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Canon Decepticon character profiles are listed here.

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Postby Dynamax » Fri Jan 28, 2011 9:26 pm

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Weapon: Fusion Cannon
Name: Skyjack
Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub-group: Cyberjet
Function: Spy
Alt. mode: Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk
Weapons: Arm Mounted Rocket launcher
Special Abilities: Has a cloaking device he calls Stealth armor which assist him in his spy missions.
Height: 25 feet/ 7.62 meters
Quote: Trust me if you dare!

Strength: 05

Intelligence: 08

Dexterity: 09

Speed: 08

Endurance: 04

Courage: 04

Firepower: 07

Accuracy: 08

Melee: 04

Tech Skill: 06

Charisma: 06

Rank: 05

Profile: The head of the Cyberjet trio, though his tenure as such is highly dubious as even Hooligan has trouble trusting him. He is a man who life is a lie, one carefully crafted and spread by his own acts. Rumors go so far as to paint him as an Autobot sympathizer, even an image of him talking with Optimus Prime was spread around. However that too was part of the living lie Skyjack leads(it's amazing what Hooligan can do with Photoshop) and he likes it that way. After all one minute he'll share his energon with you, the next minute he'll blow a hole through your back. but it's that dangerous duplicity that has kept him in place. After all, The only honest thing about him is that he's too unpredictable to mess with.

Abilities: Skyjack is a skilled con man and spy. Though not the best fighter of the bunch he can hold his own. He can travel up to speeds of Mach 2.2 in jet mode. While his Rocket Launcher is rather basic his accuracy is rather good and is steadily improving due to his practicing it on human cars (though he hopes to score a few incognito Autobot kills as he does this).

Skyjacks second best tool is his Stealth Armor (#1 is his silver tongue). It is strong enough to make him invisible to standard Anti Aircraft detection. It surrounds him in a standard cloaking field shared by a few transformers but the energy masks his heat signature to eliminate infra red tracking and makes him a ghost when it comes to sonar. It's only hole is that he's detectable in the UV spectrum.

Weaknesses: Some Decepticons find his manipulations make him too dangerous to work with, thus he finds himself on his own sometimes. He is the weakest fighter amongst the Cyberjets and has to resort to duplicity to win.

Sample Post: "Come on, you can trust me. Would this face lie to you Hooligan?"

Skyjack knew the response would be one of flippant sarcasm. it's what made the dance needed to trick Hooligan work. Get him to vent was the first step. He has been burned too many times but the fact that he puts some value on whatever bond he sees shared with Skyjack makes him quite malleable. One just has to find a way to sooth his ego a bit. Plus it usually helps to talk Space Case into things first to make it two on one, Hooligan hates it. Pressure plus fear that Space Case might do something painfully stupid to him helped.

"Many times in the past and this likely just another on of your schemes." Hooligan commented.

"But I never thought you'd pass down the chance to screw someone over Hooligan. Besides, I thought you liked a challenge."

The next step was to attack his pride. Hooligan was good at what he did, it was on of th few reasons Skyjack kept him around. As much underlying animosity as there was between th duo their combined talents for mayhem and betrayal were unparalleled. The problem however was trying to once again go around any underlying problems. The job was simple: Trick Grimlock into attacking some of his Autobot allies and see chaos unfold. A tricky task but one they could pull off.

"You just had to got there...FINE. I'll join your stupid mission. But if Grimlock blasts us out of the sky it's your head." Hooligan caved.

That would be the last step. In case things failed Skyjack had to find a way to pin the failure on Hooligan. That's where Space Case came in. As the only other witness and due to him being...simple minded, it would be easy to convince him the failure was solely on Hooligan's shoulders. Hooligan would be too busy going over how his machinations failed him in his head to think of winning the speedy brute over. Thus he wouldn't have anything to tell Megatron that would be credible enough to save his hide.

A perfect plan.

"Don't worry Hooligan, I'll take full responsibility for my actions. You can trust me on that."
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