Series: G1 1985, Fight! Super Robot Life
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Jumpstarters
G1 1984 Topspin gallery

Tech Specs

No mountain high enough, no river wide enough to stop this one robot wrecking crew. Has superior mobility due to his Cybertronic vehicular form. Views conquest of rough terrain as much a victory as beating Decepticons. Uses 2 rear jet engines to go 300mph... goes 80mph on water with 2 front pontoons... has 2 hi-voltage electric cannons and 2 hand lasers built in... carries a powerful twin ion impulse blaster.

Total: 59
Transformers Tech Spec: Topspin
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: No mountain is high enough, no river is wide enough to stop this one-robot wrecking crew. The more difficult the terrain to be traversed, the more Topspin likes it. Without the constraints of an Earth vehicular disguise like the ones most of his fellow Autobots have been given by the Ark, he can use the superior mobility and versatility of his Cybertronic vehicular form to go almost anywhere on land or water. On a personal level, he considers his conquest of a steep precipice or a raging river as much a victory as any victory over the Decepticons that may result from an Autobot attack. As Topsin likes to point out, "I take pride in my work."
Abilities: In vehicle mode, Topspin is propelled by two rear-mounted jet engines, which can accelerate him to speeds of 300 mph on a flat surface. He also is equipped with two pontoons proiwing from his front, which allow him to travel up to 80 mph on water, like a hydrofoil. Using two sidemounted high-voltage electric blasters, two small hand-mounted lasers, and a powerful particle beam rifle, Topspin can release a near-unrelenting barrade of devastating force. Like his brother, Twin Twist, he can spring from his vehicle mode into his robot mode in less than half a second. His weaponry is available to him in either mode.
Weaknesses: His preoccupation with personal glory often distracts Topspin from more threatening situations, such as a Decepticon attack. The high fuel demands of his jet engines and weaponry leave him more vulnerable to exhausting his energy supplies than most other Autobots.
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