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G1 1987

Transformers Series > Hasbro Transformers > Generation 1 > G1 1987

Takara's version: Headmasters

Similar Series: G1 1984, G1 1985, G1 1986, G1 1988, G1 1989, G1 1990, G1 1991, G1 1992, G1 1993

Subgroups: Aliens, Clones, Combiners, Communications, Duocons, Headmaster Horrorcons, Headmasters, Humans, Miscellaneous, Monsterbots, Nebulans, Sixchangers, Targetmasters, Technobots, Terrorcons, Throttlebots, Trainbots

Years: 1987

You may have thought the tales of the Transformers were over, but in Japan there were many stories yet to be told!

By popular demand, the Japanese continuation of the TRANSFORMERS begins here! Replacing events of the US 4th Season, classic G1 characters return for all-new titanic clashes. A year since the energy of the Matrix was released, Optimus Prime leads the Autobots on Cybertron, but peace is soon shattered as Galvatron and the Decepticons launch a deadly offensive. Both sides gain new allies with the startling arrival of the Headmasters!

Prepare to meet new friends, foes, and many familiar faces as the Autobots, led by the immense power of Fortress Maximus, battle the Decepticons led by the monstrous Scorponok. With both Cybertron and Earth's very existence at risk, war spans the far reaches of the galaxy and some heroes will not survive!

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