Dead End

Series: Beast Wars Neo
Faction: Predacon
Subgroup: Basic Beasts

Tech Specs

Dead End is a model soldier who loves battle. Being cool and solitary of temperament, he doesn't care for joint operations. His cruelty is such that he can bring his enemy to a halt with the Spiral Bomb attack, which launches the shell off his right shoulder, then smile as he delivers the final blow with his Dead Gun.

Total: 56
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Dead End is a model Predacon. He was the pride of the Predacon war academy on Cybertron and a respected soldier for years. Dead End believes that fighting to impress superiors is petty and never does so. He is embarrassed by the actions of his fellow Predacons and their constant attempts to gain power. He fights simply because he wants to and he takes great joy in sending his enemies to an early grave. Some think that he enjoys it too much. It has been noted that he smiles when he kills.
Abilities: When transformed Dead End becomes an armored ammonite. In robot mode his shell becomes two large shields. This makes it difficult for an enemy to land a direct hit on him. His "Spiral Bomb" attack launches the shell shields off his shoulders and into his enemies while his "Dead Gun" administers the deathblow.
Weaknesses: While he is a respected soldier he rarely speaks his mind. Even if he knows a plan is going to fail he chooses not to inform his comrades simply because he doesn�t care.
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