A thread for silly fan theories!

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A thread for silly fan theories!

Postby Skritz » Mon Dec 25, 2017 9:58 pm

Something I've realized come up with any fandom is invariably the fanwanking and insane theories about all manners of minute details which the writers clearly never ever remotely thought about but which fans love to speculate about. The funny thing I realized, however, is that Transformers nowadays has a (Bad? Good? You decide!) habit of later canonizing even the most bizarre of things. This is a thread for odd fan theories, even absurd ones people may want to share. The kind of insane fan wank some fan fictions would even blush about using, sometimes.

Without further ado, here is a really wonky one to start off the thread:
  • The strange, almost mystical powers displayed during the end of Beast Wars and into Beast Machine are related to Chōkon Power: Super God Masterforce is really not the most popular Transformers incarnation outside possibly of people liking the toys/characters, especially Ginrai/Powermaster Prime and Overlord. Lets be real, its kind of wonky anime that is closer to Super Sentai and other Henshin Heroes series than Transformers. Or, more favorably, a merging of these two ideas into a single serie. Few shows are as steeped into what the fandom (once?) unfavorably called BURNING JUSTICE! You know, japanese culture-flavored 'fighting spirit' sort of stuff you'd see more in shonen anime. So wht am I bringing up SGMF? How the hell does this relate to Beast Wars and this insane fan theory? Simple: the Godmasters and the use of Chōkon Power. Godmasters are, as most of you know, the japanese fiction counterpart to Powermasters, just with a lot more plot-and-willpower-flavored bullshit. Okay so you got half-organic, half-mechanical beings. Then you have power derived from the 'primal energy of life itself'. Now what was the big deal of Beast Machine? That they were techno-organic, neither fully machine nor fully beasts, an 'evolution' of their vaguely biomechanical selves of the Beast Wars. Amongst the forms of Chōkon power is Jūchōkon or 'Super Beast Soul'? Could the mutated transmetals and later techno-organic Maximal inadvertently began tapping into some deeper cosmic power? It would certainly explain these moments where a Transmetal (especially Transmetal 2 but this isn't unique to them, as Optimus Primal does some weird telepathic thing with Cheetor once) displayed unusual powers or all the weird energy beams used in Beast Machine.

Edit: According to Transformers Legends comic, which apparently is where the Jūchōkon term come from, this is apparently in fact the case. But extending this to Beast Machine still is, for now, within the realm of pure theory. But it would make sense, no? Beast Machine is full of mystical overtones and the maximals all display some level of energy manipulation.

Have fun posting insane theories. The weirder the better. ;)^
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Re: A thread for silly fan theories!

Postby Sunstar » Mon Dec 25, 2017 10:16 pm

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My than theory has to do with that Humans are distant cousins of Cybertronians. But not in the manner of earth being Unicron.

Around 4 million years ago humans started to evolve into what we became now, G1 (cartoon) had the Transformers crash on earth about 4 million years ago. So my wild fan theory is that Cybertronian nanites, bugs germs whatever, infected the planet and had an effect on a number of lifeforms, but humans the most profoundly. Humans evolved to a bipedal status, much like transformers, became tool users and developed machines and mechanisms.

By the time the Transformers awoke on earth, they found it populated with inanimate machines and highly intellegent, albeit short lived, creatures with a similar technological drive and war-like spirit. Much like the Transformers humans have a lust for energy and resources.

I also go as far as saying a human soul is a spark, that has been dispersed through the cells and cannot be found in the manner that it can be found for a transformer. That Primus is also a god on Earth because the nanites or germs that infected the humans imparted a spark that was passed on through the countless generations that followed it.

Since the well to a transformer is below ground and that is where a spark returns, similar can be said about heaven, which is considered to be in the sky for a human.

This means I have too much time on my hands.....
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Re: A thread for silly fan theories!

Postby Sabrblade » Sun Dec 31, 2017 12:58 am

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This isn't really a theory on its own, but more of a big idea made up of a lot of little theories.

Awhile back, when I did some serious work overhauling and updating all of the Reaching the Omega Point articles on TFWiki, my original plan at the time was to continue on with giving the same enhancements to the Wreckers, Primeval Dawn, and Universe pages, hence the work I also did for the "Apelinq's War Journals" page and creating the "VEHICON ALERT!" page. When I gave The Wreckers a reread, I found it difficult to work on the comic series's TFWiki pages without having first given Beast Machines a fresh re-watch, since it had been years since I'd seen it. So after I re-watched that show, I had enough of a better understanding of its world for me to work with on enhancing The Wreckers pages.

However, before I could proceed, I wanted to find a place within the show for where "Departure", the first issue of The Wreckers, could take place. One thing led to another and the end result is that I have now come to create a workable timeline for all of the events of the 3H fiction that are set either around or during the Beast Machines cartoon, in relation to the cartoon, based on my own personal theories as to how they all fit together continuity-wise.

I was able to use the AU date index system of "Apelinq's War Journals" to chart the days of the timeline, as I theorize those dates to mean "year.day AU" since the "316" lines up with Blackarachnia's claim in the Beast Wars episode "Dark Designs" that "three centuries" had passed from the time of the Autobots and Decepticons to the time of the Maximals and Predacons. And, 1 Cybertronian year, a Stellar Cycle, consists of 480 Cybertronian days, Solar Cycles, based on information provided by the Beast Wars cartoon's creators that 1 Stellar Cycle = 400 Earth days and 1 Solar Cycle = 20 Earth hours. By mathematical calculation, 400 Earth days times 24 Earth hours = 9600 Earth hours; 9600 Earth hours divided by 20 Earth hours = 480 Solar Cycles. And the decimal numbers in these date indices go higher than 300, making them work well for Solar Cycles. Using all of this, and after observing and keeping track of both the color and the brightness of the sky in every Beast Machines episode, here is what I have come up with:

316.075 AU --- Journal 1: The Terror Begins

316.076 AU to 316.097 AU --- 22 days pass

316.098 AU --- Journal 2: Pieces of a Puzzle

316.099 AU to 316.167 AU --- 69 days pass

316.168 AU --- Journal 3: Crumbling Edges

316.169 AU to 316.182 AU --- 14 days pass

316.183 AU --- Journal 4: Chaos

316.184 AU to 316.234 AU --- 51 days pass

316.235 AU --- Journal 5: The Tyrant Returns

316.236 AU to 316.246 AU --- 11 days pass

316.247 AU --- Journal 6: Wreck and Rule

316.248 AU to 316.257 AU --- 10 days pass

316.258 AU --- Journal 7: Circle of Dread

316.259 AU to 316.262 AU --- 5 days pass

316.263 AU --- Journal 8: The Virus Revealed

316.264 AU ---

316.265 AU (BM Day 01) --- Journal 9: Back From the Past / The flashback from Episode 8: Revelations Pt. II: Descent (Optimus Primal's team arrives)

316.266 AU (BM Day 02) ---

316.267 AU (BM Day 03) --- Episodes 1–2: The Reformatting / Master of the House

316.268 AU (BM Day 04) ---

316.269 AU (BM Day 05) --- Episode 3: Fires of the Past

316.270 AU (BM Day 06) --- Journal 10: The Wait is Over / Journal 11: Two Against a World

316.271 AU (BM Day 07) ---

316.272 AU (BM Day 08) --- Episode 4: Mercenary Pursuits

316.273 AU (BM Day 09) ---

316.274 AU (BM Day 10) ---

316.275 AU (BM Day 11) ---

316.276 AU (BM Day 12) ---

316.277 AU (BM Day 13) --- Episode 5: Forbidden Fruit

316.278 AU (BM Day 14) ---

316.279 AU (BM Day 15) --- Journal 12: A Cure is Found / Episode 6: The Weak Component (before the ending)

316.280 AU (BM Day 16) --- Episode 6: The Weak Component (just the ending)

316.281 AU (BM Day 17) ---

316.282 AU (BM Day 18) --- Episode 7: Revelations Part I: Discovery

316.283 AU (BM Day 19) --- Episodes 8–9: Revelations Part II: Descent / Revelations Part III: Apocalypse

316.284 AU (BM Day 20) ---

316.285 AU (BM Day 21) --- Episode 10: Survivor

316.286 AU (BM Day 22) --- Journal 13: Call From the Heavens / VEHICON ALERT!

316.287 AU (BM Day 23) ---

316.288 AU (BM Day 24) ---

316.289 AU (BM Day 25) --- Episode 11: The Key

316.290 AU (BM Day 26) --- Episode 12: The Catalyst

316.291 AU (BM Day 27) --- Episodes 13–14: End of the Line / Fallout (before the ending)

316.292 AU (BM Day 28) --- Episodes 14–15: Fallout (ending) / Savage Noble / Journal 14: (Primal Prime) Assuming Command

316.293 AU (BM Day 29) ---

316.294 AU (BM Day 30) ---

316.295 AU (BM Day 31) ---

316.296 AU (BM Day 32) ---

316.297 AU (BM Day 33) --- Episode 16: Prometheus Unbound

316.298 AU (BM Day 34) ---

316.299 AU (BM Day 35) --- Episode 17: In Darkest Knight (first half)

316.300 AU (BM Day 36) --- Episodes 17–18: In Darkest Knight (second half) / A Wolf in the Fold

316.301 AU (BM Day 37) ---

316.302 AU (BM Day 38) ---

316.303 AU (BM Day 39) --- The Wreckers #1: Departure

316.304 AU (BM Day 40) ---

316.305 AU (BM Day 41) --- Episode 19: Home Soil

316.306 AU (BM Day 42) --- Episode 20: Sparkwar Pt. I: The Strike

316.307 AU (BM Day 43) --- Episodes 21–23: Sparkwar Pt. II: The Search / Sparkwar Pt. III: The Siege / Spark of Darkness

316.308 AU (BM Day 44) --- Episodes 24–26: Endgame Pt. I: The Downward Spiral / Endgame Pt. II: When Legends Fall / Endgame Pt. III: Seeds of the Future (before the ending)

316.309 AU (BM Day 45) --- Episode 26: Endgame Pt. III: Seeds of the Future (ending)

From the time of the ending of "Departure" to right before less than three months after the Great Reformatting --- The Wreckers #2–3: Betrayal / Disclosure

Less than three months after the reformatting of Cybertron --- Wreckers Finale Parts 1–2

A year after the reformatting of Cybertron --- Universe #1–3 plus script readings: Abduction / OTFCC 2003 script reading / Escape / Homecoming / OTFCC 2004 script reading

Here is how I worked out all of this with all of the gaps between episodes.

First off, I had to work backwards from "Departure" to figure out where "VEHICON ALERT!" took place. I knew it took place between Journals 13 and 14 of "Apelinq's War Journals", but Journal 13 took place 21 days after Journal 9, which is when Optimus Primal's team of Maximals arrived back on Cybertron. While the cartoon is so tightly knit, putting "VEHICON ALERT!" around Episode 21 doesn't work because "Departure" (which takes place a decent amount of time after both "VEHICON ALERT!" and Journal 14) must come before that point.

So, first I had to find a placement for "Departure". Based on Megatron's being in control of Cybertron from his big floating head body, "Departure" has to fit somewhere between Episodes 16 and 22. The Predacon Wrecker Rotorbolt being in a Copter Drone body would suggest "Departure" to take place at some point close to Episode 20, when Obsidian and his drones first debuted. However, by that point in the show, the series becomes so heavily serialized that there just isn't any workable amount of room for Optimus and Nightscream to have had the time that they would have needed to first travel away from Cybertropolis to recover the Deployers, and then make it back after having had their memories of those events erased by the Oracle. Thus, I looked for an earlier placement and found the perfect spot right between episodes 18 and 19.

Of all the Season 2 episodes, those two are the least serialized, so there can be a long enough gap placed between them for the events of "Departure" to occur. What's more is that there is something in both of these episodes that both illustrates a passage of time between the two and also creates a coincidental consistency with "Departure". In Episode 18, the technorganic orchard in the Oracle's chamber is tall and healthy, with its trees still reaching above the height of the chamber's elevated walkway. But by the start of Episode 19, the orchard is dying, with its trees having shrunk way down in size far below the walkway's height. This depiction of the orchard in Episode 19 actually lines up with how the chamber looked in "Departure", as the orchard was not visible from any angles of the comic's view of the chamber. If the orchard had been in the process of dying by the comic's point in time, that would place it a bit before Episode 19, as the orchard was rejuvenated to its original height by the end of Episode 19.

Getting back to "VEHICON ALERT!", once I had the placement of "Departure" figured out, I could start looking for where "VEHICON ALERT!" could fit. It had to come a fair amount of time before "Departure" since Apelinq's return to Cybertron also occurred before "Departure", but well after Journal 14 since Primal Prime had formalized his assuming command of the Wreckers by that point, and Apelinq's return came at a point well after Primal Prime had set himself into his leadership role. Ergo, with again how tightly knit Beast Machines is, that forced me to look for a placement in Season 1. But since Journal 13 (around the time "VEHICON ALERT!" happened) took place 21 days after Primal's team arrived on Cybertron (circa Journal 9), I was forced to see which episodes could be spaced out from each other to reach 21 days.

I placed Journal 9 and Optimus Primal's team's return to Cybertron on two days before Episode 1 because of something Optimus mentioned in Episode 3. He mentioned that he and the other Maximals went offline at a point after they got back to Cybertron, which means Episode 1 didn't necessarily take place on the same night that their ship crash-landed. This is supported by how the flashback in Episode 8 showed the beginning of nightfall in the first part of the flashback, with the sky colored dark purple with a horizon glowing white from a recently ended sunset. Later in the flashback, the sky is shown to be a dark pink color. This same phenomenon of the sky starting off dark purple with a glowing white horizon then becoming solid dark pink with no glowing horizon is replicated across Episodes 1 and 2, which tells me that the flashback isn't the same night as Episodes 1 and 2 since there wouldn't be two separate sunsets concluding during the same single night.

So, I put the flashback at two days earlier to give time for the crash-landing to occur on the night of one day, then to have the next day be when the Maximals went offline (most likely after their having first split up and gone into hiding), and then the third day would be when they all reactivated and started being hunted again by the Vehicons, leading into Episode 1's events.

Episode 2 obviously takes place immediately after the first on the same night, given the hyper-serialization between those two episodes.

Episode 3 is not as serialized as the first two, but still comes pretty close after Episode 2. However, in this episode, Megatron expresses frustration over how his Vehicons are "continually defeated" by the Maximals, which sounds to me like the Vehicons have suffered more than just the two defeats by the Maximals that were had in Episodes 1–2. Thus, I felt that placing Episode 3 two days after Episode 2 would suffice.

Episode 4 at first seems like it comes immediately after Episode 3, with Megatron berating his Generals over their failure to defeat the Maximals, but I raise two counterarguments for placing it a little after. First, Megatron had previously fought against this very same team of Maximals for 52 episodes of the Beast Wars, so he ought to have understood the possibility that the Vehicon Generals could lose in their first battle against the Maximals. It would make more sense for Megatron to be this agitated not simply after the Generals' very first defeat but after a fair number of defeats. Secondly, Rattrap's demeanor at the start of this episode clashes with how he was at the end of the last episode. At the end of Episode 3, Rattrap was excitedly eager to let Optimus know about how he and Blackarachnia learned about Rhinox and Silverbolt being their missing two fellow Maximals. But at the start of this episode, Rattrap is annoyed about Optimus having found out about those two. To reconcile this, I'd imagine that Optimus was told about the two the next day after Episode 3, and then after about three days of the Maximals searching for the two, only to come up short each time, Rattrap had grown weary of their fruitless searching and became annoyed by the time of Episode 4. So, about three days after Episode 3 seems to work for Episode 4.

Episode 5 coming five days later came about as a necessity to get to the 21 days later needed for Journal 13 and "VEHICON ALERT!" to take place at a workable point in Season 1. I knew I'd need such a big gap at some point in the season to make it to 21 days at a good spot, and it just so happened that Episodes 4 and 5 are the least serialized of all of the Season 1 episodes. Plus, Jetstorm's two encounters with the Maximals in this episode have everyone behaving like Jetstorm and the Maximals have been fighting each other for quite a while on a regular, routine basis, rather than the two fights in this episode being only their third and fourth encounters with each other.

Episode 6 feels about as serialized with Episode 5 as Episode 3 felt with Episode 2, so two days later worked. Though, this episode is also the first of a very scant few episodes to span more than one day, as the very end of the episode features the sunrise of the next day, so that gave me an additional day in the timeline. Also, Journal 12's date means that it just so happens to be same date as the pre-ending scenes of this episode, making it fall on that same day.

Episode 7 is another one that comes shortly after the previous one but not too immediately, so two more days there.

Episode 8 is the first one that definitely feels like it comes the very next night after its preceding episode. It's more serialized that the ones I put two days after, but isn't the same night as Episode 7 due to Optimus Primal having tried to make contact with the Oracle for a good amount of time between episodes. Plus, the sky in this episode has a glowing pink horizon in it while the sky of the previous episode had no glow to its horizon, suggesting that the nighttime of this episode is earlier in the evening than that of the previous episode's night.

Episode 9 is unquestionably the same night as Episode 8, starting immediately from where the previous episode's cliffhanger left off.

Episode 10 is another that feels serialized but not by too much, so it's another two days, which by this point mathematically brings us to 20 days after Primal's team first arrived on Cybertron, allowing the very next day after this episode to be where Journal 13 and "VEHICON ALERT!" take place!

Now, this placement between episodes 10 and 11 admittedly isn't the best fit. The end of Episode 10 and the beginning of Episode 11 strongly imply that the two are directly linked to one another. However, I offer another counterproposal to this. Near the end of Episode 10, the Maximals had only just discovered the fossil chamber, while by Episode 11's beginning, they've already moved in, set up a base there, and are underway on an excavation to drill down to the planet's organic core in hopes of unearthing a reservoir of water (instead unearthing organic goop). During all this, Cheetor also notes that "Megatron has been awfully quiet, lately," when the Maximals had previously had a run in with Megatron's activities (via his Generals) in the previous episode. Placing some time between these episodes (say, about four days or so) allows room for not only "VEHICON ALERT!" to take place (with Megatron sending all of his Vehicon units from Cybertropolis to Polyhex to deal with the newcomers who had turned up there), but also for the Maximals to have the time they would have needed to A) scrounge up the materials they needed for their drilling machine, B) build said drilling machine, and C) start using it without interruption from Megatron, enabling Cheetor's observation to make more sense. Plus, if Tankor had been among the Vehicons sent to Polyhex, his unscheduled return to the Oracle's chamber would be in direct defiance of Megatron's orders, adding further meaning to the Diagnostic Drone's comment of "Megatron will be very suspicious of your absence," in Episode 11. And finally, there surprisingly aren't a whole lot of Vehicons seen in Cybertropolis in Episode 11, with the bulk of them being just a few Cycle Drones, several Mole Drones (which were not sent to Polyhex in "VEHICON ALERT!"), and Megatron himself controlling some buildings. Were most of the Vehicons off in Polyhex (or still on their way back) at this time, that would further explain why there are so few of them seen in this episode. Therefore, I placed Episode 11 four days after 10.

Also, it is during this gap between Episodes 10 and 11, but after "VEHICON ALERT!" that Apelinq gets sent back in time to partake in the events leading up to Point Omega. As for the Vehicon General Mirage (who attacked Apelinq when he disappeared), it is my theory that Megatron would have created him around this time as well, probably right before he sent the Vehicons to Polyhex. As for why Megatron felt the need to create him, since we know from the Season 1 finale of the cartoon that Megatron was onto Tankor's personal agenda from the start, perhaps Megatron felt the need of another general after he could no longer fully trust Tankor to be loyal. And, well, a race car would be helpful in getting the Vehicons from Cybertropolis to Polyhex quickly.

Anyway, Episode 12 is serialized with Episode 11, but not hyper-serialized, so it's the next day.

Episode 13 is the same case, one day later.

Episode 14 is hyper-serialized with Episode 13, so it's the same day. But by the episode's end, daytime has broken, so the ending is the next day after Episode 13 and the pre-ending parts of 14.

Episode 15 is hyper-serialized with the ending of Episode 14, so it's the same day. Also, this episode is the only one in the whole series to take place completely during the daytime. And, Journal 14 also happens to fall on this date, which would make sense given how Primal Prime's team would have been fighting Vehicons ever since they arrived on Cybertron, so Journal 14 falling on the same day as Episode 15—the first day of the cartoon in which Megatron's legions of Vehicon drones are completely offline—works out very well since it gives Primal Prime's team a moment of rest and time for him to make his lone War Journal entry.

Episode 16 is the only one in the whole show that actually gives an official in-universe timeframe in relation to its preceding episode. The episode is said to take place five nights after the previous one, so there it goes.

Episode 17 is another one I put two days after the previous one. This is because Megatron in the episode behaves like his last encounter with Optimus was very recent. But, at the start of this episode, all of the Maximals are aware of Noble being alive as a mindless animal, when the ending of the previous episode had them all thinking he was dead, a lifeless puppet that Megatron discarded like trash. That tells me that they had another encounter with the fully animalistic Noble in between episodes, so two days later it goes. Also, the second half of the episode takes place during the daytime of the next day, so that's another day for the timeline.

Episode 18 follows up almost immediately from the ending of Episode 17, with Cheetor still welcoming Silverbolt back to the team as though Silverbolt had only just then arrived at the Maximal base for the first time. Since the end of Episode 17 took place during the day, it is my theory that Episode 18 could be later that very night.

And now we come to where "Departure" would fit, which I've already explained the reasoning for its placement here. Though, Apelinq's return would have come a fair amount of after Episode 15/Journal 14 but before "Departure". For ease of giving more time between Primal Prime's assuming command and Apelinq's return, let's just say that Apeling returned at some point between Episodes 16 and 18.

Now, because I needed a good-sized gap for "Departure" to have Optimus and Nightscream leave Cybertropolis and then return at a point when the technorganic orchard had started withering, I put Episode 19 five days after Episode 18, since these two episodes are the least-serialized of Season 2.

Moving on, Episode 20 is when the show becomes very serialized from here on out. I put this episode one day after Episode 19.

Episode 21 is again put one day after 20.

Episode 22 is hyper-serialized with Episode 21, so it's the same day.

Episode 23 is also hyper-serialized, so it too is the same day as 21 and 22.

Episode 24's serialization is ambiguous enough that it could be either once again the same night as 21–23 or the very next night. It really all depends on how much time Megatron would have needed to mass produce his final Vehicon army that he creates in this episode. I chose to be generous and give Megatron a whole day to rebuild his forces, and so put it on the next day, but it could still just as well be the same day.

Episode 25 is hyper-serialized, so it's the same day as 24.

And finally, Episode 26 is also the same day as 24 and 25. All except for its ending, which features the dawn of a new day.

Back to the 3H material. "Betrayal" and "Disclosure" both at first seem to take place over a span of three days or so, but according a War Journal entry written by Apelinq at the start of "Disclosure", it has been "deca-cycles" (meaning "months") since he gave command of the Wreckers to Primal Prime. The events of Beast Machines Season 2 most assuredly do not transpire over the course of "months", so the Wreckers' journey from Cybertron to Archa Nine must have taken that long. This is supported by how the Director's Cut version of "Betrayal" featured an extended prologue that declared the original voyage to Archa Nine from Cybertron made by Glyph's team to have taken "weeks" to accomplish. Enough weeks can equate to a small number of months (let's say two months or so), so it works out.

And by the start of "Wreckers: Finale Part 1" (at least, its officially published first few pages), the Autobot news reporter Rook states that the Quintesson invasion has begun "less than three deca-cycles" since the reformatting of Cybertron. So the journey from Cybertron, to Archa Nine, to Al-Badur's ice world, and back to Cybertron took place just under three months, despite it feeling like a lot less time in those comics.

However, there is a continuity error with Part 1 of the finale found in Part II, in which Cryotek states that the invasion has commenced "barely a Cybertronian week" after the planet's reformatting. To fix this, I theorize that Cryotek simply must have gotten his timetable wrong, which would further explain how the Cybertronians were so well prepared for the Quintessons' invasion.

And at last comes all of the Universe issues and script readings. "Abduction", the 2003 script reading, "Escape", and "Homecoming" all take place roughly within close proximity of each other, with the 2004 script reading happening just about any amount of time afterward. As for when these all take place in relation to Beast Machines, the inside cover of "Abduction" states that it has been one year since Optimus Primal's death, with Rook reiterating this in the comic itself. Though, Rook incorrectly uses the term "mega-cycle" instead of "stellar cycle", as a mega-cycle is more like an hour, while a stellar cycle is a year.

Before I finish, let me close with a few more things.

Because "VEHICON ALERT!" gets placed in Season 1, that creates a bit of a continuity error with both Rotorbolt (who was among the new arrivals sighted in Polyhex) already being in the body of a Copter Drone, and Copter Drones themselves being among the Vehicon units assigned by Megatron to go to Polyhex, long before they and Obsidian would appear in the show. To fix this, I theorize that Megatron had already been working on the Copter Drone design long before their first appearance in the show. As "Departure" would establish all of the toy-only Vehicon drone types that appeared in that comic to have been early design models that Megatron created during the earliest terrorist attacks he launched way back before he unleashed his virus on the planet, I could buy that the Copter Drone type was also one of these early design models, and that when Megatron brought forth Obsidian to be his new air-based general, he simply pulled out a preexisting drone type design rather than having just made up a new one altogether.

As such, this opens the door to the possibility of Strika's Artillery Drone type having also been a preexisting model, but I could see her drone type going either way since there were no Artillery Drones featured in either "VEHICON ALERT!" or "Departure".

Moving on, I mentioned when and why Megatron would have created Mirage as his new general, but forgot to do the same for Spy Streak, who was already around by the start of "Departure". I theorize that Megatron would create Spy Streak shortly after Jetstorm gets turned back into Silverbolt in Episode 17, as a replacement for Jetstorm before Obsidian. Sensing the Wreckers still at large on the far side of Cybertron, Megatron would send Spy Streak there to deal with them while he and the sole remaining general Thrust would continue to deal with Primal's team in Cybertropolis. During the time of Episodes 17 and 18, Megatron is depicted as being rather confident in himself, pretty much seeing the Maximals as no real threat to his plans anymore, at least not until Botanica arrives in Episode 19. As such, Megatron in his arrogance would find Spy Streak to be enough to deal with the Wreckers, explaining why he wouldn't bring forth Blastcharge and Quake to help end the Wreckers' threat once and for all until the events of "Departure".

Speaking of which, another reason to put "Departure" between episodes 18 and 19 is because 19 had Botanica responding to a distress call Megatron sent out to bring all Cybertronian vessels back to Cybertron. His glimpsing the Wreckers' departure at the end of, well, "Departure" could be what spurred him to come up the distress call idea. Since their ship got away from him, he wouldn't want any other ships getting away, and so would try to route any and all Cybertron ships back home to eliminate any remaining Cybertronians out there among the stars.

And for one more reason to create such a big gap between Episodes 18 and 19 is that it spaces out Episodes 17 and 21 further apart from each other. In Episode 17, Megatron downloads a portion of the Oracle from Optimus Primal. In Episode 21, a mere four episodes later, Megatron reveals that he'd since then "spent a great deal of time" studying the Oracle from that download. The more time there is between 17 and 21, the better that Megatron's claim of "a great deal of time" having transpired between those two episodes makes sense.

I think that's everything.
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Caelus wrote:My wife pointed out something interesting about the prehistoric Predacons. I said that everyone was complaining because transforming for them mostly consisted of them just standing up-right. She essentially said, 'So? That's what our ancestors did.'
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Re: A thread for silly fan theories!

Postby ScottyP » Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:10 am

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^ Dude, that's, wow. A lot of work and love went into that and even if that story isn't my cup of tea I still appreciate and respect the hell out of that level of effort :APPLAUSE:
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Re: A thread for silly fan theories!

Postby Nacelle » Tue Nov 27, 2018 8:44 pm

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I know these are a bit late and pretty much head-cannon, but still:

1. Galvatron in Headmasters actually dies on Cybertron when it explodes. The one appearing later and comically dying from a combination of ice and a lazer from the headmasters. This one I didn't wanna make up but it just makes zero sense how he can survive an explosion blowing up a whole planet but not a comparitively tiny explosion while buried in ice.

2. Unicron changed his mind about Cyclonus' armada and changeed the Bombshell Cyclonus to another Sweep, making there be three Sweeps, who were previously insecticons, who retain their ability to clone. The sweeps who have died were just clones and not the original three.

3. The jets Unicron destroys in the movie were not the coneheads but actually the rainmakers. This one I purely made up as the coneheads are referred to by name (not just animation errors, unlike, say, green shockwave in five faces of darkness). The rainmakers, on the other hand, aren't featured outside of tha tone episode in season 2 so i prefer to see them as dying as it still means three jets got blown up but not the same three seen later. Also, the reflector trio were piloting them for some reason. This one I just got the idea for because one of the comic adaptations of the film has Reflector as one of shockwave's troops counterattacking against unicron and, probably, dying in the process. Plus they never show up in season 3, not even as errors in ffod.

4. Black Zarak in TF Zone is actually Liokaiser in disguise. I got this idea as his face in Zone looked a bit like leozack and leozack was once acting as impostor fake star saber. Both Black Zarak and Liokaiser were seen dying but BZ was completely blown t a bunch of tiny pieces, so it would make more sense for liokaiser to be there. Plus, liokaiser was in a zone prequel story, so he survived canonically, but did not feature in the main zone story.

5. The Insecticons in TF Prime are modified insecticons by shockwave meant for the purpose of countering wreckers and the like on a major battlefield (unlike the insecticons in FoC who were mostly underground). The majority of these were sent away as cybertron died. A few (such as the one in orion pax part 3) stayed behind, but their numbers generally decreased. The others eventually landed on earth and the story picks up from there in the show.
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