Twincast / Podcast #178 "The Last Knight: A Twincast Review"

Twincast / Podcast #178 "The Last Knight: A Twincast Review"

The Last Knight: A Twincast Review - Join the Twincast Podcast for their latest episode which is all about the fifth, just released latest installment of the Transformers live action movie franchise from Director Michael Bay: "Transformers: The Last Knight". The episode begins with a discussion of how each cast member took the movie in, be it through IMAX 3D, 3D, or traditional 2D screenings. After that, owner Ryan Yzquierdo talks about his amazing experience as a press member on the red carpet for the movie's premiere in Chicago, Illinois. This is followed by a discussion of the content of the movie itself, and this comprises the bulk of the episode. Covered are topics such as the main key scenes in the movie, so spoilers are abound for any listeners that haven't caught the film. The cast dives into the big reveals, plot, pacing, writing, cinematography, special effects, and much more. Conversation moves to an overview of our favorite parts, where the movie ranks in terms of the other Transformers movies, and dissection of some plot holes. Analysis of the messaging and tone of the movie is also considered throughout the episode. Things wrap up with some final thoughts, plus speculation on the franchise's future in cinemas.'s Exclusive Coverage of the Transformers Last Knight US Premiere in Chicago's Exclusive Coverage of the Transformers Last Knight US Premiere in Chicago

Red Carpet Press - Thanks to our friends at Paramount, was allowed press access to the US Premiere of the Transformers The Last Knight. The red carpet event took place alongside the Chicago Riverfront alongside the famed Civic Opera House in downtown Chicago, IL. My wife and I were there alongside the rest of the press covering the event. Enjoy our pictures that we have shared with all of you!
Twincast / Podcast #177 "Forged To Mic"

Twincast / Podcast #177 "Forged To Mic"

Forged To Mic - The latest episode of the Twincast Podcast, "Forged To Mic", primarily focuses on the Transformers mobile fighting RPG game from Kabam! Studios, Forged to Fight. This Android and IOS game has been available for some time now, and's WilliamJames88 was able to travel to Vancouver for a visit with the creators of the title. He and the other cast members talk about the game in general, along with the creative process the developers take to bring the Transformers characters within it to life on the screen. Other discussions about the game and visit include those about Hot Rod's inclusion using his design from Transformers: The Last Knight, as well as the challenges the Kabam team faces in including characters that are known for using similar or identical models as other characters, merely in different colors. The Forged to Fight chat wraps up with general thoughts about to potential longevity of the game in a marketplace where products aren't always known for sticking around. The show ends with some unstructured chat about recent Transformers toy releases from Takara Tomy's Legends series and The Last Knight.
Transformers The Last Knight China World Premiere Footage and Images

Transformers The Last Knight China World Premiere Footage and Images

TLK World Premiere - Michael Bay, Josh Duhamel, Isabela Moner, Laura Haddock, Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Producer) and Mark Vahradian (Executive Producer) attend the China World Premiere of Transformers The Last Knight and the Ten Year "Transformers Movie" Anniversary Celebration on June 13, 2017 at the Haixinsha Asian Olympic Games Park in Guangzhou, China!
Twincast / Podcast #176 "Moonbase Gray"

Twincast / Podcast #176 "Moonbase Gray"

Moonbase Gray - The latest episode of the Twincast Podcast, "Moonbase Gray", begins with the cast having a conversation about recently reveale upcoming Transformers Masterpiece toys, including Dinobot, Sunstreaker, and an updated Sideswipe from Takara Tomy. The surprise reveal of another MP-10 Optimus Prime reissue from Hasbro is used to wrap up the chat about Masterpiece. Items revealed at the recent Tokyo Toy Show from the Transformers Legends series come next, with the cast sharing their excitement about upcoming releases like Six Shot, Misfire, and others. Brief talk about drill tanks leads into a quick in-hand opinion on Legends Godbomber. Things switch over to some thoughts about the very soon to release Transformers: The Last Knight film, as the amount of trailers and TV Spots now available to preview the movie has reached a high number. The episode shifts into IDW comics as news of the cancellation of Till All Are One hits the cast hard. Lost Light's just concluded first story arc, "Dissolution", is also a topic of debate for the podcasters. The show closes out with the Twincast freestyle, where the participants are free to bring up any Transformers related topic not already discussed during the episode.

Cybertronic Warrior

Posted 3 hours ago by Burn - 1,926 views

NEW! Time for a break from all the movie news! The Cybertronic Spree (a hair metal band hailing from Iacon, Cybertron) have just released their first original rock anthem, Cybertronic Warrior, which you can check out below. Thanks to The Cybertronic Spree and forum member Stuartmaximus for letting us know about this new track! Let us know what you think of this new track on the forums! You can also find out more about The Cybertronic Spree via their Website, Facebook page, Twitter or - Read More

More Information of Transformers: Bumblebee 2018 Movie: VW Bug Teased, Story

Posted 7 hours ago by Va'al - 4,315 views

After the previous confirmation of the movie being set in the 1980s, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura also teased Bumblebee's possible incarnation in the movie as the traditional G1 Volkswagen Beetle model - though obviously take it with as much salt as you can grab. “You might even see a VW Bug,” Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura tells EW. “You never know.” The producer also talked more about the story of the movie, and why now is the best time to work within the - Read More

Takara Tomy Transformers The Last Knight Golden Shield Exclusive

Posted 7 hours ago by Va'al - 3,549 views

Via the official Takara Tomy Transformers website, we have news of a Transformers: The Last Knight exclusive to accompany your Optimus Prime figure: a gold chrome and blue version of the Age of Extinction Optimus Prime leader class toy! It'll be exclusive to certain stores, and in limited numbers, as of July 15. Check it out - Read More

Figure King 233 Scans - Transformers: The Last Knight, Legends, Masterpiece, More

Posted 7 hours ago by Va'al - 6,122 views

Thanks to Loopaza Mega Store on Facebook, we have high resolution scans of the collector magazine Figure King, featuring plenty of Transformers figures from The Last Knight, Legends, Masterpiece, Movie Masterpiece Bumblebee and a number of exclusive tie-ins with the movie, some of which we've seen before. Most notably, we have some more TLK15 Calibur Optimus, TLK19 Leader Megatron, and a new Takara Tomy movie giveaway item (check the news shortly)! Take a look below, and head to the - Read More

Transformers: The Last Knight Seemingly Strong in International Box Office

Posted 8 hours ago by Va'al - 4,448 views

Initial reports for the Transformers: The Last Knight box office numbers are starting to roll in, looking at China, but also the likes of Australia, Korea, Russia, Indoesia and a number of European scenes (bar the UK). Check out more information here and below! Rolling out in 41 overseas markets this weekend, Paramount’s Transformers: The Last Knight has clocked an estimated $85M through Friday, according to the studio. That includes $47.9M (RMB 330.76M) from China which, in that market, - Read More

Transformers: The Last Knight Reveal The Shield Masks Revealed

Posted 12 hours ago by Sigma Magnus - 5,686 views

Thanks to Argos, we have a new reveal for the retailer exclusive 'Reveal The Shield' subline of The Last Knight: Roleplay masks! The masks, seemingly recolors of earlier masks from Transformers: Prime, use the red eyes to decode the Tech Spec-like markings on Reveal The Shield toys, revealing hidden messages! Check out the stock images below, along with a TFW sighting of Reveal The Shield voyager Optimus Prime in Taiwan, and let us know what you think in the Energon - Read More

Transformers: Bumblebee 2018 Starts Shooting in August, Maybe Sixth Film in 2019

Posted 13 hours ago by Va'al - 6,244 views

With Transformers: The Last Knight reaching cinemas worldwide (mostly, does not apply in Japan and other regions) this weekend, we delve into the other movie in the Paramount Universe: Bumblebee! Courtesy of Screenrant and producer Lorenzo diBonaventura, we know that the movie starring Hailee Steinfeld will start shooting this August - with plans for a sixth movie in the linear series to *maybe* happen in 2019. In our exclusive interview with Transformers: The Last Knight producer Di - Read More

Transformers x Han Cholo SDCC 2017 G1 Pins and Rings

Posted 13 hours ago by Va'al - 3,701 views

As a follow up to the Han Cholo licensed Transformers jewellery, we have some more information concerning the company's presence at San Diego Comic Con 2017, and the exclusive pin set and rings they will be revealing and selling at the show! You can check out below the selection of characters, featuring Megatron, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and - Read More

New Hasbro Transformers Figure Stands

Posted 13 hours ago by Va'al - 6,426 views

Via site sponsor RobotKingdom's newsletter, a piece of news you may have missed: official Hasbro Transformers figure stands! The tampo on the base does claim these to date back to 2012, the ones that used a peg to plug into hexagonal ports; this version, however, has a rounded claw and a flexible stand on the base! Also to note that it may be the case that these are Hasbro Asia exclusives, but we'll update you on that as soon as more information comes - Read More

Transformers: The Last Knight Toys R Us Exclusive Transforming Cybertron Sighted At Retail

Posted 13 hours ago by Sigma Magnus - 8,341 views

Thanks to TFW, we have a sighting of Transformers: The Last Knight Mission To Cybertron's centerpiece toy, Cybertron itself! A G2-worthy redeco of the Cybertron Cybertron Primus mold, the toy is an exclusive to Toys R Us, and was found in Burbank California for $149.99! Check out the sighting below, and let us know if you'll be buying this in the Energon - Read More

BOGO Free Deal at Toysrus for all Transformers: Rescue Bots Toys

Posted 13 hours ago by william-james88 - 3,682 views

Here is a super cool deal for any Rescue Bot fans. Right now, Toysrus has a deal where you can buy 1 Rescue Bot toy and get the other (of equal price or lower) free. The deal even seems to apply for those on sale. Please tell us if this works smoothly when you try and we hope this helps! This is only for You can go here or click on the image - Read More

Walmart Transformers: The Last Knight Autobots Unite Tour Dates Online

Posted 13 hours ago by Va'al - 5,361 views

We had seen most of the info for the Walmart Autobots Unite tour, promoting their exclusive line of toys from Transformers: The Last Knight here, but we now also have the full date list of venues the promotion will be attending, with the three characters (Hot Rod, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee) listed for each! The list can be found here, thanks to fellow Seibertronian zko. Check it out by clicking on the following image. For your convience, we have copied the tour dates and locations - Read More

Transformers: The Last Knight Score by Steve Jablonsky Now on iTunes and Spotify

Posted 13 hours ago by Va'al - 2,919 views

From regular news finder Scottimus Prime, we have news for all you Steve Jablonsky fans out there: the score for Transformers: The Last Knight can currently be found on iTunes and streaming service Spotify! Check out the tracklist below, and click through to listen to the score if so inclined. - Read More

Video Review for Transformers: The Last Knight Titan Changer Megatron

Posted 14 hours ago by Va'al - 4,082 views

Via our usual Seibertronian reviewer chuckdawg1999 we have a video showing off a relatively unnoticed figure class from the Transformers: The Last Knight toyline: Titan Changer Megatron! Give it a look below, and let us know what you think! The Titan Changer line is the transforming branch of Titan figures, not to be confused with the Titan Class large scale figures. Articulation is very limited and of course, the transformation is simple. These are geared toward a younger audience but it - Read More

Video Review for Transformers: The Last Knight RC Sqweeks

Posted 14 hours ago by william-james88 - 3,917 views

We knew a Radio Controlled (RC) Sqweeks toy was coming and it has been highly marketed as part of the toyline. Yet, we never had a clear idea of what it did. Well, now we do because fellow Seibertronian PrimeVsPrime has a video review of the toy for us. - Read More

TFsource Update! KFC Kingorilla, MMC Calidus, BC Brawny / Backland, MakeToys, & TR Blitzwing & Octane!

Posted 14 hours ago by Va'al - 2,694 views

Three new ThreeA Transformers the Last Knight Premium Figures are up for preorder at TFsource here: Additionally the MPM3 Bumblebee: ... bumblebee/ and the limited edition Tokyo Toy Show LG EX Black Convoy TFsource Update! KFC Kingorilla, MMC Calidus, BC Brawny/Backland, MakeToys, & TR Blitzwing & Octane! NEW HOT PREORDERS: - ToyWorld - - Read More

First Sighting of Walmart Exclusive 1:24 Die Cast Hot Rod from Transformers: The Last Knight

Posted 14 hours ago by william-james88 - 3,944 views

Thanks to fellow Seibertronian Ironhidensh, we have the first global sighting of the exclusive Hot Rod die cast car from Jada's Transformers: The Last Knight line of cars. He found it at Walmart, of course, the exclusive retailer in Mishawaka, Indiana for $19.99. It also comes with a collectable 100% metal coin. There are two other smaller scales of Hot Rod offered in this line and they are all exclusive to Walmart. For those unaware, these are licenced non transforming cars. Will any of you be - Read More

Optimus Prime's Sword -Transformers: The Last Knight - MAN AT ARMS

Posted 20 hours ago by WreckerJack - 5,160 views

The guys at Man at Arms have posted an awesome video (see below) about how they hand crafted a replica of Optimus' sword from The Last Knight. The metalworkers in the video show us every step in the making of the sword from drawing it up on the computer, forging the blade, welding all the details on and constructing the sword to the handle itself. Even the blade itself is highly detailed with Cybertronian writing. If you are interested in metal design or just like swords it is a must watch. - Read More

Skullitron and Megatron Found in the US and Tiny Turbo Changers Wave 2 Found in Taiwan

Posted 21 hours ago by william-james88 - 6,845 views

We have two new Transformers: The Last Knight sightings for you. Mission to Cybertron Skullitron and Megatron were found at Toysrus (their exclusive retailer) in Los Angeles by TFW2005 user keldroc. A user from the same site, prime roller found Series 2 of the fan favourite Tiny Turbo changers in a Taiwan toysrus. This is the first worldwide sighting for these new toys. Hopefully there will be an identification guide shortly. That is the wave that includes Megatron, Barricade and Sqweeks. The - Read More

Finished Product Images of Deluxe Cogman from Transformers: The Last Knight

Posted 1 day ago by william-james88 - 19,348 views

Seibertronian Bacem has found some cool images online coming from 淘宝店变形金刚改造工厂 on Weibo. These feature final product images of deluxe Cogman from Transformers The Last Knight. Unlike the previous renders, these new stock images give us a better idea of the finished product since they aren't photoshopped and are usually taken in a less flaterring light, giving us an idea of the product we will really get. Of course, we now know that this toy is very innacurate and - Read More

Mark Wahlberg Doesn't Think Michael Bay Will Leave Transformers

Posted 1 day ago by Va'al - 10,558 views

Via we have an interview with Transformers: The Last Knight cast member Mark Wahlberg, who returns from Age of Extinction as Cade Yaeger, discussing the role that director Michael Bay has created for himself within the franchise - and he does not expect him to leave as he has said a number of times already. The point he makes though, is probably also tied to the amounts of money made at the box office for Paramount, which may not be the case with this fifth movie, as reported - Read More

Takara Tomy Transformers: The Last Knight Toys Sighted at Japanese Retail

Posted 1 day ago by Va'al - 9,560 views

Courtesy of yours truly, we have some Japanese sightings for Takara Tomy's edition of the Transformers: The Last Knight, found in Gobo's Joshin store (with the movie only hitting in August)! The wave is the first, with Deluxes (20 USD) and Voyagers (32 USD), and One-Steps (8 USD) on display, to the backdrop of an animated commercial for the latter figures. Also, the toys are indeed the same, with the TLK sticker over the Hasbro packaging logos. Remember: if you come across a sighting for - Read More

Wave 2 of Transformers: The Last Knight Toys on

Posted 1 day ago by Va'al - 10,621 views

Via an email notification from a fellow Transformers fan, we have confirmation that the second wave of Transformers: The Last Knight toys are current available over on! The wave, we'll remind readers, includes voyagers Megatron and Hound, and Deluxe Drift, Sqweeks, Steelbane, and - Read More Newsletter #1383

Posted 1 day ago by Va'al - 6,368 views

Hi, Here is a quick update from 1. Starting from now on, for all Star Wars orders over USD50 will come with a FREE plastic folder as GIFT! Including preorder unsent orders too, we will include free gift too. These 2 types of files will be given out randomly. If you want a certain type, please include remarks during your order.... First come first serve until stock last! ... =3&theater 2. For any customers who - Read More

Prototype Image for Imaginarium Art Transformers Rodimus Prime

Posted 1 day ago by Va'al - 8,085 views

Courtesy of the official Facebook page for Imaginarium Art, we have a new image of their statue for Rodimus Prime - with some design reimaginings, almost from scratch! Check it the sculpt prototype out - Read More

New Transformers: The Last Knight Music Trailer, Featuring Torches by X Ambassadors

Posted 1 day ago by Va'al - 7,391 views

Via the official Transformers Facebook page, we have what is probably the last version of a trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight, soon to see worldwide release outside of the US! Clocking in at one minute, and featuring the Torches track, by X Ambassadors - as we previously discussed here and covered by Chinese artist Zhang Jie here. We've embedded the clip below for your viewing, enojoy! Check out “Torches” by X Ambassadors in #Transformers: The Last Knight, NOW PLAYING in - Read More

New Stock Images of Herocross Transformers: The Last Knight Minifigures

Posted 1 day ago by Va'al - 9,230 views

We did news some promotional images for the HeroCross Transformers: The Last Knight super deformed mini figures, but we now also have clean stock images for the line! Featuring Sqweeks, Megatron, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Crosshairs, Hound and Hot Rod - both in 2 and 4 inch sizes. Check them out - Read More

New Stock Images for Transformers Titan Class Legends LG-43 Dinosaurer (Trypticon)

Posted 1 day ago by Va'al - 10,265 views

As part of the Takara Tomy Transformers site update, and along with all the Legends line figures newsed here, we also have an update on stock photography for LG-43 Dinosaurer - the Japanese release of Trypticon! Check them all out - Read More

Tickets Now On Sale for TFcon DC 2017

Posted 1 day ago by Va'al - 3,897 views

A very, very brief update from TFcon USA 2017, as the team has let us know that their ticket sales are now open for the twin event to the Canadian staple, taking place in Reston, Virginia, this September 29-October 1 weekend! Tickets can be found at this link: ... - Read More

Twincast / Podcast Episode #178 "The Last Knight: A Twincast Review"

Posted 1 day ago by ScottyP - 5,232 views

Welcome to the latest episode of the Twincast / Podcast. Transformers: The Last Knight is out now, so join host Scotty P as he hangs out with a merry band that includes Twincast Pros Megatronus, Rotorstorm, Seibertron, Tigertrack, Razorclaw0000, and Mr. Starscream for a discussion of the movie. Did we love it? Should you watch it? You know how to start answering these questions, but just in case you don't, here's how to download: Episode #178 "The Last Knight: A Twincast - Read More

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