Rules for Fanmade Characters

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Rules for Fanmade Characters

Postby Devastron » Mon Jan 26, 2009 6:00 pm

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The following are the rules created by the staff.

1. Fanmade or Original characters are now open to all players new and old.

2. Character Limits: Player may have no more than 3 characters under their control. If the player proves himself to the staff with 3 characters, additional characters may be allowed. Characters from other continuities and / or Japanese series will be decided on by the Moderators, if they would be allowed in the game, and if yes, as a canon, or as a fanmade.

If you reach the limit, you will not be able to add any new characters without giving up an old character. The maximum number of characters allowed per player is 3 unless moderators are convinced that the player in question is able to handle additional characters.

3. A total of 70 points is allowed to be divided among the following stats: Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Speed, Endurance, Courage, Firepower, Accuracy, Melee, Tech Skill and Charisma. The rank stat will be determined by the staff upon approval of the character.

a. Strength is defined as the amount of mass or weight a character can lift. This also determines how hard a character can hit in melee combat. A stat of 10 is massive, capable of lifting large buildings while a stat of 1 is slightly stronger than an average human.

b. Intelligence is defined as the ability to solve complex problems whether they be mathematical, practical or social. Examples are decoding an encrypted transmission, coming up with a battle plan or deducing the fact that someone in the ranks is a spy. A stat of 10 represents a genius who solves major problems in minutes, if not seconds. A stat of 1 represents a character who can barely speak and cannot solve simple problems such as opening doors.

c. Dexterity represents the skill and grace in physical movement in both robot and alternate modes. A stat of 10 represents someone with acrobat like ability, capable of complex flips and rolls and hairpin turns in alternate mode. A stat of 1 represents an extremely clumsy character who is constantly tripping over their own feet.

d. Speed represents how fast a Transformer can travel over a given terrain usually dictated by their alternate mode. Below are two different scales for land speed and air speed. It should be noted that two Transformers may both have a speed of 9 but a speed of 9 in flight is much higher than a speed of 9 on the ground. These stats are for alternate modes only. All Transformers have a roughly equal ground speed in robot mode when running across the ground.

e. Endurance represents the amount of damage a character can absorb and how long they can keep active without running out of energy. A character with high endurance would be able to absorb great amounts of damage and/or function at peak efficiency with relatively little fuel. A character with low endurance damages very easily and/or consumes great amounts of energy to remain fully functional.

f. Courage represents the ability to overcome one’s fear and perform a difficult or dangerous task. A stat of 10 represents a character that has no fear and may perform tasks that border on suicidal. A character with a stat of 1 is frightened by nearly everything.

g. Firepower represents the amount of damage the character can do by firing their weapons. A stat of 10 represents the ability to level a city block or greater in a single blast while a stat of 1 will only scratch an average transformer.

h. Accuracy represents the ability of a character to hit a designated target with a ranged weapon. A character with high accuracy can hit minute targets from hundreds of yards, or possibly a few miles, away. A low accuracy indicates a character who has trouble hitting stationary buildings from very short distances.

i. Melee represents a character’s skill in short range non-projectile combat. This can involve bare hand and feet, bladed weapons or blunt weapons. A high stat typically indicates a character with martial arts training or great experience and expertise in this form of combat. A low stat indicates inexperience and lack of skill and ability in this form of combat.

j. Tech Skill represents a characters ability to use tools, computers, technology and mechanical devices. For Transformers this also translates into the ability to conduct repairs on themselves and others. A character with a 10 in this ability is capable of complicated and delicate surgery on a Transformer and can create and invent new devices for nearly any occasion. A Transformer with a 1 in this ability may have difficulty cleaning and operating their weapons and cannot perform even basic maintenance on themselves.

k. Charisma represents a character’s ability to get along and make friends with others along with the ability to lead and inspire. Characters with high scores in this ability make friends easily, are liked by most others and are often capable leaders. Those with low scores in this generally have negative attitudes, have trouble making friends and tend to be loners.

4. Unless special permission is granted, no stat is permitted to be greater than 9 for fanmade or original characters. Likewise, one stat may be equal to 9 but no more than one, and no stats can be less than 3. Again, unless special permission from a mod is given.

5. If you want your character to have a strength/endurance of 9 it means your character has to be bulkier than average. Your character will also suffer two point penalty to his/her maximum dexterity and one point penalty to speed. Same goes other way around, a fast, lithe character with a 9 in dexterity/speed suffers a 2 point penalty to his/her maximum strength and one point penalty to endurance.

6. The Tech Skill attribute can be only 2 higher than character's intelligence at maximum.

7. Sample posts for fanmade or original characters must be at least 3 paragraphs long, with a paragraph defined as at least 2-4 sentences.

8. Characters of unusual size will require special permission to play. This goes for both large and small size. Standard sizes for most Transformers fall between 25-31 ft. A size chart can be found here ... tlarge.jpg

9. Characters are permitted to have some special abilities, but these require stat points from the characters base stat pool of 70 points. You can take as many of the permitted abilities as you want but keep in mind that each lowers the pool of points that can be used for the character’s base stats. A character with multiple special abilities but exceptionally poor stats will find be a very ineffective character. All Decepticons are assumed to have robot flight mode with no stat penalty.

The following special abilities cost you ability points: (Unless RPG moderators decide otherwise)

• Shield Generator -> (-8) Average. The negative bonus here depends on the strength of the force field.
• Teleportation -> (-15) And a good explanation why your character should have this ability.
• Triple Changer -> Fanmade Triplechangers are not allowed at this point.
• Quad Changer -> Fanmade Quadchangers are not allowed at this point.
• Six Changer -> Fanmade Sixchangers are not allowed at this point.
• Robot mode flight ability -> (-4 for Autobots, no penalty to Decepticons)
• Cloaking Device/Invisibility -> (from -6 to -12)
• Weapons we determine to be more than typical -> (Penalty is variable)
• Radar/Sonar -> (-2 each) All transformers have a limited radar. This is about long range ones.
• Above average sensory, includes audio, visual, touch, smell -> (Penalty is variable)
• EMP weapons -> (-5) (variable depending on the power of the weapon)
• Nontypical offensive and defensive abilities -> (Penalty is variable)
• Targetmasters -> Fanmade Targetmasters are not allowed at this point.
• Headmasters -> Fanmade Headmasters are not allowed at this point.
• Powermasters -> Fanmade Powermasters are not allowed at this point.
• Pretenders -> Fanmade Pretenders are not allowed at this point.
• Combiners -> Fanmade Combiners are not allowed at this point.
• Ability to create multiple holograms or large scale holograms (á la Hound) -> (-6)
• Being able to reach the escape velocity from Earth's gravity field -> (-5)
• Low fuel consumption á la Bumblebee -> (-4)

Here's a speed helper of sorts for characters that can fly in alt. mode.

Decepticon flying ability in robot mode allow approximately speeds from 100 mph to 300 mph depending on their design with the seekers being even able to reach speed of sound in robot mode. This robot mode flight however, is not the stat to be given for the speed indicates your character's alt.mode speed.

10 - Character is fast enough to reach escape velocity and can travel in space with extremely high speeds
9 - Speeds from Mach 3 to the limit gaining of escape velocity.
8 - Mach 2 to Mach 2.9
7 - Mach 1 to Mach 1.9
6 - Flying speeds from Mach 0.5 (~370 mph) to Mach 0.9
5 - Speeds from 250 mph to Mach 0.5
4 - Speeds from 150 mph to 249 mph
3 - 100 mph to 149 mph
2 - 60 mph to 99 mph
1 - Speeds less than 60 mph

And here's a speed helper for ground and seabound characters that can't fly in alt. mode.

10 - Speeds higher than 500 mph.
9 - Speeds from 300 mph to 500 mph.
8 - From 250 mph to 299 mph.
7 - From 200 mph to 249 mph.
6 - Speeds from 150 mph to 199 mph.
5 - Speeds from 100 mph to 149 mph.
4 - Speeds from 60 mph to 99 mph.
3 - 40 mph to 59 mph.
2 - 20 mph to 49 mph.
1 - Speeds less than 20 mph.
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