Series: G1 1988, Super God Masterforce
Faction: Decepticon
Subgroup: Seacons
G1 1988 Tentakil gallery

Tech Specs

Crushes submarines like they were soda cans. The more benevolent he appears, the crueler he becomes. Electomagnetic tentacles add super strength to his vise-like grip. Electrically-charged feelers short circuit and stun on contact. In robot mode, carries dual slime lasers that shoot globs of highly-adhesive gelatinous goo. In weapons mode, transforms to twin 50,000 volt lightning rifles. Also able to burst away in a cloud of viscous black grease that hinders his pursuers. Combines with fellow seacons to form Piranacon.

Total: 51
Transformers Tech Spec: TentakilTransformers Tech Spec: Tentakil
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Don't be deceived by Tentakil's gentle touch and soothing words- he is undeniably the cruelest, deadliest Seacon. His style is as distinctive as it is lethal: he showers a potential victim with kindness, offering him help, even complimenting his appearance. And then, once he has gained the confidence of his victim, Tentakil moves in for the kill. In a flash, kindness turns to cruelty. The soft caress of his limbs turns into a deadly, unyielding stranglehold. He seems to take a perverse pleasure in these amiable charades, enjoying them even more than their inevitable, lethal conclusions. As his fellow Seacon, Nautilator, likes to say about him, "Tentakil can charm the fuel right out of your chassis." And given half a chance, he will.
Abilities: In octopus mode, Tentakil can crush a submarine as if it were a soda can. Powerful electromagnets embedded within his tentacles enhance his strength to awesome proportions, giving Tentakil the vise-like grip that he is infamous for. Electrically charged feelers on his tentacles' surfaces can short-circuit and stun anything of an electrical nature on contact. While retreating, he can discharge a cloud of viscous black grease to hinder any pursuers. In weapons mode, he turns into twin 50,000 volt lightning rifles, which can operate on land and sea. He is insulated from any electrical attacks himself, so the rifles can't electrocute him underwater. In robot and octopus modes, he wields dual laser-guided slime blasters, which shoot globs of highly adhesive gelatinous goo. He combines with his fellow Seacons to form the super-robot Piranacon.
Weaknesses: A mysterious short circuit in his wiring often inhibits Tentakil's ability to transform from one mode to another. This causes him severe problems when he's stuck in robot mode underwater, or octopus mode on land. In these situations, the modes are poorly suited for the environments. In fact, on land, his octopus mode is more likely to keel over than take a step.
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