Hot Rod

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Hot Rod

Postby Ember » Tue Sep 23, 2008 8:46 pm

Motto: "I'm not psycho...I just like psychotic things."

Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Cavalier
Alt. mode: Ford GT Supercar
Weapons: Electrostatic Discharger Rifle
Height: 28ft / 8.54m
Quote: “My actions speak louder than words.”


Profile: Hot Rod has always been a radical, of sorts; he is considered hot-headed, can be a little impulsive, and tends to act before he thinks, yet his heart seems to be in the right place. As a relatively young Autobot, in the sense of his more recent construction and newer version of emote-programming, he has always felt second-rate around his peers. Yet, instead of succumbing to the depression of his feelings, Hot Rod has vowed to rise to the occasion, to prove that he can do great things that others can respect; it is even his hope that, in many years to come, he will have the same renown associated to his name as Optimus Prime.

Very much the rebel, Hot Rod has the tendency to be a rule-bender; and while he does break rules, and often takes actions of his own ingenuity (often to painful result), Hot Rod has slowly started learning that sometimes the best way is the commanded way… however, despite his rational datapulses, he still tries to prove his own worth by taking the initiative. This often leads to Hot Rod taking action, without prior thought or planning, and can tend toward getting both him, and his friends, in trouble…

Yet, when danger presents itself, Hot Rod has no partiality of fear or retreat, proving that, despite his age, he is one of the bravest and most honorable among the Autobots.

So, whether it is in robot, or automotive mode, Hot Rod is sometimes hotheaded, but is always a well-meaning, admirable lad, who is popular with those that know him.

Abilities: Hot Rod is an efficient marksman, with a preference toward the use of firearms. He has primarily focused his offensive capabilities toward utilizing his Electrostatic Discharger Rifle; and while Hot Rod is quite able in its use, he understands that constant practice will only increase his aptitude for his weapon of choice, and in time he hopes to become as accomplished a marksman as Optimus Prime.

Consequently Hot Rod’s hand-to-hand skill has suffered, and while he can defend himself suitably against a single opponent of slightly increased skill, he has a severely limited understanding of the more physical aspects of combat.

Despite his adolescent status within the Autobots, Hot Rod has shown a seemingly natural, well placed leadership quality about him, despite his impulsive actions that most others put down to both inexperience and excitable courage. At the same time, Hot Rod has a very high sense of honor, and tends to take the moral high ground on mostly any situation, despite the circumstances that surround it.

Due to his primary transformation mode, a Ford GT Supercar, Hot Rod is quite often chosen to serve as an Autobot scout. With the mixture of both his speed, and ability to rapidly navigate at increased ground-based velocities, he is a natural choice for the role. He has been programmed with high-sensory impulse datastreams, which effectively allows him to perceive his surroundings at any speed, whether it be fast or slow.

Aavatar: Hot Rod’s avatar is that of a yuppie with long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and sunglasses.

Weaknesses: Being a racing vehicle by nature means that Hot Rod has a expected proclivity toward acting hastily, without much forethought. He is very impulsive, as well as stubbornly head-strong, which means Hot Rod quite often finds himself in all manner of circumstances, all with varying degrees of risk. It seems to be purely luck, or perhaps his allies’ skills in rescuing him that he manages to survive the situations he does.
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