Optimus Prime holds onto Starscream

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Optimus Prime holds onto Starscream
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TheBritishFan writes: Optimus-chan! Not so tight!
Rodimus Knight writes: From today's couple's therapy session
SillySpringer writes: Optimus Prime: Now listen here punk, if you take my chocolate chip cookies, you are losing a damn hand, got it?
Zeedust writes: Starscream: "My arms! Where are my arms?!"

Prime: "Here, I'll share mine."
Deceptiman writes: Optimus: I GOT YOU NOW!!!
Director: CUT! that was great!
Optimus: Have you seen alexis nude yet?
Starscream: hehe yes, i took a picture of her too, have a look!
Optimus: this is priceless!
Starscream: I Know!
Alexis: what are you two on about?
Minicle writes: Prime: Smile for the camera Starscream.
battlestrike writes: prime:gimme ur lunch money!
SilentBlaster writes: Starscream:OPTIMUS PRIME WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
Optimus Prime:I am a pupeteer.
bringo writes: Now kick him in the jimmy!
Red_Sun writes: Now on "Cartoon Network", "Dancing with the Robots"!
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Soda Pop Kurtis writes: Welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway the show where everything is made up and the points don't matter.
Cyros writes: Optimus: Now that I have you were I want you...
Starscream: GULP!
Optimus: *whispering* Have you checked out Alexis in the shower yet?
Starscream: Er... yeah?
Optimus: Perky or soft?
Starscream: ...can't you just kill me instead?
Optimus: I WAN
Zeedust writes: Optimus: "Yeah, but you should have seen the one that got away!"
Scatterlung writes: Megatron: I dont know what you've been doing, Starscream, but get rid of those Autobot modifications you've made! They're ugly!
Starscream: But are these arms just adorable? I look so butch! And this second head?
Ultimate Optimus writes: A family photo gone horribly wrong
pontech writes: Unknown to anyone Optimus prime is a crybaby who thinks Starscream is his slave.
Draego writes: Prime and Starscream figure out that dressing up as Zaphod Beeblebrox is not a good idea
archangel_tears writes: starscream: no you can't make me take it in the port hole.
Prime: you're going to and you're going to like it.
Starscream: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
Roadshadow writes: SS: Where are my damn arms!?
Not Sonic writes: gimme yer money fool!
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Ultra Wheelshot writes: OP: This Starscream costume is brill
HS:: (OS)Hey Op when am I going to get to wear it
OP: I've always wanted a mouth
Fussion writes: Say Cheese :D
Death Gunner writes: What if the Autobots were the bad guys?

Megatron: Outta the way starscream!!
Prime: Fall damn you, Fallllll!!!!
Megatron: Never!!!
*Megs hits prime off a cliff and fall down*
Screamer: Megatron, please forgive me!!
Death Gunner writes: Prime:Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself!!
Screamer: Okay, okay you can have your arms back.
Prime: but i thought you liked them?
Death Gunner writes: Screamer: Look at me, i've got the arms of optimus Prime, i'm invisible!!
Prime:Now then, how to get those back without using my arms.
Death Gunner writes: Screamer:Ahhhhhh UNCLE UNCLE UNCLE!!!!
Prime: How do you expect to beeat Chris Mastertron like this?
Sunswiper writes: Prime:now if we dont get the original scheming starscream back i will rip you arms off stop being such a pansy!!!
Prowl's Girl writes: Prime forces Starscream to endure the ulitmate punishment: a "Chaotic" marathon.
Zeedust writes: Starscream: "I kne being binary-bonded to Zaphod Beeblebrox would turm out to be a bad idea in hindsight..."
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kingmenasore writes: optimus...thats right starscream,i'm doing this to you from behind,cause megatron came up short.starscream...no,no,no get it out,get it out its too big!prime...ugh,ugh,ugh ENERGON!!!
Minicle writes: Stascream: Look at me! I've grown an extra pair of arms and a spare head.
Minicle writes: A reluctant Starscream is "persuaded" into getting his passport photo taken.
Suzuki writes: Yet another "Weekend At Bernie's" skit gone wrong, in Transformers.
Shockwaverocks1 writes: Optimus: " And now, if I catch both arms and lock my fingers behind your neck, that's a FULL NELSON."
Shockwaverocks1 writes: Starscream: " Hey Prime, I can see your house from here."
Ransom writes: Prime restrains Starscream from killing every member who is too lazy to come up with a caption that is NOT sexual in nature.
DecepticonGAUGE writes: starscream: no! , wait prime....megatron might see what we're doing he'll get jealous and start beating me again...oh wait that feels good..

optimus: oh common big boy you know you like it, screw megatron and what he thinks, i don't care
ninjabot writes: Starscream: 'Let me go I can take him!!

Prime:' No Starscream, Megatron will beat the brakes off of you!!!!!'
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Pokejedservo writes: Before Energon/SuperLink came out the attempts to cross-fuse Cybertronians weren't quite as successful.
Road Turtle writes: Starscream, "Aaawww!!! I want to be a BinalTech! Why dose Swindle get to be one and not Me?! I built Him and the rest of the Combaticons, plus I'm a Fan Favorite! Why, why, why?!!"

Prime, " No Starcream we need you for Transformers
Castle74 writes: Starscream practices how to escape the MasterLock
Road Turtle writes: Starscream, "I'll kill'em! I'll kill'em all!!! The writers on this show SUCK! Why am I playing with Human Children?! I'm a diabolical, double-crossing, traitorous, opportunist, and the writers on this show turned me into THE
Velocity Prime writes: Optimus: Come on everyone....get your shots in while you can
Starcream; No fair! Cheater!
Optimus; Don't be a pansy...take the beating like a man.
Minicle writes: Starscream regrets mentioning the word "blow" in Prime's presence...
Minicle writes: Optimus was delighted with his new lifesize Starscream doll.
Massdestruction writes: Optimus: "Say It, Say It!"

Starscream: "OK, OK! TRUKK not MUNKY! TRUKK not MUNKY!"
Hi-Eye-Q writes: Prime: The Cybertron Galaxy Force Crown is MINE!

Starscream: NEVER!
Sunswiper writes: Prime:I got him! lets give him a swirly!!
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,and Screamer guest star this week on 'Whose Line is it Anyway?'
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starscream,"He'll die!"
Prime,"He's dead already."

Prime,"Ok now you play McCoy,and I'll play Kirk."
terrordive2020 writes: Hey!!! checkout the nips on this one
Spring break Rules !!!!!
trailbreaker writes: Prime impersonates Michael Jackson and Starscream plays the "little boy"....
trailbreaker writes: Starscream likes it in the tailpipe.....
Acelister writes: Optimus: "Quick! Put the bumper stickers on him!"
Starscream: "'Honk if you like cookies'?! You monster!"
terrordive2020 writes: Prime: Now this is how we check our oil back on cybertron !

Owtch writes: Starscream:I WON'T DO IT!
Optimus Prime:It's just soapy water, calm down already.
Starazor writes: Screamer:I'll never talk!
Prime:We'll see about that...*turns on Britney Spears marathon*
Screamer(completely losing it): NOOOOOOOOOOO!
saiyan_prime writes: Starscream: "I NEED AN ADULT! I NEED AN ADULT!"
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Ransom writes: Megatron gained an appreciation for the squishies' "PhotoShop" after Sideways showed him how to make it seem that it was Starscream who was defeated.
IronDino writes: Optimus: Tell me all the Decepticon secerts
Starscream: Never
Optimus: Oh...ok you can go the
Acelister writes: Hot Shot: "Optimus? Is that Starscream?!"
Optimus: "This isn't what it looks like!"
Hot Shot: "You havn't captured Starscream single handed?"
Optimus: "Well in that case it IS what it..."
Hot Shot: &q
Acelister writes: Optimus: "Are you sure this is how human's swing dance?"
Starscream: "Yeah, sure... Mmmm, your touch is firm but gentle..."
Optimus: "What was that?!
Starscream: "My favorite laying position is fetal..."
Acelister writes: Optimus: "Gotcha!"
Starscream: "But I'm here to join the Autobots!"
Optimus: "Oh, then you're free to go... But there's Megatron!"
Starscream: "No, he's here to join you too!"
Optimus: "
doppelgänger writes: Optimus Prime: Mmmmmmm, you smell nice...
Starscream: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Jaw Crusher writes: Optimus: "Listen to me, man! It's not worth it!"
Starscream: "But I hate going to sequels without having seen the last one!"
Optimus: "For the love of Primus, Starscream, DO NOT RENT BATMAN & ROBIN! Remember what Prow
Sunswiper writes: Prime:is that calvin klien you are wearing????
Acelister writes: Starscream: "Fix... Me..."
Optimus: "This may by 2005, but this isn't Quintessa and you ain't Kup!"
Acelister writes: Optimus: "How was I supposed to know that angle grinder was real?"
Starscream: "Just... Just put me back together..."
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Starscreamsghost writes: Optimus: Forget the Master-lock.
I'll give 15,000 energon cubes to whoever can break my Prime-lock.
Starscream: Dammit Prime, no fair.... You kicked me in the head first
AirwalkerX writes: Optimus Prime: Alright Starscream.. you're.. you're drunk, your not flying...

Starscream: What are you...*hiccup*....talking about?! I'm fine!!!
Galaxy Optimus Primal writes: Optimus: "Give me back My Mini-Con, Starscream!"

Starscream: "No, it is mine! You like Megatron, he to never give me a Mini-Con!"
Dragonoth writes: Optimus got tired of riding Slingshot.
Shermtron writes: Primamania running wild brother!
Zeedust writes: A screenshot from a special episode of "Whose Line is it Anyway" starring the Transformers! Here we see Starscream and Optimus involved in a game of "helping Hands!"
Marv writes: Well shiver me timbers! I ain't no landlubbin' Seeker Jet! I'me a pirate! aint that so, Mr. Polly?
Marv writes: What? Setbacks? Autobots counterattacking? Nope, this week's plan is working out really great Megatron!
Marv writes: No, really Megatron, when you and Ratchet were fused together, you guys looked kinda like this...ain't that right Prime?
Marv writes: Um...I guess it's a little late now to tell you I'm going to you the Autobots after all, right?
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Marv writes: I tell you; it wasn't me! It was the one armed Pretender! The one armed Pretender killed Megatron!
Marv writes: They've turned Prime and me into a robotic Zaphod Beeblebrox! Curse those kitbashers and their sick ideas!
nothing_face writes: Hold me, Prime... just... hold me...
Prime Nova writes: Ok, OK - you've got a great combined mode. Just let me go.
Acelister writes: Long time readers of Marvel Transformer comics will remember a scene like this with Ratchet and Megatron... Pity is, these two didn't read that issue and fell into a transporter together...
Acelister writes: Optimus: "Yeah, then when I got you like this, tell them what you did."
Starscream: "I threw him off and blasted him!"
*Laughing and applause*
Optimus: "No... That isn't what happened."
Starscream: "Uhh, yes it
Dead Matrix writes: starscream:it was terrible prime,those mini-cons came outta nowhere,listen prime uhh thank you for draggin me outta there.
prime:shhhhh it's alll over
Dead Matrix writes: STARSCREAM:HEY LOOK prime and I are playing whose line is it anyway !
prime: yah look i'm pretending that my arms are his ha-ha-ha.
Dead Matrix writes: PRIME: Say it
s.scream: no.. i WONT !
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Sun Runner writes: Prime: Crikey, look at the size of this bugger, now this your average flying decepticon, from what I can tell by the coloring and agressive attitude it's a male. Well he is strugglin' abit but thats because he's just afraid, don't worr
Acelister writes: Now from Crazy Jamal's Autobot Busts, Action Shots! First in the range is Optimus Prime wrestling with Starscream. Look out for Perceptor quadraplexing Megatron, coming soon!
Acelister writes: Starscream: "Be careful, this is my first time... Mind my exhaust port!"
Optimus: "Don't worry, I've done this loads of times..."
Hot Shot: "Prime... What are you doing?!"
Optimus: "Powerlinx-ing."
Acelister writes: Optimus: "This Build It Yourself Starscream better be worth all this effort..."
IronDino writes: Optimus: Come on, just let me try your wings out...
Starscream: How many times do I have to tell you? THEY DON'T COME OFF!
Optimus:...I can try...
Starscream: NO!
Acelister writes: Optimus: "Just don't transform..."
Acelister writes: Starscream: "Yeah... Little bit more... Bit more..." *CRACK!* "OH YEAH! That feels MUCH better."
Optimus: "Well, any more back problems, just give me a call."
Daaron writes: Starscream: "Prime, that had best be a minicon in your pocket."
Brawn's Girl writes: Prime: Say uncle.
Starscream: Never!
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