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BotCon Exclusives Dirge gallery

Tech Specs

Dirge is one of the few remaining members of the ancient Insecticon clan, a group of Transformer warriors dating back to the beginnings of the Great War. Once a prominent commander in the clan, he has witnessed their numbers shrink over the ages. He views himself as the loyal leutenant which history will remember as standing by a great Emperor. Who that Emperor is does not matter to him, as long as the Decepticon Empire rises again. He has pledged his loyalty to Deathsaurus, until someone more powerful (and thus more worthy) comes along to replace him!

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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Abilities: Dirge is a brilliant tactician, having once lead legions of troops into combat. His wings are able to generate an aural disruption field that, activates the pain receptors of anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in it. In beast mode, his claws secrete an acid that aids them in tearing through enemy armor. In robot mode, he can fire bursts of high voltage electricity from his hands to incapacitate enemies.
Weaknesses: Dirge's wings can easily be damaged.
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