Top 5 Best Giant Transformers Toys

Top 5 Best Giant Transformers Toys

Giant Transformers - Remember that scene in the Transformers movie where Unicron transformed? The whole time you just saw a big planet that destroyed other planets ala Death star. But then it Transformed and our notions of the limit to Transformers flew out the window. This was the instance where we all gazed at the wonder of this brand and saw that it was boundless. Since then, there have been many giant Transformers in the fiction and better yet, we eventually got their toys. And this is what this list is all about. This is about those awe inspiring towering Transformers from the fiction and their wonderful toys. A quick note, this post was started January 2015. But with Hasbro announcing a yearly Titan class toy, I figured I should wait. Turns out nothing really changed from my initial thoughts of over 3 years ago.
Top 5 Best Optimus Prime Super Mode Transformers Toys

Top 5 Best Optimus Prime Super Mode Transformers Toys

Best Super Mode Optimus Primes - No adversary is too great for Optimus Prime / Convoy. When everything seems bleak or when the challenge seems to tough, you can always count on him rising up to the occasion, often times in a super mode. These temporary evolved forms have been part of the franchise since the very beginning and are a mainstay of Japanese pop culture. It is always fun to see just how glorious that super mode will look like and the best part of this fiction being used to sell toys is that we do get the toys of these super modes. We even have super modes that don't even have fiction attributed to them like our first pick ...
Top 5 Best Ultra Magnus Transformers Toys

Top 5 Best Ultra Magnus Transformers Toys

Best Ultra Magnus toys - From day one, Ultra Magnus toys were always closely related to Optimus Prime toys, with his first toy being a redeco with a different trailer which turned into a powersuit giving him a totally different look from Prime. Toy designs and ideas evolved from this giving a wide variety to Ultra Magnus toys where some are Prime redecos, others more extensive retools and others being fully original. We will explore the rich history of this autobot's toys by looking at the best ones to have come out so far.
Toys R Us debating whether or not it will close all of its US store locations

Toys R Us debating whether or not it will close all of its US store locations

Toys R Us ... no more? - You read that right. This Monday, Toys R Us is expected to appear at a bankruptcy hearing and shutting down all its stores and liquidating its entire US operations is one of the options they are considering. There are other options, of course, but this is the option certain lenders are pushing for, after a weak holiday performance. They had already planned to close 20% of their US stores (184 to be precise). Read more ...
Twincast / Podcast #195 "City of Fear"

Twincast / Podcast #195 "City of Fear"

City of Fear - In this episode of the Twincast/Podcast, "City of Fear", we join ScottyP, Megatronus, and RodimusConvoy13 as they catch up on the lastest Transformers news, starting with the results of Hasbro's Fan Vote won by the pairing of Impactor and Mirage. In-hand impressions of the latest Transformers Generations Power of the Primes figures occurs next, with a look at Deluxe Class figures Rippersnapper and Moonracer. This is followed by a look at Voyager Class figures Elita-One and Hun-Gurrr, and the Generations toy talk concludes with impressions of Leader Class Rodimus Unicronus. Thoughts on the highly anticipated Movie Studio Series follows, with an examination of the first wave of Deluxe Class figures. The discussions shifts to Transformers Masterpiece figures, with a description of the latest release, MP-40 Targetmaster Hot Rod. Next, the cast ponders the rumor of a potential new Masterpiece Optimus Prime, which would be the third Masterpiece incarnation of the character. After a short look back at some favorite transformers item from the 90s, the discussion moves on to Optimus Prime #16 and Lost Light #15. The cast talks about their favorite art and story moments from each issue. The comics talk alternates with answers to listener questions about modifications done to Transformers toys and desire for a high quality Transformers series of some form on a digital platform such as Netflix. The episode concludes with rumors and speculation addressing the IDW Transformers comics and whether or not a fresh start is on the way.

Free Comic Book Day Interview with Alex Milne and John Barber!

Posted 2 hours ago by WreckerJack - 493 views

NEW! held an interview with Alex Milne and John Barber about the upcoming Unicron comic and their take on comics in general. Many of our readers will recognize Alex Milne's artwork in More Than Meets The Eye, Lost Light and many other comics. John Barber has worked as a writer for numerous Transformers comics, including Optimus Prime and Rom vs. Transformers. It is worth the read to hear their insight about comics and get to know the people who put so much work into creating the - Read More

Hasbro Toy Shop St Patrick's Day Discounts and Code

Posted 10 hours ago by Va'al - 2,222 views

Courtesy of the Hasbro Toy Shop website, we have another promotional sale in occasion of St Patrick's Day (today, 17 March 2018), with three time brackets with respective discounts , decreasing as the day proceeds! Starting at 9am until 12 noon (Eastern, so already over at the time of writing, unfortunately), you get 25% off orders, 20% off then until 5 pm, and 10% until midnight after that, all with code LUCKY18. Check out the terms below, and happy hunting! 25% off from 9AM-12PM ET on - Read More March update

Posted 16 hours ago by Va'al - 4,729 views

We've been at it again! Loads of mind-blowing new sets have just been made available at Toyhax! New labels for POTP figures, Starscream, Grimlock and the Prime Masters: ... cream.html ... mlock.html ... rs-w1.html We're still working hard on sets for TR as well, with brilliant upgrades for Grotusque, Arcee, a Blitzwing-Tarn conversion set, and a Code Red follow-up to - Read More

Final Colored Images of Flame Toys Tarn Figure

Posted 18 hours ago by WreckerJack - 4,018 views

Flame Toys presents us with some photographs of Tarn via their Twitter page. This figure is a highly detailed, non transforming collectible. It appears that this figure will be poseable and in images below you will notice that a lot of intricate sculpting went into this work of art. Flame Toys figures of this type run about 300$ each. Before the colors had been finished, Tarn's prototype was displayed at ToySoul 2017 in Hong Kong. Fans of IDW's More Than Meets The Eye and Lost Light comics - Read More

AJ's Toy Chest Newsletter - Week of March 17th

Posted 18 hours ago by WreckerJack - 2,019 views

AJ's Toy Chest News! Transformers Legends Feature Products, Transformers Masterpiece, Power of the Primes Leader Restock, Fans Toys Sovereign, Gcreation Rebel AND MORE! TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS LG63: G2 MEGATRON - ORDER NOW! LG62: TARGETMASTER WINDBLADE - ORDER NOW! LG61: DECEPTICON CLONE SET - ORDER NOW! LG60: OVERLORD - ORDER NOW! LG59: BLITZWING - ORDER NOW! LG58: AUTOBOT CLONE SET - ORDER NOW! LG57: OCTANE - ORDER NOW! LG53: BROADSIDE - ORDER NOW! LG56: - Read More

Great Deals and Fun to be had at Toysrus Canada for Transformers Toys and More

Posted 22 hours ago by william-james88 - 4,401 views

Toysrus Canada said it would be business as usual with them and that includes the great deals. This week, from March 16 to 22, they have a mix and match sale where you can buy any toy from a variety of brands, including all things Transformers and the second toy you buy would be 50% off. You can combine any toys from different brands. The 50% off would be on the toy of lesser or equal value. That is not all, oh no, that is not all. This deal is stackable against the current Hasbro coupons - Read More

In Hand Images of Transformers Generations Cyber Battalion Sideswipe

Posted 22 hours ago by william-james88 - 4,477 views

赛博坦之声88 on Weibo has uploaded new images for the Cyber Battalion subline of Generations. We previously had images of Shockwave along with artwork for Sideswipe and now we finally have our first look at the Sideswipe toy in hand. Looking at it compared to Prowl, we see that the sculpts are very different and they mainly share the abdominal/pelvic area. The transformation is identical though. And while the head is a very faithful G1 Sideswipe head, the way the chest protrudes is - Read More

Voice Actor Daniel Riordan to Attend TFNation 2018

Posted 1 day ago by Va'al - 3,386 views

TFNation headquarters has sent out another announcement about their guests for this summer's 2018 edition of the UK fan Transformers convention, and in the spirit of the 'lesser known' franchises being celebrated, they secured none other than the voice of Megatron from Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2001)! Check out more info below. Transmission_Initiated Transmission ID: 00011 TFNation_2018 Operation: A Handful of Voices The second voice actor that TFNation is proud to present for - Read More

TFSource News! TW Constructor, FT Apache, PotP Legends w2, MP-40, MPM05 Barricade & LGEX Metroplex

Posted 1 day ago by Va'al - 4,591 views

TFSource News! TW Constructor, FT Apache, PotP Legends w2, MP-40, MPM05 Barricade, LGEX Metroplex & More! NEW HOT INSTOCK ITEMS: - Transformers Power of the Primes - Legends Wave 2 - Set of 3 - Fans Toys FT-19 - Apache - ToyWorld - TW-C07 - Constructor - Green and Clear - Soul of Chogokin - Pacific Rim - GX-77 Gipsy Danger - Masterpiece - MP-40 Targetmaster Hot Rodimus with and without Collector's Coin - Masterpiece Movie Series - MPM-5 Barricade - Hasbro Version - Masterpiece - Read More

Promotional Video for Takara Tomy Transformers The Last Knight Turbo Changers Lines

Posted 1 day ago by Va'al - 5,734 views

The second YouTube promotional video from Takara Tomy features the Transformers: The Last Knight Turbo Changer and Big Turbo Changer lines, part of which was covered earlier this month in this post, and the latter of which were released by Hasbro under the Knight Armor sub-line, with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Grimlock, and Megatron. What we get to find out in the video are the new sounds that the Japanese release of the electronics featured in Battle Comand Optimus Prime as it interacts with - Read More

Takara Tomy Stop-Motion Promo Video for Transformers Studio Series

Posted 1 day ago by Va'al - 7,149 views

Courtesy of the official YouTube channel for Takara Tomy, we have two new clips featuring Transformers toylines, and we're starting below with the newest movieverse line from both Hasbro and Takara: the Studio Series figures! Featuring Autobots Bumblebee, Ratchet, Optimus Prime, Grimlock, and Decepticons Starscream, Crowbar, Stinger and Blackout, we get to see some stop-motion animation of their transformation, and some looks at the possible poses from the figures in the line, including - Read More

Toys R Us Closure Official Press Release, MGA Entertainment Bids on TRU Canada

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 5,530 views

Bringing us up to speed on the latest of the Toys'R'Us troubles, we now have both an official press release from the company, and an email sent to Canadian users of the country's chain of stores, both commenting on two sides of the issue that has been developing rapidly this past couple of weeks. The press release, in fact, confirms with further detail what we reported in a previous article, about the international repercussions of the closure of all US stores, while also adding that a - Read More Newsletter #1420

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 4,408 views

ROBOTKINGDOM.COM Newsletter #1420 Hi, Here is a quick update from #1 Hot Items! Star Wars BLACK SERIES HELMET DARTH VADER. New Listings! Pre-order. Start Shipping on 13th April 2018 US$109.9 Marvel Legends Avengers Infinity War 6" Wave 1 Case of 8. Pre-order. Restock on 4th April 2018 US$159.9 Weijiang NE-01 Megathron. Preorder. Available next - Read More

Titans Return Wave 6 Found at Ross

Posted 2 days ago by Bounti76 - 7,462 views

As many of us know, the tail-end releases of lines can often be hard to non-existent to find in big-box retail stores; think Combiner Wars Sky Lynx; Thrilling 30 Arcee and Chromia; and Titans Return Overlord. While these figures elude many shelves at Walmart, Target and Toys R Us (RIP ), they often find their way to discount chains like Marshalls and TJMaxx. Case in point? Titans Return Slugslinger and the rest/repacks of the Wave 6 assortment have found their way to Ross! This particular - Read More

Variant Covers for IDW Transformers: Lost Light #17 by Jack Lawrence

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 5,687 views

As issue #16 of IDW Publishing's ongoing comics series Transformers: Lost Light hit the stands (digital and less so) this week, we also have some more artwork for the upcoming issue #17 - the second part of this new story arc - for the two Jack Lawrence variant covers that will feature on the issue: one with a very ascending Ultra Magnus, and one with a defiant Rodimus in the faces of the Guiding Hand. Check them out below, and join the conversation in the Energon Pub! Transformers: Lost - Read More

In-Hand Images of Transformers Power of the Primes Optimal Optimus

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 11,782 views

We have some new in-hand images of upcoming toys from Transformers Power of the Primes. These were all found on Notrab's Weibo page. We see Optimal Optimus and Optimus Primal in all their possible modes. There is one particular shot where we see both individual bots interacting with oneanother, something no other leader class figure can do. We also get our best look yet at the stickers, which continue to look off on the leaders (and voyagers). There is a sticker detail found on the smaller - Read More

Toys R Us Trying to Sell Canadian and US Operations While Simultaneously Starting Liquidation

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 8,909 views

If anyone ever wanted all the details on the Toysrus bakrutcy court hearing, well today is your lucky day since got their hands on the 124-page filing in U.S. Bankruptcy court. It states the reasons as to why Toysrus has to start liquidating its stores right away, which incudes "2017 U.S. holiday sales [that] came in well below worst case projections". The sales were 250 Million less than projected. Employees have been given a 60 day notice to employment termination, which means - Read More

Kabam Transformers: Forged to Fight Adds Insecticon Kickback

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 5,122 views

From the official Kabam Studios website for the mobile game Transformers: Forged to Fight, we have another character update in the form of the addition of Insecticon Kickback joining the game as of March 15th! The full bot intel report can be seen on the site here, but we have also copied it below for your reading convenience. BOT INTEL REPORT – KICKBACK Add Kickback to your ultimate squad March 15th at 10AM PDT! About Kickback: Faction: Decepticon Class: Scout Intelligent - Read More

Toys R Us Closing all US Stores, Other Countries Likely Affected [UPDATE]

Posted 3 days ago by Qwan - 15,918 views

[UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal has a quote from Chief Executive David Brandon on the matter of Toys R Us stores in other countries. Brandon says that the company is likely to liquidate in France, Spain, Poland and Australia, and has plans to sell its Canadian, Central European and Asian arms. The only real light in the tunnel here is the prospect of purchase; the company is currently attempting to find a buyer for a 'package' of sorts, comprised of its Canadian branch along with 200 US - Read More

BBTS Sponsor News: One:12 Catwoman, Dragon Ball, Stranger Things, Star Wars, Transformers POTP

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 5,805 views

------------- NEW PREORDERS ------------- DC COMICS ONE:12 COLLECTIVE CATWOMAN In addition to Catwoman’s classic form-fitting suit, she comes complete with a whip, waist belt with an opening tool kit, removable backpack, and goggles that fit both masked heads. Each One:12 Collective Catwoman figure is packaged in a collector friendly box, designed with collectors in mind. There are no twist ties for easy in-and-out of package display. $80.00 ... - Read More

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #195 - City of Fear
Twincast / Podcast #195:
"City of Fear"
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Posted: Sunday, March 4th, 2018
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