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New Galaxy Force/Cybertron Toy Pictures & More !

Transformers News: New Galaxy Force/Cybertron Toy Pictures & More !
Date: Sunday, October 24th 2004 1:31pm CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: ToXmAn | Credit(s): Dragonx76, Tfans boards

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Dragonx76 has posted pictures of more upcoming figures from the Galaxy Force/Cybertron line!

The first image shows three previously unseen figures - one with a motorbike alt mode and two with beast alt modes! The picture also shows captures of the Galaxy Convoy and Starscream videos.

Next we've got a set of four screen captures showing Starscream's transformation, closely followed by another four screen captures of Megatron!

Lastly, we have a scanned Galaxy Force flyer, which bears the date January 8th 2005 (presumbly the series start date).

Transformers Innovation Event Review and Galaxy Force Song Lyrics

Transformers News: Transformers Innovation Event Review and Galaxy Force Song Lyrics
Date: Sunday, October 24th 2004 1:03pm CDT
Category: Site News

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Earlier this month, we reported on the upcoming Transformers Innovation 2005 Event, to be held in Japan. Our very own LagunaL8 was able to attend the event, and has posted a review of the event, along with lyrics for the Galaxy Force opening song (in both original Japanese and translated English). You can read it all, here.

Galaxy Force To Be Micron Legend Mk 2?

Transformers News: Galaxy Force To Be Micron Legend Mk 2?
Date: Sunday, October 24th 2004 2:59am CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Rumors

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An interesting little rumour this. Apparently, although the upcoming Galaxy Force TV series is due to be set in an all-new continuity, the actual storyline may be a little familiar, as it's going to be a re-telling of Micron Legend/Armada! Word has it that this is mostly due to the influence of GONZO, who didn't like the way that the last two series worked out......

Over 210 Pictures Of Robot Masters R-Blade and the UNIVERSE Cyberjets Now Online!

Transformers News: Over 210 Pictures Of Robot Masters R-Blade and the UNIVERSE Cyberjets Now Online!
Date: Sunday, October 24th 2004 12:42am CDT
Category: Site News
Posted by: Darth Bombshell | Credit(s): Seibertron

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The Seibertron Toy Gallery has been updated tonight with over 210 pictures of Robot Masters R-Blade (AKA Jetfire) and the Universe Cyberjets. (Air Raid, Space Case and Wind Sheer) Check out these photo galleries by clicking the links provided.

Galaxy Force/Cybertron Design Artwork

Transformers News: Galaxy Force/Cybertron Design Artwork
Date: Saturday, October 23rd 2004 3:38pm CDT
Category: Site News

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Autobase Aichi have posted some design artwork from the upcoming Galaxy Force/Cybertron series. Interestingly, despite some of the artwork clearly having been annotated in Japanese, the Western names of the characters have also been added to all but one piece of art, giving us near-confirmation of some Cybertron names! We have:

Optimus Prime
Dreadnought (no Western name yet) and Hot Shot
Vector Prime
Vextor Prime - alt mode

BigBadToyStore Product Update

Transformers News: BigBadToyStore Product Update
Date: Saturday, October 23rd 2004 3:17pm CDT
Category: Site News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Big Bad Toy Store

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Hi - Here is a quick update -

10% OFF ALL 'INSTOCK' ORDERS OVER $50! This may be one of the last 10%
off sales for the year. We have tons of new items arriving this coming
week and the holiday season will be upon us soon so don't miss out on this
opportunity for reduced pricing on all our in-stock product! (Pre-Order
items and Vintage menu items are not included on this sale - vintage items
are already 40% off and that sale works independently of this one) Just
order over $50 of normal instock store items and we'll apply a 10%
discount when we process your order. Please see full sales detail info
here: All items on our
Sale/Clearance menu are also included, so our low prices can go even lower
with just a $50+ purchase.

SIDESHOW LORD OF THE RINGS: The very nice King Elessar - Aragorn statue
has arrived! This statue is limited to only 3000 pieces and has already
sold out from Sideshow. Our price is $199.99 - but after the 10% off sale
it drops to $180 (This statue is going for up to $240 on ebay) I did not
check all the edition numbers of what we received, but from what was on
the top of the stack on our pallet of statues - most looked to be in the
180 to 300 range for the edition number, so pretty early on in the run!

TAKARA BT-06b and BT-09 - ARRIVING SOON: We've just received word from
Japan that the BT-06b Blue Tracks and BT-09 Swindle Jeep will be shipping
to us in around 2 weeks and arrive in mid-November. Pre-Orders are
available for each figure for $54.99. The Blue Tracks figure should come
with a large autobot symbol & flames hood sticker/decal similar to that of
the original G1 Tracks and it will mimic the G1 tracks in its color
scheme (We don't have a picture of the sticker yet)

Our Marvel Legends 7 & Two Towers 3 shipment should now be here Monday
followed by two huge shipments from Hasbro on Tusday and then Thursday -
so stay tuned for a bunch of great new arrivals this coming week!

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to take
advantage of the 10% off sale.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Galaxy Force Info and Character Profiles

Transformers News: Galaxy Force Info and Character Profiles
Date: Saturday, October 23rd 2004 2:36pm CDT
Category: Site News

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From a press release, some more information has been provided regarding the next Japanese Transformers series, Galaxy Force. Of particular interest, is those quote from supervisor Manabu Ono:

"Galaxy Force" as a story, is independent of the past story. The original Transformers tale is the existence of which was not recognized by mankind.

Although the translation isn't 100% clear, this would seem to indicate that Galaxy Force takes place in an alternate universe to the current Micron Legend/Superlink series. This is notable as Hasbro have already indicated that their version of the news series, called 'Cybertron', will take place in the same continuity as Armada/Energon.

Now onto the character profiles. Please note, these are translations from the original Japanese text.

Cybertron/Autobot Forces:

Galaxy Convoy
The Supreme Commander of the Cybertrons who is the first at the scene and fights to the end. To his subordiantes, he is also an extremely warm-hearted leader which they can depend on and also his pliability which they have taken in their opinions positively. Although a weak/cowardice attitude may be seen at times from his subordiantes, even if it is in a difficult situation, he never abandons his companions & always gives his best. Furthermore, there is a rumor in the universe of a Transformer with the name of Convoy other than him exists.

He is sincere & is a vice-commander whose reliance is also thick. he is also a realist who can clearly advocate objections from a clear point of view to make difficult judgements & simultaneously manages the given command exactly when iti is given. At the time of the Earth migration, he proposed disguising himself so not to disturb the Earth governments.

The youngest warrior who is proud of his team & fastest at speeds like the wind. His confidence is superflously raw, and he is unyielding & he is not effective at self-control. Although he respects Galaxy Convoy who is the commander & dreams of the future, he severly dislike the treatment he receives preaching of sermons that he is an inexperienced/immature person.

A veteran fighter with abundant experience. Although as tough as his appearance shows, he excels in the way to survive on the battlefield, his thoughts of peace is stronger than others. He is a owner of a sincere & sturdy chivalry soul, and considers it to be his mission to protect the "weak Earth people with his strength.

Jack Shot
Though short in stature, he is proud of his marvelous strength of Team One, a powerful fighting faction warrior. Rather than words, action is respected and he also bravely fights against a formidable opponent. Although he is entrusted in heavy labor in many cases, originally he is not of low intelligence, feels dissatisfaction not to be made the fool.

Back Pack
Operator of a grumbling store. Although he has outstanding analytical capabilities, he does not have the self-confidence and is nervous and a worrier. Though intellectual, his eccentric character manifests by a masochistic dark humor.

Vector Prime
Ancient Transformer who has continued to supervise/watch space and time from far ancient times, which is why he is called "Ancient." In order to prevent the crisis of all the universes, he appears before Galaxy Convoy and appeals for the recovery of the planet force. Although both are considered as Cybertron/Autobot, he is without there being a singularity of a family line and being able to meld into a team.

Small Transformers with many mysteries accompanying Vector Prime. They are full of curiousity and enjoy interaction with the children. Their information of Earth is promptly absorbed through the internet.

Destron/Decepticon forces:

Master Megatron
Enemy number one of the universe, the great destructive emperor of the Destrons who is feared. His is the ultimate egoist and the existenc of those other than himself are not even noticed. By the fact of the Planet Force of all the planets are obtained, one is evolved into the perfect existence like God, creating new universe by right. He is a triple changer who has the ability to change into car mode and jet mode.

Although he participates as the faithful arm of Master Megatron, he is anambitions individual whose vigilant eye targets the seat of the great emperor. He excels in both martial/military arts & resources & speed especially in vehicle mode is proud at the top class even in all Transformers. Transformation is a future type fighter plane.

The meal of three times compared to his punk exisitence who likes to fight. He is moved by the command of Master Megatron and Starscream. Although his abilities are immature, his excessive raw being and agressive desire heightens the morale of the whole Destron army. Transformation is an Earth type fighter plane.


A proud 14 year old boy who is proficient in repairs and reconstruction of mechanisms. Under the influence of his father who was a racer, motorcrossing has become his hobby. He is vigorous and a cheerful character, but insecret, he worries about the comparison with the excellent records of his older brother and has thoughts of wanting to be accepted/recognized by his father is strongly above necessity.

He is the 11 year younger brother of Kobe. He loves to watch "B" movies of Sci-Fi, Kung Fu and crime, and imitates them well. Although his wild way of thinking is shocking, it invites humor, which occasionally has even saved him in time of crisis. His communication with the Microns is possible without intentionally knowing why.

This 14 year old city girl is taken to the country by her parents who has a taste for the outdoors. Although it is a harsh place, she stubbonly continues her city lifestyle, she cannot adhere to phenomenon that much, but her different sense of values can be accepted.

Palisades Site Update; Wheeljack Statue and more!

Transformers News: Palisades Site Update; Wheeljack Statue and more!
Date: Saturday, October 23rd 2004 11:13am CDT
Category: Collectables
Posted by: Senor Hugo | Credit(s):, 2005 Boards

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Palisades has updated their site with information regarding the upcoming Wheeljack statue as well as the other transformer statues before Wheeljack. Check it out here.

Tons of Images from Transformers Innovation Event

Transformers News: Tons of Images from Transformers Innovation Event
Date: Saturday, October 23rd 2004 10:37am CDT
Category: Site News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Tonkye of Japan TF Image Board

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We've got tons of images from the Transformers Innovation Event at the Tokyo International Entertainment Market 2004, courtesy of Tonkye of the Japan Transformers Image Board:

Beast Wars Returns



Galaxy Force

Miscellaneous/History of Transfomers?

Original Images from:, except for animated GF Convoy and Jackshot, from

Transformers: Superlink Episode #42 clips

Transformers News: Transformers: Superlink Episode #42 clips
Date: Friday, October 22nd 2004 7:14pm CDT
Category: Media
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Fan2Fan

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Man what a crazy news day it has been today. Thanks to our friends over at Fan2Fan, we now have some new Transformers: Superlink (Energon) clips for you to view!

EPISODE NO. 42: "Sinking! Miranda II"

Planet Cybertron is blanketed by the Destron's energon Gas. This means the whole planet is been undergoing the occupation of the Destron's. Convoy who is on the Miranda II above the atmosphere has no room to manuever, Kicker & the Omnicons who are not affected by the energon, plans to infiltrate inside the planet to build a work unit. On the otherhand, Galvatron who occupies the control room, with the suggestion of Six Shot, begins to move the whole planet of Cybertron. It is uncertain what will happen which existed previously ...


Sixshot discovered and reported to Galvatron that he is able to channel the Super Energon and move the planet itself, Galvatron commanded to initiate the thrusters and intend to move Cybertron to the star system where Alpha-Q created, intending to destroy each and every planet still existing there. Heeding his command, Sixshot activated the planet thrusters, the underground resistance led by Wingsaber, Rad and Dr. Jones, even everyone on Miranda II orbiting Cybertron, were surprised when the planet started to move...



[not in clip: detecting Miranda II in the orbit, Sixshot fired a shot from the energon tower, hoping to destroyGrand Convoy and avenge his brother. Furious, Galvatron knocked him off and reprimanded him that he will tell Sixshot what to do, he controls his every action, no excuse for taking his own initiative.]
With the location of Miranda II detected, Galvatron led the rest of the Decepticons (except Sixshot) on an full scale assault. The Autobots. preparing the attack, actually was planning to use this as a chance to insert a party to the surface, consists of Kicker and the Omnicons, who were unaffected by the polluted energon covering the planet.



Inspite of Galvatron's punishment and warning about taking action without approval from Galvatron, Sixshot still fired on the ship, hoping to hit Grand Convoy. The shot damaged the ship and caused it to decent into the dangerous energon cloud, the Autobots, not shielded from thiskind of energon, were quickly overloaded, knowing the ship is as good as gone, Galvatron and the Decepticons leave the battle in order not to be caught in the explosion, but Galvatron asked Grand Convoy to survived the crash so he can finish him off himself. With the Decepticons gone, Grand Convoy ordered the rest to abandon ship.



Overdrive stayed on the ship, trying to find a spot on the surface without any Decepticons in order to let Kicker and the Omnicons drop in safely. Grand Convoy stayed with him, Overdrive found the spot and gave the signal to the drop party, who immediately plunged towards the surface on Cybertron. With their objective met, Grand Convoy asked to give full power to the thrusters, hoping to bring Miranda II out of the energon clouds and into space, however badly damaged, the ship was unable to makeit back into space, as the ship started to plunge Convoy and Overdrive.





As the Decepticons returned to their base, Galvatron did not showed mercy for Sixshot's insurbordination, as he bashed Sixshot around (while Snowstorm and Irontread watched gleefully), Sixshot rebuked that Galvatron still needs his intelligence to work on the system, and Galvatron will begged for his help later if he continues to mistreat him now, although Sixshot never get to finish his "threat", in mid sentence, Galvatron punched him right in the face!!
Meanwhile, even Miranda II crashed on the surface of Cybertron, it did not explode, Kicker, taking this as a sign of hope, intends to use it as a symbol for the rest of the Autobot forces on Cybertron to gather.



Go! Go! Omnicons!


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