Beast Wars, Magic of Cybertron and hundreds of other new comics and more in-stock at Seibertron Store

Beast Wars, Magic of Cybertron and hundreds of other new comics and more in-stock at Seibertron Store

New at the Seibertron Store! - New comic books are available, straight from Diamond Comics. We regularly stock at least 40 different titles including Transformers, Star Wars, GI Joe, My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vampirella, X-Men, Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor, Daredevil, Department of Truth, Spawn and many others. If we don't carry a title that you would like to buy from us, please let us know.
Twincast / Podcast Episode #275 "Non-Fungible Mailbag"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #275 "Non-Fungible Mailbag"

Non-Fungible Mailbag - The Twincast / Podcast's 275th episode begins with a discussion on NFTs, what they are, what they have to do with Transformers, how they're created, why that has to deal with cryptocurrency, and who's concerned about its impacts. From there the talk goes on to opine on the just revealed Shattered Glass Megatron figure before the show moves into listener questions for the remainder of the episode. Speculation on the next round of official product reveals and what will be in them kick off the question and answer session, and this is followed by some thoughts about reissues in other older product lines such as Transformers: Armada and Cybertron in light of the recently revealed Beast Wars reissue lineup. Questions about favorites in Cyberverse lead to characters and lore coming front and center before we bring it back to toys with character deco paradigms and the color schemes that are just plain ugly. A final listener question has the cast analyzing which older Classics or Generations toys still have a place among the toys from the most recent years depicting the same characters. A quick round of the recurring Bragging Rights segment then closes out another episode.
Twincast / Podcast Episode #274 "Pulse Fan Fest 2021"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #274 "Pulse Fan Fest 2021"

Pulse Fan Fest 2021 - Episode 274 of the Twincast / Podcast dives in to all the latest Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest reveals starting with a Titan class figure of the Autobot Ark and his companion, Mainframe. Next up, Leader Class Galvatron made his official Hasbro debut along with companion piece Commander class Rodimus Prime. Next, Beast Wars fan favorites Rhinox and Scorponok are discussed, as well as the additional upcoming Deluxe Class release, Tracks. More Fossilizers are also coming in the Kingdom lineup in the form of Wingfinger, Dracodon and a special blast effect pack with Tricranius. Core Class Soundwave makes a brief impression before the discussion shifts to the licensed self-converting Optimus Prime robot from Robosen. The Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest 2021 talk wraps up with thoughts about Shattered Glass Blurr, the first entry into a sub-line that will also feature a companion comic book from IDW Publishing. Leaks could still not be contained despite all the official news, and the talk moves on to those with Studio Series Slag, then brief thoughts about other entries with varying degrees of information available such as T-Wrecks, SG Goldbug, Jackpot and Terrorsaur among others. We close out this episode with another fun filled round of bragging rights.
Transformers Kingdom Titan Class Ark, Leader Class Galvatron, Deluxe Class Scorponok Revealed

Transformers Kingdom Titan Class Ark, Leader Class Galvatron, Deluxe Class Scorponok Revealed

Scorponok ... Terrorize!!! - hanks to fellow Seibertron users, Aronjlove, Mindmaster, Transformers_va and Sentinel_Primal, we've learned that IGN have given us a preview of this Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest on Friday April 9th, 2021, by showing off three brand new Transformers Kingdom figures, Leader Class Galvatron, the Mammoth Titan Class Ark and Deluxe Class Scorponok!
Twincast / Podcast Episode #273 "Our Way to Oblivion"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #273 "Our Way to Oblivion"

Our Way to Oblivion - Episode 273 of the Twincast Podcast begins with discussion topics which look at some of the latest happenings in the world of Transformers toy collecting, starting with the recently revealed Generations Selects Titan Class Black Zarak. The future happenings within the Masterpiece lineup come next, with speculation on Raiden and the Trainbots as well as what collectors would want out of a Masterpiece version of Skyfire. The MP talk finishes up with a new look at Skids and his already announced repaint, Reboost. The show then shifts to its main topic of discussion which is the Haslab Unicron toy which is arriving at the homes of collectors now after a long wait following the conclusion of its successful crowdfunding campaign. The crew shares their experiences with delivery, unboxing, assembly, display, and of course, the transformation itself from planet mode to robot mode and back. The positives of the toy and the event-like experience it provides are discussed at length, before the episode concludes with the usual "Bragging Rights" segment.

Transformers: Kingdom Deluxe Class Tracks Video Review

Posted 8 hours ago by Bounti76 - 2,918 views

Thanks to Seibertronian Razorbeast88 for the heads-up, we bring to you the first look at Kingdom Deluxe Class Tracks! Kremzeek's Reviews takes a look at the vain Autobot in his newest incarnation. He goes through all his modes (robot, car, flying car), and gives us a great look at the intricate leg transformation. On to the review! Do you already have him pre-ordered? Tracks is due in Wave 3 (with Predacon Scorponok, Wingfinger, and a repack of Wheeljack) this summer. What do you think - Read More

War for Cybertron: Kingdom Amazon Exclusive Maximal Grimlock and Mirage Revealed and Up for Preorder

Posted 9 hours ago by Bounti76 - 4,799 views

The Amazon exclusive 2-pack (subtitled 'Battle Across Time') of Grimlock and Mirage has been revealed! What's more, it's also up for preorder at Amazon, with a limited number of sets available at Hasbro Pulse (where Pulse Premium members have first access). Grimlock is a new head retool and complete redeco of Kingdom Dinobot, paying homage to Grimlock's Beast Wars toy being a redeco of Dinobot. As such, he's listed as 'Maximal Grimlock. Mirage is a retool of his Siege figure into an - Read More

The Boss Monkey gets a New Look in Upcoming Flame Toys Transformers Figure

Posted 12 hours ago by william-james88 - 3,177 views

Weibo user Notrab shared some images of the upcoming Transformers Optimus Primal figure. This is from Flame Toys' "budget" line, called the Furai Action line and it is a fully assembled figure. This is a slight reimagining of the character in their style. I comes with a mutant mask head, which is also slightly reimagined, along with some weapons. You'll let us know what you think. This non transforming toy is said to be shipping out - Read More

TFSource News - KFC Metallic Stratotanker and Pure Red Transistor, MFT Cycolnaus, IF Obsidian & More

Posted 1 day ago by ZeroWolf - 4,671 views

TFSource News - KFC Metallic Stratotanker and Pure Red Transistor, MFT Cycolnaus, IF Obsidian & More! New Preorders! - Mech Fans Toys MF-19 Cycolnaus - KFC Toys Stratotanker Metallic Version EAVI Metal Phase 11-A+ - KFC Toys Transistor Pure Red Metallic Version and HiFi - Kotobukiya Zoids Highend Master Model EZ-027 Rev Raptor Model Kit - EZ-027 Rev Raptor Model Kit | Kotobukiya Zoids Highend Master Model - Mechanic Studios MS-28 Thunderbolt - New Age Preorders - Sansa Stark 1:6 - Read More

The Chosen Prime Sponsor News - 10th May

Posted 1 day ago by ZeroWolf - 4,700 views

The Chosen Prime Newsletter for May 10, 2021 Greetings from The Chosen Prime! We have new arrivals and pre-orders available this week including those presented below. Let us know if there's a particular figure you're looking for that isn't listed here or on the website. Happy shopping! LATEST PRE-ORDERS KFC Toys E.A.V.I. Metal Phase 11A+ STRATOTANKER (Metallic Ver.) Estimated Release June 2021 Flame Toys Furai Model WINDBLADE Estimated Release November - Read More

Review of Transformers Authentics Barricade Which is now Available in US

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 13,212 views

At the tail end of April, several fans found the new Authentics bravo class Barricade in the US at Dollar General. That's been the main place to buy these toys. If you saw him and were wondering if he was good, well fellow Seibertronian Chuckdawg made a review. This Barricade is based on the evergreen design which adapts the TLK movie design into a more "G1" style. chuckdawg1999 wrote:Authentics Barricade is probably the best Bravo Class figure I've handled. The transformation is solid, and - Read More

HobbyLink Japan Sponsor News - New Transformers & Diaclone In Stock, Plus Spread the Word to Win

Posted 5 days ago by ZeroWolf - 15,837 views

Greetings Seibertronians! Hobby Link Japan is back with their weekly Transformers focused newsletter! Check out the deals below! Here's what's new this week at HobbyLink Japan! The Japanese hobby industry revolves around preorders; once items are released, they disappear fast, and often aren't reproduced. Now's your chance to reserve the items below to ensure you don't miss out!   These collectibles are in stock now & are ready to ship to you! - Read More Newsletter #1582

Posted 5 days ago by ZeroWolf - 15,581 views

ROBOTKINGDOM.COM Newsletter #1582 Hong Kong Post have updated the shipping cost air mail parcel, and results in a cheaper shipping cost by EMS. Here is a comparison table for certain locations that EMS is cheaper than Air Mail Parcel. So why not choose a faster service with cheaper shipping? ... 3206578029 Japan E-Express /EMS Resumed! Canada EMS Limited to 5KG Australia E-Express, Air Mail Parcel and EMS Resumed! EMS and E-Express available - Read More

Kingdom Deluxe Class Beast Scorponok video review!

Posted 5 days ago by -Kanrabat- - 27,786 views

Greetings Seibertronians! Once again, Prime VS Prime deliver with an early Kingdom video review! This time, it is for Deluxe Class Scorponok from the classic Beast Wars series! Scorponok is part of Deluxe Wave 3 that will be hitting store shelves along with Fossilizer Wingfinger, a repack of Earthrise Wheeljack and Tracks! He come with a look that closely resembles the original show but with a modern interpretation of it. Are you planning to pick this guy up? Let us - Read More

New Transformers Premium Finish Toyline Revealed

Posted 6 days ago by william-james88 - 30,812 views

Hasbro knows what you need more of, and that's Optimus and Bumblebee. Better yet, this new line is of toys you already got. Joking aside, previously released toys in a premium finish has attracted fans for a while. There was a popular subline of the 2007 movie toys, for instance, and this was the basis of the Movie the best line from Takara which many fans liked, including myself. This is like that with a nice box to boot. The pictures below come from the In Demand Toys Facebook page. This line - Read More

New Video Review of Transformers Studio Series 86 Leader Class Slag

Posted 6 days ago by ZeroWolf - 31,746 views

Greetings Seibertronians! Thanks to fellow Seibertron user, Darth JoJo Gojira Prime 1939, we've learned that YouTuber, Kremzeek Reviews, has just unloaded a brand new video review of the forthcoming Transformers Studio Series 86 Leader Class Slag! While this figure is yet to be officially revealed by Hasbro, we've known of its existence for some time based on leaked listings and the photos that emerged a month or so ago. The figure is highly accurate to his appearance in the movie and comes - Read More

Video Interview with the Creative Team of the My Little Pony / Transformers Series

Posted 6 days ago by william-james88 - 19,671 views

IDW has a video interview with the creators behind the current My Little Pony / Transformers comic series, you can watch it below. More ponies, more bots, and more magical mayhem as two worlds collide in the return of this hit crossover event! Join writers James Asmus and Sam Maggs with artists Jack Lawrence and Casey W. Coller as they talk favorite characters and biggest challenges. My Little Pony / Transformers II: The Magic of Cybertron #1 is now on sale! - Read More

Video review for Transformers Kingdom Wingfinger

Posted 6 days ago by william-james88 - 25,698 views

We thank Nuclearxpotato for letting us know that there is a video review for Transformers Kingdom Wingfinger made by Tonton. This is a deluze figure from the third wave due on shelves in around 3 months from now. This is the final fossilizer mold we are getting for this line. It has a combiner head, different from the robot head, meant to be used in a combined mode with the previous two fossilizers. Let us know if you will be getting him. - Read More

New Stop Motion Transformers Video From Hasbro China

Posted 6 days ago by ZeroWolf - 26,232 views

Greetings Seibertronians! Hasbro's China offices have been up to their fun and games again, producing a new stop motion video featuring Transformers toys from the Studio Series 86 and Transformers Kingdom lines! In the video, that Hasbro China put up on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, Hot Rod takes on Cyclonus in a battle of talents, with Arcee managing the proceedings. Not that things are ever that straightforward... Click the link or watch the YouTube mirror, put up by - Read More

New Images of Transformers Buzzworthy Bumblebee Power Charge Bumblebee

Posted 6 days ago by ZeroWolf - 25,542 views

Greetings Seibertronians! Thanks to TFW2005 user, Megatron Unicronus, we now know that the recently revealed listing for a power charge Bumblebee in the Target Exclusive Buzzworthy Bumblebee line, was indeed just a re-release of the Power Charge Bumblebee from the 2018 Bumblebee Movie toyline. This toys' central gimmick was the sphere in the chest of his robot mode that you could spin to activate lights and sounds. There appears to be no change from its first release. Will you be tempted - Read More

New Nickelodeon Transformers Series Gains Storyboard Director

Posted 6 days ago by ZeroWolf - 14,781 views

Greetings Seibertronians! Straight from the NickALive blog, comes news that the new Transformers cartoon being developed by eOne and Nickelodeon, has gained a storyboard director in the shape of Jordan Rosato. Jordan previously served as a storyboard artist on Nickelodeon's hit show, The Loud House, including on Netflix's upcoming The Loud House Movie. Her credits also include 2019's DC Super Hero Girls and Little Ellen. While we have yet to see any concept work from this show, it is set - Read More

BigBadToyStore Sponsor News - 5th May

Posted 7 days ago by ZeroWolf - 7,546 views

May 4, 2021 Newsletter BBTS News: One:12 Bishop, Marvel Legends, Star Wars, Street Fighter, Pokemon, Star Trek, Doom, Gundam, Boglins, DBZ & More! ------------------------------ NEW PRE-ORDERS ------------------------------ Bishop, The Last X-Man, joins the One:12 Collective! Quicksilver's ultra-high-speed capabilities are a major asset to the Avengers in the fight against Ultron, and now he's joined the Marvel Legends Series! Storm Collectibles presents the Ultra Street Fighter II - Read More

Top 5 Best Skywarp Transformers Toys so Far

Posted 8 days ago by william-james88 - 17,348 views

Every month now, brings you a Top 5 list related to all things Transformers written by me, your fellow editor. These are my opinions (just like movie or game reviews hosted by sites are still just the opinion of one person) so what matters most is what you guys think of the topic or list, and I hope to see your own lists or comments on omissions and ranking. Let's have fun! All previous lists can be found here. Top 5 Best Skywarp Transformers Toys so Far Sure sure, - Read More

Netflix Transformers Wave 3 Voyagers Found in Canada and UK

Posted 8 days ago by william-james88 - 18,486 views

While the US was the very first place to get the Netflix Transformers Wave 3 deluxe toys, that is definitely not the case for the voyagers. They had appeared in some Asian countries first and have now found their way in the UK and Canada. This wave consists of the Sparkless Seeker and Optimus Primal/Rattrap. In Canada, they were found at Walmart, the exclusive retailer, for $45 CAD ($36 USD). In the UK, they were found at Smyths for 40 GBP ($55 USD). Walmart Canada seems to the using the old - Read More

TFSource News - MMC Optus Pexus, MT Acid Swarm, ZT Crystal Superitron, Zoids and More!

Posted 8 days ago by ZeroWolf - 8,997 views

TFSource News - MMC Optus Pexus, MT Acid Swarm, ZT Crystal Superitron, Zoids and More! New Instock Items! - MakeToys Re: Master Ex Series MTRM-EX01 Acid Swarm - Fans Hobby Master Builder MBA-04 Upgrade Kit for MB-08 Double Evil - ZB-07 Superitron Combiner Crystal Edition Set of 5 - Oblivion Land FAV-OB01 Bounty Hunter Krivo - Mastermind Creations Reformatted R-48 Optus Pexus - Lazengann Model Kit | Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann | Sentinel Plaiobot - Transformers Kuro Kara Kuri | Flame - Read More

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #275 - Non-Fungible Mailbag
Twincast / Podcast #275:
"Non-Fungible Mailbag"
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Posted: Saturday, May 1st, 2021

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