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Transformers News: Newsletter Update
Date: Thursday, May 14th 2009 2:32pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News, Press Releases, Digital Media News, Collectables, Store News, Editorials
Posted by: DavidT | Credit(s):

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Views: 95,246 has sent out their latest newsletter update. The complete update is listed below. All the Transformer related items have been moved to the top of the list for those of you only interested in Transformers.

This new Art Asylum-sculpted bust shows the Autobot City Commander over a
base that is sculpted to be the planet Cybertron. The 6" Ultra Magnus is
listed at $52.99, and is of a limited edition of 1000 pieces. ... ode=retail

Transformers accessory pieces have been selling like hotcakes, and we've
just received a new batch. Quintessons 1, 2, 3, and 4 are all in stock
and ready to go, as are Kremzeak and sets of Spike & Sparkplug. These
figures are all priced to go, and this is a great time to order them,
without having to carry them back from Botcon (where we will also be
offering these items.) ... ategory=34

A shipment of the Starscream Coronation bust has also arrived. This piece
is part of a limited edition of 600 pieces, and we've got it priced at
$34.99 - pick it up before Galvatron uses it for target practice! ... ode=retail

Along with the Brave figures, we've got a few Sonokong Transformer
releases on the way. From Japanese Armada we've got Double Face
(Sideways), Smokescreen with bonus Race team, Ultra Magnus (Overload) and
Sunbolt (Blurr) with bonus Street Speed team, priced from $13.99 to $24.99
each - take a look - ... da+(Korean)

Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
variety of new arrivals and more new preorders from the last week or so.


We've re-upped on a number of the Batman: The Dark Knight Movie
Masterpiece figures. We've got Joker, Bank Robbery Joker, and Batman in
Dark Knight suit, all priced from $149.99 - $159.99 each. ... ompany=148

This fully-transforming new Valk from Macross Frontier is priced at
$154.99, and is chock full of die-cast parts and excellent detail. ... ode=retail

We've just restocked our supply of Alien Vs. Predator Requiem figures
series 1. This wave contains an Alien Warrior and the new PredAlien
Hybrid, and we've got the pair listed at $34.99. ... ode=retail

Customers who are interested in troop-building will be pleased to hear
that the new Battle-Damaged Cylon Two-Pack has arrived. This set features
brand-new sculpting, and at $31.99, is a great way to build up a Toaster
army. ... ode=retail

Two of the new two-packs celebrating 100 years of Montreal hockey have
arrived. You can choose from the Koivu & Kovalev set, or the LaFleur and
Shutt set, each listed at $24.99. ... Centennial

This case of Collectible Pets includes a Walrus with his Igloo, along with
a cow, a turtle, a bunny, a cat and a set of birds, and the whole
assortment is priced at $31.99. ... ode=retail

This Cylon is styled after the original Cylons from the 70's version of
BSG, and is heavily armed as he appeared in "Razor." You can pick up this
Toaster today - it's priced at $16.99, and ready to go. ... ode=retail

We've received the latest information from Mattel on the upcoming
assortments of Infinite Heroes singles and three-packs, and we'v got them
listed for pre-order now. New singles range from Supergirl's 1985 movie
appearance to the evil Superman Prime, and new three-packs include the
Marvel Family with Shazam, Black Adam and Mary Marvel, and the "Blackest
Night"-inspired trio of Hal Jordan, Star Sapphire and Black Hand. You can
check out all of the new listings here - ... egory=4674

This fantastic piece of Muppet memorabilia is back in stock, still at the
great price of $79.99. This 26" tall photo replica comes with a stand and
is poseable for all kinds of great looks and fun. ... ode=retail


The latest of Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece line, this figure of the troubled
robot Marcus Wright is now up for pre-order. The price is tentatively set
at $159.99, but may go down; this piece is decked out with accessories
like the rest of the Movie Masterpiece figures, including an alternate
head, additional hands, cloth costume parts and more. ... ode=retail

This exclusive version of the Dark Horse 19" Doc Savage statue is limited
to just 50 pieces worldwide, and will have Doc in a classic bronze look.
We've got this great new piece listed at $249.99 - don't miss out on this
must-have piece for Doc Savage fans of all ages. ... ode=retail

Medicom has announced a number of figures from the upcoming "Where the
Wild Things Are" film. The main cast members are all being released as
VCD figures, at $32.99 each. Max is also getting the Real Action Heroes
treatment, with the 1/6 scale figure priced at $134.99; he'll also be the
Kubrick in the Kubrick & bearbrick set, accompanied by a black Bearbrick
empblazoned with the movie logo. Finally, the main characters will also
be released in Kubrick form, and we've got the case of 24 blind-boxed
figures lsited at $199.99. Check out the menu and pick your favorites.

This statue of the Jade Giantess measures 16" tall, as befits a lady of
her stature. She's dressed in a too-tight suit for her legal job, and has
just dropped her briefcase. We've got her priced at $139.99, $10 below
the MSRP - take a peek - ... ode=retail

We have a special buy coming from overseas, that is sure to delight Brave
collectors and more. We've listed a large number of Korean-release Brave
Series figures by Sonokong, and all at prices below the Japanese versions.
Check out the vaiour listings here, and mix and match all your favorites! ... es+(Korean)

The fourth piece in Yamato's Fantasy Figure Gallery line is "Monica's
Axe," done by Tobe of Heavy Gauge from Boris Vallejo art. This lovely
lady is priced at $109.99 ($10 below MSRP), and is displayed crouching in
her ...battle armor, with her two-handed axe ready in front of her. ... ode=retail

This new assortment includes jet fighters from many of the various macross
lines. We've got the case of 16 blind-boxed pieces listed at $84.99, and
we expect them this August. ... ode=retail

Another assortment of science-fiction ships, this case of 10 blind-boxed
ships is priced at $69.99, and includes ships like the Yamato, the Valsey,
Missle ships, carriers and more. ... ode=retail

NECA has released info on a whole line of new "Harry Potter and the
Half-Blood Prince" accessories. From pennants to puzzles, pendulum clocks
to pin sets, Harry Potter fans will want to check out the assortment and
be ready for the release of the movie. ... egory=3790

Toynami has announced a new vinyl figure of Voltron. This 9" figure is
listed at $22.99, and is supposed to be released this fall. ... ode=retail

This die-cast and plastic figure shows the Marauder powered armor suits
worn by the Mobile Infantry in the Starship Troopers novels. This new
figure is set to arrive in September, and we've got it priced at $69.99. ... ode=retail

In light of the sell-out popularity of Toynami's Futurama figures, the
company has announced a new run of two of the most popular figures of the
line. Bender and Fry are the first releases in the Futurama Encore line,
and are priced at $12.99 each singly, or you can pick up the pair for
$24.99. Just a word of note - the Futurama Encore figures will not
include any build-a-bot parts. ... ama+Encore

Museum Replicas has announced a wide range of costume pieces and
accessories from the hit video game "Assassin's Creed." We've got all of
the items to make a complete Altair outfit, including weapons; we've also
listed a number of other costumes, such as tunics for Robert de Sable and
William of Montferrat, a Lionheart gambeson and a Crusader Priest robe.
Each sized piece is available in multiple sizes, and you can look at all
of these new items here - ... egory=5633

McFarlane's newest cases of Sportspicks figures are each coming with one
rare Chase (or Super-Chase) figure inside, to provide more value for
collectors. NBA Sportspicks Legends Series 5 will include chase
variations of Magic Johnson, Hakeem Olajuwon and Karl Malone, while NFL
Sportspicks 2009 Series 1 will have Chase figures of Philip Rivers, Eli
Manning and Michael Turner. We've also got singles listed of each wave,
priced at $10.99, while the cases of 8 are at $79.99 each. ... egory=5547 ... egory=5538

Your favorite character heads, ready to turn your writing instrument into
an island of horror! This assortment includes Sybil, Schitzo and Sadie,
and at $13.99 for the set of three, they're a great way to personalize
your work space. ... ode=retail

Three of the icons of horror - Freddy, Jason and Leatherface - are on
their way in 7" plush form. The huggable miscreants are available as a
set of three for $29.99, and they're going to be ready for you this
August. ... ode=retail

Mezco has created this rotocast figure of the Dream Master to celebrate
the 25th Anniversary of "A Nightmare on Elm Street." He's listed at
$32.99 ($8 below MSRP) and chock-full of detail, including his cloth
sweater and removable hat. ... ode=retail

Toynami is also going back to make more of their Ichigo and Rukia figures
from the Bleach line. Ichigo will have a new sword in the re-release, and
the figures are listed at $13.99 each, or the set for $26.99. ... ach+Encore

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the new items mentioned above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Stay Tuned to for the Latest News & Information!

TFCon update regarding Powered Commander and Alex Milne Lithograph

Transformers News: TFCon update regarding Powered Commander and Alex Milne Lithograph
Date: Thursday, May 14th 2009 11:14am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Toy News, Event News, People News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): TFCon

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Views: 9,819

Another update has been posted on the official website for TFCon regarding the recent events that occured regarding the mass release of the convention's exclusive Powered Commander set.

The convention is also offering non attendees an opportunity to get the convention lithograph Universe Divided done by artist Alex Milne.

TFCon update regarding Powered Commander and Alex Milne Lith

For all the details on these new events, click here.

Image of next ROTF Human Alliance Figure... SIDESWIPE!

Transformers News: Image of next ROTF Human Alliance Figure... SIDESWIPE!
Date: Thursday, May 14th 2009 7:02am CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News, Digital Media News
Posted by: DevastaTTor | Credit(s): Kique, Toyfare Magazine

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Views: 26,131 member Kique has posted an image of the upcoming Revenge of the Fallen Human Alliance figure Sideswipe! The image comes from the upcoming image a Toyfare magazine. Sideswipe comes with a Sargent Epps action figure and will have a retail price of 29.99. There is some speculation that more Human Alliance sets will be revealed at BotCon too.

Pic of next ROTF Human Alliance Figure ... SIDESWIPE

FansProject comments on recent Henkei Powered Commander release

Transformers News: FansProject comments on recent Henkei Powered Commander release
Date: Wednesday, May 13th 2009 2:04pm CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): FansProject

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Views: 5,874

FansProject has released a statement on their website regarding the upcoming release of Henkei Commander, that we reported earlier. Please read it below or here.

We, Fansproject, noticed that a discussion regarding the D.I.A Commander (Japanese Version Commander) have been growing rapidly and negatively on various forums. We are deeply sorry if any fans are upset / disappointed when they see the discussion topic. I hope you could spend the next few minutes to read the following and have a better understanding of the situation.

Fansproject is a group of fans who love to play, modify and design our dream toys. We have experienced in designing and manufacturing but not sales and marketing. We love to share our joy and happiness whenever we have some exciting ideas but we could never put these on the hands of general fans at our own power. Therefore, we can never tell if our designs will ever be produced and reach your hands.

We have no intention to keep re-coloring our design, particularly our City Commander. In designer's point of view, we always play around with the colors to see how it looks and therefor always be one or two colors more favorable than the rest. There have been numerous inquires regarding whether the black and the red color scheme of City Commander will be released after people seeing our test shots at last year TFCon. However, we cannot make any promise unless an ordering request is confirmed. We have a mutual agreement, verbally, that there will not be another Powered Commander which is identical to the TFCon Exclusive Version. In order to make this convention item more unique, we have included a briefcase (which is a meaningful accessory explained in the comic) and suggested to have some graphical paint job on the sides of the trailer which, unfortunately, was discarded by TFCon and replaced with a simpler sticker sheet. At the end, there is the Powered Commander trailer with slightly different coloring than our test shots.

We produced this Powered Commander by request. If the supply of this item is running short; price of this item raise to double or more in a day; you are not able to get one for yourself, we are deeply sorry but there isn't much we can do. The best we can do is to hope that there will be a repeat order from the same buyer or there will be a different buyer who is looking for a similar item to relief the high pressure in demand. In this case, an Asia-Pacific wholesaler shows interest on the Powered Commander. We have kept our mutual agreement with TFCon and made the following changes:
- Japanese version will have chrome parts to match with other Japanese products
- Japanese version will have different color scheme or design
We understand all the concern about the coloring of Japanese version. We aim to find a mid tone to match with both US and Japanese version, just in case if a fans wish to use either version armor onto either version op.

We don't release any details of the new color change is because we are still working hard and try to find the best way to shown the difference between TFcon version and Japanese version; especially in truck form which has "Tfcon exclusive" sticker that can be apply on the side of the truck. We wish to give Japan/Asia fans to enjoy a different feel of our D.I.A Commander.
To further avoid any conflict between these two versions, the Japan version will not be available to any North American retailer or wholesaler. If any North American retailer or wholesaler orders through Asia dealer, please kindly understand that's actually something out of our control.

In our designers' point of views, we will be very upset if my D.I.A Commander doesn't come with the briefcase because it will always be "incompleted". We could never imagine fans will be disappointed to own a "completed"version of Powered Commander. Again, we are designers and production coordinators, we do not involve in sales and marketing, and retailers asking price is also beyond our control.

Some fans have questions us about the mold being destroyed. At the first place, we have to deeply apologize for any mis-leading and unclear explanation we made before. So we are very sorry and hope that we can explain this clearly again. "Mold" means the steel injected mold which we use to produce toys, where "Mold" will be modified all the time but won't be destroyed because this is part of the company capital. Some Fans ask about whether we will destroy the mold of Tfcon Powered Commander and we say yes; it's really our fault of getting misunderstanding around this point. What our meaning is actually that we will never produce this Tfcon pc again unless Tfcon request to do so. So, there will never be anymore Tfcon version production to be made after the convention. That was what the misunderstand we made to fans and we really, really feel sorry about this point. Certainly, we all clear about this mutual agreement for this exclusive production's for Tfcon version and we will never, never break the rule. That's why we get the compromise from tfcon for a different version pc before we go ahead for that another version. No matter how, this is still our fault of misleading fans about mold destroying. and we hope this statement is clear enough for everyone.

Sadly, some mold do not held their ground and damage during production. Our very first project CJ upgrade kit; which was using resin-casting mold and cannot be kept for a long period of time, and that's why this project is forever retired.

Based on fans reaction from the forums, we had an important lesson and would like to apologize to anyone who doesn't feel comfortable for owning the TFCon Exclusive Powered Commander. We have to admit that we had a bad coordination this time but some information is just strictly confidential between Fansproject and our buyer that we could never release ahead of time. In the future, we would try to avoid similar request as much as possible; we would have black and white instead of verbal confirmation/agreement; we would have to think more thoroughly from fans point of view before making any confirmation/agreement; we would work harder on our designs; we would work harder to keep up the quality of our products.

You have seen some of our new ideas at this year TFCon and there are plenty more on our desks. We are ready and would love to move on to new items. But, as we have always said, we couldn't tell if these designs will ever become a real product and reach your hands. These are design by fans, and made for fans. If someone believes there are enough support in the market, the design will become a real product. If the supply is running short, then someone has under estimated fans preferences. If we have a promise to keep, we will always do. If majority of fans don't like it, these will remain on paper at our desks.

We have no intention to harm or disappoint anyone and do not wish to start any argument anywhere. We always let our project talk for itself; if a fan like it Thank You, but if you don't please let us know and we will improve. We are only interested for the love of toys and designing toys. If you have any questions or comment, please let us know. This is the best way for us to learn and improve.

Reprolabels Update: Animated, Universe, Masterpiece and more

Transformers News: Reprolabels Update: Animated, Universe, Masterpiece and more
Date: Wednesday, May 13th 2009 12:40pm CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): Reprolabels

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Views: 13,100

Reprolabels have updated their website with new sets for the following figures:
Autobot twins Jetstorm and Jetfire

Universe Smokescreen

Masterpiece Thundercracker

The Transformers Train Set

G1 Faction Symbols in colour

Sticker sets for G1 Mini spies

Energon Black Unicron

Check them out!

Target Store Transformers ROTF Preview Figure DCPI's And More

Transformers News: Target Store Transformers ROTF Preview Figure DCPI's And More
Date: Wednesday, May 13th 2009 5:47am CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News, Store News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): nemesis-prime, Hyper-Chicken

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Views: 27,662

Target- Lots of folks in the community are getting pretty itchy for the release date of the new Transformers: ROTF toy line. This Friday, according to HASBRO, is supposed to see the release of the preview figures Soundwave and Bumblebee.

So for the members who are out and about and who shop at Target, here are some DCPI's that you can use to either question a kind employee with or enter yourself on the price check/stock check devices.

DCPI for Movie Preview Deluxe Figures due out this Friday:


DCPI's for many of the other ROTF toys due out May 30th:

087-06-0111 TF MV2 Deluxe Figures
087-06-0115 TF MV2 Scout Figures
087-06-0119 Transformers MV2 Optimus Prime Helm
087-06-0120 TF MV2 Voyager
087-06-0122 TF MV2 Leader
087-06-0125 TF MV2 Gravity Bots
087-06-0127 Transbattler MV2 FAB
087-06-0128 TF MV2 Robot Replicas
087-06-0131 TF MV2 Robot Hero Scene
087-06-0139 Tran Weapon MV2 Robot Weapons
087-06-0141 Trans Helmet MV2 Helmet Roleplay
087-06-0146 TF MV2 Combiners
087-06-0162 TF MV2 Ultimate Bumblebee
087-06-0163 TF MV2 Power bots
087-06-0164 TF MV2 Mega Power bots
087-06-0171 TF MV2 Legends
087-06-0294 TRA Combiner TF MV2

Also member Hyper-Chicken finds that everything not movie related seems to be going on clearance at the store in his area. Most of us have experienced this with Universe deluxes, but this is the first I have heard of Animated, and Mighty Muggs being on clearance as well. Check your local Target as clearance prices, and items vary.

Takara Tomy ROTF EZ Devastator Pre-order At Robotkingdom

Transformers News: Takara Tomy ROTF EZ Devastator Pre-order At Robotkingdom
Date: Wednesday, May 13th 2009 5:36am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): Ray@Robotkindom

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Views: 36,641 Site sponsor Robotkingdom rolled out information, and updates for their online store, including pre-orders for the legends sized Takara Tomy ROTF 'EZ' Devastator toys!

-Update #1-

we have the following item pre-order now,
please post the news as soon as possible.

TF Movie EZ Collection DX Devasteter 7 sku Asst Sealed Case of 24. PREORDER, July 2009 ... tID=41_118

TF Movie EZ Collection DX Devasteter 7 sku Asst Set of 7. PREORDER, July 2009 ... tID=41_118


-Update #2-

Exclusive Minicon Set of 2 (Japanese Credit Card Exclusive)

US$44.9, available now! ... II=TFCANFS


Hasbro Transformers Reissue CS VIII SKIDS

US$29.9, available now! ... =TFHRSKIDS


TFC-004 Gear Of War Weapon Set

US$29.9, arrive soon!!!

Set including:
3x rocket laucher,
1x scalling lader,
1x auto scout tape.

Picture shows the Prototype. Final may be vary.
-rocket laucher for Universe/Henkei Sideswipe/Sunstreaker/Red Alert/Mirage.
-eject funtion and plating missiles/wings
-scaling ladder for Universe/Henkei Inferno
-ladder can change into sword and water cannon in robot mode.
-transformable G1-animate style auto scout tape.
-tape fits with any G1 or G1-like reissue soundwave toy's chest. ... =TFATFC004


Movie 2 Deluxe:

Bumblebee (New Mold).

US$15.9, available on 14 May.

*This is new mold, different from first movie. ... FMV2D01BUM

Movie 2 Deluxe:


US$15.9, Available on 14 May. ... MV2D01SOWV

Movie 2 Deluxe Wave 1 Sealed Case of 8

US$119.9, Available on 14 May.

Sealed Case including:
4x Bumblebee (New Mold)
4x soundwave ... I=TFMV2D01


Disney Label Mickey Mouse Trailer Normal

US$39.9, available early June. ... I=TFDLMM-1


Masterpiece MP-08 MP-8 Grimlock

US$119.9, restock in Sept. ... =TFTRMP08R


Vintage G1 items

C-104 Brainstorm, US$249.9

C7.5/8 box, C9 toy, decal applied, parts complete, manual included. ... =TFJG1C104

Headmasters C-112 Fastlane /Cloudraker, US$149.9

Toy C7.5 box, C8.5/9 toy. Decals applied, parts complete. No paperwork. ... =TFJG1C112

C-201 Metal Hawk, US$499

C7.5+/8 box, C8.5 Toy.
Parts complete.
Decal applied.
Manual included.
Sell "as is". ... =TFJG1C201

C-327 Victory Leo, US$199.9

C8.5 box, c8.5 toy, no paperword, no parts. ... FJG1C327-2

G1 Vintage D-98 Sixshot, US$222

C8 box, C8.5 toy.
Parts complete.
Decal unapplied, manual included.
sell "as is". ... I=TFJG1D98

Also, don't forget to check our Just List Items & Restock items! ... 18&lang=us

Robotkingdom Crew

Return of TRU Commemorative Series?

Transformers News: Return of TRU Commemorative Series?
Date: Tuesday, May 12th 2009 10:35pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Rumors
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): Hyper-Chicken,

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Views: 9,696 member Hyper-Chicken has found an interesting post over at

It seems their member megashockwave has found an interesting item in the Toys R Us Canada computers:
($49.99, SKU: 847585, UPC: 653569444213)

There's an estimated shipping date of September 2009.

Is this another G1 re-issue like the previous TRU commemorative series? Or perhaps signs that the Universe line may not be dead after all?

Stay tune to as we find out more.

Full gallery of ROTF Long Haul, with robot mode images!

Transformers News: Full gallery of ROTF Long Haul, with robot mode images!
Date: Tuesday, May 12th 2009 9:44pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): s250, yizhi521 of

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Views: 16,503

s250 has let us know of yizhi521's gallery of ROTF Voyager-class Long Haul, complete with comparisons to his Fast Action Battler counterpart.

Full gallery of ROTF Long Haul, with robot mode images!
Full gallery of ROTF Long Haul, with robot mode images!

See more pics, and see them in Hi-Def here!

New images of Universe Titanium figures

Transformers News: New images of Universe Titanium figures
Date: Tuesday, May 12th 2009 5:42pm CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s): Amiami

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Views: 6,738

Pictures showcasing both modes of the soon-to-be-released Universe Titanium figures have been posted at Amiami.

These pictures show both the robot and alt modes for Optimus Prime, Thrust and HotZone.

These three figures are repaints of previously released Titanium figures War Within Optimus Prime, War Within Starscream and RID Optimus Prime.

To check out the images for these three figures, please click here.

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Vintage 1983 Hasbro Transformers G1 Decepticon - Thrust - Time Remaining: 3 days 21 hours 15 minutes 6 seconds
Transformers Age of Extinction Mega 1-Step Bumblebee With Bonus Stinger Figure - Time Remaining: 2 days 22 hours 45 minutes 7 seconds
Transformers Commemorative Edition Soundwave Toysrus Exclusive - Brand New G1 - Time Remaining: 17 days 1 hour 45 minutes 2 seconds
GI JOE AND THE TRANSFORMERS Complete Set Marvel US Comic Book G1 1 2 3 4 All - Time Remaining: 1 day 13 hours 34 seconds
Transformers Classics Hasbro Botcon Pepsi Optimus Prime MISB - Time Remaining: 3 days 3 hours 30 seconds
G1 TRANSFORMERS ACTION MASTERS AUTOBOT INFERNO MOSC HASBRO - Time Remaining: 3 days 21 hours 45 minutes 37 seconds
Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Voyager Class Sky Lynx NIB - Time Remaining: 5 days 14 hours 52 minutes 17 seconds
Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #159 - Imperfect Specks
Twincast / Podcast #159:
"Imperfect Specks"
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Posted: Saturday, November 12th, 2016
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