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Name: Shadowing

Allegiance: Decepticons

Function: Espionage

Alt. mode: Cybertronian Stealth Jet

Weapons: Standard issue laser rifle which can store in his back. He also possesses two side laser beam guns which he primarily uses in his jet mode but can also fire from his hips in robot mode. His legs store two short swords.

Special Abilities: Subject is designed to minimize his sensor foot print but does not have full invisibility.

Height: 25’

Quote: “Courage trumps everything.”

RANK: Assigned by RPG moderators.

Profile: Shadowing was once an agent of the old Cybertronian Senate. At first he was a young and somewhat naïve agent who always thought he was doing what was best for the planet. As time went on this innocence was shattered by being assigned to darker tasks such as spying on seemingly peaceful movements and associations. For a while longer he maintained his belief that he was doing these acts for the best but soon he grew disillusioned and realized he was just another tool of a corrupt government. By then, however, he felt himself trapped. His hands were much too dirty to ever do something else. When the government fell this same feeling lead him to join the Decepticons. Eventually he settled into becoming an assistant to Shockwave working to keep him protected from threats his logic will not allow him to see while undertaking his spy duties (I asked the player beforehand).

Abilities: Shadowing is accomplished in stealth, recon, and spy work. His Jet Mode his form is designed to minimize exposure to radar and can fly silently although its peak speed is only Mach 0.5. It can also glide for a distance. He is also a skilled fighter combining Cybertronian martial arts with every dirty move in the book, and a few he created, to get an advantage over an opponent.

Weaknesses: Shadowing’s jet form is not really built for dog fighting or speed. His stealth capabilities come at the price of his armor being relatively weak. He is not truly convinced of the Decepticons cause and only continues with his duty because he sees no other path. His professionalism usually keeps this aspect firmly hidden however.

Appearance: There is very little that stands out about Shadowing which is by design. His form is sleek but there is nothing that makes he has an aerial alternate form obvious as his wings fold behind his back. They can still be deployed in robot mode if needed, however. He is colored dark blue with black joints and golden antennae and thruster ports. He has a mouth plate which he usually only deploys for battle.

Sample Post:

In the past…

The canyons of Seiberton where dark and quiet, not filled with much life except when soldiers passed by. One would assume this would make the job of a scout easier but Shadowing knew better. The combination of the two elements with the huge walls made the entire scene a creepy one which kept soldiers alert. He could be doing his job well and some random piece of scrap might fall near him, causing jumpy soldiers to instantly look in his direction. He had come here a long time before to pick an optimal location in a cave up high on the canyon walls.

He had heard that this unit would be moving by here while operating under cover in a local bar. Young Autobots were always prone to talk too much especially when under the effects of a little too much energon. They mentioned that a unit was going to pass by here but he could not get from them any details on size or purpose before they passed out so he had to do the job himself.

He could tell the column was a relatively large one filled with a lot of combat types. They were definitely going to be reinforcing at some point and it had to be for an attack since he knew of no Decepticon offensive actions ongoing here at the moment. He wanted to know where the attack would be coming but he also could not allow such an easy target to get away. He activated a signal on a special frequency and soon the squadron of Seekers came, laying their destructive fire across the Autobot forces trapped so close together. He took one last look before moving deeper into the cave and into safety.

“So much death… all caused by one drink too many.” He muttered as he shook his head. There would likely be another reward for him for the carnage of this day but he took no satisfaction from the act. It was his duty and that was all.
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