decepticons results in a capture of Autobot prisoners. To rescue these prisoners, the Autobots mount a greater force, but again are repulsed because the Decepticons find the lagoon of Electrum and become invulnerable. So the Autobots pull out their big gun, the ultimate defender, Omega Supreme! Yeah. He gets beat. Soundly. So the Autobots manage to find the Electrum and coat themselves, resulting in their defeating the ‘Cons! Yay! We won! Or did we?

See, this episode is not about how wars are won by building bigger and better weapons, instead, it is a commentary about the horrors of war. In The Master Builders, Grapple’s Solar Power Tower is destroyed not because it’s bad, but because the nature of conflict is that has no conscience. It destroys indiscriminately. In warfare, no one is innocent, and those that begin innocent are quickly stripped of it, either by outright destruction or by death. This is an idea that we are seeing more and more of in the fandom: The Battle of Chicago (TF3), Code of Hero (Beast Wars), IDW’s Transformers series (starting back in Retaliation). Sure, using Beachcomber as a narrative shows just another hippie hugging his trees and channeling his inner Disney Princess, but upon a deeper look, this allows the viewer to appreciate the beauty of life. And to mourn death’s loss. Beachcomber’s response at the end, where he looks out at the Arcadia that was now a dismal crater of smoking destruction is one of the most poignant images in the whole of cataclysmic TF images. See and judge for yourself.

Transformers News: Top Ten Best G1 Transformers Episodes

“We won.”

Number Six

The Return of Optimus Prime – Written by Marv Wolfman and Cherie Wilkerson. A group of scientists finds the body of Optimus Prime, and some spores that bring out aggressive tendencies in whomever it contacts. The scientists have a grudge against the Autobots, and use Optimus's body to lure them into a trap. As the spores spread through the Autobots and Decepticons, Rodimus orders Sky Lynx to find a Quintesson in a desperate attempt to bring Optimus Prime back to life. The spores spread across the Galaxy, forcing the newly-revived Optimus to find a cure in the Matrix, which is inside a spore-infected Rodimus Prime. Without becoming infected, Optimus must find a way to get the matrix.

Transformers News: Top Ten Best G1 Transformers Episodes

Who could it be?!?

Relevence: Historic. Prime f-bomb comes back to life!

This episode sets two very recurring precedents in the TF mythos, namely that Prime is a phoenix who dies and promptly comes right back to life again, and upgrades will happen! Not just recolored toys and simple retools of previous molds, but full-on upgrades! While Optimus doesn’t get one in this episode, Bumblebee does! Which happens again. And again. And again. This is a perfect story play; especially considering this is an animated show for a toy line, it lets HasTak keep the bodies fresh. I mean, since this episode, certain Transformers have changed bodies as if they are clothes ( Starscream Prime Optimus Primal>).

This is visually one of the best episodes in the whole series. It has elements that we last saw in The Movie, but it also does things that had not been seen before. Like a white Optimus Prime? Yup. Totally original idea, there. Everyone is one color. Haven’t seen that before, either. Not even in Golden Lagoon. I jest. Really, just about every background and every render of the characters are crisp, clean, and they absolutely pop. The story is great, too. Its prime conflict comes outside of the war, forcing both Autobots and Decepticons to find alternatives to direct combat, which leads to ingenuity of story-telling that keeps the double-parter feel fresh. As the principal scribe to this episode, Marv Wolfman shows us why he is such a pillar of creativity in the world. Oh, you don’t know who Marv Wolfman is? Well, one of his biggest accomplishments was the first ultimate DC mashup that resulted in the deaths of Supergirl and Barry Allen’s Flash. Yes, I’m talking about Crisis on Infinite Earths. In addition, he created the Teen Titans, Blade, Nova, Spider-Woman, Deathstroke the Terminator, and he helped create edit/write Beast Machines, I mean, the guy is a living legend of creative genius. And we can add to that impressive resume the fact that he brought Optimus Prime back to life in style. Well done, sir!

Transformers News: Top Ten Best G1 Transformers Episodes

“Give me the Matrix, Rodimus!”

Number Five

More Than Meets the Eye – Written by George Arthur Bloom. As the Energon supply runs low on the planet Cybertron, the Autobots leave to find a new energy source. Their enemies, the Decepticons, follow. After a vicious battle in space, both of their ships crash land on Earth. The Decepticons try to gather every bit of energy that they can, from Earth, in order to get back to Cybertron. The Autobots, along with their new human allies, try to stop them.

Transformers News: Top Ten Best G1 Transformers Episodes

Autobot group shot

This is the one that started it all and that Beast Wars copied. Overall, in these three episodes, children all around the world, and of all ages, are given a backstory that grounds the whole mythos. Not only do we get a cool story of resource acquisition and the culture shock of being in a new place a long, long, LONG time after you set out, but we also get complex characters right from the start. Each character, from Thundercracker, to Reflector, to Prowl, to Hound, to Cliffjumper, to Spike and Sparkplug, to Huffer and Gears, gets a very unique voice that is carried throughout the three episodes. And on voices: this sets the standard of incredible voice acting quality. Indeed, without Voice Director Wally Burr’s influence, one of the biggest continuously-praised strengths of the cartoon would never have come to fruition. Can you imagine Prime speaking like his Hong Kong dub of TF: Headmasters? Yeah, I just shuddered a bit, too.

Transformers News: Top Ten Best G1 Transformers Episodes

Decepticon group shot

But that isn’t all! Below is only a partial list of what it establishes that Transformers media (and toys) keeps referencing: Prime’s axe. Megatron’s flail. Sideswipe’s rocket pack. Mirage’s invisibility, Skywarp’s teleportation, Ravage’s light sensitivity, Soundwave’s creepiness. Decepticons as tripod ships, Cybertron and Cybertronian forms. The need for human friends. Snarky Starscream. Windcharger’s magnetic arms. Hound’s resourcefulness. Rumble’s piledrivers. In no way can I emphasize the importance of this. Only certain weaknesses in the overall story elements and the hit and miss quality of the animation prevent this from being at the top. To be fair, some of the story elements are hindered by the toys themselves, though I will reflect upon no names.

Transformers News: Top Ten Best G1 Transformers Episodes

Cybertronian forms. Sweet…

Number Four

Cosmic Rust – Written by Paul Davids. The areas of Megatron that get hit by some meteor fragments begin to rust. The Decepticons capture Perceptor to find a cure for their leader. But once cured, Megatron hatches a scheme to infect the Autobots with Cosmic Rust.

Transformers News: Top Ten Best G1 Transformers Episodes

An interstellar Transformers colony

This episode does not just look at departing Cybertron for new energy, but it shows that there are more to Transformers than meets the eye. In Cosmic Rust, we get actual Transformer settlements! On other planets! This adds a ton to the mythos, as it suggests that a: there are many more Transformers out there and b: colonies do exist. The next question, logically, is where are all these other Transformers? And while we get few actual answers in the cartoon (Wreck Gar, the Quintessons being exceptions to this point), it is an idea that Simon Furman plays with in his Generation 2 comic series.

The animation is well above par, with each character drawn well and where the growth and detail of the rust as it spreads over various Transformers feeling authentic and gruesome. As a story, it is another character piece, with great humor, the Stunticons shining the way they destroy best, and Starscream’s previous life as a scientist is referenced. Like The Master Builders above, this is an episode all about choice. Perceptor shows himself as being potentially dangerous, but instead of art, everything he does is in the name of science. Does that mean he is less noble for it? Potentially. His nobility forces him to heal Megatron, but in doing so, it puts the world in jeopardy. On the other hand, he doesn’t seem to help Megatron out of a heroic need, but more of a scientific need. “Hey, Percy, here’s a chance to demonstrate your genius. Don’t worry about the consequences!”

Number Three

Starscream’s Brigade – Written by Michael Charles Hill. After being exiled from the Decepticons, Starscream frees five Cybertronian criminals from prison and re-purposes them into his own troops, the Combaticons. With these new warriors at his command, he challenges Megatron for control of the Decepticons.

Transformers News: Top Ten Best G1 Transformers Episodes

Combaticons, arise!

Although this boasts some of the worst animation on this list, the episode itself is just so fun that it matters little. This is the real template for sub-team mutiny in the Transformers mythos. And there certainly have been enough civil wars! Starscream is devious but brilliant, showing just how evil and duplicitous a leader he would actually make. Where Megatron rules by fear, Starscream leads by manipulation. While it is a powerful tool, it is exactly why he is forever relegated to second fiddle.

Probably the greatest thing to come out of this episode, however, is the idea of Decepticons that are so violent, so unruly, that they have been imprisoned. I wonder if James Roberts was watching this episode when he came up with his notorious Decepticon Justice Division.

Number Two

The Ultimate Weapon – written by Arthur Byron Cover. First Aid quits the Autobots over his pacifism. This becomes a problem when Trypticon attacks a malfunctioning Metroplex.

Transformers News: Top Ten Best G1 Transformers Episodes

Malfunctioning metropolititan mashing.

The relevance of this is cognitive. Get it? Because of transforming cogs? Before this titan of an episode, people only assumed that Transformers converted form simply because. It was never an idea of internal mecha-organs. This changed that with an excellent story that any doctor would nod at in accordance with the reality of organ transplant. The battle between the monsters (pictured above) is so fun because of the unpredictability of their malfunctioning systems. Going a little deeper under the exo-skeleton, the cogs have become of the three most important parts of a Transformer (brain, spark, and cog). In fact, what is a Transformer without its cog? Action Master? Member of the MMM? James Roberts, are you like me in that this is this your favorite TF cartoon? I only ask because it seems the foundation for a whole lot of what you’re doing with your amazing MTMtE series for IDW.

Animation-wise, this is right up there with The Return of Optimus Prime and Call of the Primitives. Everything is beautiful (just look at the chunks fall off from that contact!), even the setting in Holland! The action is brilliant, where each and nearly every single character gets a spotlight moment. This episode is also as close as the animated series comes to Scramble City. When First Aid quits the team, Defensor is left short-handed in his protecting duties.

Number One

The Search for Alpha Trion – Written by Beth Bornstein. Optimus Prime travels to Cybertron to rescue Elita One, the leader of the female Autobots.

Transformers News: Top Ten Best G1 Transformers Episodes

Elita-1: LeGENDERy. See what I did there? Yeah.

For the last year or so, whenever a group of fans are given the chance to vote on what kind of character we want Hasbro to produce, we’ve said “WIMMIN!” First, Windblade. Now, Victorion, the all-female supergroup that will kick butt not just alone, but as a COMBINER! Who wants to take bets that this would never have happened were it not for the introduction of Elita-1, Moonracer, Firestar, Chromia, and the other female Autobots from this episode? Yeah. Didn’t think so. The impact of their inclusion is historic. It changed a race of totally “male” robots into something far more complex, both physically, and culturally. While The Challenge of the Go-Bots did this better, including female characters right in their first episode, with this, Transformers established a precedent that is seen in the third season, with a regular character that never got a toy (Generations Arcee FTW!), and in every series since then. While not exactly a feminist’s cry of success, as every one of the females has a male counterpart, the very fact that they are in the series is a mighty victory, indeed. What impresses me most about Elita-1, especially, is her willingness to protect Optimus Prime, even at the cost of her own life. This is not only a woman, but it is woman as hero. And she is beautiful.

Transformers News: Top Ten Best G1 Transformers Episodes

Bittersweet ending

In addition to the female Autobots, we also get Vector Sigma, the super-computer that “gave all Transformers life” (despite its various iterations) and Alpha Trion (another one who will get a toy later this year. Takara Legends Ultra Magnus, in case you were wondering). The animation is as good as a regular episode can get, and when Elita uses her special power, things get downright seizure-inducing, which all good cartoons from the ‘80s need. I also want to take this moment to give a special nod to the recently late John Stephenson, who did an incredible and indelible job voicing Alpha Trion. Thank you, sir.

So there you have it! The Top 10 episodes of the original Transformers series. Do you agree? Let us know in the forums!
Previous Top Transformers lists can be found here!

Comparison shot between Transformers Generations Devastator and Metroplex

Transformers News: Comparison shot between Transformers Generations Devastator and Metroplex
Date: Friday, May 29th 2015 9:00am CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: william-james88 | Credit(s):

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At long last a picture was found on Weibo comparing Devastator to Metroplex. There were also other images of Mixmaster and the individual constructicons. Fair warning, the source address contains images that are not safe for work (that was learnt the hard way).

Transformers News: Comparison shot between Transformers Generations Devastator and Metroplex

Transformers News: Comparison shot between Transformers Generations Devastator and Metroplex

Transformers News: Comparison shot between Transformers Generations Devastator and Metroplex

Transformers News: Comparison shot between Transformers Generations Devastator and Metroplex

Transformers News: Comparison shot between Transformers Generations Devastator and Metroplex

Transformers News: Comparison shot between Transformers Generations Devastator and Metroplex

New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift
Date: Monday, May 25th 2015 5:05am CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): Hasbro Peru

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The new class of Transformers: Robots in Disguise toys, Deployers, has been seen at NY Toy Fair - in video form too - but we now have official stock photography in addition to the one previously released of both Decepticon Fracture (with Airrazor) and Autobot Drift (with Jetstorm) thanks to the Peruvian Hasbro Transformers site! Check out the mirrored images below.

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift

Transformers News: New Official Images - Transformers Robots in Disguise Deployers Fracture and Drift Sponsor News: Diamond Select, Eaglemoss, DC, Predator, Transformers, and More!

Transformers News: Sponsor News:  Diamond Select, Eaglemoss, DC, Predator, Transformers, and More!
Date: Wednesday, May 20th 2015 8:01pm CDT
Categories: Sponsor News, Store News, Toy News
Posted by: shajaki | Credit(s): BigBadToyStore

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The avatar of the Green comes down to Earth with this new action figure, as he appears in the pages of Justice League Dark! $34.99 ... ode=retail

Daughter of famed inventor and vampire slayer, Abraham Van Helsing, Liesel Van Helsing continues her father's legacy. Unlike others in the Grimm Universe, Van Helsing relies entirely upon her wits in order to outsmart her super-powered foes. Add her to your collection now and fight back against the children of the night! She comes packed with everything you need to create her iconic look in the Grimm Fairy Tales comic book series. $159.99 ... ode=retail

The Netflix series features Piper Chapman, the suburbanite who’s plucked from her comfortable lifestyle and sent to jail when her romantic connection to an international drug smuggler named Alex Vause surfaces in a major trial! During her time in Litchfield Penitentiary, Piper learns not to cross other inmates, like the powerful Galina “Red” Reznikov who controls the kitchen or the curiously explosive Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren. And certainly don’t expect any help from unsavory corrections officer, George “Pornstache” Mendez! $9.99 each ... ew%20black

Sky Snake and Heavy Metal is a pair of transforming robots that stand nearly 4 inches tall and have metallic paint jobs. Sky Snake changes into a jet fighter and Heavy Metal turns into an off road vehicle. $54.99 ... ode=retail

The Titan of Braavos is a massive statue that guards the harobor entrance to the city of Braavos. As seen in Season 4 of Game of Thrones, the Titan towers over Stannis Baratheon and his ship as it sails into Braavos. Dark Horse brings the Titan to life with this 13 inch tall limited edition statue. $199.99 ... ode=retail

Villainesses Cheetah and Killer Frost are getting the classic 1950s pinup styling in these new additions to the popular DC Bombshells Statue line. Cheetah is ready for a safari and Killer Frost is ready to hit the slopes. Both statues will look great with the rest of your Bombshells collection. $99.99 each ... bombshells

Y-02 Buzzing is a transforming robot that changes into a space traveler. He stands about 9 inches tall in robot mode and comes with a mini pilot for vehicle mode. $104.99 ... ode=retail

She’s clawed her way to the top of Gotham City’s criminal underworld and now Catwoman is the latest DC Comics Cover Girl statue! Standing over 9 inches tall and posed with her whip, this vixen is sure to be the centerpiece in your Cover Girls collection! $84.99 ... ode=retail

The Clown Prince of Crime is the latest DC Comics Icons statue—and the joke may be on you if you don’t order yours before they’re gone! This statue stands over 10 inches tall and features The Joker in his classic purple suit. $84.99 ... ode=retail

CKRTLAB TOYS salutes the revolutionaries from the dawn of American comics with the Golden Age Guardians figures that stand 5.5 inches tall, have 6 points of articulation, and are made of environmentally friendly PVC! Check out The Black Terror in color and black & white versions, American Crusader in color and black & white versions, Captain Midnight, and The Original Daredevil for $19.99 each. We also have Captain Action for $24.99, Captain Action Convention Exclusive (Black Costume) for $39.99, X-O Manowar from Valiant for $24.99, and a blank Customodifizable Figure for $15.00.

This highly detailed figure comes randomly packed with one head-sculpt, either clean shaven or beard stubble, and all the parts and accessories needed to complete the uniform of an Imperial Japanese Navy Zero Fighter Pilot. $139.99 ... 20japanese

This Inside Out secret character is no longer just an imaginary friend...Bing Bong Pop! is here and he's very real indeed! Bing Bong joins the rest of the Inside Out Pop! lineup for $9.99. Don’t forget to check out the Inside Out Mystery Minis to get what could be INSIDE these Mystery Mini boxes OUT in the open! Take a peek! The Case of 12 is $69.99 and the random singles are $7.99 each. ... side%20out

“Well, I was born yesterday.” Originally planned to be the perfect “evolution” for Ultron, the Avengers was able to retrieve the android Vision and made him a valuable ally for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to stop Ultron from eradicating mankind! The movie-accurate Vision Collectible Figure is specially crafted based on his image in Avengers: Age of Ultron. It features a newly developed head sculpt with detailed texture and Mind Stone, specially tailored costume and cape, Thor’s hammer Mjölnir, and a specially designed figure stand. $219.99 ... ode=retail

Enjoy your music and your favorite characters on the go! Each themed 2-pack contains printed earbuds and two Scalers mini characters to attach to the cable. Wear one, wear both, trade with friends! Each character measures 2" high and can attach to other cords and cables. We have Batman & Joker, Leonardo & Raphael, Groot & Rocket Raccon, and Iron Man & Hulk up for preorder. $15.99 per set ... %20EARBUDS

This 1/6 scale figure features the authentic and detailed likeness of Steve McQueen as Captain Virgil Hilts in “The Great Escape” (1963) film and comes with both a casual and army costume, interchangeable hands, and all the accessories needed to complete the look of each costume. $237.99 ... ode=retail

Attention Clone Club! Your favorite sisters are joining the Funko Pop club! Sarah Manning, Allison Hendrix, Cosima Neihaus and Helena have come together to unite against fellow sister and, Dyad Institute leader, Rachel Duncan. Can you tell them apart? We sure can’t! $9.99 each ... an%20black

Beaver Industries is a futuristic Lumberjack World - a brand new universe laden with corrupt corporate big shots, angry and underpaid Lumberfolk, and the just plain strange! The gritty and unflinching heroine of the story is Sawyer. This 1/6 scale figure is fully articulated and includes detailed fabric clothing and accessories. A dream isn’t made in sleep; it’s made when you choose to fight for it. $129.99 ... ode=retail

Men of Felonius Occupations or M.O.F.O.s are 2 3/4 inch tall plastic “army men” – style hitmen. There are 5 characters in series 1 and each bag contains two of each for a total of 10 figures in either Black & White or Red & Gray. Get all 20 figures (a bag of 10 of each color combo) for $24.99 or you can get the bag of 10 Black & White for $12.99. ... arch=MOFOS

The toy juggernaut Masters of the Universe and its subsequent action figure lines featured memorable pack-in minicomics that aided in playtime for children across the world. This oversized hardcover collection features sixty-eight US releases, including all minicomics from the eighties Masters of the Universe line, the eighties Princess of Power line, and the eighties and nineties He-Man line, plus an introduction to the minicomics in the current Masters of the Universe Classics toy line. Relive the illustrated adventures that fueled your imagination! $24.99 ... ode=retail

This custom kit includes weapon accessories for two female transforming robots. Set includes a shield, an axe, a dagger and more. $29.99 ... ode=retail


The Combiner Wars are heating up and these 2-in-1 figures are ready to take on either side! Voyager class Cyclonus is a hardcore mind-controller who converts in 16 steps to jet mode so he can rule the skies! He combines with other bots to form a massive Galvatronus figure. Voyager Hot Spot is a Protectobot who converts in 17 steps to firetruck mode complete with a ladder so he can execute rescue missions! He combines with other bots to form a massive Defensor figure. We have these guys in a Set of 2 for $49.99 and a case of 4 for $98.99 ... ERIES%2003

Collect your favorite characters from Marvel’s vast universe of comic-based characters with thise impressive 3.75 inch scale figures that feature detailed articulation, sculpting and deco. This series brings six new figures to the lineup with Marvel’s Thunderstrike, Shanna, Doc Ock, Armored Daredevil, Vulture, and Ultimate Spider-Man. Get them in a Set of 6 for $77.99 or the case of 12 for $149.99 ... eries%2002

Finding yourself in a precarious situation? "’S all good man"! We have just the right criminal... lawyer for you. His pinstriped business suit is complimented by his token wireless headset and light blue Wayfarer 515 awareness ribbon. Saul Goodman comes complete with his business card in a display friendly blister card package. Although his work with Walter and Jesse is done, we know we haven’t seen the last of him just yet… $16.99 ... ode=retail

Walter White, chemistry genius turned science teacher turned kingpin -- and the central character of Sony Pictures Television's critically acclaimed, award-winning, hit series Breaking Bad -- is now available in this red shirt variant edition! $18.99 ... ode=retail

Relive the tense, edge-of-your-seat excitement as Mezco's Breaking Bad Walter White in Blue Hazmat Suit action figure stares at you from inside his collector-friendly clamshell packaging. All hail the king! $18.99 ... ode=retail

Some great new items have landed in our warehouse, and they are sure to be great additions to your collection! Bombshells Hawkgirl is looking sassy blowing bubbles while using her jetpack for $99.99 and fans of Batman the Animated Series will love to add this 6 inch figure of The Creeper to their collection for $21.99. This list also features Batman Arkham Knight Statue for $99.99, Batman Black & White by Ian Reis for $69.99, DC Icons Green Arrow for $99.99, a 13” Arrow TV series statue for $99.99 and so much more!

The Autobots are in hiding and this Scrapyard Optimus Prime figure is their leader, and he converts fast from junkyard warrior to armored truck mode. His Rollbar ally converts from robot mode to sports car mode in a heartbeat, and they’ve both got massive blasters to defend themselves if they’re discovered by the Decepticons. But the Vehicon figure is a sneaky spy in robot mode and he’ll convert fast to Suburban mode if he spies their farm hideout! Who will prevail in the coming farmageddon? It’s all up to you! $79.99 ... ode=retail

Skywarp is 13 inches long in jet mode and 10 inches tall in robot mode and is a black and purple redeco of the new MP-11 Starscream mold that features some extensive retooling to bring the design back into a more G1-accurate look. He comes with the original version of the Megatron gun that first came with Masterpiece Optimus Prime as well as a Doctor Arkeville pilot figure. This exclusive Skywarp also comes with a collector coin. $229.99 ... ode=retail

Get a whole team of Transformers heroes with the Autobots United pack! This 5-pack of heroes includes 2-in-1 Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Autobot Drift, Autobot Hound and Crosshairs figures. Under the fierce leadership of Optimus Prime, the Autobots will fight Decepticons wherever they find them. They can all change fast from robot mode to speedy vehicle mode and back again! Unleash your fast-changing Autobots on their foes! This pack includes Voyager Optimus Prime and Hound; and Deluxe Crosshairs, Bumblebee, and Drift. $119.99 ... ode=retail

This Ultimate version of Optimus Prime is in the leader class size, comes with the Jetwing add-on accessories and a few weapons. He features movie accurate color; hands with bendable fingers, and as an added bonus, a die-cast Mini Allspark Cub and a Metal Card are included. $269.99 ... ode=retail

Both voyager class figures in this set convert in 18 steps between robot and alternate modes and they each come with a weapon accessory. These figures are based on the designs from Transformers IV: Age of Extinction when Optimus and the Autobots were in hiding and uncovered Grimlock and the rest of the Dinobots to help fight the Decepticons. $49.99 ... ode=retail

From the hit film 'Frozen' comes a Nendoroid of the Arendelle Royal Family's eldest daughter, Elsa! Her intricate dress has been carefully transformed into Nendoroid size, even including the faint yet beautiful snowflake patterns! She comes with three expressions including a cute smiling face, a sidelong glance with a smirk and a singing face that looks ready to shout out 'Let it Go!' at any moment! She also comes with an articulated Olaf figure! $44.99 ... ode=retail

This item is the first in a line to make the combiner robot Shuraking. SRK-01 is over 10 inches long in dinosaur mode and over 8 inches tall in robot mode and also becomes the leg of the combiner figure. $114.99 ... ode=retail

Warrior Wardog is the latest figure in the Old Timer Series by BadCube. He transforms from robot into a tank and stands approximately 6 inches tall in robot mode. $119.99 ... ode=retail

Take a trip to Bikini Bottom, the underwater world of SpongeBob Squarepants! Series 04 brings you Best Friends (SpongeBob with Patrick), Bikini Sandy, Karate SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob Sledding, and Squidward Painting. With a high quality finish, these 3-5 inch tall Mini Figure World PVC figures are sure to make you say ‘Blisterin’ Barnacles!’ $12.99 each ... 0spongebob

The first four figures in the Star Wars Metal Figure Collection have arrived! These metal and plastic figures are just over 3 inches tall with movable heads and arms (R2-D2 only has moveable head). Darth Vader comes with his lightsaber, Stormtrooper has a blaster, and C-3PO has one silver leg. $11.99 each ... L%20FIGURE

This 6.5 inch tall Sailor Pluto figure is part of the Girls Memory series of figures celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon! These figures are typically UFO crane game prizes in arcades across Japan making them a great addition to any Sailor Moon collection. $19.99 ... ode=retail

This figure collection contains five different PVC and plastic figures that stand 3 inches to 3.6 inches tall. The figures are very detailed and easy snap-fit assembly is required. Each bag of 10 for $27.99 will include one or more of each figure but does not guarantee you will receive a complete set of 5. We also have random singles available for $3.99 each ... collection

The Dark Knight faces off against his greatest adversary with this special action figure 2-pack of Batman and The Joker based on their designs from the best-selling video game Injustice: Gods Among Us. Each figure stands 3.75” tall and the Joker comes with a bazooka. $26.99 ... ode=retail

Hasbro: teases SDCC 2015 Kre-o products; No plans for Kre-o Robots In Disguise products in U.S.

Transformers News: Hasbro: teases SDCC 2015 Kre-o products; No plans for Kre-o Robots In Disguise products in U.S.
Date: Wednesday, May 20th 2015 4:51pm CDT
Categories: Event News, Toy News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Hasbro

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Due to concern that new or current Kre-o Transformers products won't be released in the United States, but have been showing up elsewhere such as Canada (such as the Kre-o Robots In Disguise products and other products shown at Toy Fair 2015 and NYCC 2014, I asked Hasbro about the current status of the Kre-o Transformers products. Earlier this afternoon, Hasbro provided with an official statement regarding everyone's favorite building block toys!

Hasbro wrote:As of this moment, there are no plans for the 2015 KRE-O Transformers: Robots in Disguise line, currently available in Canada, to be available for purchase in the U.S. However, we do have some exciting KRE-O special edition items planned for San Diego Comic-Con, and we look forward to sharing details about those soon, as well as more news about the future of the KRE-O brand.

Transformers News: Hasbro: teases SDCC 2015 Kre-o Products; No plans for Kre-o Transformers Robots In Disguise in U.S.

Transformers News: Hasbro: teases SDCC 2015 Kre-o Products; No plans for Kre-o Transformers Robots In Disguise in U.S.

Transformers News: Hasbro: teases SDCC 2015 Kre-o Products; No plans for Kre-o Transformers Robots In Disguise in U.S.

In hand Images of Robots in Disguise Titan Changers Optimus and Bumblebee and Super Bumblebee

Transformers News: In hand Images of Robots in Disguise Titan Changers Optimus and Bumblebee and Super Bumblebee
Date: Sunday, May 17th 2015 10:35am CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: william-james88 | Credit(s): Griffin of Ozformers

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Courtesy of Ozformers site owner Griffin, we now have in hand images of the Transformers Robots in Disguise Titan Changers Optimus and Bumblebee figures, whose first images were recently released.

Griffin picked these up, along with Super 3 step Bumblebee in Hong Kong and made a quick gallery showing the alt modes (for the first time) and how the figures look like at different angles. He also compares them to other figures to show the scale. Below is a quick comment from Grffin as well as the images he took:

The huge Super 3-step Bumblebee was at a number of Toyfairs earlier this year, while the transforming Titans were shown at the Australian Toyfair.

Now they are out in Hong Kong, here are some photos for people to know what they will be missing... as I don't think there will be many of us older collectors getting these.

The "transforming Titans" originally had me thinking of the Elite Actionmasters (a simple conversion of a non-converting line), but these are better than those... but not by much.
They don't actually have "Titan" on the packaging anywhere... but it was what they were labelled as at Toyfair... so maybe it is on the master cartons.

All three could do with more paint apps too, as there is a whole lotta yellow on plain colors on these, and not much sculpting/texture to the panels to make it look more interesting.

Transformers News: In hand Images of Robots in Disguise Titan Changers Optimus and Bumblebee and Super Bumblebee

Transformers News: In hand Images of Robots in Disguise Titan Changers Optimus and Bumblebee and Super Bumblebee

Transformers News: In hand Images of Robots in Disguise Titan Changers Optimus and Bumblebee and Super Bumblebee

Transformers News: In hand Images of Robots in Disguise Titan Changers Optimus and Bumblebee and Super Bumblebee

Transformers News: In hand Images of Robots in Disguise Titan Changers Optimus and Bumblebee and Super Bumblebee

Transformers News: In hand Images of Robots in Disguise Titan Changers Optimus and Bumblebee and Super Bumblebee

Transformers News: In hand Images of Robots in Disguise Titan Changers Optimus and Bumblebee and Super Bumblebee

Transformers News: In hand Images of Robots in Disguise Titan Changers Optimus and Bumblebee and Super Bumblebee

Transformers News: In hand Images of Robots in Disguise Titan Changers Optimus and Bumblebee and Super Bumblebee

BBTS Sponsor News: Game of Thrones, BTTF, Star Wars, Superman, Disney, Marvel & More!

Transformers News: BBTS Sponsor News: Game of Thrones, BTTF, Star Wars, Superman, Disney, Marvel & More!
Date: Friday, May 15th 2015 3:17pm CDT
Categories: Sponsor News, Toy News
Posted by: mooncake623 | Credit(s): BBTS

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We need to clean out our warehouse to make room for all the great products coming in! Prices have been reduced on over 3000 items with a total of 4800 items on sale! Check out the featured sale items from Transformers, GI Joe 50th Anniversary, and Batman 75th Anniversary, The Walking Dead, DC Comics, NECA, Figuarts and more!

This list contains over 80 Sideshow and Hot Toys items now priced under MSRP! Find everything from Monsters Inc and Pirates of the Caribbean Cosbabies, to 1/6 scale figures and busts, to 1/4 scale Premium Format figures. Amp up your collection today!


It's time to take the black with Jon Snow, the third figure in the Game of Thrones line from ThreeZero. He comes dressed in a tailored cloth costume and is armed with his trusty sword Longclaw. $144.99 ... ode=retail

At over 6 inches long and with fifteen points of articulation this DeLorean is sure to add style to anyone's Back to The Future collection. The famous time machine is packed with a stand and two flame effects. $59.99 ... ode=retail

This new assortment features C-3PO, who can be dismantled, Princess Leia in her Boushh disguise, Han Solo with carbonite, Commander Thorn, Mosep Binneed and a pair of Jawas. Get these 6 figures in a set for $79.99 or individually for $13.99 each. We also have the Case of 12 for $149.99 that includes Captain Rex, Darth Vader Dahobah Test, Jon Dutch Vander, Chewbacca, and Cone Commander Doom. ... 75%22%2002

Gentle Giant is expanding the jumbo figure line with new licenses including GI Joe, Marvel, and DC! These figures are inspired by the vintage figures and feature the original articulation and color schemes. Check out the 12” Zap from GI Joe that comes with a bazooka for $107.99; as well as Robin from Batman the Animated Series, The Flash from DC Super Powers, and Magneto from Secret Wars each listed for $80.99 each. ... nt%2012%22

“Let our enemies beware, there is only one superpower now.” What if Superman had been raised in the Soviet Union, to become their greatest weapon? Based on the hero of the critically acclaimed Elseworlds mini-series by Mark Millar, this Superman Red Son Premium Format Figure is dressed in a red and grey costume which ominously reflects the militaristic look of the Cold War era. Expertly sculpted in one quarter scale, the champion of the common worker stands 25” tall over his Soviet insignia, where he fights the never-ending battle for Stalin, socialism, and the international expansion of the Warsaw Pact. Soon to be joined by his ally Wonder Woman, and the vigilante Batmankoff, comic book fans need to prepare for the ultimate Superman: Red Son collection! $469.99 ... ode=retail

These pop art busts designed by world famous contemporary pop artist Romer Britto make their colorful entrance into the Disney By Britto lineup. Full of vibrant color, this new look for these classic characters are a must have for any Disney collector. Just over 5 inches tall and made of hand painted stone resin we have Cruella, Maleficent, the Hag (Evil Queen in Disguise), Jessica Rabbit, and Tinkerbell listed for $54.99 each. ... egory=7428

Discovered in the Mongolian desert in the 3rd century BC by the father of Taoism, Lao Tzu, Z-Girl is a highly functioning zombie with both a consciousness and a conscience. A fierce warrior, Z-Girl is humanity’s last hope against extinction. This 1/6 scale figure comes with a bunch of cool weapons and accessories. $189.99 ... ode=retail

Series 02 of this collaborative project between Sideshow and TOUMA brings more characters from the movie re-imagined in this special art form! Each Artist Mix figure has a bobble-head and stands approximately 5 inches tall with Hulk standing nearly 6 inches tall. Series 02 includes Iron Man Mark XLV, Thor, Vision, Iron Legion and Hulk for $33.99 each. We also have a Set of 5 that includes the first four figures listed along with a special Rampaging Hulk for $134.99. ... tist%20mix

HX PROJECT in collaboration with XM-Studios and Hand Made Objects ( H.M.O.) is proud to present, the first of its kind, the original Super Soldier , CAPTAIN AMERICA in a highly stylized design and technically engineered piece. This 12 inch tall statue is crafted of cold-cast porcelain and will be truly unique piece in any collection. $384.99 ... ode=retail

Check out these cool new items that just went up for preorder! Jazz up your workout wear with crew-cut socks in Captain America, Deadpool and Spider-Man designs; be the envy of your fishing buddies with an Avengers or Deadpool bucket hat; protect your cash in style with a S.H.I.E.L.D. or Captain America wallet; and carrying your books to class in a Captain America or Deadpool backpack. Find these new items and more here: ... h=bioworld

Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger and Ron Weasley are ready to study magic and fight the forces of he-who-must-not-be-name…as cute Pop! vinyl figures. Along to help are Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, Professor Severus Snape and the kindly gamekeeper, Rubeus Hagrid to make sure Voldemort doesn’t get the upper hand. Oh no – we just named him! Harry, Hermoine, Ron, Dumbledore, Snape, and Voldemort are $9.99 each and Super-Sized Hagrid is $14.99 ... tter%20pop!

=========== end featured ==============

This is the white version of the transforming hands and feet set. This set is to be used with a certain combining robot, and can be used as extra weaponry or be transformed to become upgraded feet and hands. $32.99 ... ode=retail

This kit is designed for a certain transforming bug. It includes a wall unit with storage bin, a jet pack, extra faces, and a shoulder mount. $44.99 ... ode=retail

Retro is in and you can celebrate the great action figures of yesteryear with all new sculpts that update the classic style yet retain the nostalgic feel. Collectors will immediately recognize the inspiration for this new look. Batman stands ready to fight crime in his classic blue and gray costume with bright yellow utility belt and blue cape; and Robin is eager to leap into the fray in his snappy red shirt with short green sleeves, black and yellow belt, black mask, short yellow cape and matching green trunks, gloves and boots. $27.99 each ... e%20artfx+

Gecco's amazingly detailed sculpt of Raiden as he appeared in the "Jamais Vu" extra ops mission in "Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes" stands about 12.60" (32cm) tall, and instead of his typical swords and scabbard, he's equipped with a sizeable rocket launcher and assault rifle. The base features sandbags and a fallen warning sign, straight from a classic stage of the game! $234.99 ... ode=retail

Each of the D-Style model kits come with three different facial expressions and each has a mini vehicle mode jet. The single Starscream is priced at $34.99 and the Skywarp/Thundercracker two-pack is $54.99. ... ansformers

This highly-detailed Spartan Locke deluxe figure is ready for action in his sleek blue chrome armor with illuminating blue accents. This game-accurate figure includes a dynamic battle rifle and an alternate arm to create Spartan Locke's leadership pose. The Spartan Locke deluxe figure also will be packaged with a downloadable code for in-game content. $32.99 ... ode=retail

This upgrade kit comes with 2-piece blaster attachment and 2 shoulder sockets for improving the arm range of motion. $18.99 ... ode=retail

The first in the new Animal Series by DID is the Doberman Pinscher dog. With super realistic sculpting, vivid hand painting, real leather collar, and metal leash, this 1/6 scale dog will be a great sidekick to your 1/6 scale military figure as well as a cool addition to any 1/6 scale figure collection. We have Red Doberman (dark red/brown and tan) with a Black collar and Black Doberman (traditional black and tan) with a Red collar. $34.99 each ... h=doberman

Tomoe Gozan is named after one of history's greatest female samurai and she is nemesis of the legendary female warrior Shi. Tomoe is a highly trained martial artist and warrior. While versed in many weapons she chooses to use paper fans with razor blades. She comes in her ceremonial outfit, alternate hands and hand guards, 2 assault fans, a katana sword and figure stand. $149.99 ... ode=retail

The Bashers & Biters are all about chomping jaws and bashing tails in a prehistoric fight for survival! Series 03 includes Spinosaurus, Allosaurus, T-Rex, and Stegoceratops. Each figure features either bashing or chomping action and the case of 4 is $41.99. "Chomp, stomp, and ROAR! The Growlers have the same thrashing and biting action as the Bashers and Biters but these figures also include ferocious sounds! Each Growler stands eight inches long and features LED battle damage! Series 02 has Dimorphodon, Ceratosaurus, and Dilophosaurus joining the action! Series 03 brings the rest of the Velociraptor group - Charlie, Delta, and Echo who join Velociraptor Blue in the fight! Case of 4 $59.99. ... ic%20World

This 12" plush figure says 10 phrases, specially recorded for Factory Entertainment by George himself. This plush is a must-have for any Game of Thrones fan! $29.99 ... ode=retail

Fabrikations is a new line of 6” soft sculpted figures. These soft sculpted figures were created with the collector in mind. Each Fabrikation Soft Sculpture is filled with a dense foam to achieve a high-end lush feel. In addition, each Fabrikation is weighted to allow each figure to stand securely on the surface of your choice. Baymax, your personal healthcare companion, is a no-brainer when it comes to this soft-sculpt line! The inflatable robot from Big Hero 6 just has one mission: to help others! He may need some help with learning how to fist-bump! $19.99 ... ode=retail

Vinyl Wars is collaboration between Japan's classic sofubi manufacturers and cutting-edge toy maker MEDICOM Toy. Each release in the GVW line is a reproduction of a classic Toho sofubi from the '60s through today, released legitimately for Western collectors for the first time ever. These hand-crafted, hand-painted figures inspired the designer toy movement, and will hold a place of high honor in your collection! Megaton Godzilla is $279.99, Giant Hedrah is $79.99, Ebirah is $69.99 and Rodan is $59.99. ... 0WARS%20PX

TriForce proudly presents the officially licensed LittleBigPlanet: Sackboy Infamous Second Son Premier Scale Statue, masterfully sculpted and painted by the artisans at TriForce. This statue is hand-finished and hand-painted to precision quality. Intricately crafted and cast in polystone, it measures 8” in Diameter, 12” in Height, and weighs in at 8 pounds! Own this authentic piece of video game history as part of a Limited Edition of 500 pieces worldwide. $199.99 ... ode=retail

Become your favorite member of the Payday Gang from the video game Payday 2 with these officially licensed Masks by Gaya Entertainment. These masks are made of high quality, thick vinyl, with interior padding and sturdy backstrips for snug fit, so you won't lose it on your next heist. We have Dallas, Houston, Chains, and Wolf listed for $44.99 each. ... rch=payday


Collect your favorite Autobot heroes and Decepticon villains from the Transformers: Robots In Disguise animated series, pick your side, and join the battle! Each Transformers Warriors figure comes with a unique weapon accessory or battle-action feature and converts between modes in less than 10 steps. Scan the figure to unlock a character and weapon for battle in the Transformers: Robots in Disguise app! Series 02 and 03 have arrived which brings new players to the game: Optimus Prime & Drift in a set for $29.99 and Sideswipe & Jazz in a set for $39.99. ... 20warriors

Update your 1/6 scale collection with these new items from Phicen that are now in stock. The 1/6 Scale Little Red Riding Hood is an artist’s interpretation of the character from Grimm’s Fairy Tales that comes in a sexy outfit complete with the red cape, a severed wolf’s head and a basket of goodies for $114.99; find a variety of Female Seamless Bodies with different breast sizes and skin tones for prices ranging from $64.99 to $104.99; and the Female Honor Guard of the Chinese Military—Navy, Militia, Army and Air Force for $124.99 each. Find these in stock now and many more items here: ... rch=phicen

These new, limited edition 8” Mego-Style figures by Nemo Publishing are handcrafted and designed by Jay Piscopo and come in clamshell packaging featuring artwork by Jay Piscopo. We have The Black Bat, The Red Panther, Jack Danger, Rogue Agent Zero, Knight Avenger Commander X, Under Sea Knight Commander X, Archer Knight Commander X, Barbary Knight Commander X, Western Knight Commander X, 1950’s Commander X, and Commander X in stock now. $19.99 each ... %20piscopo

Create epic battles with this set of two-packs! Acid Storm & Venin are a treacherous pair of Decepticons that will use their poisonous attacks to get past the vigilant Autobot sentries, Gears & Eclipse! Will the Autobots be able to handle the poisonous pair? Can the Decepticons sneak past the observant sentries? Only you can decide! These figures come in tri-Logo packaging. $29.99 ... ode=retail

Fans of the classic Batman TV show starring Adam West will love to have these Pop! vinyl figures in their collection! Batman is in stock now along with Robin, Catwoman and Joker. $9.99 each ... man%201966

Spend your nights hunting down criminals in Starling City as the hooded vigilante Arrow or track down Oliver to dole out vengeance for past events as Deadshot from the hit CW television series Arrow! Arrow and Deathstroke in stock for $21.99 each ... %20tv%20dc

Get up to speed on the new hit CW television series with this incredibly detailed action figure of The Flash, the Fastest Man Alive, in his scarlet uniform. $21.99 ... flash%20tv

The Governor is the charismatic leader of the seemingly utopian town of Woodbury. But beneath his well-meaning façade is a man with dark intentions and even darker secrets. McFarlane Toys is bringing a revolutionary evolution in brick building toys based on television's most watched drama, AMC's The Walking Dead. McFarlane's high standard of artistic vision is extended with realistic accuracy and incredible detail into the brick building toy aisle, while maintaining comparable pricing to other leading competitors. This set has 292 hand painted pieces and is compatible with other brands. $29.99 ... ode=retail

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Welcome to the Hellmouth Collection is a line of collectible mini-figures that depict the Slayer, the "Scooby" gang, and some of their biggest allies and foes as they appeared in the cult classic TV series... well, in a Titans kind of way! Each blind boxed figure is sure to please any Buffy fan... especially when they uncover one of the rare variant figures randomly seeded throughout display boxes! Box of 20 is $179.99 and Random Single is $9.99 each. ... y%20titans

Danger, Will Robinson! This 10-inch rendition of B9, the friendly helper robot from Lost in Space, features lights and sounds taken straight from the classic sci-fi TV show. Lights on his head and chest blink constantly while B9 is on, and additional lights and dialogue are triggered with the push of a button, including "I will accompany you, you may need protection," "Cannot compute, programming data insufficient," and his famous cries of "Danger!" You can also manually raise and lower his head, open and close his claws, extend his arms and turn his torso to the left and right. He even has wheels so you can roll him around! $44.99 ... ode=retail

New Galleries: Combiner Wars Cyclonus and Galvatronus

Transformers News: New Galleries: Combiner Wars Cyclonus and Galvatronus
Date: Wednesday, May 13th 2015 2:23pm CDT
Categories: Site News, Toy News
Posted by: Va'al

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Our latest figure gallery features an unexpected repurposing of a previous wave figure: feast your eyes below on Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Voyager Cyclonus! The figure is a fairly significant remold of the Silverbolt toy, featuring a new head, torso, paint job, wings - and an entirely new combiner head, ready to form an almost Decepticon leader - Galvatronus, nemesis to fan-built Victorion and possessor of mind-bending powers. Check all three modes out in the images below, and click on any of them for the full gallery.

Generations Combiner Wars Cyclonus

Transformers News: New Galleries: Combiner Wars Cyclonus and Galvatronus

Transformers News: New Galleries: Combiner Wars Cyclonus and Galvatronus

Transformers News: New Galleries: Combiner Wars Cyclonus and Galvatronus

Transformers News: New Galleries: Combiner Wars Cyclonus and Galvatronus

Transformers News: New Galleries: Combiner Wars Cyclonus and Galvatronus

Transformers News: New Galleries: Combiner Wars Cyclonus and Galvatronus

Transformers News: New Galleries: Combiner Wars Cyclonus and Galvatronus

Generations Combiner Wars Galvatronus

Transformers News: New Galleries: Combiner Wars Cyclonus and Galvatronus

Transformers News: New Galleries: Combiner Wars Cyclonus and Galvatronus

Transformers News: New Galleries: Combiner Wars Cyclonus and Galvatronus

Transformers News: New Galleries: Combiner Wars Cyclonus and Galvatronus

New Images and 360 degree product view for Transformers Metal Earth 3D Model Kits

Transformers News: New Images and 360 degree product view for Transformers Metal Earth 3D Model Kits
Date: Wednesday, May 13th 2015 8:48am CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: william-james88 | Credit(s): fascinations

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The Fascinations website has been updated with their upcoming Transformers Metal Earth 3D Model Kits, which were first seen at the 2015 US Toy Fair.

You can now go to the Transformer page at for more information. Make sure you click on the image of each model to see its 360 degree product view.

These Metal Earth kits are detailed DIY models that start as 4" square steel sheets and finish as 3D models. Use the instructions to pop out the pieces, bend the tabs and connect them at attachment points. The upcoming characters released are Megatron, Optimus, Soundwave, and Bumblebee and their images can be found below.

Transformers News: New Images and 360 degree product view for Transformers Metal Earth 3D Model Kits

Transformers News: New Images and 360 degree product view for Transformers Metal Earth 3D Model Kits

Transformers News: New Images and 360 degree product view for Transformers Metal Earth 3D Model Kits

Transformers News: New Images and 360 degree product view for Transformers Metal Earth 3D Model Kits

TakaraTomy Transformers Unite Warriors: Devastator Tease

Transformers News: TakaraTomy Transformers Unite Warriors: Devastator Tease
Date: Monday, May 4th 2015 9:47pm CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: shajaki | Credit(s): TFyuki

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Seibertron native Cyberpath has let us know about TF Yuki's latest tease: TakaraTomy's Transformers Unite Warriors Devastator! Of course we all know what Hasbro's take on the green behemoth looks like, but how will this differ from his Stateside cousin? At this point he doesn't even have a number designate, so join us in the Energon Pub and let the speculation begin!

Keep scrolling to see the pic, and your optics tuned to for all your Transformers News!

Transformers News: TakaraTomy Transformers Unite Warriors: Devastator Tease

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