TF Prime Stealth Interceptor Prowl

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TF Prime Stealth Interceptor Prowl

Postby Taiki » Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:04 am

... so I did Prowl.
I went for a look in between his G1 colors, and his concept art that was featured for the TFP game, and while I've gone for a Japanese police car look, I'm not sure if I'll be tempted to repaint it in another color scheme...
While trying to decide if I could scrounge up a light bar to shove on him, I realized that doing that would spoil how sleek the mold looks to some degree, and I came across a concept Armed Patrol Car that was designed by the San Diego police with the lights built in flush to its roof, and figured that was a good look, if I could pull it off...
I tried to give him a different paint job to the head to try to differentiate him from Smokescreen, but it's proving a little difficult, since the basic scheme for them both now is white base, red chevrons. Painted the side panels gold, and left the chin spikes white for now... I'll see if I can think of something better...

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