Savcon 2014, June 27-29 2014 - Preregistration Now Open

Transformers News: Savcon 2014, June 27-29 2014 - Preregistration Now Open

Friday, October 4th, 2013 5:55AM CDT

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The minds behind Savcon have dropped by to tell us that pre-registration for their 2014 show is now open! This year's event will feature Dan Gilvezan, the voice of G1 Bumblebee and Spiderman, and Richard Epcar, a customisation class with FrenzyRumble and lots more. Make sure you check out their website and online presence here, and take a look below for more information.

slugslinger71 wrote:Savcon, now revamped for 2014, is catered to everyone. With us still being relatively new in Savannah, Georgia we want to make sure that all fans in and around our surrounding area as well as all over the country benefit from what we have to offer.
That being said, our show has incorporated 80's nostalgia, Anime, TF, GI Joe, Thundercats, TMNT, HeMan, Super Heroes etc. to become a pop culture convention. While still remaining true to our roots, which is Transformers, we will now offer something for all genre types so everyone can enjoy the weekend in 2014.
Here is but a glance of what we have to offer you for our show on June 27-29, 2014.

Guests :
Dan Gilvezan :
Spider-man/Peter Parker in Spider-man & his Amazing Friends, Bumble Bee, Outback, Snapdragon & Hotspot in Transformers G1, Sean Harrison in Jem, Brick Bradley/Bugman on TMNT, Dirk Courage on Spiral Zone, Cooler in Pound Puppies, Questar in Dino Riders and especially mentioning he was Slip-Stream & Beach Head in GI Joe.
He has also guest starred on many television shows, including The Bernie Mac Show, NYPD Blue, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Family Ties, ALF, thirtysomething, Punky Brewster, Archie Bunker's Place, Newhart, Moonlighting, Perfect Strangers, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Step by Step, Evening Shade, Alice, Boston Legal, Hill Street Blues & Diagnosis Murder.

Richard Epcar :
Richard has voiced over 300 characters in Games, Animation and Anime. He started out in “Robotech” and is best known for playing Batou in “Ghost In The Shell” and “Ghost In The Shell 2 : Innocence” as well as in the “Ghost in The Shell” TV Series. Some other shows you’ve heard him in are “Legend Of Korra“, “Lupin The Third“, “Naruto“, “Transformers : RID“, “Bleach“, “GTO“, “Gundam“, “Macross“, “Cyber Soldier 009“, “Digimon“, “X-Men“ and “Power Rangers“ to name a few, video games including: "Kingdom Hearts", "Injustice: Gods Among Us" as the Joker, "Mortal Kombat Vs. D.C. Universe" as the Joker and Raiden, "Call Of Duty : Black Ops", "Star Wars", "Transformers : War For Cybertron", "Command & Conquer", "Starcraft", "Dead Space", "Xenosaga", "World Of WarCraft", "Star Ocean", "Splinter Cell", "Guilty Gear", ".Hack", "Street Fighter", "Shadow Hearts", "Black Hawk Down", "Medal Of Honor", "Ghost Recon", "Bayonetta" and "Tekken"

Some of the attraction we will be having :
* Autograph Sessions
* Custom Cars in the parking lot (Including an authentic ECTO-1 from the Carolina Ghostbusters!)
* Cosplay Panel
* Voice Directing Panel
* Special Guest Panel (formerly named the Voice Acting Panel)
* Carolina Ghostbusters Ultimate Panel
* Anime Outtake Reel Hosted by Richard Epcar
* Figure Customizing Panel
* Cosplay Photography
* Costume Contest (Teen & Adult competition)
* Door Prizes (Grand prizes are BBTS exclusives Transformers : Prime Dark Energon Optimus Prime and Dark Energon Megatron Figures)
* 1,900 square foot Dealer Room
* Artist Alley
* Preregister Dinner with all special guests! (limited to only 40 people)
So much more!

We have split our preregister into 2 packages. "Basic" and "Ultimate" Your convention experience will be determined by the package you choose. All packages are affordable for any budget.
Preregister for our show begins on October 1st. 2013.
For all the information, please go to to read all about what we have planned!

Follow us on...
Facebook :
Twitter : @SavCon1
Credit(s): Savcon
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Re: Savcon 2014, June 27-29 2014 - Preregistration Now Open (1549947)
Posted by slugslinger71 on February 12th, 2014 @ 4:12am CST
Post has been updated with the announcement of our new guest... Robert Axelrod.
Re: Savcon 2014, June 27-29 2014 - Preregistration Now Open (1549948)
Posted by slugslinger71 on February 12th, 2014 @ 4:14am CST
Post has been updated with the announcement of our new guest... Robert Axelrod.
Re: Savcon 2014, June 27-29 2014 - Preregistration Now Open (1565219)
Posted by King Kuuga on April 14th, 2014 @ 1:42pm CDT
Apparently SavCon 2014 has been cancelled, and potentially all future SavCons. Their website is now blank, their facebook page and twitter account are both deleted, and a little googling gave me this post:
[quote]Yes the show has been cancelled. The hotel wanted to add some more charges and that would of put him way over budget. He could not see contacting dealers and paid registered people stating that they need to pay more money[/quote]
This is very unfortunate to all Transformers fans in the southeast. Are there any other TF cons in this area?
Re: Savcon 2014, June 27-29 2014 - Preregistration Now Open (1578196)
Posted by nazan yar on May 30th, 2014 @ 7:03am CDT
sorry to hear - in Atlanta, I head to Savannah frequently, and was planning on attending this year. Oh well. Still shooting for TFCon in Chicago.
Re: Savcon 2014, June 27-29 2014 - Preregistration Now Open (1578825)
Posted by Gen1fan on June 2nd, 2014 @ 9:06am CDT
Yes this show has been canceled. They were some changes that the hotel wanted to add into the contact after talks were started. It would of removed a 3rd of the tables from the dealer room. Their were also some benefits the hotel was going to give at the start of talks that they wanted to not honor after we started. It a shame as this show had a great fan based. We were going to set up at the show later this month. We will be at BOTCON and at TFCON. WE are know in talks with the Joe Atlanta show that is held in march each year. Hope to see our fans at that show

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