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Weapon: Particle Beam Cannon

Allegiance: Decepticon 
Function: Hunter
Alternate Modes: Scorpion
Weapons: Primary: Particle beam Cannon, Secondary: Plasma blasters, Melee: Energon scythe
Special Abilities: Radar
Height: 28ft/14 m
Quote: “Taking you with me to the depths.”

Strength: 7
Intelligence: 5
Dexterity: 6
Speed: 6
Endurance: 7
Courage: 7
Firepower: 7
Accuracy: 7
Melee: 7
Tech Skill: 4
Charisma: 5
Rank: 5


Hunting is a sport that drives my inner being. That is the sentence that describes Deathstinger as he enjoys hunting bots. When giving the order to hunt down autobots or traitorous decepticons, he’ll do it. Earth based vehicles are useless in the hunt for him so he chooses a scorpion. The reason for this is because of it allows him to dig through the ground. A perfect form for him to go underground and hunt land based units.

Deathstinger joined the decepticons for one reason and that is to hunt. Being an autobot, they wouldn’t allow him to hunt down bots and kill them because of their moral code. Therefore choosing the decepticons and helping Megatron achieve his goals for allowing him to hunt is a preferable choice of action.

When working with comrades, if they don’t get in his way during the hunt then there will be no problems. Decepticons that get in his way will have a taste of his wrath. Deathstinger has a sadistic personality as he plays around with his prey if he knows the outcome would come out in his favor.

Deathstinger alt form is a black scorpion that is used to camouflage during the night and to go underground. Fitting his hunting style, he transforms into his robot form with his pincers serving as his arms and his tail hiding behind him until it becomes an energon scythe. Each of his legs in scorpion form, combine to form two legs for his robot form. The head serves as the chest plate while the pincers move up to his shoulders. He has a visor and a face plate for battle, his opponents often see their own demise off of the reflection from his visor.


Deathstinger is a hunter, an assassin assigned to hunt down autobots or traitorous decepticons. He can go underground to avoid missiles or any other explosion.

One of his weapons is the Particle beam cannon which is his favorite weapon. If he knows that his prey is far and out of his reach then he’ll resort to this weapon. Its a high pressure beam that can cause quickly injure a transformer with multiple shots. They have enough power to push back cybertronians back a few yards. In robot mode, his particle beam cannon is in the middle of his chest.

Inside his claws, are his plasma blasters that he uses for long range combat. The plasma is highly heat based and a couple of clean shots would begin to melt through armor.

His tail loses its ability to fire the particle beam cannon when Deathstinger goes to robot form; however, it transforms into a energon scythe. A highly pressured blade made to cut through almost any material.

While Deathstinger has long range weapons, he personally likes to be in close combat fighting. His strength allows him to pick up bots and overpowered them. Weak, small and nondurable bots will be crushed by his grip if he gets his hands on them.

Deathstinger armor allows him to last longer in battle due to his armor being thick. His armor is incredibly thick which enables him to take a beating before having to retreat.

His special ability is his radar to locate transformers far away. This allows him to know where his enemy is hiding so that he can fire his particle beam cannon. With the radar, no prey would hide from him.

Due to his years of Pit Fighting in the gladiators days of Kaon, he has enough experience to overpower opponents with his fighting style. Although, Deathstinger hasn't fully mastered the art, he finds way to improve his fighting style so that he can make new ways to surprise his enemies. This style of fighting greatly expresses his way of saying brute strength conquers all.


If he’s facing an aerial bot then Deathstinger won’t be able to reach them unless they are on the ground. The only way to hit them is with the Rapid plasma guns and particle beam cannon, but against an aerial bot, it would likely miss.

His sadistic nature in playing with his prey may cost him the battle as the opponent would be given enough time to find a counter attack.

When things doesn’t get his way, he tends to ignore all orders by superiors to make sure that it does or simply retreat. Simply put, he doesn’t make smart decisions when that happens.
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Strength: 10
Intelligence: 6
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