Series: Victory
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Multiforce

Tech Specs

Total: 57
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Mach is quick with his feet, but not with his wits. Mach is a soldier at heart, he prefers to carry out orders rather than give them. This doesn't mean he is stupid by any means. Mach is one of the more social Cybertrons. He knows how to deal with people. He can estimate his enemy or ally's personality quickly and therefore decide the best way to approach them and handle them. He's somewhat of a goof-off, however. He doesn't bear down on knowledge; he leaves that to his partner, Tackle.
Abilities: Mach is the Multiforce member of the Cybertrons capable of transforming into a space shuttle. While not as quick as his larger counterpart, Galaxy Shuttle, mach is still incredibly quick. He can reach speeds beyond mach 3 almost instantly, and there's no telling how fast he can go once he builds up momentum. Mach is partnered with most often with Tackle. The two of them can combine to form Machtackle, with Mach as the head and leading force of the duo. Occasionally, but not often, Mach will take the role of the legs and become Tacklemach. Mach's power represents the Moon.
Weaknesses: While Mach excels in people skills, he lacks knowledge. He relies on his partner Tackle for that. This often leads to arguments between the two of them, as Tackle gets sick of his partner's lack of mental strength. The two argue a bit too much, actually. This often leads to dangerous situations in battle.
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