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16,664 total news articles in this section, 10 per page. has some new goods

Transformers News: has some new goods
Date: Sunday, June 1st 2008 6:19pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Store News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Aaron Black

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Repro Labels has just sent us its most recent update on the newest additions to the repro label inventory. The update is as follows:

By popular demand, WST Dirge and WST Ramjet sets:
WST Ramjet
WST Dirge

- By ABSURDLY popular demand, G1 Roadbuster stickers:

- We are also offering a promotion, once again, on silver TF symbols, printed on clear background. Get one set for every $15 spent!

For those of you unfamiliar with Repro labels, they are a great source for stickers and labels for alot of Transformers figures in many continuities. To learn more about Repro Labels, click here.

Deep Space Starscream found!

Transformers News: Deep Space Starscream found!
Date: Sunday, June 1st 2008 1:36pm CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Hyper-Chicken

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Views: 9,012 member Hyper-Chicken has posted that he was able to purchase TF Movie figure Deep Space Starscream from a local Target in Sacramento, CA. Here's what he had to say in the post:

I was able to pick up Deep Space Starscream from Target in Sacramento, CA today using the DPCI. The DPCI is 087-06-0707 and its $19.99.

This figure isn't due to hit the shelves of Target stores nationwide until the end of June. Deep Space Starscream was available through but the listing is no longer available via a recent search.

TFA found at Walmart! UPDATE!!! PICS!!!

Transformers News: TFA found at Walmart! UPDATE!!! PICS!!!
Date: Sunday, June 1st 2008 11:59am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Rumors, Sightings
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Real One

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Views: 20,459 member Real One has reported seeing Transformers Animated figures at Walmart in Nevada. This is what Real One had to say:

I went to Walmart (Nevada) this morning and found a bunch of Animated TFs. I got Bulkhead and Bumblebee. I also found some at another Walmart and bought the only Grimlock.

If this is true, then this is the first report of seeing TF Animated figures at retail outside of the Ohio state area in the United States.

If any of you fellow Seibertronians have reports of seeing TF Animated figures in your area, please report it here and in the appropriate state Sightings Thread.

UPDATE!!!!! Picture Proof.

eBay now removing ALL KO auctions from listings

Transformers News: eBay now removing ALL KO auctions from listings
Date: Friday, May 30th 2008 4:03pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Auctions, Knock Offs
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): eBay

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A while back site owner Seibertron reported that certain eBay auctions were being removed by HASBRO, Inc.. Now reports are coming in that eBay is removing all listings for knockoff Transformers put up for auction or buy it now sale.

Could this be HASBRO finally taking action against the KO problem that has infested the TF market for so long? Is this eBay taking action on their own to prevent the sale of possibly fraudulent items? Right now its anyone's guess. was first to bring you this information and will continue to keep you updated as more information becomes available.

New Exclusive Galleries Available

Transformers News: New  Exclusive Galleries Available
Date: Friday, May 30th 2008 1:04pm CDT
Categories: Site News, Toy News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Seibertron

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Views: 19,196 continues to update its extensive TRANSFORMERS Toy galleries with new figures. This time, we get a good look at Energon Megatron, TF the Movie Ultimate Bumblebee and the Screen Battles: Final Stand set, Botcon 2008 figures Sideswipe and Whisper, and finally, Cybertron Smokescreen.

Energon Megatron

Cybertron Smokescreen

Movie Ultimate Bumblebee

Screen Battles: Final Stand Set

Botcon 2008 Sideswipe

Botcon 2008 Whisper

As always, keep checking back here at for continuous updates on all happenings in the Transformers universe.

e-Hobby Exclusive Guardian Robot Comic Revealed

Transformers News: e-Hobby Exclusive Guardian Robot Comic Revealed
Date: Friday, May 30th 2008 5:15am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Toy News, Store News
Posted by: Stormrider | Credit(s): e-Hobby

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Views: 18,447

As reported here last month, the e-Hobby exclusive Guardian Robot will include a comic booklet. Previews of the artwork are now available on the e-Hobby website.

The colored cover seems to closely resemble the boxart. (The comic book will be in Japanese). The comic book titles this figure “Cybertron Urban Defense Robot Gadep.”

This exclusive figure will be released in September. Click here to see the more.

New Pics of Takara Henkei Crystal Convoy

Transformers News: New Pics of Takara Henkei Crystal Convoy
Date: Thursday, May 29th 2008 2:43pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Auctions
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): TheMonarch

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TheMonarch of the TFW2005 Boards has come across an auction on eBay for the recently revealed Henkei Crystal Convoy figure. In the auction we get a good look at the figure from multiple angles and close up.

The auction ended in a Buy it Now purchase of $119.99USD, but to view the original auction, click here.

BBTS to have Animated Lugnut and Grimlock Early

Transformers News: BBTS to have Animated Lugnut and Grimlock Early
Date: Thursday, May 29th 2008 2:32pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): RodimusConvoy13

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Views: 34,991's own RodimusConvoy13 gave us an update he received via email from site sponsor

Looks like Transformers Animated Grimlock and Lugnut will be out earlier than expected, scheduled to release with the rest of the Animated figures in June 2008. The update is as follows:

Hi - Here is a quick update from about
another batch of exciting new preorders, and a variety of new arrivals.


TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED: Hasbro has just shipped out our complete order for
the first wave of Deluxe figures - Prime, Lockdown, Bumblebee, and Prowl,
and the first and third waves of Voyager Class figures - Megatron,
Starscream, Bulkhead, Grimlock, and Lugnut! We have preorders available
for all these figures, and all orders you place now will ship in about a
week after the shipment comes in.


If you were unfortunate to have missed out on Classics Thundercracker
because of his Botcon-only status, never fear! Takara is releasing
special editions of Thundercracker and his fellow seeker Skywarp, and
we've got pre-orders listed for the set as well as each individually. Of
course these ones are likely to be chromed somewhere, but that's just a
bonus. ... +exclusive

The newest release in the Soul of Chogokin die-cast line from Bandai is
Daimos, from "Brave Leader Daimos," the anime sequel to Combattler V and
Voltes V. Thanks to Bandai, now you will be able to have Daimos in your
collection with his brothers in iron. Take a look at this die-cast
warrior and his accessories on his pre-order page here - $179.99 each. ... ode=retail

Newly announced by Medicom, this brand new character from "Indiana Jones
and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" can now join the Real Action Heroes
Indiana Jones and Henry Jones figures in your collection. This figure
comes with accessories such as his sword and leather jacket, and has an
excellent likeness to Mutt Williams actor Shia LeBeouf. Get your
pre-order in today at $139.99 ... ode=retail

Hasbro has announced that Silverbolt will be the next in the new Universe
line of Ultras. You can place a pre-order for this great jet, or go ahead
and pick up a case which includes one Silverbolt and a Powerglide to keep
him company. ... ode=retail ... ode=retail

Not to be outdone, Takara has also made an announcement - they're bringing
us import repaints of the Universe Ultra Wave! Now you can have your
choice of looks - the new Hasbro Universe versions, or these G1-style
paintjobs that more accurately reflect the designs from the original
cartoon, or grab them both for even more fun - these are $54.99 each. ... egory=4770

MEzco's newest Cinema of Fear outing is this great cloth-costumed Jason
Voorhees figure. Standing 12" tall, this machete-wielding maniac comes
with a removable mask and other accessories, a great deal at only $32.99 ... ode=retail

Another great entry in Sideshow's Lord of the Rings diorama line, this
piece shows Theoden, King of Rohan, with his ear bent by the slimy Grima
Wormtongue, who was sent by Saruman to weaken the forces of Rohan. Check
this figure out here - ... ode=retail

Two more releases from Takara, the Cool Girl line continues to excite with
their well-articulated, well-accessorized 1/6 scale figures. The new
pre-orders are for Deunan Knute from Appleseed Ex Machina in a new style,
and CG-13, the mysterious warrior all loaded for bear. Check out these
great new Cool Girl figures here - ... ode=retail ... ode=retail

Possibly the greatest martial arts figure of our time, Bruce Lee was loved
by millions, and had a successful movie career until his sudden demise
before the release of "Enter the Dragon," his final film. Thanks to
Sideshow's Premium Format figures, you can now enjoy the Kung Fu warrior's
calming presence in your collection. ... ode=retail

The new Power Rangers Sentai series "Engine Sentai Go-Onger" is very
popular in Japan, and with the announcement of the american version,
"Power Rangers R.P.M.," comes a new wave of toys for the line. You can
choose fromthe new Engine #9, the Jumbo Whale, or the new DX Engine
Daishogun, a samurai-styled redeco of the original DX Engine-O. Take a
look at these new toys here - ... ode=retail ... ode=retail

Have you got a great collection of opened figures, but you're tired of
re-standing them every time one falls? The new Mini Mag Display System
may be for you. This system is a combination of magnet-bearing small
footstands for either 3-3/4" or larger figures, and a mutli-level metal
stand for the magnets to 'attach' to. With this system you can display
your figures in any style you want, with your heroes hanging upside down
or walking on walls. Check this system out ... egory=4769

Round Two is bringing us more holiday goodness this year with new Peanuts
and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer figures! You can choose from the
Snoopy Costume Trio, or two new talking playsets from "A Charlie Brown
Christmas," and on the Rudolph side we've got a talking figure set, as
well as the 16 inch tall Humble Bumble Set with Yukon Cornelius. Take a
look at these great figures today - ... ode=retail ... tegory=924 ... ode=retail ... ode=retail

From our friends in the U.K. come these new mugs with images from the hit
sci-fi show "Torchwood." You can choose from Captain Jack alone, the
whole team, or with Gwen, or turn the tables and make the good Captain
play second fiddle to Gwen on our Gwen & Jack mug. Enjoy your favorite
beverages in style. ... egory=4768

McFarlane Toys has announced a new numbering system for their NFL
Sportspicks line for the new year. Instead of numbered waves, the whole
year's worth of figures will now be labelled "Sportspicks 2008" and will
be divided into three shipping waves. The final wave's lineup has been
announced as Clinton Portis, Donald Driver, Jay Cutler and Marian Barber,
so you'll want to take a look at the waves and get your pre-orders set up
early. ... picks+2008

The first statue in a new line called "Jungle Queens," the Paleozoic Peggy
statue shows the lady in question searching the horizon as she's carried
by a large brown ape. This well-sculpted statue is limited to 250 pieces
worldwide, so check her out today - ... ode=retail

We've got a couple of new accessories available to celebrate the new
Indiana Jones movie. If you're looking for a small momento of the flick
you'll want to check out the Crystal Skull keychain, a pocket-sized
version of the treasured relic from the film. On the other end of the
spectrum we've got a replica felt fedora just like Indy's available in hat
sizes small to extra large. You can get an eyeful of these new items here
- ... ode=retail ... nes+Fedora

More announcements from Johnny Lightning! Following up on their first
assortment of die-cast Star Trek vehicles, the new wave includes a Borg
Cube complete with explosions, the U.S.S. Yamato, the U.S.S. Excalibur,
and the U.S.S. Voyager with Borg modifications. We're waiting on pics
yet, but Star Trek fans will know that this wave is a must-get
collectible. ... ode=retail

The latest wave of Busou Shinki toys
is the light armor wave, and this assortment includes Light Armor Valona
and Light Armor Welkstra. We're waiting for pics on these two figures as
well, but we have no doubt that fans will want to place pre-orders for
these today. ... ight+Armor


Todd McFarlane's newest release is Wave 1 of the Legend of the Blade
Hunters figures. In addition to the excellent King Draako box set, we've
also got the Ogre, Basilisk and Dragon Rider figures as singles, or you
can pick up the set of four to get the Eternal Dragon figure as well. ... egory=4019

We've got a new shipment of Hot Toys' Resident Evil 1/6 Scale figures, and
they're all ready for shipping. We have both original Leon and RPD
Edition Leon in stock, as well as Krauser, Krauser Transformed, and
Chainsaw Killer, all in scale. Take a look at these great figures here - ... egory=1660

From the hit superhero show comes the first wave of figures, and we've not
only got the set of five listed which includes Mohinder, Claire, Peter,
Sylar and Hiro, but we've also got Sylar and Hiro listed separately, if
you'd like to pick them up singly. ... egory=4321

The newest wave of the G.I. Joe Comic Two-Packs has just arrived, we now
have stock available for two of the three new sets including Shipwreck vs
Copperhead, and Storm Shadow vs Firefly. ... ode=retail ... ode=retail

We've just received our shipment of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan Wave 2
figures, and they look great! We've got them listed as a set of four,
including the Previews exclusive Commander Uhura figure, as well as
Captain Spock, Lieutenant Saavik and Regula-1 Kirk figures. Don't miss
out on these great figures that are in scale with previous STar Trek DST
releases! ... ode=retail

"Warlords" is a new action movie based on the Qing Dynasty tale of the
assassination of Ma Xinyi. Already released in Asia, this movie stars Jet
Li as the tragic leader, and was recently released in the United States.
Now you can enjoy these poseable figures based on the characters Zhao Er
Hu and Jiang Wu Yang, along with a variant Jiang Wu Yang figure. Check
them out today - ... egory=4305

Hot Toys' excellent Pirates of the Caribbean figures continue with the new
"At World's End" Will Turner Movie Masterpiece figure. This figure has a
great likeness of Orlando Bloom, and comes with accessories such as sword
and scabbard, knife and sheath, and pistol, as well as his cloth costume
and necklace. He's joined by Hot Toys' limited edition Captain Sao Feng
variant figure, which includes pants, robe, sash and scarf. Check out
these new arrivals here - ... ode=retail ... ode=retail

Finally, the Master of Magnetism gets his own Real Action Heroes 12"
figure! This 1/6 scale figure features Magneto in his classic armor
costume, complete with removable helmet. As with all of the RAH figures,
this one boasts excellent articulation and detail. Pick one up today! ... ode=retail

Hot Toys keeps 'em coming! This new Movie Masterpiece figure is based off
of the hybrid monster from "Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem" and has all of
the creepy details and articulation we've come to expect. This 18" figure
will not fail to impress - check him out - ... ode=retail

The monkey-lizard jester of Jabba the Hutt's court, Salacious B. Crumb
finally comes in to his own with this life-sized polystone and fiberglass
statue. He comes with a pillow and an optional display base, and he'll be
happy to keep a beady eye on your stuff. Take a look at this great new
statue today - ... ode=retail

Sideshow Toy continues to produce excellent dioramas based on the classic
fantasy trilogy-turned-movie-trilogy. This time out we've got the
"Treachery of Saruman" diorama, featuring the immoral wizard casting his
surprised fellow Gandalf into imprisonment after Gandalf made the mistake
of trusting him with knowledge of the One Ring. Add this great set to
your collection today! ... ode=retail

We now have all three 3-3/4"-scaled vehicles in stock from the new Indiana
Jones movie. In addition to the mighty Jungle Cutter vehicle, we've got
the Cargo Truck and Troop Car as well, so round out your Indy collection
with these great vehicles today! ... egory=4585

Two new waves of Marvel mini-figures for your collecting pleasure! From
the regular line comes an assortment consisting of Wolverine & a Hand
Ninja, Ares & Thor, Carnage and Ben Reilly and Spider-Man & Hobgoblin.
The Hulk assortment continues from the movie line, branching out into the
Marvel Universe with figures like the Thing, She-Hulk, Grey Hulk and Black
Bolt. ... +Series+08 ... egory=4597

Hot on the heels of Wave 3 comes the next assortment of Star Wars Mini
Muggs. Wave 4 includes Bespin Luke (complete with black eye!) and Yoda
for the good guys, and Emperor Palpatine and General Grievous from the
dark side of the Force. These cute little guys are all the rage, so take
a look at them today! ... ode=retail

Thanks for your interest in - be sure to check out
some of the recent vintage department listings as well as some of the many
new items above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Japanese Version Universe 2.0 now up for preorder!!!

Transformers News: Japanese Version Universe 2.0 now up for preorder!!!
Date: Thursday, May 29th 2008 9:14am CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Mkall, RodimusConvoy13

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Views: 6,165

Yesterday,'s own resident HMW guru Mkall let us know that had the new US Universe Ultra Figures available for pre-order. Today he does it again, this time, the Japanese versions of the same Universe 2.0 figures have hit the pre-order list.



and Silverbolt

These Japanese Universe 2.0 figures sport a more "G1 accurate" color scheme and are available for pre-order at a $54.99 USD pricepoint. Click on their respective names to view each pre-order page.

To join the discussion on this already in progress, click here.

Auto Assembly 2008 to have Charity Auction

Transformers News: Auto Assembly 2008 to have Charity Auction
Date: Thursday, May 29th 2008 8:57am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Event News, People News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Simon Plumbe

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Views: 16,100

Simon Plumbe has sent us another update regarding Auto Assembly 2008 to be held in August 2008 in the UK. In the update he gives us more info on events and announces a charity auction that will be held. Here's the email that received:

Auto Assembly 2008 Charity Auction

As usual, Auto Assembly 2008 is holding one of it's now traditional charity auctions to raise money for it's nominated charity, Help A Local Child, and this year we're hoping that it will be our best yet!

Help a Local Child was launched in 1994 with a commitment to helping the children and young people of the West Midlands, who experience the negative effects of poverty, abuse, neglect, homelessness, violence, crime, illness and disability. There are many children in and around the Birmingham area who are carers for their own parents or who are indirect victims of domestic violence or suffer daily pain due to illness. In this world of glamour and gain, these are the children that BRMB want to help. Their focus is local fundraising, with all money raised being awarded locally and really benefiting our community. With the help and support of their listeners, local celebrities, corporate partners, volunteers, and their employees, the fundraising year on year will help more and more children in the area, enabling them to achieve dreams and ambitions they would never have thought possible.

Last time we managed to raise just over £1,000 (almost $2,000) for our nominated charity from our auction and raffle thanks to many generous donations and support from those attending and we are hoping to beat this figure from Auto Assembly 2008 and we are already off to a flying start with donated and pledged items including the following:-

Auto Assembly 2004 RiD Sideburn/Mirage postcard - signed by Wally Wingert
Auto Assembly 2005 RiD Optimus Prime postcard - signed by Neil Kaplan
Auto Assembly 2006 Beast Wars Megatron postcard - signed by David Kaye
Signed photo of Neil Ross (G1 - Slag, Springer, Hook, Bonecrusher...)
Auto Assembly 2008 postcard original artwork - Simon Williams
Auto Assembly 2008 original artwork - Mike Collins
Auto Assembly 2008 original artwork - artist TBC
Signed photo - Wankus (RiD - Prowl)
Signed "something" - David Sobolov (Beast Wars - Depth Charge)

We are waiting for a lot more items as well so it's shaping up to be a great auction this time around but we want more and this time we're asking for YOUR help! If any of you have any items that you would like to donate we'd love to hear from you!

The sort of things we are looking for are items that are a little bit different, rare, more collectible or unique, so we're not looking for more modern items really. The convention itself is going to have more of a focus on G1 although we are still going to be open to donations of almost anything. If you can send items to us in advance that would be great but if not, if you can let us know in advance (and ideally send us a photo or two) and then make sure we have them on the night before the convention then that will be fine!

The best things we are looking for would be signed items, original comic artwork, convention exclusive toys, old mint boxed G1 toys, toy prototypes, limited edition comics, toys and similar items that are hard to find - that sort of thing. If in doubt, get in touch!

If any of you can help, it would be greatly appreciated and we're sure it would help us to smash our previous fundraising efforts. If you could help, our postal address for all donations is:-

Auto Assembly 2008 Charity Auction
PO Box 8966
Great Barr
B43 5ST

As well as the auction, we will be holding a raffle so if you have any regular items you may wish to donate as prizes for this, please feel free to send anything or bring these along on the Friday evening and again, funds raised from this will go to Help A Local Child.

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you all on 2nd August!

Simon and Sven
Auto Assembly 2008

As always, keep checking back here at for all the latest news on everything Transformers.

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