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World Hobby Fair 2012 Transformers Prime Display: New Voyager Optimus Prime Repaint / Remold?

Transformers News: World Hobby Fair 2012 Transformers Prime Display: New Voyager Optimus Prime Repaint / Remold?
Date: Sunday, January 15th 2012 11:53am CST
Category: Toy News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s):

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We have some new images from the World Hobby Fair 2012 that features what appears to be a slightly redecoed (silver stripe and Autobot symbol on the upper left arm) and possibly remolded version of Transformers Prime Voyager class Optimus Prime. The figure is displayed with a new sword and shoulder mounted cannons that look as though they may transform themselves.

Also on display is the recently reported clear Firebolt, who was given away to children who participated in a poll. Images mirrored below.





Transformers Prime toyline UK launch date confirmed

Transformers News: Transformers Prime toyline UK launch date confirmed
Date: Saturday, January 14th 2012 4:22am CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Comic Book News, Toy News
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): Moonbug, TFATM

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UK based Transformers fan site Transformers at the Moon have posted that the Transformers Prime toy line is now confirmed and has a set launch date in the UK. The date is March 2012.
The line will not only include the toys we already know off, but also a number of other items:

  • Apparel
  • Dress up
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Outdoor toys

Furthermore Hasbro UK will be supporting the line with the following:

  • TV advertising
  • Transformers: Prime comic magazine
  • Sticker set by Panini

The toys will also bee shown off at Toy Fair in Nürnberg, don't get too exited, that event is not open to the public but only to merchants.

For the rest of Europe, we can guess at a release date close to that, maybe even at the same time.

Transformers at the Moon also has scans of the magazine, which you can view by clicking here or the following image.


BBTS News: Hot Toys, Mass Effect, TF, Play Arts, Hobbit, SW & More!

Transformers News: BBTS News: Hot Toys, Mass Effect, TF, Play Arts, Hobbit, SW & More!
Date: Wednesday, January 11th 2012 4:26pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News, 3rd Party News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): BBTS

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about some
great new arrivals and many more cool new preorders:


The Mass Effect figures are once again up for pre-order, with Big Fish
taking over where DC Direct left off. Both Series 01 and Series 02 are
available again, with the sets of four going for $67.99 each ($12 off
MSRP), and singles of all eight figures listed at $17.99 each. The
upcoming shipment will also include bonuses - each character includes
updated photos, character bio, storyline, and logo, and is packaged with
Mass Effect 3 branding. Each has a pack-in card and bonus downloadable
in-game content, which is exclusive and different for each character. ... egory=6088

The hero of the God of War video game series is now up for pre-order as a
part of the Play Arts Kai line. This series is known for its larger-sized
figures that are full of articulation and Kratos appears to continue this
tradition; we have it listed at $94.99, although this price may decrease
once a domestic supply is found. ... ode=retail

The Play Arts Kai line also sees the addition of two characters from the
video game Vanquish. Sam Gideon and Bogey are each listed at $104.99,
although these prices may drop as well once a domestic supply is found. ... egory=8278

The New Zealand Mint is producing set of four $2 silver coin proofs with
Star Wars art, and we are proud to have them up for pre-order. The Dark
Side set includes Darth Vader, A Stormtrooper, the Emperor and the Death
Star and the coins come in a Darth Vader Mask case that has Darth's voice
when opened; the Rebel Alliance set has a Luke & Leia coin, a Han and
Chewie coin, an Obi-Wan and Yoda coin and an R2-D2 and C-3P0 coin, and
they come in a Millennium Falcon case that has Yoda's voice when opened.
Each set is listed at $479.99. ... +Proof+Set

Impossible Toys has three new figures out to join your 1986 TF Movie
collection. Arblis and Kranix will be coming out soon, along with Alpha
Trion; each figure is listed at $39.99. ...

We have just listed a number of new import figures, both regular and
exclusive. This list includes Super Robot Chogokin Big Volfogg, PBM!
Shinken Red Exclusive figure, Robot Damashii Nu Gundam, SH Figuarts Wild
Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr., One Piece Figuarts Zero figures, Ikki Tousen
Xtreme Xecutor Kanu Unchou Kotobukiya Racing version and more. Be sure to
check this link for all of these new items.

We have started listing items from a new vendor. Badali Jewelry does
rings, necklaces, money clips and more from a variety of license such as
the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, "Thor", Zombies, the Wheel of Time and
Cthulhu; take a look at the menus under the link to check out these great
new items, which are priced from $28.99 to $107.99 each. ... 3&browse=1

With the upcoming "Judge Dredd" movie close on the horizon, Diamond will
be importing a number of replicas and items from "across the pond." We
have listings for 1:1 scale replicas of the Badge at $139.99, the Helmet
at $624.99 and the Lawgiver Gun at $399.99. In addition, we have
keychains with the 2000AD logo at $13.99 and the Judge Dredd Shield at
$18.99. ... company=17

This new piece shows Alice in a black bodysuit with twin swords crossed
behind her neck. It stands on an Umbrella Corporation base and measures
about 13" tall. This piece is limited to 750 pieces worldwide and is
priced at $179.99. ... ode=retail

Magik is the little sister of Colossus of the X-Men, former New Mutant and
a current X-Man herself, and now she's available to join your collection
in statue form. She stands 14" tall from base of grasping demon claws to
Soulsword tip and is priced at $264.99, saving you $15 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

Funko has announced a new line of Star Wars 3" Speaker Helmets. The first
assortment includes Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper and Boba Fett, and these
can be used with an iPod, MP3 Player or USB port. We have these pieces
listed at $27.99 each. ... et+Speaker

We have the second assortment of 4" Thundercats figures up for pre-order.
The case includes three of Lion-O Version 02, two each of Tygra, Mumm-Ra
Transformed and Panthro Version 02 and one each of Cheetara, Wily Kit and
Claudus, and is listed at $89.99. We also have the set of six (one each
of all but Tygra) priced at $69.99. Finally, we have singles listed of
Tygra, Lion-O Version 02, Mumm-Ra Transformed and Panthro Version 02
listed, priced at $4.80 - $12.99 each. ... egory=7289

We have listed some new figures from Safari's line of fantasy creatures.
We now have the Cloud Dragon, Dragon Hatchlings, Swamp Dragon and Hydra,
priced at $4.99 - $22.99 each

Safari has also announced some new dinosaur figures. The Ceratosaurus,
Dracorex, Vagaceratops and Acrocanthosaurus are available for pre-order,
priced at $9.99 - $10.99 each. In addition, Schleich has announced an
wide variety of new dinosaur figures such as the Gigantosaurus,
Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex and more, so be sure to check them out as
well. ... egory=6143

Schleich has new Historical figures on the way. Some of the new listings
includes Crossbowman, Knight with Lance on Horse, Tournament Knights,
Prince on Reared-Up Horse and more, all available at the link. ... egory=6212

Schleich also has the license to do Smurfs figurines, and we have 20
different ones now listed for pre-order. from Javelin Thrower and Gymnast
Smurfs to Smurf in Bed and Smurf Houses and Cottages, this assortment
should include something for every Smurf fan. ... s+schleich

Two new Doctor Who Classics figure sets are now up for pre-order. The
Peri & Rogue Cyberman Set comes from "Attack of the Cybermen" and is
listed at $39.99; The "Remembrance of the Daleks" set includes Dalek
Emperor Davros and a Destroyed Imperial Dalek and is listed at $46.99. ... egory=4916

The complete firsts season of the new series will soon be released. We
have the DVD set listed at $29.99, and the Blu-Ray set (which is also to
include an exclusive 96-page graphic novel) is listed at $64.99. ... egory=8280

We have listed a few new items from LEGO. We have the DC Super Heroes
Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape, LEGO City Police Off Road Command Center and
Robber's Hideout at $59.99 each, with the Ninjago Kendo Jay Booster Pack
at $9.99, the Dino Ocean Interceptor at $52.99, the Recycling Truck at
$44.99 and the Fire Transporter at $74.99. ... earch=LEGO

Kotobukiya has announced a new statue of the hero of Yu-Gi-Oh. This 9.5"
tall piece shows him ready to duel and comes with removable accessories;
we have it currently listed at $114.99. ... ode=retail

Funko's line of Blox characters has a new assortment for pre-order - the
Uglydoll characters. We have listings for Big Toe, Ox, Ugly Charlie,
Ninja Batty Shogun, Ice-Bat and Wage, each listed at $18.99. ... ydoll+blox

This new Resin statue of the Dainichi version of Buddha is created by
A-Plus and Kogei Process. He is sitting cross-legged with eyes nearly
closed, and is priced at $259.99. ... ode=retail


Captain Jack Sparrow from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies has now
been released in the form of a Movie Masterpiece 1/6 scale figure. He is
the latest figure to us the PERS eyeball system and also comes with
multiple hands, weapons, telescopes and other accessories. We have this
figure listed at $219.99, saving you $20 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

Hot Toys' Captain America 1/6 scale figure has also arrived. This figure
comes with his shield as well as guns, multiple hands and more, and is
listed at $159.99, saving you $10 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

BTS’ first assortment of cassette minions has arrived. Tremor and
Frequenzy can fit in the deck of Soundwave or the more recent Sonicron,
and the ‘batteries’ that they come with can convert to piledriver arms for
their robot modes. We have the set listed at $27.99 – be sure to grab
yours before they disappear. ... ode=retail

The third Hot Toys figure to arrive this week is the new special version
of the War Machine figure. This version has a matte battle-damaged
paintjob, but otherwise includes loads of attachable weapons and other
accessories; this figure is listed at $239.99. ... ode=retail

Our shipment of this figure has just arrived. it shows Tony Montana as he
appears in the famous scene with his "little friend", and also includes
multiple hands, a suitcase with (fake) bags of an illegal substance,
jewelry and more. We have this figure listed at $234.99, and he is ready
to join your collection today. ... ode=retail

This life-sized version of one of the clone trooper's from Vader's legion
measures 26" tall by 27" wide, and has their signature blue and white
paintjob, slightly marred by battle-wear. This piece is listed at
$569.99, $30 off the MSRP for the piece. ... ode=retail

The next Star Wars release from Sideshow is this Stormtrooper statue. It
stands 19.5" tall and includes a fabric bodysuit and hand-cast armor. He
is ready for battle with gun in hand and is priced at $284.99, $15 off the
MSRP. ... ode=retail

This mask is the next in the "Predators" line of replicas. It has blue
eyepieces and includes a light-up trio of blue lasers from the forehead;
we have it listed at $314.99, saving you $15 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

This second assortment in the line includes pirate Anne Bonny and Medusa
as well as fairy tale characters Little Red and Alice. They comes with
extra parts and/or accessories, and the set is listed at $15.99, $2 off
the MSRP. ... ode=retail

This Previews exclusive not only includes KITT (and Michael Knight,
judging from the pictures given) but also parts to change KITT into Super
Pursuit Mode. This popular set is priced at $13.99. ... ode=retail

This assortment includes KARR with garth Knight from Knight Rider, and APC
with Driver from the MAX line and a new red and black Jolly Roger Pirate
Ship with crew member. We have them listed as a set of three for $37.99,
saving you $7 off the MSRP; we also have the Jolly Roger listed singly,
priced at $13.99. ... +Series+03

This 8" statue was created from the artwork of J. Scott Campbell and shows
the heroine with sword in hand. It is priced at $179.99, $10 off the
MSRP. ... ode=retail

We have received the first three Mortal Kombat statues from Syco
Collectibles. We have 10" statues of Sub-Zero and Scorpion priced at
$154.99 each ($10 off the MSRP) as well as an 18" Premium Format statue of
Sub-Zero at $279.99, saving you $20 off the MSRP. ... egory=7837

We have recently received a small shipment from Icup. it includes Pint
Glasses, Shot Glasses, Ice Cube Trays and more from licenses such as
Marvel, DC, the Simpsons, Halo and more - check out the new items at the
link. ... earch=Icup

Funko has also sent us a shipment of new and restock items. We have the
"V for Vendetta" Wacky Wobbler, a number of new and returning POP! Heroes,
POP! Uglydolls and more. These items are available at the link - take a
peek and find your favorites. ... arch=Funko

This James Bond replica is life-sized and plated in 18k gold. Limited to
1000 pieces worldwide, it can be disassembled and reassembled, and
includes a display stand with clear acrylic cover as well as a Certificate
of Authenticity, a numbered plaque and a booklet. We have this piece
listed at $399.99, saving you $49 off of the MSRP for the piece. ... ode=retail

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the many new items mentioned above


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Headrobots Update: Centurion, Blood DX, and Big Road

Transformers News: Headrobots Update: Centurion, Blood DX, and Big Road
Date: Thursday, January 5th 2012 1:10pm CST
Categories: Toy News, 3rd Party News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): Headrobots

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Headrobots dropped by the Energon Pub to share some updates on several upcoming projects. Their next release, Centurion, is an upgrade set for G1 Fortress Maximus' Cerebros. The set will feature two new Headmasters, one Japanese style and one US style, plus a bonus power sword. They state this will be a limited release.

After Centurion they plan to release either the long awaited Blood DX upgrade set for the TRU exclusive Deluxe Bludgeon or the Drone upgrade for Deluxe HFTD Tomahawk.

Lastly they are considering moving on to larger more complex projects. They've posted a prototype for a Classics style Trailbreaker homage called Big Road, though for now he's just in the concept stages. Check out their update below.

Update: Site sponsor TFsource has just let us know they already have a pre-order available for Centurion. Click here to view their listing. The set is priced at $59.95 and scheduled to release this quarter.

Hello all,

Before our break for asia new years we thought we would share some upcoming projects.

Our next release is Centurion! Centurion is vintage styled to be more accurate and have better proportions. Contains all these per pack.

-US style head
-Japanese style head
-Bonus Power Sword

Because this is a limited release item and we aren't expecting big sales from this and the retail price is higher. Preorders should be up within 24 hours.











Blood DX. It...still....functions...... This product or Drone will be our next release after Centurion.




Finally, we have been tinkering away at some more complex projects. Here is Big Road, for now let's just leave it as a custom :)


An additional image of Big Road from the Headrobots facebook page:

Another additional image of the Drone upgrade set from the Headrobots twitter account:
Image's Finest of 2011

Transformers News:'s Finest of 2011
Date: Sunday, January 1st 2012 10:41pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Movie News, Toy News, Site Articles, 3rd Party News
Posted by: Anonymous.

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We wish you a Happy New Year! With hindsight, 2011 was a very eventful year for our beloved franchise.

Hasbro was finishing up their touches on summarizing our Generations, while Takara thought we could all get a little United. We were then treated to a blissful BotCon in Pasadena, where we all got a little Animated. With nearly half a year in the books, we were then treated to some eye-catching Michael Bay explosions. Dark Of The Moon was the climax of the much disputatious movie trilogy, and with it came waves and waves of new movie figures. While Transformers: Prime continued throughout the year on the HUB, it was only in the dwindling months in which we were pleased to welcome its toyline into our collections.

Now here I am today along with my fellow colleagues, to reflect on the occurrences of the past twelve months, and to share with you what our favorite things (mostly toys) of 2011 were. Before we get into the meat of the story, let me introduce to you who we are;

  • I'm Blurrz - my taste of Transformers is as eclectic as it gets, but please don't call me a hipster!
  • From the land down under comes Burn, our succinct, disgruntled and fashionably unfashionable HMW moderator.
  • Counterpunch is the revered host of our Twincast/Podcast, and he's into the serious business of having fun.
  • Laying the administration law down is Cyber Bishop, so make sure you're a saint (but not in the New Orleans Saints division!)
  • The man with the quickest trigger finger in the galaxy, let me introduce our speedy news administrator El Duque
  • He's a little bit lost, so please point our News Crew member Lost Cybertronian in the right direction!
  • With a pile of loot that's always bigger than yours, say hello to staff member Mkall.
  • The completionist ideal is never easy, just ask our News Crew and Twincast/Podcast member Razorclaw0000.

Now that you know a little bit about the men behind the usernames, we are going to share our thoughts on 2011 by explaining our choice in the following categories.

Transformers Figure of the Year
Favorite Transformers Toyline of 2011
Favorite 2011 Generations/Reveal The Shield/United Figure
Favorite 2011 Movie Figure
Favorite 2011 Transformers: Prime Figure
Favorite 2011 BotCon Exclusive Figure
Favorite 2011 Non-BotCon Exclusive Figure
Favorite 2011 Third Party Product
Your Favorite 2011 Transformers Moment
What you're looking forward to in 2012 for Transformers

Enjoy the read, and feel free to emulate us by responding to this topic!

Transformers Figure of the Year
Only one can remain on the top of the scrap heap.

Masterpiece MP-10 Optimus Prime
El Duque: Optimus Prime has always been my favorite character, and I was a G1 kid so this was an easy choice. This is the best representation of G1 Optimus Prime to date, and I never was that big of a fan of MP-01. I was always bothered by the weird shaped truck cab in vehicle mode. MP-10 greatly improved upon his vehicle mode, and alt modes are a big deal for me. Now to wait a few years for MP-20 Convoy Version 3.0!

Transformers Prime - Voyager Prime
Blurrz: Oh, just another Optimus Prime. Can't be that great right? WRONG! Taking this sucker out of the First Edition packaging was the best thing since making turtle burgers. You'll find exceptional articulation, beautiful detailing, a fun transformation, and just a solid toy all around. While it may have the aesthetics of Prime's predecessors 'Animated', and the 'Movieverse', Voyager Prime takes from them and simply leaves them behind. To me, it is the best Voyager Prime of all time. Even if you're not a fan of the series, this figure is designed extremely well. It is hopefully the cornerstone for Transformers toys in 2013 and beyond.

Reveal the Shield Lugnut
Mkall: Probably coming out of left field on this one, however I love the colours on the figure and the homage to the WWII bomber plane. I find that he has a lot of posability and a fairly straight forward transformation. He also came with the Punch of Kill Everything which wasn’t a necessary bonus, but one that many of us appreciate having.

Transformers Prime - Deluxe Starscream
Razorclaw0000: Coming out of left field right at the close of the year, Starscream is a near perfect replica of his on-screen persona. He has a smooth and intriguing transformation, drips charisma, and has as much articulation as some high end Japanese figures, whose main selling points are articulation! My only complaint is the soft rubber, but that's a losing battle to fight.

Generations Warpath
Cyber Bishop: For me, it has to be Generations Warpath. I love this toy, it's transformation is simple yet to the point. Excellent posability and size. Kup runs a close second.

Counterpunch: Probably one of the TF Prime voyagers, but I don't have either one of them yet. Due to this, I am abstaining from answering this question in protest of Hasbro not having these available alongside the show.

Favorite Transformers Toyline of 2011
Hasbro capped off Generations and Reveal The Shield this year, while venturing off into new territory under Dark Of The Moon and Transformers Prime. Takara did much of the same, mirroring with United, and other lines such as Masterpiece and Kabaya.

Generations/Reveal The Shield
Mkall: Yes they’re two seperate toylines, but we all know that it was a guise to get us more figures for the Classicverse line. With long-awaited characters like Blurr, Kup and Perceptor and even some surprises like Skullgrin and Thunderwing, this line is a G1er’s wet dream.

Counterpunch: This line is the best in my opinion for a few reasons. It provided us with a wide selection of classic characters. In more than a few instances, they are better than their Japanese counterparts (I'm looking at you Wheeljack. Scourge is debatable too). What's really great about the line is its ability to put characters that really define "obscurity" back on the shelves (Thunderwing, Skullgrin, Straxus, Black Shadow). It's astounding that these toys exist at all.

Lost Cybertronian: Generations was the line to make you proud to be a collector this year. The wide range of established characters as well as the obscure characters made this line a collectors dream. The first time I saw the prototype for Warpath, I nearly wet myself.

El Duque: Despite the line's unfortunate distribution issues it's still my favorite line of 2011. Wreck-Gar, Special Ops Jazz, Tracks, Lugnut all great figures. The rub signs are a little cheesy, but being a G1 kid they were a great nostalgia kick.

Cyber Bishop: It gave us superb reimaginings of Generation One figures such as Kup, Tracks, Wheeljack, and Warpath.

Blurrz: I just can't resist the shiny. With some fantastic molds decked out in bright shiny paint, and Power Core Combiner mini-cons being converted to Targetmasters, this line is just the best that was offered this year for me. Figures like Jazz, Tracks, Blurr and Frenzy/Rumble feel like musts for anyone buying into the Classics-verse.

Power Core Combiners
Razorclaw0000: Get your pitchforks and torches ready folks. Power Core Combiners ended in a good way, showing us exactly what the line could have been if we got passed the non-starter first Wave in a timely fashion. Heavytread makes a better Guzzle than DOTM Guzzle, while Skyhammer has one of the most distinctive jet modes in years. Finally, the sublime Undertow gives us a double homage to Waverider and Octopunch, and kicks rightful ass on his own. The final, controversial five pack, SpasticOverrun, does a great Stunticon vibe without tarnishing the names of the originals.

Kabaya Transformers Gum Box
Burn: As far as favorite Toyline for the year goes, there's no real one that stood out for me. I could easily pick figures from each line. But, like last year, the fun continued. So again, if I have to choose one, then Kabaya, I choose you!

Favorite 2011 Generations/Reveal The Shield/United Figure
Neo-G1's been a hit since 2006 and it's been continuing strong ever since. The staff looks at their favorite from either Hasbro's Generations and Reveal The Shield or Takara's United.

United Tracks
Counterpunch: Holy Moly. No figure released in this line, this year better personifies its character. Not only is the shiny paint a step up over the domestic release, but it's so in-tune with who Tracks is as a narcissistic jerk that I love it all the more. Seeing the OG logo on the hood was just a bonus.

Generations Scourge
Razorclaw0000: Not the United version, whose strange blues diminish the elegance of the toy, the Generations version is an excellent update to an overlooked, but still iconic, figure. Doing away with the ridiculous flying space boat mode, Gen Scourge adopts a sleek orbital bomber configuration, managing to fit a complicated robot into a very compact alt-mode. In-wing weapon storage caps off an already great figure.

Generations Wheeljack
El Duque: Always been a fan of Wheeljack, and he was due for the Classic universe makeover. My Energon Downshift can finally go back into my Energon collection. Love the mold, and look forward to TFCC Runamuck and Runabout repaints!

Mkall: It was long overdue on this figure and Habro has certainly knocked it out of the park on this figure. The lines are sharp, the figure maintains the stocky-ness of the ogiginal character, and hasbro gave us a shoulder weapon that doubled as a wrench! That's something that I never expected to see.

United Blurr
Blurrz: While it might be the obvious choice for someone named Blurrz, it's more to it than that. While the mold is fantastic, and the Hasbro colors are solid, United just takes it to a whole different level. Many may complain about the very pale teals of United Blurr, as well as his shinyness, but it's a great homage to the Generation One toy that was plastered in teal and baby blue.

Generations Warpath
Lost Cybertronian: Tank alt modes for Transformers seem to be a dime a dozen now a days. However Warpath was a G1 update that was needed in the worst way. The Universe legends figure was great but the deluxe just blows it away. He was my favorite mini bot in the G1 days and his Generations figures doesn't dissapoint.

Burn: One figure stood out in this line for me. I love tank Transformers and Warpath has always been a rather unique character. This modern day update for him takes a G1 minibot and turns him into a well articulated figure.

Favorite 2011 Movie Figure
While explosions and explosions and more explosions showed up on the silverscreen for Transformers Dark Of The Moon, a multitude of quality toys showed up into the hands of our staff members.

Human Alliance Roadbuster
Counterpunch: This toy really marks for me what a movie toy needs to do. It's big enough to show off all the detail in the design and engineered well enough with tabs and slots to connect together that I actually enjoy handling it. The only flaw I'd mention isn't even something this toy did wrong, it's that all the HA Wreckers aren't in Guns-a-blazing mode.

Mkall: I don’t collect movie figures, but if I did, I suspect that Human Alliance Roadbuster would take this category. He looks to be in a league all his own in the line, with weapons out the wazoo and poseability too! From what I hear, his Transformation isn’t too bad either.

Cyber Bishop: I only have a couple so I will have to say Roadbuster.

Leader Sentinel Prime
El Duque: A complex figure that had me scratching my head several times during the initial transformation, but a great payoff when it's all said and done. Great alt mode, and weapons, big fan of the sword and shield.

Voyager Skyhammer
Burn: This is simple for me. Helicopter TFs i've found are more often miss than hit. Skyhammer not only hits, he blows the target away. Great design in both robot and alt mode. Highly poseable and Hasbro added a great feature with the rotator blades folding back behind him rather than becoming some useless weapon. Had they folded a second time to completely wrap around his body he would have been perfect.

Ultimate Optimus Prime
Lost Cybertronian: I know this is not the most popular choice but he is a very underrated figure that needs some love. Not only do you get Optimus Prime with trailer, it transforms into this imposing battle armor with a BFG. Since I grew up in the G1 era, I don't mind his overall brickness.

Half Track
Razorclaw0000: A cooler repaint to the excellent Sandstorm, Half Track edges out with his "moon buggy" deco. Super posable, with a buttery smooth transformation and cool gimmicks, this figure wins for the sheer fact he can nonchalantly hold his shotgun over his shoulder, ready to slag anything that moves.

Favorite 2011 Transformers: Prime Figure
While the show has been going steady for over a year, the toyline only showed it's face in North America in November. While the selection is rather limited, here are our favorites.

NYCC Arcee/Arcee
Blurrz: Disregarding the very superior Voyager Prime figure, Arcee is also quite fun. It seems that as time progresses, the designs for Transformers get slimmer, and the plastic that's being used isn't getting any better. With Arcee's design, I just didn't think her figure would be pulled off well. But alas, I was wrong. Some say the pink and white just doesn't mesh well with the Prime aesthetics. Well you can't spell homage without OMG. Whether it's gaudy, tacky, or lipstick on a pig, it's still signalling back to the 80's, and there's nothing better than that.

Cyber Bishop: So far all I have is BB and Arcee and I really dig Arcee

Mkall: I really love the Arcee figure, it's probably one of the better bikerbots produced IMO. Extremely posable and matching up to her cartoon image perfectly. The only sad thing is that the human figure of Jack cannot ride her.

Counterpunch: I'll eventually buy the Voyager Starscream for my display, but this toy is so good that I picked one up just to display/take pictures of with my other non-TF toys. There's more character in this design than in the entire Dark of the Moon Line.

Cliffjumper/Zombie Cliffjumper
Lost Cybertronian: How many opportunities do you get to own an official zombie version of a Transformer? Nuff said.

El Duque: Muscle car alt mode with Boss Hog style bull horns! Plus he's not a Bumblebee repaint. Shame he didn't last longer on the show. Bring on the zombie version! Also didn't hurt that his character was voice by the Rock.

Favorite 2011 BotCon Exclusive Figure
BotCon got Animated this year in Pasadena, California. Early June saw the release of the figures that likely put the nail in your Animated collection coffin, as well as a handful of SG/G2 releases.

Shattered Glass Thundercracker
Mkall: This figure is the definition of niche, which makes him al the cooler in my eyes. He’s either an add on to a three-years-past Botcon set, OR he’s a near-ringer to Action Master Thundercracker. His colours are *ahem* eye-catching, and the logo was done so that one doesn’t even need reprolabels to re-cast the figure. I love him!

Razorclaw0000: Barring the long in the tooth Shattered Glass concept, G2 Thundercracker is fan-wank incarnate. Stuffing six eye-searing colors into one familiar package, Fun Pub managed to transcend awful, and wrap all the way around to amazing. While the mold is as tired as the SG concept, the execution still brings a smile to my eye.

Lost Cybertronian: This catagory was the hardest one for me to decide. This is the first year that I bought into botcon toys because I love Transformers Animated. The Stunticon Job boxset was a pure genius idea, so my favorite figure is their unofficial member Toxitron. He is an obscure character and an awesome repaint of the Optimus Prime mold and I love the Bizarro type personality he was given in the Stunticon Job comic.

El Duque: Can't get enough of this mold, or Tranformers Animated for that matter. Such a great figure in both modes and the new head mold was just icing on the cake. This guy really looks wild.

G2 Sideswipe
Blurrz: Certainly not as fortunate as Razorclaw0000 last year (yes, I'm jelly) when he got a seat in the customization class for the Classics G2 Sideswipe. So getting the Animated version in G2 Sideswipe colors was the next best thing, sort of. Well it's still not as cool. *Shakes fist at Razorclaw0000*. The Rodimus mold is one of my favorites from the Animated toyline, and the Breakdown head sculpt adds to the figure's flair. Racing stripes are a nice addition, and nothing like colorless clear plastic =3.

Counterpunch: This is the true calling for this mold. The white is crisp and know, white. (Hasbro, take notice) The details are sharp and the clear blue plastic on these really makes the deco. Well worth picking up a set of three (and a KP Auto Trooper so that you have a little Atari to go with them).

Favorite 2011 Non-BotCon Exclusive Figure
BotCon's not the only one that gets all the fun. We had exclusives from conventions all around the world, as well as exclusives overseas from North America abroad, and exclusives from select online retailers.

e-Hobby United Autobot Set (Hot Rod, Scrapheap, Kup)
El Duque: I'm cheating but they came in a three-pack so I'm listing all three. I was mainly buying this set to get Scapheap, but upon having them in hand I realized how much more G1 accurate Kup was, and the weird greenish blue translucent Hot Rod ain't bad either. I almost passed up on the set since I initially only wanted Scrapheap, but other two were a pleasant surprise.

Counterpunch: The thing is, they just got Kup right. He's the original toy color, which is really fun and the way in which the damage is detailed onto him is really befitting for Kup. I use this as my original Kup in my Classics display and United Kup as my Targetmaster Kup.

Amazon Unicron
Razorclaw0000: Hasbro found a way for me to like the fat face Takara developed for 2010 Unicron, in a remarkable way. Perfectly capturing Unicron's Movie appearance, Amazonacron stays second only to the near unobtainable Shining Unicron as my favorite treatment of that mold. The light blues and rich oranges pop.

e-Hobby United Decepticon Set (Galvatron, Scourge, Cyclonus)
Razorclaw0000: Speaking of the '86 Movie, the E-Hobby Decepticon set, still comparatively unpopular, captures the scant few seconds during the movie when Unicron reformats the broken husks of Decepticons into his new heralds. Crystal purple so delicious it's almost lickable, the set captures, to me, exactly what an exclusive should be: balls-deep crazy.

Million Publishing United Stepper
Lost Cybertronian: I know I don't own this figure (I will) but I have two versions of the mold. This repaint is the next logical step of the Reveal The Shield Jazz mold. The pictures that we have been treated to are just sublime and the paint job does the character justice. Plus, he comes with a Targetmaster.

Dark WFC Prime and Megatron
Mkall: This set is completely underappreciated. Not only do you get two solid figures from the Generations line, you get some of their best colourings to date! Prime in Black is always pleasing, and this time he even has Decepticon Symbols! Megatron on the other hand steals the show. I can’t stop looking at the awesomeness that is his paint job. My only question is when are we going to see a Good Guy Megs repaint?

Takara Exclusive United Micron Haywire
Blurrz: Out of all the exclusives, this is simply my favorite. The Power Core Combiners mini-cons were really sloppy in my opinion, so when Takara decided to go out and turn them into Targetmasters for a handful of their United figures, I was ecstatic. He has a bit of a problem staying in Blurr's hand, but the additional firepower is much appreciated. Certainly a must for any hardcore Blurr fans! (Just me, right?)

Favorite 2011 Third Party Product
Established third parties FanssProject, Perfect Effect and others continued their winning ways, while MakeToys and TFCToys made their most explosive products to date.

FansProject Stormbomb
Counterpunch: Three Insecticons...all of which are great fun, but in my opinion, Stormbomb aka Bombshell is the best. His insect mode lacks the issues that the other two have (Thundershred having odd tolerances and Backfiery's wings being immobile for the most part). The weapons grant the figure a lot of versatility in how the figure is posed and displayed..

SFX Scouting Force X
Razorclaw0000: I was tempted to be a dick and say the Night Ops version, but the regular is a great homage from Perfect Effect to the cartoon versions of Spectro, Spyglass, and Viewfinder. Now, however, they're tired of being the little guys come loaded with weapons and ready to take down the likes of Omega Supreme. A crazy amount of accessories, which all neatly and perfectly combine into a somewhat absurd purple camera, this set is tons of fun with tons of character.

Mkall: These little guys are the perfect example of what 3rd parties should be doing for the fandom. Let Hasbro work with the bread and butter of the hobby and let 3rd parties only make the figures that the general public wouldn't care for. These guys take a really poorly thought-out and portrayed character(s) from G1 and allow them to stand as equals on collectors' shelves. They are similar enough to be recognizable, and yet portrayed with a new bad-ass role.

TFC Toys Hercules Figures
El Duque: G1 Devastator/Constructicons is my favorite combiner hands down, and to finally have a properly updated version of these guys is a dream come true. Sure they've hit some snags along the way concerning QC, but they've been quick to address them and take steps to correct. I cannot wait to complete this guy. In fact I'm so pumped I'm getting two sets!

FansProject's CA-02 Flameblast
Blurrz:I'm a big fan of space shuttle Transformers, so when you take FansProject's brilliant Explorer figure, and repaint into the colors of an actual space shuttle, I'm game. Dual pistols and a sword are also why I'm drawn to this being my favorite third party figure of the year.

i-Gear MP Coneheads
Lost Cybertronian: I couldn't pick just one conehead as my favorite because they look better in a group. Igear took the MP seeker mold and improved on it with great quality. They gave us MP figures that Hastak may or may not ever get to. They really help fill in the MP seeker ranks.

XTransbots Glider
Cyber Bishop: This is what PG could have been if imagined and executed correctly by Hasbro, not that joke of a PG fig they released with the movie like.

Your Favorite 2011 Transformers Moment
We of are proud to have brought you the latest Transformers news in the past year. Here are our standouts.

Dark of the Moon
Razorclaw0000: Say what you will about Michael Bay, but he really solidified the Transformers Movie brand with Dark of the Moon. Epic in many ways, and two and half hours of non-stop fun, the movie did a great job of reminding us to not take the franchise so seriously, and lighten up. Also, Alan Tudyk stole ever single scene he was in.

Counterpunch: I don't give a gawddamn what anyone else has to say on the matter. It was a fun movie to watch and I got to do so with ten or so of my closest TF buddies. Those opportunities don't come along every day.

Cyber Bishop: I really enjoyed DOTM.. It was a great summer popcorn action flick that had giant transforming robots blowing each other to hell.. What more could you ask for?

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron VGA Trailer
El Duque: This may seem like a minor event is a year with so much other big Transformers news, but this did it for me. Something about seeing Optimus Prime carrying an injured Bumblebee, Bruticus combine, and Grimlock's transformation with The Humbling River playing in the background sent chills down my spine.

Transformers Prime
Lost Cybertronian: After that tease we got with Darkness Rising last year, the cartoon went full steam ahead this year. While the episodes were hit and miss sometimes, this season sets up what will turn out to be a worthy series.

Victoria Toy Fair 2011
Blurrz: Meeting great people, meeting the masterminds behind the third party scene, and being able to cover all of that for this wonderful site. Certainly a great event hosted by Cherry Bomb Toys, and a taste of even greater times to be had in the upcoming years

Botcon 2011 Hall of Fame: Erector
Mkall: Right from the outset I knew that the campaign to get Erector into the Hall of Fame would fail. Call it intuition, logical thinking, psychic ability, whatever; I knew that the campaign to get him in would not work. What I did not expect was the extent Hasbro would go to to at least make it fail with flare. I still want to see the Erector concept art they came up with during the video they showed. Finally I laughed a lot when Aaron Archer came out on stage and basically said “We all had our fun, but this isn’t going to happen again.” To me that showed how seriously Hasbro holds the TF brand – they’re willing to have a bunch of fun with it, but they know when to say that’s enough.

The Unpacking
Burn: This one is strictly personal, but for me, it was getting my own home and finally being able to unpack my boxes and boxes of TF's and get them on display.

What you're looking forward to in 2012 for Transformers
We want more! We want more!

More Transformers Prime Toys
Mkall: It’s going to rock, plain and simple. I don’t know if the Prime characters were designed with toys in mind, or if Hasbro had to get creative in coming up with the likenesses, but each figure is an uncannily accurate version of the show, and there’s human figures (whether you like them or not). There is very little I can find in any of the figures previewed that makes me not want them more! 2012 may be the end of the world, but at least I’ll die a happy collector!*

Razorclaw0000: I'm very excited for the rest of the First Edition figures to make their way to retail in the US. (Damn you Canada!) With three figures in my hand, and a few exclusives already sealed away, I'm giddy at what more we will get. Bulkhead and Prime look to be standup figures, and some of the prototypes we've seen at SDCC have me excited for a full size line.

Burn: The only thing interest me currently is getting Prime figures into Australian stores.

Cyber Bishop: Seeing the new Prime toys and whatever generations surprises they pop out @ Toyfair and Botcon

Finishing TFCToys Hercules
Counterpunch: It'll be a long time coming, but when that bad-boy is all together, shelf space will be cleared. Autobots will cower in fear. Devastation will have come

El Duque: This has been a long and costly endeavour, but I think the end result will be worth it. To finally have a proper six figure Devastator figure on my Classics shelf is something I've dreamed about since the first Classics figures debuted.

Mastermind Creations Sixshot
Blurrz: Seeing this prototype in person blew my mind. I never grasped the thought of it being of such size, but it's a freaking behemoth. I simply can't wait to get this when it's released! A leader class figure, with a multitude of weapons and a plethora of different modes, it's just simply amazing.

G1 Uppers Menasor Combiner
Lost Cybertronian: I love combiners and I love the Botcon Stunticon Job boxset. They are two great tastes that taste great together and I have high hopes that these guys can turn the Animated Stunticons into the lovely Menasor they deserve to be.

There you have it. Once again, Happy 2012!

~Blurrz News Crew

Hasbro addresses allegations of poor working conditions

Transformers News: Hasbro addresses allegations of poor working conditions
Date: Wednesday, December 28th 2011 2:52pm CST
Categories: Rumors, Press Releases, Company News
Posted by: GetRightRobot | Credit(s): Hasbro

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On December 19th, the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights posted an article on their website accusing Hasbro of poor working conditions and less than adequate pay for workers at the Jet Fair Factory in China. The article can be read here.

In a press release last week, Hasbro addressed the claims of dire working conditions in their Jet Fair Factory stating they have taken the allegations very seriously. They deployed a team to work with I.C.T.I (International Council of Toy Industries) to examine the conditions of the facility. After an unannounced, nine hour inspection, both Hasbro and the I.C.T.I. determined the facility met "Hasbro's rigorous requirements."

The press statement goes on to say "While Hasbro is committed to continual improvement in all facets of corporate social responsibility, including continued ethical product manufacturing at Jet Fair and all factories that produce Hasbro products, the inflammatory allegations made by the NGO in their report were unsubstantiated by our investigation. As a matter of course, Hasbro will continue to monitor conditions at Jet Fair and all of our factories."

Click here to read the entire statement.

As soon the article surfaced, members began discussing it in the forums. We immediately contacted Hasbro and they sent the following message to in response to our inquiries to this matter on December 19th, 2011:

"Thank you for checking in with us on this matter. Hasbro takes all claims involving working conditions very seriously, and we are immediately investigating. The Company has a strong track record and has had long-standing policies and processes in place for years to help ensure good working conditions, including health and safety, at factories making our products. We strive to conduct business throughout our supply chain in accordance with the highest ethical standards, and we utilize not only ICTI-- but also our own on-the-ground workforce-- to monitor social compliance. For more information about Hasbro’s comprehensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, including more detail regarding Hasbro’s policies and practices related to ethical product manufacturing, please visit"

Transformers Rescue Bots "Family of Heroes" and "Under Pressure" Reviewed

Transformers News: Transformers Rescue Bots "Family of Heroes" and "Under Pressure" Reviewed
Date: Sunday, December 18th 2011 8:11pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Site Articles
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): Sabrblade

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Yesterday the Hub offered fans an exclusive sneak peek at their new kids series Transformers Rescue Bots by airing the first to episodes, "Family of Heroes" and "Under Pressure". resident researcher Sabrblade (click here to check out his ridiculously comprehensive guide to the Aligned Universe, "Exodus Vs") has written informal reviews of both episodes, check them out below:

Episode 1 -

According to Optimus, Cybertron has fallen. Could this series also be set in the Aligned Continuity?

"Rescue Force Sigma 17" is what these newcomers are called.

Argh! Once again, like the "Darkness Rising" premiere before it, Rescue Bots gets shafted in the theme song department.

Sorry, this particular note is not about the episode itself, but ZOMG TF: Prime season 2 commerical! Not much was shown that we haven't already seen. The only really new piece of material was Knock Out's voice saying "Welcome to he winning team." Also given was the airdate of "February 2012". Okay, back to the Rescue Bots episode.

Um... hello old guy with... helicopter hat. Mr. Harrison...

I can see this show taking place before the Prime cartoon (if it is set in the same world, that is).

Blades has the same heights phobia as G1 Silverbolt and WFC Silverbolt.

Seems like Chief Charlie Burns will play a similar role to Agent Fowler's role as human-Autobot liaison in this series.

So, the town's name is Griffin Rock, and it's known for its advances in technology kinda like Detroit in Animated (only not as extravagant). Guess this explains that hat from before.

The Rescue Bots pretend to be human-made automatons sent by the U.S. Government instead of real lifeforms, so as to not cause panic.

All four of the Bots have different human partners than what the toyline has. Though, both Chief Charlie Burns and Cody Burns are in the toyline, Charlie is partnered with Chase (instead of Optimus), and Cody's the tag along kid. Heatwave is partnered with Kade Burns (instead of Cody), Blades with Dani Burns (instead of Sawyer Storm), and Boulder with Graham Burns (instead of Walker Cleveland). Also, the toys have Charlie as a fire chief, but the show has him as a police chief.

Boulder is totally an expy of Bulkhead.

Cody Burns = male Sari Sumdac (and a fraction of Bud from Cybertron).

I like Heatwave. He knows when acting like a zombie is too silly.

Okay, how exactly did some water leaking into its circuits cause an animatronic T-Rex with no known supernatural (i.e. - Cybertronian) properties to come to life and go on rampage?

Despite not having any Deceptcions,that was still a pretty enjoyable fight against the T-Rex.

Ha! Nice reveal at the end.

Pretty good first episode. Great atmosphere, likable characters, a fair amount of characterization, and it felt like a true beginning. I give it an A.

Episode 2 -

Whoa! While episode 1 got the short end of the stick, episode 2 gets the full blown theme song! And it's... a rap... and long. Though, once it gets to the chorus, it gets a little catchy. But, it does need some work to be better. At least it's an actual song with actual energy, unlike TF: Prime's mellow opening. And, it kinda reminds me of the song "You're the Best" from The Karate Kid. And one more thing to note about it is that, for once, it's NOT another variation of the typical Transformers theme song, being completely unique and original.

LOL at Chase giving the Robo-Landscaper the Miranda Rights.

Hey, Chase transformed from vehicle to robot an back again with Charlie inside, who was seemingly uneffected by it. A historic moment in TF fiction history!

And so did Heatwave! Though, here, Kade appears cramped and pressed up against the windshield on Heatwave's chest.

Optimus: "I have found that the young of this species are the most valuable allies." - Did Optimus just reference Jack, Miko, and Raf? Maybe this could take place during TF: Prime season 1 (off screen)?

So saw that coming with Boulder ripping off the pinball plunger.

I like that they give Cody a purpose in this show, instead of just being the token human sidekick.

Why is LeVar Burton using an accent for Doc Green? Why not just use his natural voice? It sounds way cooler. Here, however, he sounds like an aged Kwame from Captain Planet.

Okay, what genius leaves an artificial volcano active when it isn't in use? Was there no one instructed to keep its lava pressure in check? In fact, why did they leave the lava in that fake volcano if the World's Fair had been over since 1939? If there's no more need for its use, then dispose of the lava already. Don't keep it if it's going to be an obvious safety hazard.

After stopping the lava at the volcano, the lava has instead decided to go kill Cody at the bunker... things just got real!

Self-sacrificing heroes about to be charred to death by lava. Are we sure this is for preschoolers?

Yes, I know they don't die, but these dangers they're facing are quite lethal to be all that friendly for toddlers.

Well, a very strong episode in characterization and such. Another A.

Overall, this show has far exceeded my expectations. I was expecting something along the mindset of the Playskool Go-Bots cartoon (which I re-watched right before watching this), but this blows that out of the water. This was GOOD! Very good, indeed. Much more entertaining than I found "Darkness Rising" to be on the first watch. While it was a bit silly, cheesy, and weird at times, it had acceptable animation, a lovable atmosphere, superbly written characters/characterization, above par acting, wonderful writing, and a great sense of fun and endearment. I will watch this show when it officially debuts later in 2012.

Animated G2 Straxus Character Model

Transformers News: Animated G2 Straxus Character Model
Date: Wednesday, December 7th 2011 5:55pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, People News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): Derrick J. Wyatt

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Derrick J. Wyatt, the mastermind behind the Transformers Animated universe, has tweeted the character model for an Animated G2 Straxus. In addition to the neon colors typically associated with G2 the evil Decepticon warlord also sports a fair amount of animal print. Are those leopard undies?


BBTS News: Marvel Legends, Star Wars, Transformers, Statues, 1 / 6 & More!

Transformers News: BBTS News: Marvel Legends, Star Wars, Transformers, Statues, 1 / 6 & More!
Date: Wednesday, December 7th 2011 4:06pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Movie News, Toy News, Sponsor News, Collectables, 3rd Party News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): BBTS

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
batch of new arrivals and more great new preorders!


Hasbro has finally announced a new assortment of 6" Marvel Legends
figures. The Series 01 set of 7 includes one each of Extremis Iron Man,
Commander Steve Rogers (Captain America), Marvel's Klaw, Ghost Rider,
Heroic Age Thor, Constrictor and X-Men's Hope Summers, and is priced at
$119.99. We also have the case of 8 which includes an additional Extremis
Iron Man, and is priced at $124.99. Both the case and the set will
include all of the pieces necessary to assemble the Terrax Build-A-Figure.
We also have singles listed of all the figures in the wave, priced at
$11.99 - $19.99 each. ... egory=8182

The newest assortment of Comic Two-Packs includes Thanos Vs. Adam Warlock,
Gambit & Mr. Sinister and Spider-Man & Captain Britain; we have the set of
three two-packs priced at $54.99. We also have them as a case of 8 - two
each of the previous three two-packs, plus one each of Wolverine & Captain
America and Thor & Iron Man, and this case is priced at $124.99. ... +Series+04

You now have more ways to show your Star Wars style with these new items.
The Lightsaber Hilt Lamps have hilts as the stem, with shades that show
the symbols of the sides; these pieces are priced at $64.99 each. The
Umbrellas have lightsaber hilts for handles, with the 'beam' as the stem
and symbols on the fabric of the umbrella canopy itself; these are priced
at $39.99 each. ... cellaneous

The latest figure in this collaborative line between Medicom and Enterbay
is Han Solo. This figure comes with outfit parts to dress him up for any
scene from "A New Hope" to "Return of the Jedi", and includes nice
accessory touches like the gas mask from the Mynock scene. This figure
also includes a stand, and is priced at $299.99. ... ode=retail

Bandai is branching out from the original Armor Plus line to start the new
Armor Girls Project, and the initial figure is Blue Tears Cecilia Alcott
from Infinite Stratos. This figure pairs a beautiful girl with a
Gundam-esque armor set for battle, and we have her listed at $94.99,
saving you $5 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

Fox Sports and BK Toyz has gotten together with the NFL and created a line
of 10" robots in the colors of each NFL team, along with one done just for
Fox Sports. Each robot is listed at $24.99, and would make a great gift
for the football fan in your life. ... egory=7660

Two new Mortal Kombat boxed sets are now up for pre-order. The 6" Retro
Ninja Four-Pack includes Scorpion (with alternate skull head), Reptile
(with alternate lizard head), Sub-Zero and Smoke, and is listed at $49.99.
The 4" Ninja Six-Pack includes Ermac, Scorpion, Reptile, Sub-Zero, Rain
and Noob Saibot, and is priced at $39.99. ... ortal+pack

The big-headed nendoroid line in Japan gets a new entrant - Sonic the
Hedgehog. This figure is tailor-made for the style, and includes a stand,
a gate to run through and even a Chaos Emerald; we have this figure listed
at $54.99. ... ode=retail

This new figure from Square Enix is dressed from head to toe in shiny blue
armor, with a helmet that is both removable and also includes a flip-down
visor. This piece is currently listed at $92.99, but that price may
decrease if a domestic supply is found. ... ode=retail

Funko's POP! series continues with a number of new characters from Disney
and Pixar. Listings are now up for Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and
Lotso Bear from Toy Story; Jack Skellington and Sally from "Nightmare
Before Christmas"; Steamboat Willie and Minnie Mouse from Disney films,
Beast and Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" and Mr. Incredible and
Syndrome from "The Incredibles". Each figure is listed at $9.99. ... OP!+Disney

Two new European statues from Cobra the Space Pirate are ready for
pre-orders. We have the 7.87" statues of Cobra Rugball Version and Lady
Armaroid available, priced at $199.99 each. ... ate+Statue

This new assortment of 2" tall Mini Mez-Itz includes Batman, the Joker,
Superman and Green Lantern Hal Jordan; we have them listed singly at $6.99
apiece, or as a set of four at $24.99. ... +Keychains

This new version of the Ultimate Optimus Prime movie figure is done up
special for the Chinese New Year, and includes a red trailer with a
Chinese dragon painted across it. We are running low on pre-orders for
this item, so if you want yours you had better grab it fast; they are
priced at $164.99 each. ... ode=retail

For those of you that had missed out on this vehicle a few years back, we
are proud to announce that we will now be getting a small supply into
stock. We have this ship priced at $34.99, so put your pre-order in now. ... ode=retail

This series occurs after "GI Joe: the Movie" (the animated one) and
includes Sgt. Slaughter as well as many new characters. We have this set
listed at $29.99. ... ode=retail

CrazyDevy has gone back and changed their Power Parts Custom Hips/Waist to
work with the new Encore Constructicon set. CDMW-02J (Purple Thighs) and
CDMW-02K (Silver Thighs) are each priced at $37.99, and in addition to
their title piece, they also include update parts for the CDMW-01 and
CDMW-09 sets to make them Encore-compatible (CDMW-01 and -09 sold
separately). As a side note, the CDMW-05, -08 and -25 Construction
Brigade Add-On sets are already Encore-compatible so you can use those
right out of the package to upgrade your new Devastator. ... egory=8063

McFarlane Toys has announced three new NBA three-packs. The New York
Knicks get Amare Stoudmire 2, Chauncy Billups and Carmelo Anthony 3, while
the Dallas Mavericks get Dirk Nowitzki 2, Jason Terry and Jason Kidd 3 and
the Boston Celtics get Paul Pierce 2, Kevin Garnett 2 and Rajon Rondo.
Each of these three-packs is listed at $32.99. ... Three-Pack

A new series of Playmobil sets is up for pre-order. The Dragon's Land
series includes Great Dragon Castle, Dragon's Dungeon, Knight with LED
Lance, Knights Take Along Tower, Giant Catapult with Cell, Red Dragon with
LED Fire and Dragon's Catapult, and they are priced at $12.99 - $154.99
per set. ... egory=8183

Yamato's Hyper Armored Block 003 T-Rex is coming back to stock. This 1/48
scale mech is done in an Army-green shade, and is priced at $44.99. ... ode=retail

This new piece shows "then" and "now" versions of the furry blue speedster
together on one base, and each has little "speed trails" at their feet to
give and idea of what they're famous for. This piece is listed at $21.99,
$3 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

These new figures of Asuka and Mari each stand 26 cm tall (a little over
10"). Each is dressed in their school uniforms (complete with runs in
Mari's hose) and are priced at $268.99 each. ... Evangelion

Bioworld Merchandising's new line of metal ear buds includes the Autobot
Symbol, Spongebob Squarepants and symbols of Superman, Green Lantern,
Batman, the Flash and Wonder Woman. We have them listed for pre-order,
priced at $17.99 per set. ... l+Ear+Buds

Griffon's line of articulated figures continues with this flashy red and
black 'bot from the Armored Core Series. He comes loaded with weapons and
is priced at $109.99. ... ode=retail

The new Ikki Tousen animation "Shuugaku Toushi Keppuroku" brings us a new
1/4 scale version of Kanu Unchou. This figure is dressed in a blue bunny
outfit, and is priced at $217.99. ... ode=retail


The paint app on this version mirrors the SDCC 2011 version for about 1/2
the going price of the Comic Con exclusive. A 3.75" Wolverine is
included in this giant set and it is in stock now at $59.99. ... ode=retail

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Joining the classic Mega Man, Roll, and
Proto Man is the robot ally first seen in Mega Man X, MEGA MAN ZERO!
Designed to appear "more human," Zero still wears a full-bodysuit over his
robotic frame, leaving only his face exposed. He takes things to a whole
new level with normal humanoid proportions and a cool outfit in dark blue,
white, red, and yellow. In Stock now at $29.99 ... ode=retail

For all of you that missed this combo pack when it was originally
released, Takara has reissued it with packaging from the new movie. The
two robots in this special import set combine to create a powered-up
Optimus Prime with wings, and we have the set listed at $249.99. ... ode=retail

The classic and best known Batgirl first appeared in 1967, the alter ego
of Gotham City police commissioner's daughter Barbara Gordon. As with the
original bishoujo statue, every element of her classic bodysuit has been
recreated from her tall boots to her bat-symbol, utility belt, gloves,
cape, and cowl. In stock now at $49.99 ... ode=retail

The first item from the newest Sideshow shipment is a Sandtrooper from "A
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This large-scale collectible includes a cloth robe-clothed Palpatine that
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tall Throne with electronic lights and even a replica of Luke's
confiscated lightsaber hilt. This great piece is listed at $474.99, $25
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The Predator from the movie of the same name is available as a 16.5"
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Joel & The BBTS Crew Staff Interview / Spotlight - El Duque

Transformers News: Staff Interview / Spotlight - El Duque
Date: Sunday, November 27th 2011 11:22pm CST
Categories: Site Articles, Interviews
Posted by: Anonymous.

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In our second staff spotlight/interview for 2011, I searched far and wide for a likely candidate. Luckily I was speedy enough to catch up with one of the staff's most prolific members this year, El Duque! Our humble news administrator has been been extremely busy bringing all of you the latest Transformers news and updates. The Decepticon from the state of Oklahoma was kind enough to not blast this innocent Autobot reporter, and fortunately enough for all of you Seibertronians, we have an interview!


Blurrz: Each origin story is different for each and every fan. Transformers and you. How did it start?

El Duque: Way back in 1984, I was in kindergarten and Transformers was just bursting onto the toy scene. Prior to this I had been a bit of a Star Wars kid, but I was a little too young to fully understand the the whole Star Wars culture. I mainly just liked the action figures and vehicles. Transformers on the other hand, I was in on the ground floor. As soon as I started seeing those toy commercials and the cartoon it was all over. All those Star Wars toys quickly became school yard trading fodder. I was pretty much all Transformers all, the time (much like I am now) between then and junior high.

Blurrz: Looks like the force put you in the right direction. Now there are Transformers fans... and then there's big Transformers fans. As you've been a prominent member of the staff for close to a year, and a member of our community for over four years, just how big is your Transformers collection? Are you one to simply pick your favorites, pick everything, or just a completionist with certain Transformers styles or lines?

El Duque: To be honest I don't really know how many figures I have at this point. I would estimate the count at over a thousand, with about half actually on display. My wife was gracious enough to give me one spare bedroom to do whatever I wanted with, so naturally it became my "Transformers room". At least that's what she likes to call it. Even with a whole room lined with built in wall to wall shelving I quickly ran out of room. I guess I have a fairly eclectic collection with figures from almost every line. The exception being the Beast era, I have no figures from any of those lines. They're just not my thing. I recently purchased the Shout! Factory Beast Wars DVD's and have enjoyed the cartoon, but I just can't get into the toys. My wallet is grateful!

I don't consider myself a completionist in general. I can easily leave a figure hanging on the peg if it doesn't appeal to me, even if I have all the others in the series. The exception would be G1. I would really like to have complete set of all the figures domestically released under the G1 banner, and I'm getting fairly close. I just got one of the big purchases out of the way, that being a complete Fortress Maximus. I'm currently just needing to round out my Pretenders, Micromaster, and Action Masters.

As far as current releases go, I just buy what looks good to me. I typically don't buy figures smaller than Scout size, but if one catches my eye I'll get it. I've picked up several of Cyberverse Legion class figures lately.

The room El Duque claimed for Transformers supremacy!

Blurrz: But the shiny animals are calling you!

El Duque: I'll admit I do sometimes get tempted by some of the Japanese Beast Wars figures. A transforming penguin? For some reason that appeals to me! Must resist!

Blurrz: So we know a little bit about the collecting habits of Mr. El Duque. How about the El Duchess? Does she dig the Transformers collection?

El Duque: My wife actually got me back into collecting. When the DVD Edition MP Optimus Prime came out I would look at it every time we went to Wal-Mart, but I would never pull the trigger and buy him. That year she surprised me with him as a Christmas present. He was the only figure I had for while, but when Classics came out they immediately caught my eye. Again she encouraged me to get them, it was all down hill from there. I think her biggest issues are my lack of dusting the in the "Transformers room" and the frequent visits we receive from the postman, UPS man, FedEx man, etc. They seem to always show up and ring the door bell when she's taking a nap. I'm really lucky that she doesn't mind my love of Transformers. She enjoys the movies and the cartoons, but I think the toys intimidate her a little. I've tried to walk her through some transformations, but she's always afraid she's going to break something. Which would result in another visit from one of the various shipping agencies, and a potentially ruined nap

Blurrz: Earlier you talked about the newer stuff, more specifically, let's talk about Transformers: Prime. Does the line catch your fancy and is there a favorite of yours you can't wait to get? What do you think about Hasbro giving the fans some early birds with SDCC Prime and NYCC 'Bee/Arcee?

El Duque: I'm very excited for the Transformers Prime figures. I've enjoyed the show and can't wait to get my hands on these toys. It's hard to single out one figure as the one I'm most interested in, but being a long time fan of the zombie genre, that zombie/Terrorcon Cliffjumper looks really cool! I'm also really looking forward to that Knock Out that was previewed at the SDCC, he's one of my favorite new characters from the series. Wheeldrift, sorry Wheeljack, looks good too. To be honest they all look good to me.

I'm glad Hasbro has given us the convention teaser figures, I have both SDCC Matrix Prime and the recent NYCC set. All are really nice figures, though I do wish the Jack and Raf mini-figures were articulated. It would be nice have Jack riding Arcee in motorcyle mode (gotta throw "motorcyle mode" in there to keep that from sounding too dirty!). These have gotten me really excited for the full line to hit. It's a shame we have to wait for a season and a half of cartoon to get the toys though.

Blurrz: In regards to even newer Transformers stuff, mind giving us your take on following third party transformers subjects in a paragraph or two?

The Devastator Battle - TFC Hercules or MakeToys?

Mastermind Hexatron Terminus (Shockwave?)

Are you a new heads guy?

Which character would you want to be see done, and by which third party?

El Duque: I'm a big fan of third-party products, I feel they really enhance my collecting experience. If I recall correctly my first third-party item was FansProject City Commander, and I was blown away at how well it worked. Since then I've bought a ton of third-party stuff. There have been a few misfires along the way, Impossible Toys Valkyrie and BTS Sonicron were both duds, but then you have things like the FansProject Non-secticons, MGT Delicate Warrior, and TFC Toys Exgraver that are pure win. I know some fans don't like the idea of these third-party groups threading on Hasbro's intellectual property, but as long as their designs are original I don't have a problem with them. Having these products in my collection won't stop me from purchasing Hasbro offering either. If Hasbro were to bring out an all new triple-changing Springer I would be the first in line to buy him despite already having Warbot Defender. I'll even own up to having a few KO's in my collection. I don't have many, but I couldn't pass up on that Headmaster 10 pack that reproduced the Japanese exclusive heads. I also gave in an purchased the iGear Coneheads, because I didn't think Takara would ever get around to producing official version, but given the recent announcement of the retooled MP-11 I have feeling I may be regretting that one! However, if they do release official MP Coneheads I'll get them as well. The only problem I see with third-party products is their prohibitive pricing, they're just too expensive for many fans to be able to enjoy. That said, I do understand why they cost more, it's just unfortunate that these products aren't in everyone's budget.

The Devy-war? I've made that decision an easy one, I'm getting both. I can never have too many Devastators! I can still remember how excited I was when I got the G1 giftset for Christmas as a kid. I kind of got that same feeling when Exgraver arrived. I guess if had to choose one or the other I would go with Hercules. The fact that he's bigger appeals to me, and I like that the individuals seem a little more G1. I look forward to having both in my collection.

Mastermind Creations is getting very ambitious taking on both Sixshot and HoS Shockwave. Hexatron Terminus looks incredible. Revealing a clear prototype was pretty clever, it allowed them to fully reveal the figure and maintain a little bit of mystery. I can't wait to see this guy in color and in all six modes. I also like how they let the fans pick the color scheme. Even more pleased that the deco that I voted for won! Cyclops looks like an interesting project as well. Maybe not as challenging as making a fully articulated six-changer, but still quite an undertaking. The only problem he presents for me is where to display him. I don't think he'll display well with anything other that their previous Knight Morpher. Which is fine, but these guys are going to need company, keep those HoS molds coming! If they pull both these figures off they will have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

I'm most definitely a "new heads" guy. It's amazing what a difference a new head can make, especially on a repaint. Renderform's RF-05 takes Universe Darkwind from mediocre repaint to completely believable. I've found that I actually buy extras of certain figures now anticipating potential new heads. As soon as I saw United Bumblebee I knew someone would do a Goldbug upgrade, and now we have two on the way. Luckily Hasbro seems to be learning how much fans value unique heads when planning repaints.

What character would I like to see as a third-party creation? I would take any of the city-bots. I think a third-party Metroplex, if done right, could be incredible. Hasbro doesn't seem to have much interest in revisiting the city and base-formers, so that seems like a good area for third-parties to break into.

Unicron and his glorious army!

Blurrz: Out of all the figures that you own, which one's the most precious to you? Is it your holy grail, or is that something yet to be acquired?

El Duque: I would say the ones that mean the most to me are the ones that were given to me as gifts from my wife. She gave me the DVD Edition MP Optimus Prime that I mentioned earlier for Christmas one year, the figure that got me back into collecting. She also gave me Classics Voyager Optimus Prime and Voyager Megatron for my birthday.

The "grail" of collection would probably be my complete Liokaiser. It took me forever to complete that thing, and I don't even know how much money. I wasn't really shopping for one, but I came across an incomplete set for a fairly low price so I jumped on it. It was missing Killbison's turret parts, Gaihawk's breast animal, and Jaruga's missiles. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to find those parts loose. After months of daily eBay searches I finally found Jaruga's missiles at a premium price. I finally just gave up on finding Killbison's accessories and Gaihawk's partner loose, and ended up buying new complete versions of both figures. I won't make the mistake of buying incomplete versions of rare Japanese figures again!

I also have a soft spot for G1 Windcharger. He was the first Transformer I ever owned as a kid, and the only figure from my childhood that I still own. I have no idea how that happened. I thought all the Transformers from my childhood were lost forever, but my mom found him a couple of years back while cleaning out a closet. He's a little rough, but there's no telling how many hours that little dude spent in my pocket when I was a kid.

Maybe if I'm fast enough I can 'borrow' one of these expensive combiners

Blurrz: You've been a part of the News Staff for close to a year. Unbeknownst to some, us newsies are generally the first people to see a toy, set or even rumor announcement. What was your most memorable Transformers news story so far?

El Duque: That's a tough one. I think the best I can do is narrow it down to the type of news I like best, which would be anything that has to do with Classics universe toys. I guess I could narrow it down further to news about the TFC Toys Hercules project. Devastator has always been my favorite gestalt so naturally I've been extremely interested in this project ever since we saw those initial teaser images of Exgraver. It's always fun to post news that gets the other members excited and receives a lot of feedback, and news on this project always delivers. In general I enjoy posting news that I actually have interest in. To be honest I have very little interest in most of the new I post, but it's not about what I'm interested in. It's about delivering comprehensive Transformers news for the members.

Blurrz: What are your views on the latest Masterpiece figure, MP-10 Optimus Prime, and the upcoming masterpiece, MP-11 Starscream? Who would you like MP-12 to be?

El Duque: I've got mixed feelings about them. I would like to see some new characters get introduced into the Masterpiece line, but at the same time I feel both MP-10 and MP-11 surpass their predecessors. As much as I loved MP-01's robot mode, I hated his truck mode. Alt modes have always been a big deal for me. Even as a kid I wasn't found of figures that didn't transform into realistic real world vehicles. I was always a little bothered by the post Transformers: The Movie futuristic alt modes. MP-10 does a much better job of transforming into a believable truck, with the exception of the legs/rear section, but at least those are well masked by his trailer. I grew up around trucks, so MP-01's shortcomings immediately stood out like a sore thumb. Being a retool, MP-11 is a little harder so shallow. I can't help but look at him and think, "This is the MP-03 you should have sold me to begin with." I'm very pleased that they fixed the hip kibble in robot mode, it was really the only issue I had with the figure. I like that they are including the coronation accessories, though I doubt I ever use them. Makes me wonder what extra accessories they will throw in for the inevitable Skywarp and Thundercracker repaints. I know fans get frustrated by the rehashes of previously used characters, but I think we have to take into consideration how much technology and transforming techniques have advanced since the movies came along and really pushed the envelope in those areas. I'm sure if the Masterpiece line goes on long enough we will see a Convoy version 3.0.

As for the next Masterpiece figures, I would like to see Shockwave and Soundwave. I'm also very hopeful that we will get a proper Masterpiece Ultra Magnus using MP-10 as a base with full transforming trailer/armor. I've never accepted white repaints of Optimus Prime as Ultra Magnus. As a kid I never played with G1 Ultra Magnus as a robot without his armor. I'm also looking forward to Megatron 2.0 to get everybody roughly back in scale with one another.

Blurrz: The War For Cybertron video game last year gave fans an opportunity at Pre-Earth Transformers, in which many fans, including yourself, bought into the four figures released, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron and Soundwave. With Fall Of Cybertron on the horizon, which Autobot and which Decepticon are you most looking forward to perhaps being a part of the toyline this time around?

El Duque: Not only did I buy in, I bought in hard with all their repaints, which is something I don't normally do. I love the WFC/FOC aesthetic, and wish there was a separate line solely dedicated to these figures. One of my gripes about their inclusion in the Generations line is the lack of Voyagers class figures. Having a line dedicated to supporting the video game seems like a great idea to me. I'm sure I would bu them all.

I was really surprised Starscream didn't make the WFC cut in the previous Generations line, he's a fan favorite and they get two straight repaints that are sure to sell. That being said, I'm hopeful that the Seekers make an appears in the FOC line. I feel confident Grimlock will get a figure this time around considering how hard they've been promoting his appearance in the game. I never was that big of a fan of Classics Grimlock, so I welcome a new version to put on my Classics shelf. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will get all five Dinobots even though I know it's unlikely.

Arise, seeker army!

Blurrz: Time for word association. I give you a word, name or phrase and you give us a one word response reflecting your feelings toward the subject.

Michael Bay

El Duque: Gratitude

Blurrz: Megan Fox

El Duque: Who? :)

Blurrz: Transformers Armada toys

El Duque: Acquiring

Blurrz: Transformers Armada cartoon

El Duque: Unseen :(

Blurrz: Trukk not munky

El Duque: Truth

Blurrz: Transformers United

El Duque: Shiny

Blurrz: Tornadoes

El Duque: Destruction

Blurrz: BotCon exclusives

El Duque: Frustration

Blurrz: Bumblebee

El Duque: Excessive

Where El Duque makes the magic happen.

Blurrz: Our time has come to an end. Any last words for your fellow Seibertronians?

El Duque: Play nice with one another, don't take things too seriously, and keep this hobby fun! Oh, and REPORT YOUR SIGHTINGS to the News Crew!!!!!!


Check out the rest of El Duque's collection here!

~Blurrz News Crew

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