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Toy Fair Update! Classics Galvatron, Star Wars + Marvel TF's, Animated Jazz & TF2?

Transformers News: Toy Fair Update!  Classics Galvatron, Star Wars + Marvel TF's, Animated Jazz & TF2?
Date: Saturday, February 16th 2008 1:57pm CST
Categories: Event News, Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Fender Bender | Credit(s): Seibertron

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This just in from Seibertron at Toy Fair 2008!

Classics Galvatron was unveiled today and apparently looks awesome.

Hasbro is now taking the Star Wars Transformers and combining them with the Marvel Transformers and they will now collectively be known as Transformers Crossovers.

Animated Jazz is also on display, and according to Ryan, looks very much like the Mach 5, the car from Speed Racer.

Expect pictures later today!

Edit: In another update, it appears the designs for the Transformers Movie sequel are well underway. In a conversation with Aaron Archer, Ryan found out that Hasbro has been working with the Paramount/Dreamworks for the past 3 weeks. The current designs that they have come up with have been submitted to Tomy/Takara. will have complete coverage of Toy Fair 2008, live from New York

Transformers News: will have complete coverage of Toy Fair 2008, live from New York
Date: Thursday, February 14th 2008 4:46pm CST
Categories: Event News, Site News, Toy News
Posted by: Fender Bender | Credit(s): Seibertron

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Our own Seibertron will be in attendance of Toy Fair 2008 in New York City this weekend. If you are attending, be sure and stop to say hi! For the rest of us, continue to check out as our staff will continuously update the site this weekend with images and stories regarding the future of the Transformers Brand. So keep watching!

Transformers Report from the British Toy Fair

Transformers News: Transformers Report from the British Toy Fair
Date: Thursday, February 7th 2008 3:48pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Company News, Event News, Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s): Tranformers @ the Moon, Moonbug

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Transformers at the Moon have posted their report following the 2008 British Toy Fare.

Unfortunately no Pictures were allowed to be taken, but the Moon Crew have posted some previously unknown detailed information on upcoming Transformers lines. Below is a synopsis of the report:

Transformers: Animated
- Bulkhead and Optimus Prime will be made in Deluxe, Voyager and Leader size classes
- Earth Mode Megatron will be Leader Sized
- Animated Jazz has a G1 style Deco
- Animated will also have a renamed line very similar to the "Fast Action Battlers". This line will feature electronic lights and sounds.

Classics 2.0 / Universe
- Sunstreaker, Prowl, Onslaught and Powerglide were all on display.

Robot Heroes and Movie figures
- Will all make it to UK shores, with the Movie line running until Animated's Release.

Marvel Transformers
- Hulk, Venom and Iron Man will be the first figures released.
- The figures are smaller than megamorphs, and more comparable to SWTF.

To read the full report, please click here. Update: January 23rd

Transformers News: Update: January 23rd
Date: Wednesday, January 23rd 2008 4:21am CST
Categories: Sponsor News, Toy News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Joel of has posted a update.

Hi - Here is another quick update from about
more exciting new preorders and a huge batch of new items from Hasbro and
other manufacturers.


JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED 3-PACKS: Mattel has just sent over information
about 3 new case waves that contain a variety of hard to find current
releases as well as some all-new figures. These new cases contain these
3-packs and more: Green Lantern, Fire, Ice; Supergirl, Ultra Humanite,
Green Arrow; Mr Miracle, Darkseid, Orion; Vigilante, Brianiac,
Obsidian; Supergirl, Ultra Humanite, Green Arrow; Green Arrow, Hawk,
Volcana. We have three new case assortments priced at just $59.99 (which
is only $10 per 3-pack) Mattel has told us they will be working much more
closely with collector driven stores this year and we expect a much more
reliable flow of product.

TRANSFORMERS E-HOBBY - NEW YEAR TAPESTRY: Takara mixes it up a bit with
this new Wall-Scroll / Tapestry release. This item measures about 30" x
24" and features small images of 445 different Japanese Transformer
characters from G1 through G2. This cool new Tapestry is priced at
$64.99 - take a look at it here:

STAR WARS 3D CROSS SECTION X-WING MODEL: Kotobukiya brings us an exciting
new line of 1/35 Scale Statue Kits that not only give us a very cool
completed statue, but there are many parts that can be removed to show the
inner workings of the ship. MSRP on this item is $249.99, but we've cut
that by $50 and listed preorders at $199.99. Take a look at this cool
concept here:

FUTURAMA - SERIES 3: Toynami has just released info on the third wave of
figures, series 3 brings us the loveable Bender and Kif. This set of
figures is up for preorder at $23.99 and it includes the last two pieces
needed for the Build-A-Figure Robot Devil.

GEARS OF WAR - SERIES 1: We've just received product images of the first
wave of Gears of War, and they look fantastic! Preorder your set of 3
figures now at $41.99 and check them out here:

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS: Another cool batch of BSG, Trek, TF, POTA & More:

--TRANSFORMERS ARCEE BUST: The sister piece to our Elita One exclusive is
now up for preorder at $49.99 - another great looking piece from DST.

--STAR TREK 'AMOK TIME' 2-PACK: Kirk & Spock battle in this cool new twin
pack that has just been listed at $24.99:

--PLANET OF THE APES: Diamond applies the Retro Cloth formula to another
property with nice results, the set of Cornelius and Soldier Ape is up for
preorder at only $29.99 for the set.

--BATTLESTAR RAZOR MINIMATES: Fresh new designs from the Razor movie
bring us an all-new batch of Minimates. This case of 12 features
individually boxed figures - all of them Cylons! The case of 12 is listed
at $10 under MSRP at $49.99

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: Neca has just released images of all 4
turtles to us, and we've also listed a new boxed set along with the
individually carded figures. The carded figures do come with extra
accessories and display bases, while the boxed figures do not. Either way
the figures themselves are awesome:

very nice battle scene with a Predator facing off agains a PredAlien.
This large statue kit is up for preorder at $174.99 and is worth a look:

NECA: SWEENEY TODD - DEMON BARBER: More great items for Johnny Depp
fans. The highlights of the Sweeney Todd line are the Razor Prop Replica
packaged in a pouch or in a wooden box. Also listed are a variety of
products similar to what Neca has done for other licenses.

MACROSS MODEL KITS: 10 model kits from Bandai will be reissued this
spring and we've just listed preorders for all of them. These are all
fairly inexpensive, and will require paint & glue to complete:

with the new Skeletor Bust priced at $39.99 - Skeletor looks pretty tough
in this bust - very nicely done.

WETA ORIGINAL RAYGUNS: The 4th raygun in this series has just been
announced - get your preorders in for the Mongoose here at $499.99

STAR WARS - 12" EP IV SIDESHOW LUKE: Sideshow continues its popular 1/6
scale Star Wars series with the version of Luke we'll always think of
first. Up for preorder now at $66.99

DOCTOR WHO STATUES: Weta brings us two very nicely done high-end statues.
The Cybercontroller Statue has been listed at $239.99 and the Dalek's
Destruction Statue is $249.99 - both look great:

GHOST IN THE SHELL - MOTOKO: This figure sold out long ago, but a new
production run is in the works. Reserve yours now at $72.99 - the statue
stands about 8.5" tall:

ANIME PREORDERS: A wide variety of new anime items have just been listed
Yukikaze - Super Sylph 1/100 FFR-31 MR/D
Duel Maid - Trading Figures
Hell Girl - Ai Enma 1/8
Manyu Hikencho - Manyu Senbou 1/7
Gurren Lagann - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Yo-ko
Shuraki - Needa 1/8
Prismk Ark - Priecia
Kemeko DX - Kemeko Nendoroid & MM Figure
Senko no Ronde - Pec Champ Figure
Bible Black - Imari Kurumi


GI JOE 25TH - COMIC 2-PACKS: Waves 1 & 2 of this popular new format of
Joes has just arrived. For your convenience we've worked out a set of 5
that gives you one of each of the first 5 releases at just $49.99 each:

cool repaint of the Leader class Prime comes in the new Allspark themed

GI JOE 25TH - WAVES 4 & 5: We've just received full shipments on both of
these waves and cases & singles are now in stock. Both appear to be going
fast, so be sure to get your orders in soon!
= Wave 5
= Wave 4

STAR WARS EXPANDED UNIVERSE - WAVE 5: Three new 2-packs with comics have
just arrived and are in stock at $39.99 for the set. The figures in this
set are: Luke Skywalker (Lt. Jundland) & Lt. Shan, Mouse & Able in
Stormtrooper Disguise, Republic Commando & Super Battle Droid.

HALO 3 - STEEL SPARTAN STATUE: This Previews Exclusive statue is a very
cool repaint of the previously released Green Master Chief statue. They
are in stock now at just $89.99

Incinerator, and Off Road Ironhide are now in stock at $89.99 for the set
of 4. We also have singles in stock for all but Incinerator. Another
nice looking wave of figures - check them out here:

STAR WARS 30TH - WAVE 9: We've just received the rest of our Wave 9
shipment and full sets of 6 are now in stock at $59.99 each.

STAR WARS TITANIUM: The first round of 2008 Titanium figures has just
arrived. You can get a set of the 6 new figures here at $38.99

BBTS VINTAGE DEPARTMENT: The Vintage Department continues to work through
a large mass of G1 Transformers as well as Japanese Armada Minicons,
Japanese G1, World's Smallest, and a variety of other Transformer items:

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the new items mentioned above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Simon Furman Q&A Online!

Transformers News: Simon Furman Q&A Online!
Date: Friday, December 14th 2007 8:24pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Interviews, People News
Posted by: Raymond T. | Credit(s):,

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Last year IDW gave fans the chance to submit questions for Transformers writer Simon Furman. The best 20 were picked out of the litter and were answered by the Transformers guru himself. This year, fans were again able to ask the writer their burning questions. The best 20 questions were put together and are online in the second Simon Fuman IDW A&Q session. The first 15 on the IDW forum and the last 5 on Simon Furman's Blogpage.

The following 15 questions have been taken directly from the IDW Forum:

1) Character-wise are there any aspects of a character ie: role, alt. mode, character that you haven't had an opportunity to explore but you still would like to either through an original character or through the expansion on an existing one?

SF) What I feel I used to do well but (in the new IDW/TF-verse) haven’t done much of recently is take a little used character and really kind of escalate/advance them into terms of motivation, role and overall story impact. I’m thinking of the likes of Bludgeon, Thunderwing and Carnivac, where characters with little or no depth ended up virtually carrying whole story arcs. The closest I’ve come of late is with Razorbeast, in Beast Wars (Gathering/Ascending), where a toy/character who otherwise came and went without much of ripple has become quite pivotal (even collectable!). So far, with the Spotlights, I’ve largely focused on already A-list characters (or the likes of Nightbeat, a character I'd already got to grips with in a previous incarnation). Moving forwards, what I’d like to do is bring in a character or two from the ‘B’ or ‘C’ list and really go at them from scratch, bring them thundering into the ‘A’ list in terms of the IDW/TF-verse. Sixshot more or less fits those criteria, but I found there were limitations with a ‘living weapon.’ I’m looking forward to doing more with the likes of Doubledealer, Banzaitron and Jhiaxus. Right now, I’m searching for ways to confound expectation, so pretty much every character I tackle in an IDW comic comes with a fresh coat of paint, so to speak. Whatever established profile/tech spec/biog the characters already have, I’m using that as a loose template and taking it in different directions, without necessarily reinventing the wheel. It’s a very exciting way of working, as it seems to really let the creative side of me loose.

2) In your years working in the comic industry how much does it differ today to when you broke into the industry (art, story and the general production of a comic)? How do you see it in the years to come? And what is your favourite part of working in that industry?

SF) For me, the main difference is structure. Everything now is about the trade (paperback). With that in mind, stories are pretty much always arcs, be they four or six or more issues. I kind of miss the more rambling, unfolding nature of an ongoing comic. When we came to do the Titan reprints of the Marvel Transformers series, it was a challenge to break up the storyline(s) into cohesive (vaguely standalone) volumes. And, in fact, it often didn’t work. If you look at All Fall Down and End of the Road, there’s a distinct ‘To be continued…’ at the end of the first of those volumes. And I think because of distinct story arcs, there’s a natural tendency not to make single issues as self-supportive as they used to be. Which is also a shame. It’s why I love the Spotlights so much. They seem to hark back to a different era, where, as well as being part of a larger structure, each single issue also had to be semi-complete in and of itself. What I don’t miss about the ‘good old days’ is thought bubbles. It’s weird how old-fashioned they seem now. I much prefer narrative captions. They seem, to me, more grown-up (in a good sense of the word). Because, and this is a shame, comics are just no longer pitched at (or as accessible to) kids. Even ‘kids’ comics are just more sophisticated. I think back to the (Marvel) UK Transformers stories and compare them to the (Titan) UK stories of today, and there’s a big creative gulf. The one is not necessarily better than the other, just different. It’s no point getting misty-eyed with nostalgia, as a writer you have to move and evolve with the times, which I hope I’ll continue to do (wherever, and in whatever form comics go/take). The best bit is just being IN the industry. They’ll have to take me out in a box!

3) What one change would you make to the Transformers history you've created? (eg. do you wish maybe you hadn't made Magnus quite so scared of Galvatron? Do you wish you hadn't killed off Cyclonus? Not used Unicron in a particular story, etc).

SF) It sort of depends which Transformers history is being referenced. And even then, the only places I’d maybe want to go back and change/revisit are where external circumstances (such as imminent or sudden cancellation) dictated that either a story not go the way it was originally intended or not be completed at all. Certainly, the IDW/TF-verse is too new and still evolving to be the subject of retroactive second-guessing. New opportunities and avenues to explore are plentiful and ongoing there, and it’s probably the most well thought out/cohesive long-term structure I’ve ever had the luxury of working within. If I had to pick points to revisit, it’d be: with the original Marvel UK stories, I’d have loved to be able to play out the Ultra Magnus/Galvatron ‘rematch’ as originally set up. But the imminent change to black & white 5-page stories meant that Time Wars pretty much had to wrap up everything (and with two Primes in the mix, Ultra Magnus kind of got sidelined). With the Marvel US stories, I’d love to have been able to do the full post-Unicron storyline I had mapped out, with wasteland Cybertron and the quest for the Last Autobot unfolding over multiple issues (instead of, like, one). But again, it wasn’t to be. Once I knew issue #80 was our last, everything had to be condensed/accelerated (to an ultimately unsatisfying degree). I wish I could have continued Transformers Energon, I wish I could have wrapped up War Within v3, but really these things were just not meant to be, I guess. Largely, I try not to look back, only forwards. What’s out there already is out there, end of story. Truthfully, I’m not sure I’d want to tamper even if I could.

4) Will we be seeing more of the Micromasters in the future? (ie. why they are small and such and related to the Dead Universe?)

SF) Definitely more Micromasters in Revelation (and beyond)! This time around, in the IDW/TF-verse, I’m trying to apply thought and logic to concepts that previously were maybe just thrown into the mix without much due care and attention. If it’s Pretenders, it’s well why would Transformers need an outer shell? As a disguise element it always seemed slightly redundant to me in the original storylines. If it's Headmasters, what is it about a human/Transformer hybrid that makes them special? Why bother unless the end product is markedly better, and it cuts both ways (after all, it’s a kind of symbiosis)? I’m asking myself all the tough questions that were maybe skipped over in the rush of new product lines, and the same applies to Micromasters. Why is small better? What new, interesting abilities do pint-sized Transformers bring to the mix? And, as always, who is responsible? What’s their bottom line? The whole Jhiaxus/Nemesis Prime/Dead Universe storyline is about to explode, big time, and Micromasters are an integral part of what’s to come.

5) It's a very loose term, though. Can you define "brothers" in a TF sense? Is it merely some trivial notion of 'created around the same time' or 'somewhat looky-likey designs', or that they share some E.S.P., or what?

SF) What defines a ‘brother’ is going to feed into and be explored in two ’08 storylines. In the ‘ongoing.’ Sideswipe is about to step up and make his presence felt, most notably when he meets Sunstreaker again and realises he’s no longer just Sunstreaker! There is a bond between lots of characters, it’s just that in some cases it’s more pronounced, and the pair (or more) of characters in question are aware of it (even if it’s purely subliminal). Then, in a kind of standalone (but, of course, very connected) series, we’ll start to understand exactly where that link/bond came from. It’s connected to the lineage idea introduced in Spotlight Optimus Prime and to the eventual concept/realization of Combiners. Whatever it is, in some Transformers the bond is very strong, almost like in twins, in others it’s so watered down they don’t even know it’s there. A lot of ‘fundamental’ stuff, in terms of what makes a Transformer tick, is planned for next year.

6) If you were to radically reinvent the concept, allowing you to disregard anything and everything, for a one-off ‘Evolutions’ type story, what would it look like?

SF) It would probably not be terribly different to what we’ve done for the IDW/TF-verse. In many ways, it’s a reinvention/update of the classic G1 era, cutting out some elements, making others more contemporary, dropping in new ideas/designs/rationales, etc. So if I was handed carte blanche to do an Evolutions-style story, I’m not quite sure what I’d do with it. Even with Beast Wars, where I thought the abrupt leap into Beast Machines missed major storytelling opportunities, I got to drop The Gathering and The Ascending into that mix (and maybe more to come). The idea of just taking a different era and setting Transformers (G1) there doesn’t greatly appeal to me. Trying to re-do or re-style classic G1 stories doesn’t greatly appeal either. I feel (strongly) Transformers (as a whole) needs to keep moving forwards, evolving, in a way that doesn’t limit it to hardcore fan appreciation. That’s why I was so pro the new movie makeover. The quickest way to kill it dead would have been to make it a retro G1 piece, harking back entirely to the 80s (either in look or sensibilities). What I did enjoy recently was doing the ‘classic G1’ mini-comic for Madman’s DVD release of the entire animated series. That, in essence, ‘plugged a hole’ if you like, between the end of the animated show and the animated movie and felt more pertinent. Mostly, though, it’s my preference to keep looking upwards and onwards.

7) Given that you're well-known for taking obscure characters and breathing new life into them (Bludgeon, Nightbeat, Thunderwing etc.), are there any underdeveloped Transformers you'd like to give the same treatment in future?

Yes. And, assuming the Spotlights continue, I hope to do just that. The IDW/TF-verse is just so brimming with potential right now, I feel there is this vast pool of characters waiting for their chance to shine, to step out from (often limited) profile/tech specs, or simply just to be completely re-thought/re-made from the ground up. I think it's important that the main players have been established, either as the title character in a Spotlight or the main supporting character in a Spotlight (such as Ultra Magnus/Scorponok), but that done it’s time to move other, maybe more minor characters into major roles. After the trio of Blaster, Arcee and Grimlock Spotlights, I’m involved (rather than outright writing) in one more Spotlight (in what will be volume 3). That one definitely feels more in the spirit of minor character given due credit, gravitas and screen time. And, as always with the Spotlights, it plays into something much bigger. Can’t say any more at the moment, but I think it’ll surprise a few people.

8) What exactly does it take to kill a Transformer in IDW continuity? The amount of damage a TF can take before dying has always seemed to be fairly inconsistent to me, and so I'm curious as to what your take on the matter is.

SF) I think if I have played fairly fast and loose so far in the IDW/TF-verse, it’s with the actual mechanics (literal and otherwise) of how much injury a Transformer can sustain before it becomes critical. The two key elements to me are neural processor (brain) and Spark core (‘soul’). Take out either one of those, and you’re dead, gone, etc. Mind you, both are heavily shielded. Even a headshot (such as in Spotlight Ultra Magnus) might not necessarily destroy the processor. In Escalation #5, Megatron digs his hand into Optimus Prime’s chest cavity and squeezes his Spark core, meaning to crush it. Had he followed through, Prime would be dead. We have to assume that when Megatron shoots Starscream (in Infiltration #6) he misses (or fails to destroy) his spark core. EJ made it more graphic (and a much bigger torso hole/wound) than I’d maybe anticipated (in the writing), and so a certain degree of dramatic license may have to be applied there (especially if we ever actually place the Spark core specifically in some kind of internal cross-section). Though presumably there’s some room for manoeuvre here, what with different sizes and shapes of Transformers and all. Though we haven’t shown it as such, in the case of disembodied heads (such as Sunstreaker in Devastation), I’m working on the principle that the head is still hooked up to the Spark core (which has either been removed to a place of safekeeping or the original body preserved). The one can’t function without the other. I do mean to pay stricter attention to the physical limits of Transformers in upcoming arcs and series.

9) Now that IDW has the licence to produce Doctor Who comics, do you want to write for the series again? If you could, what elements would you explore, like in Axis of Insanity you explored the Doctor's curiosity and the dynamics between Peri and Erimem.

SF) I’ve always had a soft spot for the Doctor. Over the years I’ve done a fair few Doctor Who stories, whether in Doctor Who Monthly/Magazine (in the 80s) or in audio drama. And I’m currently doing some new (junior) Who for the UK (more details on my blog as and when I can trumpet this officially), as well as some Torchwood comic work (again, watch my blog for more details). So the short answer is yes, I’m always up for more Who. And, in fact, I have talked to Chris Ryall about doing some IDW-Who. But if I do, it’ll be later rather than sooner in 08, as story arcs (by other creators) are already in progress or upcoming (and I’m snowed under right now). What would I do, story-wise? I’d like to put the Doctor in a situation where he’s just totally and utterly out of his depth. Sometimes I feel the just always seems to know what’s what and what to do about it. I think if I get to do an IDW arc, I’d put the Doctor completely out of any kind of comfort zone, in a situation where he’s got to more or less think/act on a wing and a prayer. I loved the Human Nature/Family of Blood two-parter in series 3 of the new TV show. It showed the Doctor in a refreshingly new light. It’s that kind of thing I’d like to tap into any story I might write. Beyond the companionship, why does he have a companion? It’s for situations exactly like that.

10) What are some of the best experiences you’ve had working with artists? Any particular issues, old or new, where you were especially blown away?

SF) Too many ‘blown away’ experiences to list. Some notables would include: my very first strip work (a ‘Library of Death’ story in UK comic Scream), drawn by (of all people) Steve Dillon. What a way to start out. Story was truly dire, by the way, but hey, it looked good! Transformers UK #113: Geoff (Senior) was forever blowing me away with his artwork, and in fact #113 isn’t his best TF work (I’d reserve the likes of Target: 2006 pt 8 and Edge of Extinction in US #75 for that distinction), but it was inspirational inasmuch as it pretty much pushed me into rethinking what was supposed to be a minor (disposable) supporting character (Death’s Head) and turning him into what’s become, I guess, my signature creation. For all the wrong reasons, I remember a Dan Reed UK job where he was so late with the pages I thought I was going to have to run with a reprint filler story. He had to physically bring the pages (from Paris, where he was living at the time), at which point he lost the splash page (in customs) and had to redraw it with me standing over him looking at my watch. I still shudder to this day. The first page of Transformers (US) #56 is another of what I’d call personal landmarks. It wasn’t just my first page of Transformers US, it was my first work for Marvel US (something I’d always dreamed of). Good, bad or indifferent (art-wise), that page was always going to be special. My collaborations with Andrew Wildman have always been memorable, not least because we actually developed our own IPs. Some of the ones that got away, like the (proposed) Neo-Knights series, I remember vividly. Again, for all the wrong reasons, I remember working with Pat Lee and how kind of disappointed I was to find how little of the art was actually him. He gave me an original art page of Armada, and there’s so little art on it! The good side of Dreamwave was my first collaboration with Don Figueroa on War Within v1. His art blew me away (in terms of its amazing detail and dynamism) and then blew me away again (because this was when I first realized that the new generation of TF artists were utterly passionate about the work).

11) In 2008, are there any plans for a mini-series of Primus and Unicron story and fit the core continuity?

SF) I shall restate categorically what I’ve said before. No Primus. No Unicron. I’m just not going there (outside of Beast Wars, and then not directly). BUT, that’s not saying we won’t at point start poking and prodding around the pre-history of the Transformers and begin to ground what’s happening in the present with stuff that goes all the way back to the very beginning. There’s stuff I’ve laid into the IDW/TF-verse already that pays into the timelost roots of the Cybertronian race and I don’t intend to let that mystery drag on too long. The Dead Universe wasn’t always dead. That’s all I’ll say for the time being.

12) Marvel G1 question: whatever happened to Professor Morris? I believe the last we saw of him was when Centurion was beheaded by Galvatron. Later, when Wheeljack rebuilt him, Morris was never mentioned again. So was he trapped in his underground bunker when Centurion was sent to the bottom of the Thames or what?

SF) OK. This question sent me scurrying back to my collected editions of the UK stories (and de-archiving the original issues that featured ‘Ancient Relics’ the Transformers/Action Force crossover). We last see Professor Morris (in person) in issue #102 (‘Fallen Angel pt 2’), when he mentally communicates with Swoop, asking permission to mind-share again (following on from events in The Icarus Theory in UK #45/46). We ‘assume’ that’s him communicating through Centurion later in ‘Ancient Relics’ (though I confess it’s not clear). However, it’s still something of a loose end, as we never really know if Morris was ever extracted from that bunker (after Centurion disappeared into the Thames… to be extracted later in ‘Salvage pt 1’ in TF-UK #160). Let’s assume so, eh? Maybe Swoop was feeling charitable and (after the events of ‘Ancient Relics’) freed him. Or maybe Triple III finally broke in or RAAT got involved. Whatever the case, let’s hope Morris got out somehow. He only had enough food and water for a year!!

13) Have you ever considered that maybe all the various storylines from all the previous companies (Marvel, DW, Club exclusives, etc) could be brought together in a huge storyline that could redefine the future of Transformers and use all the characters from all the comics, toys, manga and anime available (G1 to Galaxy Force, Beast Wars, and back), just like DC is actually doing in their Countdown comic series?

SF) Some kind of big ‘Crisis on Infinite Transformers’ was considered (and then rejected) when IDW first picked up the license. Chris Ryall and I discussed several options, of which that was one. Another was a way of running G1 and Cybertron comics in tandem, with a sort of crossover story that simultaneously launched both titles (the original pitch for which can be seen as an ‘extra’ in the Best of Simon Furman book). Both were ultimately rejected in favour of the complete reboot of the G1 line that now forms the IDW/TF-verse and I believe it was the right way to go. Even if we’d gone the ‘Crisis on Infinite Transformers’ route and effectively cleaned house, it would still have been a confusing and off-putting (especially to new readers) way to start. Though part of me still loves the idea of doing something on that scale I don’t think (this far on and in) it’d be something IDW would ever consider.

14) You have been involved with Transformers more or less since the beginning. How do you feel about how the line has grown and evolved since its inception? Has it improved, degraded, remained true to the original vision, forgotten it, reshaped it for the better?

SF) I think, as with all properties that have been around as long as Transformers has, there have been both highs and lows. The great thing about Transformers as a whole is how easy it is to ‘transform’ itself for each new generation (whether they be young kids or adults, fans or newbies) without losing the core concepts and ideals that underpin it. I’m not going to get into what I feel those highs and lows are, but I do think that even 23 years on from when it first hit toy shops in the west, Transformers is still delivering across a wide variety of media. Whether it's the IDW/TF-verse, the new movie franchise, Transformers Animated, the passion the creators and toy designers and moviemakers bring to each is undiminished by time. In fact, I’d go as far as to say we’re in something of a golden age right now, where the sheer momentum delivered by the first (new) movie is pushing everyone involved to be that much more on their game when it comes to new product. There will always be those who hanker for what they see as the original and best, the G1 of the 80s (be it toy, comic or cartoon), but clearly the main reason Transformers has survived and thrived is because things haven’t stopped still, haven’t remained stuck in the nostalgia era. The long-time fans are incredibly important, but it’s even more important that new generations are given an easy access point into what otherwise could be a daunting and off-putting 23-year (and counting) history.

15) When writing dialogue for the Transformers, do you imagine it being spoken by the voice-actors that played the respective characters in the cartoon?

SF) Sometimes, but increasingly not. I pretty much always write dialogue for Optimus Prime with Peter Cullen in mind as I do so. He’s just so completely attached to the character in my opinion. But when it comes to the IDW/TF-verse, I try not to go in with any vocal preconceptions, because it may subliminally make me write a given character as if its their classic G1 equivalent (which it’s not). However, when I write Beast Wars characters in comic form I absolutely do think of their voice actor counterparts. How can you not think of David Kaye (“Yess”) when writing BW Megatron or Scott McNeill with Rattrap? So it depends. The (new) movie voice cast didn’t really have enough screen time (or make enough impact on me) to affect the way I write any surrounding prequel/roll over movie comic material. So, strangely, those I do tend to base more on their original animated counterparts. (New) movie Starscream I write just like his G1 counterpart. I have Chris Latta’s whiny, shrill delivery in mind when I write him. Mostly, though, when it comes to writing dialogue for Transformers, I try to approach each character as I’ve previously set them up (with any accompanying vocal tics) and not be too influenced by ‘outside’ sources. That said, while writing Torchwood stories recently, I had each of main actor’s voices nailed to my subconscious.

The following last five questions were taken directly from Simon Furman's Blog.

16) How does the Matrix work in the IDW universe (i.e. power of Primus, souls of all the Transformers, sacred battery, etc)?

SF) Well, we’ve yet to actually meet the Matrix in the IDW/TF-verse. So we may be getting ahead of ourselves here. What do we know about it so far? Well, according to Spotlight Galvatron, the Matrix was (and maybe is) “carried” by Nova Prime, and he (Nova Prime) disappeared into the Dead Universe (along with the Matrix, we assume). Nova describes a bottomless well and a resonant tug on the Matrix. What happened next we don’t know (yet). But what is the Matrix (hm, that sounds familiar somehow)? Not telling. Not yet. But ’08 holds the answers: what it is, where it came from, what is does (then and now!). The Matrix (and what it’s become) will figure large in all that happens post-Devastation. The Matrix has been gone from the IDW/TF-verse for a long time, and its return will not necessarily be a thing of celebration.

17) Was it always the intention to introduce Acree to the IDW-verse, or was it as case of being suddenly struck with a workable idea? If so, what inspired the idea and story?

SF) I think once the nature of IDW/TF-verse Jhiaxus started to properly take shape, so the idea of doing an Arcee story became both workable and desirable (in the context of both a Spotlight and the larger story). To an extent, I wasn’t willing to go anywhere near Arcee (as a character) until I had worked out the whys and wherefores (in the IDW/TF-verse) of quote-unquote female Transformers and the whole issue of gender. Back when I was writing the first clutch of Spotlights, the idea of Arcee started to germinate. The Nightbeat Spotlight opened a door, and the involvement of Hot Rod just somehow made me want to get Arcee in there too, somehow, even though the two aren’t linked in the IDW/TF-verse. But even then I didn’t really have all the answers I needed (for myself) to properly introduce/write the character. I’ve been vocal about my resistance to the idea of gender in Transformers, so if Arcee existed (and she was a she), then I really needed to know exactly why that was (and how she and others react to that fact). Arcee, Combiners and Micromasters all have a common point of origin, in terms of forcing the evolution the Cybertronian race. Once I had that in mind, Arcee just seemed to work (and I had the motivation on both sides) as both a concept and a character.

18) As more people chip into building this new IDW/TF-verse continuity, are there any guidelines for what creators should/shouldn’t include to avoid clashing with other books?

SF) My main rule of thumb has always been (and remains), if it’s been done that way before, don’t do it again. It applies equally to me and, I hope, the other writers contributing to the IDW/TF-verse. Mostly, other than looking at what’s been established so far in the ‘ongoing’ arcs, the Spotlights and so forth and making sure new story elements don’t blow it all (in terms of the over-arcing story) out of the water, it’s just a matter of continually thinking outside of the box, and not falling back on classic G1 (knee-jerk) story/character traditions. Defy expectations. Turn characters on their heads. Assign them roles and functions that don’t necessarily match their classic G1 counterparts. And try and keep the story rolling onwards, rather than keep dipping back into what’s gone before (or if you do go back, make sure it has some present day/future resonance/pay off). On the IDW forums there’s a great thread, which painstakingly details who’s appeared, when and where. It’s very helpful, not least to me. The great thing about the way the IDW/TF-verse is set up is there are stories to tell that don’t necessarily have to be set on Earth. It’s been established that the war is spread out across many worlds, many frontiers, and that there are disparate groups of Decepticons (Infiltration units) and Autobots (Tactical Response units) involved, and that the ‘staged’ process established in Infiltration, Escalation and the like is underway on those other worlds too. So it’s reasonably straightforward to assemble a cast on some far-flung world and tell whatever kind of story you want to tell.

19) What goes into writing a new character who’s not been featured before? With, say, Sixshot was there a process involved in how he would act or did you look at tech specs or previous appearances in other mediums to get a basic idea?

I do at least start with the tech specs. Then, largely, I look for whatever it is in that character that interests or intrigues me, or seems to open the door to some kind of dramatic conflict (and if it’s not there, then I’ll start to rethink or flesh out the character more) and subsequent resolution (to a degree). With the Spotlights in particular I look for a way to give the reader an almost instant insight into what makes the character tick, and why we should care about or empathise with them. Good guy or bad guy, it’s necessary that the reader become involved with the character quickly. So if there’s nothing much there in terms of tech specs or previous appearances to start with, I’ll introduce something to lift the character out of a kind of template role. Taking Sixshot as an example, having divined that he’s this ‘living weapon,’ I thought, so what does that mean? (Both to us and to him.) Why should we care? How does he view himself? Is he happy being a living weapon? Might he, if given a way out, take it? And so forth. When addressing any character, I’m continually asking myself questions about them. First job really is to get myself interested. Once I am, it’s that much easier to get other people interested. Sometimes I actually prefer it when there’s little or nothing already there in black and white and I can just build the character from the ground up.

20) In Spotlight: Shockwave, did Shockwave beat the Dynobots or did he just destroy their organic covering forcing them into stasis lock? Any chance of a rematch?

SF) I think the answer to the first part of this question is that Shockwave beat the Dynobots by destroying their organic covering, at which point they went into stasis lock. Did he beat them? Yes. Would he, if they too had been resistant to the high levels of energon? Hard to say. Maybe, maybe not. Grimlock, clearly, had foreseen the possibility of losing and planned an appropriate no-win scenario before ever setting foot on the planet. So maybe he won. Either which way, we do have something of another grudge match in the offing. Only this time it’s the Dynobots versus… ah, but that’d be telling. Whatever the case, stuff is set in motion in Spotlight Grimlock that will have huge repercussions. Will Shockwave figure in any of this? Maybe. Are the Dynobots coming back in 08? Definitely.

Transtech to get new lease on life

Transformers News: Transtech to get new lease on life
Date: Tuesday, November 27th 2007 4:45pm CST
Categories: Collector's Club News, Comic Book News, Event News, Rumors
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s): waaaaghlord

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... with a little help from the Official Transformers Club.

Seibertron's own waaaaghlord reports the following:

Pete from the TCC has announced on the club boards which direction the club comic is going to take following the current (post Marvel) Classics arc. While I can't quote directly from the club boards Pete has been kind enough to let members report in broad terms what's coming up to the wider community. And Transtech is it.

This will apparently be a different take to the original post Beast Machines concept, since the Universe comics have already covered the post BM era. Since the club comics have been focusing on the club combiner figures and hopping between realities it's fair to assume that this will in fact be a totally new TF continuity within the broader scope of Timelines. The Transtech name is apparently not being used for the project, what name they are going with is not known as yet.

It's been seven years coming but it looks like the TT designs are finally going to get their day in the sun.

Looks like interesting times ahead for Transformers fans, with Botcon adding a twist to next years toys, and now the TCC reviving Transtech in Comic form.

BigBadToyStore Update: October 26th

Transformers News: BigBadToyStore Update: October 26th
Date: Saturday, October 27th 2007 4:44am CDT
Categories: Sponsor News, Toy News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Joel of has posted another update to his site.

Hi - Here is a quick update from about
another big batch of new arrivals and more exciting new preorders:


MCFARLANE'S TWISTED X-MAS TALES: This awesome new set of figures won't be
available at most big-box stores due to Todd's graphic take on the holiday
traditions. After seeing Mrs Claus, its fair to say that she'll
definitely be the highlight of Santa's year. Enraged Reindeer,
murdersome elves and more are available now as a set of 6 for $69.99

WORLD OF WARCRAFT - SERIES 1: The full set of 4 figures is in stock now
at the low price of $49.99 - $14 under MSRP. The Blood Elf, Orc, Dwarf,
and Undead figures are also available for $14.99 each singly - check out
the beginning of this great series here:

GI JOE 25TH ANNIVERSARY: The Cobra Legions 5-pack is now in stock for
$29.99, more of the Joe 5-pack have also arrived - $27.99 each on those.
Hasbro is shipping the new figures out in waves and we now have extra
singles on hand for Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Hooded Cobra Commander, and
Cobra Officer.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA CYLON: A recent arrival from Majestic Studios, the
long awaited Cylon comes with several alternate hands, and is reasonably
articulated. These are listed at $64.99 and we most likely won't be able
to get anymore of them.

TRANSFORMERS GALVATRON MODEL KIT: Extremely limited and standing roughly
6" tall after completion. This model kit is made by a new company call
Arianhod and is in stock for $124.99. The model is unpainted, but with a
little fun work it will look great.

STAR WARS OBI-WAN VS ANAKIN STATUE: Another great statue from Sideshow,
this version captures their battle at Mustafar. It is 13" tall and 14"
side to side - take a look here:

SHUNYA YAMASHITA: The new Creator's Labo #12 statue and the beautiful new
Shion bust have both just arrived - check out the complete Yamashita
collection here - its some of the best done import product out there:

REVOLTECH MACROSS: The VF-1S Roy Focker comes with Strike gear and super
poseable joints. In stock now for $22.99 along with the VF-1J. The VF-1A
will be arriving soon.

NECA'S RESIDENT EVIL 10TH WAVE 2: This wave is all baddies with the
Crimson Head Zombie, Hunter, Licker, and Tyrant. These are available
individually as well as by the set.

DC MINIMATES WAVE 6: Just in and available for $29.99 for the set, the
minimates keep rolling and look as good as ever.

MOVIE MASTERPIECE RAMBO III: A great release from Hot Toys - tons of
detail including a nice rifle and his signature bow with exploding arrow
tips. This piece is listed at only $92.99 - a fairly good bargain for Hot
Toys imports.

GENTLE GIANT - SARUMAN BUST: Another nice sculpt from Gentle Giant, this
piece is limited to around 3500 pieces and in stock now at $44.99

GOD OF WAR KRATOS: We've just restocked both the 7" figures and also the
13" Kratos figure, don't forget to preorder the next release as well:

QUANTUM MECHANIX - SERENITY REPLICAS: A variety of the very cool Serenity
replicas from the imaginative people at Quantum Mechanix have just arrived
- check out the full selection here:

HARD HERO DAREDEVIL STATUE: Limited to only 1000 pieces, Hard Hero has
done a nice job with this piece. It stands over 17" tall and features
Daredevil balancing on one hand.


DISNEY CARS 2008: Mattel has just released information about the many
assortments that will be arriving early next year. They have 35 new
versions of the popular 1/55 scale die-cast figures, new Mini-Adventure
figure that are even smaller than the 1/55 scale figures, racing sets,
Movie Moments and more. We have a few images listed and a variety of new
Cars cases. Our sales rep told me the assortments are likely to contain a
few of the older items, but be heavily weighted to the all-new figures.
Get your preorders in now to reserve from our initial shipment:

TRANSFORMERS UNLEASHED: Hasbro continues the Unleashed Turnaround line
with two new figures, currently available through only a handful of
Hasbro's accounts, including BBTS. These sets feature Ratchet & Jazz,
and Blackout & Barricade - available as a set of $57.99, or $29.99 each.

NEW REVOLTECH: Kaiyodo brings us 3 more new Revoltech figures to bolster
this fast-growing line. From Patlabor we have the Helldiver and Brocken,
and from Yotsuba Kiowai we have Danboard. Check out all the new Revoltech

SIDESHOW STAR WARS - YODA VS DOOKU STATUE: Another entry into the nicely
done series of battle statues. This statue is around 10" tall and
features Yoda floating in mid-air battle against Dooku - priced $10 under
MSRP at $189.99

HALO 3 ACCESSORIES: A company called Changes will be producing a variety
of cool keychains, pins, and a belt buckle based on various weapons and
themes from Halo 3. Check out the Energy Sword, Shotgun Shell, Sniper
Rifle and other items here:

HOT TOYS MILITARY: Two more extremely detailed figures have just been
announced at $104.99. The Private Military Contractor and C.I.A. Commando
- Group of Operations in Iraq figurs are found here:

ANIME GIRLS & BOTS: A huge variety of new entries this week - take a look
at all these great offerings from Japan - first the Ladies:

--TSUKASA BULLET - Excellend Model 02 Hanako-San Figure in cow-skin bikini


--TANDEM TWIN - Leopard Girl Momo has just been listed at $62.99

--IKKI TOUSEN - Dragon Destiny Koumei & Ryuubi by Griffon - $91.99

--SATSURIKU NO JANGO - Franco Il Nero in a revealing pose - $76.99

--ROCKET GIRLS - Yukari Morita PVC - with mini rocket - $74.99

--DEAD OR ALIVE - Ayane Leifang - in bikini with inner-tube - $44.99

--TO HEART 2: Sasara Kusugawa Maid PVC Statue - highly requested $44.99

--DA CAPO II: Yume Asakura & Nanaka Shirakawa PVC - only $26.99

On to all the cool bots & mechas:

--YAMATO'S GROIZER X - MANGA VERSION: Only available from one distributor
in Japan, we'll be bringing some over at $164.99

--TOP COLLECTION MAZINGER: Fifth in this cool series from Happinet

--TOP COLLECTION GRENDIZER: Over 8" Tall - $79.99

--ARMORED CORE: CR-C98E2 Nine Ball Model Kit - $31.99

SAW 20" AND SAW BEARBRICK: We've just listed a 400% Billy the Saw Puppet
Bearbrick at $59.99, and NECA brings us a 20" plush version of Billy for
just $37.99 - check out all the Saw items here, and enjoy Saw IV.

DISNEY STATUES: About 15 more new statues have just been listed including
Lenox figurines, Pooh and Friends, Disney Traditions, and Classic
Collections - the menu now has 100+ items listed here:

MCFARLANE SPORTS PICKS HOCKEY GOALS: None of the future Goalie figures
will include nets, but McFarlane has addressed that situation by making
both a modern net and classic net available. These come with a generous
amount of ice and a variety of holes to peg your figures. The nets are
$7.99 each - take a look here:

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the new items mentioned above. As usual, there were hundreds
of other items that arrived, so take a spin through the site.


Joel & The BBTS Crew Update: October 11th 2007

Transformers News: Update: October 11th 2007
Date: Thursday, October 11th 2007 8:45pm CDT
Categories: Sponsor News, Toy News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Joel of has posted a update. Trasformer related would be the preorder for reissue Sky Lynx and Asia Exclusive Classic 2packs.

Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
variety of new arrivals and more exciting new preorders:


TRANSFORMERS REISSUE SKY LYNX: We've just received confirmation from
Japan that Takara will be reissuing Sky Lynx in February. Its great news
to see that Takara-Tomy is continuing on with the reissues. Its been over
a year since they have reissued anything new, and hopefully they will
continue on with more classics in the future. We have Sky Lynx up for
preorder at $89.99 here:

SERENITY REPLICAS: We've just started carrying products from a cool
company called Quantum Mechanix. They have licenses to produce
collectibles for Serenity, Battlestar, Stargate and more. We've listed a
variety of cool items including: Mal's Pistol, Serenity Ship Papers
Replica, Blueprints, Bank Heist Money, Posters, and Postcards. Quantum
Mechanix has put a lot of time into getting the details just right - take
a look at their cool stuff here:

STAR WARS 30TH - WAVE 10 SETS: We've just listed 8 new figures for
$69.99. These figures will come with a character display stand instead of
the coins and figures include: Obi-Wan (In Lava), Darth Vader (In Lava),
Lava Droid, Commander Gree, Kashyyyk Trooper, Tri-Droid, 2-1B & Po Nedo.
Check them out here:

STAR WARS TITANIUM - 2008: We dont' have any images available yet, but
the first wave of Titanium figures for 08 sound promising. We have cases
at $69.99, sets of 6 at $38.99, and singles starting at $6.99. Figures
include: Battlestar Classic Galactica, AT-OT, Clone Scout Speeder Bike,
Millenium Falcon, Saesee Tiin's Starfighter, Tatooine Skiff.

TRANSFORMER CLASSICS - ASIA EXCLUSIVES: We have a limited number of Asian
Market exclusive TF Classic 2-packs up for preorder at $64.99. These two
sets include nifty double-flapped gift boxes of Grimlock & Jetfire, and
Ultra Magnus & Prime.

GIANT 3" TALL MAZINGER FIGURES: Four new figures ranging 32" to 36" from
Art Storm have just been listed. From Mazinger & Grendizer we have:
Great Mazinger, Mazinger Z, Garada, and Grendizer. Each of these beastly
figures is $289.99

YAMATO MACROSS: We've been able to secure inventory of quite a few
previously sold out valkyries. Preorders are now open for the 1/48 VF-1S
Roy, VF-0S, VF-1A Hikaru, VF-1J, Hikaru, VF-1J Stealth, VF-1S Hikaru and

TRANSFORMERS MOVIE BUMBLEBEE SET: Get both the classic and 08 Camaro
figures in this cool exclusive 2-pack. Limited numbers are coming in from
suppliers and they are priced at $39.99

THE GOLDEN COMPASS: Tonner Character Figures will be rolling out a
variety of Goldan Compass figures to coincide with the upcoming movie.
The first two figures are Lord Asriel at Oxford, and Lyra at Oxford listed
below MSRP at $149.99 and $114.99 respectively.

DOCTOR WHO: Four new items have just been listed: Sanctuary Base Gift
Set, Flight Control Tardis 3-Figure Giftset, Utopia Set with Professor
Yana, and The Last Time Lord LCD Handheld Game.

GURREN LAGANN - COOL MECHS: A few very cool new items from Konami have
just been listed - check out the Gurren Lagann figures here:

ANIME GIRLS: More hot new figures have just been listed including: Mai
Kawasumi in Pink & Red versions from Kanon, Melancholy - Tsuruya-san, Ikki
Tousen Shimei Battle Nurse, Ikki Tousen Sonsakue Cerberus, and also
Demonbane Al Azif Nendoroid, Nao Nendoroid from Mabinogi.

BLUE BOX 1:18 - BLACK DEATH: A cool new helicopter is up for preorder at
$34.99 - check out the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior here:


GI JOE 25TH - COBRA 5-PACK #2: The second five pack (and also more of the
first GI Joe 5-pack) will be arriving in under 2 weeks! Our shipment is
at the port and is waiting to be processed. Get your preorders in now for
whats sure to be another hard to find set.


THE GRINCH WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS: McFarlane has done a nice job capturing
one of the all time great holiday cartoons. We have sets of 4 figures in
stock for $49.99 and also the Mt. Crumpit boxed set for $23.99. Its a bit
early for Christmas items, but you can be on the safe side and reserve a
set now before they fly out the door during the holidays.

GWEN STEFANI FASHION DOLLS 2: We now have 4 new Gwen Fashion dolls in
stock at $22.99 each. Figures include: Orange County Gwen, Yummy Gwen,
Wind It Up Gwen, and Wonderful Life Gwen. These figures are made by
Huckleberry Toys, the packaging is high-end and there are plenty of

SPORTS PICKS - NBA LEGENDS 3: Just $10.99 for all the standard versions
of McFarlane's latest batch of NBA Greats. Figures include Bill Russell,
David Robinson, Dominque Wilkins, James Worthy, Moses Malone, and Earl

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN - GX-38 IRON GEAR: Another beauty from Bandai, this one
comes in a fairly large attractive box and is priced at $179.99. It has
cool transforming action and lots of extra bits and pieces

TRANSFORMERS ULTRA MAGNUS VS SKYWARP: Small numbers of the exclusive
Classics Skywarp vs Ultra Magnus are in stock at $44.99 each - with a
second round of Classic figures coming in the next year or two, you'll
want to be sure to have the full set of wave 1 before they get really hard
to find.

300: We've received more of the very popular 300 action figures as well
as a variety of other collectibles and more of the 300 Spartan Helm.
Check out the full selection of items here:

STAR WARS BOBBLE-HEADS: Funko's new line of figures has finally started
to arrive. We have the Yoda and Boba Fett Bobble Heads in stock at $9.99
each and the Darth Vader with TIE is $19.99

SIDESHOW'S BEAST & WHITE QUEEN STATUE: Another great looking sculpt from
Sideshow, the X-Men vs Sentinel Beast & White Queen statue is in stock now
at $284.99 ($15 under MSRP)

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the many cool new items listed above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Transformers in the spotlight in the November Issue of Toyfare Magazine

Transformers News: Transformers in the spotlight in the November Issue of Toyfare Magazine
Date: Tuesday, September 18th 2007 6:47pm CDT
Categories: Media, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s): Bombus distinguendus

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Seibertron's own Bombus distinguendus has found his November issue of Toyfair is packed to the rafters with Transformers!
Here's what he found inside:

TF Animated Prototype pics :
- Prowl (robot form),
- Bulkhead (robot and vehicle mode),
- Starscream (is a grey blue and red colour, both robot and vehicle mode)
- Bumblebee (vehicle and robot)

Star Wars Transformers:
- TF Darth Vader/Death Star
- Luke/Snowspeeder
- Commander Cody/ Turbo Tank

Other Figures:
- 6' Optimus Prime
- Masterpiece Skywarp (vehicle mode only)
- Optimus Prime Ipod Docking Station (vehicle mode only)
- Masterpiece Starscream (in G1 colours/robot mode)

As well as all the Transformers pictures, Toyfare also features a Huge Story on The Gobots!!!

So if you need a fix of Transformers toys, or want a sneak peek at the Animated figures, you may want to check out the November Toyfair magazine.

Transformers Block Toys -- It Is Time!

Transformers News: Transformers Block Toys -- It Is Time!
Date: Sunday, September 2nd 2007 8:25am CDT
Categories: Collectables, Editorials, Site Articles, Toy News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): An_de (video), wikipedia,

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The purpose of this news blurb is to make awareness that locking brick Transformers is a popular idea, and a missed opportunity for the Transformers property.

There is a plethora of high quality fan made LEGO Transformers out there. The most recent version was shown yesterday (Movie Blackout), and today with this video of a transforming Movie Concept Camaro LEGO Bumblebee and others.

I believe that a large part of the collectible, and toy market is being missed because apparently there is no love for the merging of what seems like a match made in heaven...Transformers and LEGO blocks.

As a child I loved my LEGO sets almost as much as my GI Joes, Transformers, Star Wars, etc. Not true, I think I loved them more. They were a huge part of my childhood play. I used them in conjunction with and separately from all my other beloved toys. They are as much a part of my memory as those other beloved properties.

Fast forward to today, where we see a gap in the Transformers armor. Sure the movie has spawned so much TF merchandise, one would wonder just how there are any gaps at all. After all, there are bed sheets, lunchboxes, wrapping paper, toy lap tops, and so many versions of the characters in toy form that there should be no wanting for anything by any Transformers collector at all right? Wrong.

Why has the locking building blocks market been forsaken? Why are they skipping this style of play that was and is popular with children of many ages? I wish I knew. After all, you can see that many of the most popular movie franchises of late have made sure that they have their foot in that market: Spider-man and Marvel, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.

Perhaps because they are not sure how to go about doing it, especially with their first U.S. venture a few years back, Built To Rule Transformers. I can remember threads in the toy forum where all we did was come up with negative names that either rhymed with, or used the acronym, to create whatever negatives we could (many were quite vulgar). Doomed from the start some might say, because it was representing robots from the "as well loved" ARMADA television show, and not doing a very good job of it.

These Built To Rule configurations seemed like a great idea to try to get into the locking blocks market. Instead, they failed miserably. However, it was not the idea of tranforming block made robots that was bad, it was the design and execution of these robots that made people say, "Uggg..." The robots were flat, lacking in articulation, fairly fragile. And oh yeah, you had to take them apart to turn them into the more superior alternate modes. Oh and the blocks were not able to be used with LEGO bricks, so one could not modify the robots, and improve on them, unless they used another BTR set, which there were not many of at the time.

The popularity of Transformers at the time was also very low. The T.V. show was bouncing around time slots, the aisles were clogged with toys, which were actually pretty decent, but that lacked in comparison to previous lines due to the new gimmick, minicons. The BTR line was quickly cancelled after a handful of releases, although a small portion of the next round based on some Energon designs did make it into a very small number of retail stores, creating an interesting collector rarity. It could not compete in a market where LEGO was creating Star Wars based sets, highly popular, and able to fit with many other brick sets for modification, and increased play value.

One could argue that there is no better time than now for the HASBRO Transformers creative team to try this again. I don't have to tell you how hot Transformers Movie toys are, and just how popular the brand is at this time. Dia Block, a block company in Japan, released a "G1 Transforming Convoy" that met with mixed results here. Not because it was poorly designed, on the contrary it is very cool, very large, very detailed, and has the "perfect" transformation (for you Macross folks), meaning you do not have to disassemble any pieces to get it into an alternate mode. The box is G1 in design, making it a great collector's toy. The main problem, it was way too expensive for most to import. The money could easily be justified to be spent elsewhere, thus many folks do not own a very cool toy that should be available here, if marketing were thinking.

The japanese have seen the importance of locking building blocks since all the way back in Generation One when they included some smaller Transformers with environments created from locking blocks.

So why forsake this creative niche? Are the powers that be assuming that another such venture would fail miserably? Do they feel that the transforming gimmick alone is going to sell toys (Armada, Energon, and Cybertron are proof that they obviously do not)? Have they tested the market recently and found that children would rather play video games, and have other creative outlets, and that this line of toys would tank as badly as BTR Armada?

I can't argue with what I don't know. All I do know is that there are a lot of creative children and adults out there that feel that Transformers should delve back into this medium. Take time to generate 'good' quality, representative, and detailed designs. Make sure they have the "perfect" transformation, and don't be afraid to share some profits with LEGO, so that customization and creativity can occur.

Just some thoughts based on a fan's desire. Comments welcome.

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