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Weapon: Energo-Sword
Name: Clutch
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Warrior
Alt. mode: Armored Truck
Weapons: Hand mounted hammer, Shoulder mounted missile launcher, laser pistol
Height: 32 ft
Quote: “ Never run when you can fight.”

Strength: 09
Intelligence: 06
Dexterity: 05
Speed: 06
Endurance: 08
Courage: 08
Firepower: 06
Accuracy: 06
Melee: 08
Tech Skill: 05
Charisma: 05
Rank: 05

Appearance: Clutch is primarily dark blue, with some gray highlights and an orange face. His build is akin to a bodybuilder who has been taking copious steroids. He has broad, massive shoulders and arms, thick legs and a somewhat undersized head. His alternate mode is a very large armored type of off road truck


Profile: Back before the war Clutch was a simple laborer on Cybertron. His crude and violent nature landed him in trouble more then a few times for various brawls. He did not enjoy his life of labor, but feared it was the only thing that he was good at. It wasn’t until the war started that he saw another possibly outlet for his violent tendencies and use for his brute strength.

The bulky mech was quickly drawn to the Decepticons and their preaching of the strong should rule over the weak. It was a simple philosophy that he could latch on to. The fact that his general disposition was not only accepted by the Decepticons, but often encouraged, only helped matters. After being refitted with weapons Clutch found himself thrust into battle where he truly felt like he belonged for the first time in his life.

Clutch eventually found himself sent on a mission with fellow Decepticon Knockout. At first he disliked the other Con, thinking him a bit too delicate and concerned with his appearance. Gradually a mutual respect grew between them as they meshed as a team almost perfectly. Knockout had the cunning, speed and skill that Clutch lacked while Clutch could provide the raw strength, toughness and prowess that Knockout lacked. They soon became partners, being deployed together on a variety of missions. When one of them is requested the other inevitably follows.

Clutch is a simple Con at heart. He enjoys smashing things, particularly Autobots, and especially with his hammer. He has a surprising amount of respect for those in command positions among the Decepticons. Clutch is aware that he isn’t the smartest Decepticon around and is willing to follow nearly any orders from command since he trusts that they know better then him. He has no aspirations for leadership or politics. He generally gets along with most other Decepticons although he tends to gravitate more to the warrior types who share his like of destruction and crude humor. Knockout is one of the few exceptions to this and is a Decepticon he trusts implicitly and will always listen to.

Abilities: Clutch’s primary asset is his great strength. He is capable of lifting even larger Autobots and throwing them around. While not trained in any formal martial arts Clutch is a highly effective brawler and wrestler. His right hand can retract into his arm to be replaced by a large hammer that fold out from his arm socket. When combined with his great strength he has been known to crush smaller Bots flat with a single strike. In addition to his hammer Clutch also possess a missile launcher mounted on his left shoulder. It fires standard missiles and is often used more to create a distraction or knock an opponent off balance long enough for him to close in with his hammer. The missile launcher can also be deployed on the roof of his alternate mode He also possesses a simple laser pistol as well but rarely uses it, preferring melee combat above all else. His massive bulk and heavy armor allow him to absorb a considerable amount of damage and keep fighting. Clutch turns into a large, imposing armored truck capable of off road driving. It is capable of reaching speeds up to 150 mph.

Weaknesses: Clutch’s fighting style can often lead to considerable collateral damage, including buildings and other Decepticons, to which Knockout can attest. His preference for melee combat could render him less effective in long range combat.
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