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Motto: "Till all are one"
Weapon: Crossbow
While Skywatch and the Autobots work together to protect and defend the Earth against enemy forces. The intelligence community also works with Skywatch and the Autobots to assist in the work of protecting the world. Skywatch has Intelligence agents who are also CIA agents. Skywatch and the CIA are in collaboration with MI6, FBI, DEA, NSA, ATF, US Army I.S.A, including MI6s double 0 agents. Below is a list of weapons, equipment used by the Skywatch/CIA intelligence field agents. Agents have also used Skywatch equipment from time to time when necessary.
Wa2000 sniper rifle
Styer AUG
Crossbow with explosive bolts
Ballistic knife
M1911 pistol
Armalite AR-7 Rifle
Gyro jet pistol
Pipe pistol
Cyanide gas gun
Ninja shurokins
Dagger shoe
Silencers for pistols and rifles
Extended magazine
Semtex grenade
Frag grenade
Flash bang grenade
Smoke grenade
C4 explosive
Decoy grenade
EMP grenade
Infrared camera gun
Flare gun
Geiger counter watch
Underwater camera
Flashlight stun gun
Handheld spear gun
Underwater diving gear
Umbrella pellet gun
Button camera
Tactical throwing knife
First aid kit
Laser pointer/led flash light
Escape kit
Cyanide specs
Pocket snap trap
Bullet proof vest
Tactical assault vest
Multiuse suitcase
Suitcase with hidden gun
Dead drop spike
Shoe GPS bug
Motion sensor
Radio jammer
Remote camera spike
Portable remote spy plane
Fiber wire wrist watch
Buzz saw wrist watch
Ultra magnet wristwatch
Grappling hook gun
Wrist mounted dart gun
Voice altering bowtie
Safe cracker
Micro camera
Bug detector
Knockout gas emitter cigarettes
Briefcase with secret compartment
Homing device
Binocular glasses
Explosive/gas emitting key ring finder
Plastic explosive toothpaste
Explosive pen device
Snow bubble coat
Cane gun
Rebreather apparatus
Glass breaker ring
Surf board with hidden compartment for equipment
Dragon fire drone
Climbing grip gloves
Parachute kit
Wingsuit gear
Smart Phone with a variety of apps to assist agents in their work
Portable tough laptop with military modifications
Voice activated grenades
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