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Series: Generation 2
Faction: G2 Decepticon
Subgroup: Combaticons
Generation 2 Brawl gallery

Tech Specs

Resistant to most conventional artillery, noisy, irritates everyone and is blusteringly belligerent. He's a terrifyingly effective warrior with enormous strength. In tank mode travels 45mph with 600 mile range. Twin sonic cannon shoots powerful, ear-splitting bursts of concentrated stereo sound energy. In robot mode has 10-Megawatt electron gun. Forms Bruticus with fellow Combaticons.

Total: 51
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Brawl is loud. Whether he's talking, shooting, or merely moving, he makes a lot of noise- grating, clanking, booming noise that irritates all those nearby, friend and foe alike. As unpleasant as that side of him is, there are other aspects of his personality that his fellow Combaticons consider even worse. He has a hair trigger temper and expresses his frequent anger with a savage fury truly terrible to behold. But, at least this seething rage that drives him, that makes him so unpleasant to be with also makes him a terrifyingly effective warrior. He makes no secret of his blustering belligerence, the mere sound of his approach is enough to unnerve Autobots. His actual arrival can paralyze them with mind-numbing fear. If he weren't always so angry, Brawl might find this pleasing.
Abilities: Brawl possesses enormous strength and is resistant to most conventional artillery. In tank mode, he can reach speeds of 45 mph and has a range of 600 miles. His turret-mounted gun shoots a shell up to a distance of 3.5 miles with an explosive force of 200 Ibs. of TNT. His twin sonic cannon shoots powerful, ear-splitting bursts of concentrated sound energy of up to 300 decibels. He can manipulate this energy in stereo (a result of the cannons dual configuration) to shatter anything from a crystal wine glass to a cinder-block bunker. In robot made, he wields a 10-megawatt electron gun. He combines with his fellow Combaticons to form the giant robot, Bruticus.
Weaknesses: Brawl is virtually incapable of being quiet, making him an easily identifiable target as he approaches a battle. In tank mode, his turret is prone to getting locked in one position, particularly in dusty environments.
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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #160 - Grappling with Memory
Twincast / Podcast #160:
"Grappling with Memory"
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Posted: Saturday, December 3rd, 2016
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