Seibertron Store: 20% off Comic Books Sale, New Transformers Items, Masters of the Universe and more

Seibertron Store: 20% off Comic Books Sale, New Transformers Items, Masters of the Universe and more

20% Off Comic Books Sale - Over 1,800+ items are currently available in the Seibertron Store on eBay! As you can see, we've been busy listing new Transformers and other collectible items in the Store on eBay which we think might be of interest to you. If Transformers comics aren't your thing, many Transformers toys from our warehouse have been added from older series like Beast Wars, Unicron Trilogy, and more. We even have some War for Cybertron SIEGE and Studio Series available.
New Galleries: WFC Siege Voyager Class Apeface with Spasma

New Galleries: WFC Siege Voyager Class Apeface with Spasma

Monkeying Around - Finally, Hasbro has given to us a true update to the fan favourite G1 Apeface toy. Seibertron has a full gallery for you, and a wonderful comparison to the original toy where you can see that Hasbro really tried to give us as true an update as possible. This is a voyager class triple changer and you can see how the robot, spaceship and robotic gorilla mode compares to the original. It is around the same size as the original in some modes and slightly smaller in others. The headmaster gimmick is also preserved where the same headmaster makes a different face for the ape mode and the robot mode. We also have some fun images with other transforming apes like Masterpiece Optimus Primal.
New Galleries: WFC Siege Deluxe Class Spinister with Battle Masters Singe and Shrute

New Galleries: WFC Siege Deluxe Class Spinister with Battle Masters Singe and Shrute

Sinister Spinister - We have some new galleries for you, this time it's Transformers War For Cybertron Siege Deluxe Class Spinister along with Battle Masters Singe and Shrute. Spinister is the most anticipated deluxe left to obtain by fans until we get Earthrise and should be out in December. While Battle Masters Singe and Shrute do not come with him, they are included in this gallery since both are based on Spinister's original target masters. Shrute's original name was Hairsplitter and he is thus a reference to Dwight's haircut on The Office. He came with the Skywarp set from Amazon. Singe is an individual Battle Master release.
New Galleries: War for Cybertron Siege Deluxe Crosshairs and Battlemaster Trenchfoot

New Galleries: War for Cybertron Siege Deluxe Crosshairs and Battlemaster Trenchfoot

Crosshairs - Here at Seibertron we like to bring you some of the best images of bots on the internet. Today we're bringing you two new galleries for Transformers War for Cybertron Siege Crosshairs and Trenchfoot! Crosshairs is available in the fifth and final wave of Transformers Siege due around this December and is a retool of the previously released Siege Ironhide. As such he clocks in at almost a full head taller than most of his Deluxe class contemporaries. He unfortunately does not come with his G1 Targetmaster partner Pinpointer but he does come with his W-35 LR Doomblast Forge Launcher that is very much painted in honor of his old Targetmaster pal.
Unboxing gallery of WFC SIEGE Astrotrain, Apeface, Crosshairs, Spinister, Rung, Singe & Micromasters #NYCC2019 #NYCC

Unboxing gallery of WFC SIEGE Astrotrain, Apeface, Crosshairs, Spinister, Rung, Singe & Micromasters #NYCC2019 #NYCC

WFC Siege Unboxing - This past week at New York Comic-Con, Hasbro had an unboxing event for the remaining Transformers War for Cybertron SIEGE products for Fall 2019. attended the event and we are now able to share the pictures with all of you. The figures we got to unbox were Leader Class Astrotrain, Voyager Class Apeface, Deluxe Class Spinister and Crosshairs, Battle Masters Rung and Singe, and Micromasters Rumble, Ratbat, Direct-Hit and Power Punch.

O Captain my Captain the Transformers TCG Reveals Captains Jetfire and Omega Supreme

Posted 49 minutes ago by Stargrave - 353 views

NEW! This has certainly been a busy week of Transformers Trading Card Game reveals with characters being shown every day. Today we offer up the last of the Siege II character round up's thanks to the Transformers TCG Twitter with two new captains, Jetfire and Omega Supreme! The art on these cards is absolutely awesome especially showing off Omega's various modes. Then flanking in from both sides are some Decepticon baddies, Apeface, Skytread, and Soundblaster! Coming in from - Read More

Upcoming UK and Europe Hasbro Convention Schedule Featuring Transformers

Posted 1 hour ago by Stargrave - 524 views

NEW! We here at Seibertron have received official word of where Hasbro will be appearing at upcoming conventions across the U.K. and Europe. These always get us fans buzzing as we hope (hope-hope) we'll get to see reveals of upcoming Transformers products from current or upcoming toy lines. Read the listing below and mark your calendars. And hey, even if you don't we'll be here at Seibertron to get your back and keep you updated on any exciting new reveals at any of these events. "Hello there, - Read More

Transformers Generations Selects Lancer is Available Again from Hasbro Pulse

Posted 5 hours ago by william-james88 - 1,843 views

NEW! Transformers Generations Selects WFC Lancer is available for order on Pulse again. Many either do not have their preorders fulfilled yet or were looking to buy the figure but could not. Well, she ships out right now from Hasbro Pulse. So if you want her, there is no time like the present. She is needed to finish Orthia, the combiner made from the G1 Fembots from the Search for Alpha Trion episode. You can get her by clicking here. Since demand is high, it is very possible that she be sold out - Read More

Image of Box for Takara 7-Eleven Exclusive Legendary Nemesis Prime Who is Also Out Now

Posted 5 hours ago by william-james88 - 2,372 views

NEW! We haven't heard much of Takara's Legendary Nemesis Prime toy since it was first revealed. For starters, it is out now and even though it is a 7-Eleven exclusive in Japan, North American collectible stores are reselling it on their sites, like BBTS who is selling it for $143. The fact that some fans have already received theirs means we get our first look at the packaging. We have a photo below which comes from Rookbartley who posted it on the TFW boards. For those that may be confused, this is - Read More

Takara Tomy's Mystery "Raiden" Project

Posted 6 hours ago by Seibertron - 3,233 views

Fellow Seibertronian Powered Convoy shared some potentially exciting information about a special event mentioned on Takara Tomy's official Twitter account. Powered Convoy wrote:TakaraTomy's official Twitter account tweeted about an upcoming event (?) dubbed the Raiden Project. No details are known, but it could be anything from some promotional tie-in with a train service, to possibly a reissue or new version of the combiner. I'm personally hoping for a new version of the combiner - Read More Newsletter #1502

Posted 14 hours ago by ZeroWolf - 2,645 views

ROBOTKINGDOM.COM Newsletter #1502 Hi, Here is a quick update from #1 Hot Items Marvel Legends 6†Stan Lee. New Listing! Preorder. Available in March 2020. US29.90 Takaratomy DIACLONE DA-50 WARUDAROS GIGANTER. New Listing! Preorder. Available in March 2020. US309.90 Takaratomy Mall Exclusives Transformers Siege SG-06 NEMESIS PRIME. New Listing! Preorder. Available - Read More

GI Joe and the Autobots battle Cobra and the Decepticons in Transformers Earth Wars game

Posted 1 day ago by Seibertron - 9,472 views

Our friends at Space Ape Games just sent us a message to let us know some extremely exciting news for fans of the Transformers and GI Joe franchise. The Joe characters are teaming up with our favorite Cybertronians in their battles in the Transformers Earth WarsTransformers Earth Wars mobile gaming app[/url]. Cobra teams up with the evil Decepticons to battle GI Joe and the heroic Autobots ... an alliance many Transformers and GI Joe fans alike love to see happen. Check out the information - Read More

Seibertron Store: 20% off Comic Books Sale, New Transformers Items, Masters of the Universe and more

Posted 1 day ago by Seibertron - 6,785 views 20% off Comic Books Sale!* * Excludes some items Over 1,800+ items are currently available in the Seibertron Store on eBay! As you can see, we've been busy listing new Transformers and other collectible items in the Store on eBay which we think might be of interest to you. New comic books have returned to the Store, straight from Diamond Comics, starting with the all-new Transformers "A Bold New Era" series from IDW which launched earlier this - Read More

Entertainment Earth: Ecto-1 Ectotron, New Generations Selects, Earthrise pre-orders, Masterpiece and more!

Posted 2 days ago by Seibertron - 10,354 views

Thursday, October 17, 2019 Entertainment Earth Sponsor News: New Transformers just announced AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER: Transformers Generations Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Ectotron $39.99 What do you get when you cross the iconic Ecto-1 Cadillac from the 1984 Ghostbusters movie with a Transformers robot? A converting Paranormal Investigator, called Ectotron! Commemorate 35 years of both Transformers and Ghostbusters with 1 awesome 7-inch - Read More

BBTS Sponsor News: Alien, Mortal Kombat, Darkseid, Robocop, Predator, Transformers, Stan Lee, FF7

Posted 2 days ago by ZeroWolf - 8,942 views

------------- NEW PREORDERS ------------- ALIENS ULTIMATE RHINO ALIEN FIGURE The Rhino Alien from NECA measures approximately 10 inches and has a massive ramming horn for attacking its unlucky prey. The packaging is an homage to the classic Kenner art featuring custom illustrations. ... ils/104653 SEKTOR, BBTS EXCLUSIVE SCORPION, & DARKSIED 1/12 SCALE FIGURES The 1/12 scale figure series by Storm Collectibles continues with Mortal Kombat’s - Read More

Transformers Earth Wars Event Under Heavy Fire

Posted 2 days ago by Stargrave - 11,170 views

It's an individual totalizer this week gang with tons of tool boxes and shards to win at your own pace, no alliance effort required. There's also a preview included in the update which shows off some of the new bots they've had in the wings, a few favorites that have new higher star versions. Enjoy the update and be sure to look up team Seibertron. Who knows, maybe we'll see you out there on the battle field! Wreck n' rule and be sure to stay tuned to Seibertron for the ultimate in Transformers - Read More

First Colored Images of the Upcoming Prime 1 Studio Bumblebee Movie Soundwave Statue

Posted 3 days ago by Stargrave - 16,085 views

Thanks to a few posts to TFsource's Twitter account yesterday we have some images of the amazing upcoming Bumblebee movie Soundwave statue from Prime 1 Studio. Still no official word on price or release yet but once you see this thing you will likely be quite willing to sit tight patiently and start saving money because, wow. This bot looks absolutely stunning and like he just came off the movie screen. As he was in the movie, this Soundwave comes with his stealthiest and most cunning of - Read More

Video Review for Transformers Cyberverse Power of the Spark Swing Slash Drift And Sky Surge Jetfire

Posted 3 days ago by Stargrave - 14,400 views

Just in from YouTuber Ultra Maximus are reviews for Transformers Cyberverse Power of the Spark Swing Slash Drift and Sky Surge Jetfire! These figures are getting better and better with every wave featuring cool action features as always, but more detail, and more fan favorites from throughout Transformers history every step of the way. Two prime (ha, see what I did there) examples have to be the G1 Autobot king of the skies Jetfire and the more recent artist created IDW soul with a sword Drift. - Read More

Video Review of Transformers Siege Amazon Exclusive 3 Pack with Comparison to Retail Versions

Posted 3 days ago by Stargrave - 15,119 views

Thanks to our fellow Seibertronian Chuckdawg1999 we have a video review for the Transformers War for Cybertron Siege Amazon Exclusive Fans Choice 3 Pack with Impactor, Powerdasher Aragon, and Holo-Mirage! This is extra fun as Chuck has kindly included comparisons of the new bots with their retail released counterparts namely Cog, Mirage, and Autobot Impactor. Heads is the order of the day as aside from the extra paint and translucent plastic, each is featuring a completely new head from their - Read More

Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege Apeface Video Review

Posted 3 days ago by Bounti76 - 17,267 views

Thanks to Seibertronian Sentinel_Primal, we bring to you a video review of the upcoming War for Cybertron: Siege Voyager Class figure of Apeface! Due to be released in the next month or so, Apeface is the first full sized toy of the character released since his debut in 1987. Recently, Seibertron himself created an amazing gallery of this new Apeface and his Head Titan Master, Spasma. Click any of the photos below to be taken to these fantastic galleries. And now, on to - Read More

Universal Studios Beijing Unveils Transformers Land

Posted 4 days ago by Stargrave - 20,868 views

"Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!" is how we all hope to be greeted when we walk through the gates of the newly announced Universal Beijing Resort theme park 'land', Transformers: Metrobase! This is exciting on many levels as this isn't just a Transformers ride or some peripheral characters lumbering about scaring children, this is the first time ever that an entire land has been dedicated to this IP (i.e. Transformers). If anyone as a kid (or a grown up kid) wanted to visit an - Read More

Officially Licensed Transformers Bumblebee Movie Optimus Prime Action Figure from Yolopark Revealed

Posted 4 days ago by Stargrave - 17,386 views

You know, Yolopark. You don't know Yolopark? Well you will after you set your optics on this officially licensed Transformers Bumblebee movie Optimus Prime. Thanks to a new post to Yolopark's Facebook page we've learned of what will surely be an amazing new figure. That's right, not a statue, a figure. That clarification will make sense momentarily. Voyager class? Leader class? Ha! This Optimus, which is fully poseable with 150 points of articulation thanks to a unique internal skeletal system, - Read More

New 2020 Studio Series Listings (Including Jet Shatter!)

Posted 4 days ago by Nathaniel Prime - 21,837 views

Fellow Seibertronians! Thanks to, we now have some very interesting listings from Walmart for what appears to be the next lineup for the Transformers Studio Series line in 2020! Among these listings appears to be confirmation of a Deluxe Class Roadbuster, the Wrecker from Dark Of The Moon, Leader Class Overload, the articulated dump truck Constructicon from Revenge Of The Fallen, and Deluxe Class Jet Mode Shatter and Jeep Mode Bumblebee, both of whom are from the Bumblebee movie, - Read More

Series 1 of Transformers Nano Hollywood Rides Released in Canada

Posted 4 days ago by william-james88 - 13,164 views

Jada has been making nice collectible die cast cars featuring Transformers movie characters for a while. For the nano line, they are going extra small, the smallest they ever have and series 1 just came out in Canada. It isn't even on Toysrus' database yet (where this set was found), and thus no price could be scanned. This first series features Bumblebee and Optimus as they featured in Transformers the Last Knight along with a 1977 Camaro Bumblebee. We are also supposed to get G1 car models in - Read More

Transformers Cyberverse Ultra Prowl Found in Canada

Posted 4 days ago by william-james88 - 11,364 views

While we wait for the awesome new Cyberverse figures of 2020, we still have the simpler 2019 figures to tide kids over. The upcoming ultra class Prowl was found in Canada at Toysrus. This is a figure the size of a generations voyager toy sold at the price of a generations deluxe toy. It is unclear if it comes with Alpha Trion or a reissue of Shockwave since all were on the shelves, as you can see below. This toy reuses the style of Ultra Bumblebee. If ever you do find interesting toy sightings - Read More

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