Sentinal Prime: What's Your Secret??

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Re: Sentinal Prime: What's Your Secret??

Postby 5150 Cruiser » Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:44 pm

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Biddybot wrote:There are still early pics of Sentinel kicking around where his face is silvery-grey and gold and he looks a tad unformed. Would you have been happier if he'd looked like that when first uncovered aboard the Ark?

I think they purposely did him in the gold color to throw people off of his idenity in the begining. When the shots first showed up of the Rosenbauer Fire truck no one thought it was the same robot as in the Ark. I think this is what Bay and co. was after, or is alt colors wasn't fully decided at the time of the teaser trailer.
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Shadowman wrote:I will put forth the theory that it was the internet itself trying to punch him in the face.
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Re: Sentinal Prime: What's Your Secret??

Postby Autobot032 » Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:48 pm

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TFRemarker wrote:Sentinal Prime: What's Your Secret??

Sentinel Prime wrote:I'm a douche with an acid rust cannon.

That's his secret. He's a douche. Forget everything else about him and remember only this: He's a douche. A kick ass one, but a douche.
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Re: Sentinal Prime: What's Your Secret??

Postby Lastjustice » Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:49 am

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Not like this first time someone goofed on this sort of thing. The Entire cast of Armada all had Earthlike vehicles before arriving on it. (so did Gobots.) Prime had glass looking panels in the comics too, so you just assume they had scanned some other races vehicles that had windshields prior to arriving on earth.

Only Cybertrons show up in protoforms when they use it for space travel. Sentinel was aboard a ship the entire time he traveled so he never needed to revert to his protoform. Simliar to why Megatron landed in his cybertronian form because he could travel between worlds in his alt mode. (which was his undoing since he went into stasis lock due to rapid temputure shifts which his protoform/carapace would have protected him from.)

I wouldn't over think it in anycase.
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Re: Sentinal Prime: What's Your Secret??

Postby YRQRM0 » Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:15 am

Lastjustice wrote:Not like this first time someone goofed on this sort of thing. The Entire cast of Armada all had Earthlike vehicles before arriving on it. (so did Gobots.) Prime had glass looking panels in the comics too, so you just assume they had scanned some other races vehicles that had windshields prior to arriving on earth.

I wouldn't over think it in anycase.

Armada does have protoforms though, they lack any earth-unique parts, they just look really similar. One of the many reasons I love Armada, I think that's how it should always be depicted.

And for Sentinel, I think the real reason would be that he was a major character, and a big part of the story. With the robots complex designs, little explanatory dialogue, and little character development, it's hard for non-TF fans to keep up as is. It would've been even more confusing if Sentinel had to change appearance completely.
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Re: Sentinal Prime: What's Your Secret??

Postby ScoutSi » Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:49 am

I watched the movie again last night, and his form on the Ark IS slightly different than when he assumes a firetruck alt mode.

Maybe his Cybertronian alt mode had two triangular glass panels?

We'll know for sure when the blu-ray/DVD is out and we can get stills

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Re: Sentinal Prime: What's Your Secret??

Postby KingEmperor » Thu Jul 21, 2011 4:18 am

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Xterminator wrote:I have another rather simplistic explanation: they just wanted to save money during the post-production by not having to render a cybertronian-mode for Sentinel Prime. As a bonus, they also didn't have to make the scene where he scans his earthly fire truck mode.

Why care about those details ? They don't even expect that the general public will notice that in each movie the cybertronians have a completely different reason to come to Earth. So why bother with 10sec of screen time where Sentinel Prime should be depicted as a pure-metal protoform ?

Another example of cost-savings during post-production: the scene in Africa where Megatron, Starscream & Soundwave meet.
Soundwave is depicted as arobot after the scanning of the Mercedes alternate-mode. Does it make sense ? Of course not: it means soundwave drove all the way from Chicago to Africa for the meeting :-) !

The proper way to depict Soundwave in this scene would be to show him arriving as a Cybertronian jet and have him transformed into a kind of allien humanoid shape (no wheels, no shine white painting). But no, why render another soundwave for just a few seconds of screen time ? It is better to save the money, nobody will notice :-(

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