Twincast / Podcast Episode #251 "Bob Lobclaw's Rumor Mill"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #251 "Bob Lobclaw's Rumor Mill"

Bob Lobclaw's Rumor Mill - Episode 251 of the Twincast / Podcast starts out with a look into the latest Generations Selects figures unveiled on Hasbro Pulse, the set of five Decepticons that comprise the mighty God Neptune from Beast Wars II. Next up, a new wave of Netflix figures may soon be on the horizon and some names definitely piqued our interest. No one is surprised by the news of another Bumblebee figure, this time with a Deluxe Class figure rumored to be coming to the Earthrise line. A deluxe Cheetor figure has also been discovered in Walmart's system leading to lengthy speculation on the implications of more Beast Wars characters in the Generations product line. A possible "Sleep Mode" Optimus Prime and a Studio Series Devastator boxed set round out the rumor discussions prevalent in this episode. Two listener questions that cover the product reveal plans for the now-canceled 2020 San Diego Comic Con as well as thoughts on the distribution of the Siege line come up next. We close out this episode with a joke-filled round of the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment.
Twincast / Podcast Episode #250 "Parade Day"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #250 "Parade Day"

Parade Day - The Twincast / Podcast returns for another week with episode 250. The Transformers talk starts out with some impromptu reflections on Cyberverse's parade loop episodes, providing a teaser of content fans can expect when they watch the TV series. This is followed by a discussion about the upcoming and slightly mysterious Amazon exclusive Generations Earthrise Deluxe Class two pack of Prowl and Ironhide featuring the characters in their well known G1 alternate vehicle modes. Impressions of the recently release Studio Series Voyager Class Sentinel Prime and Scrapper follows, with this latest wave bringing fans one step closer to completing the Constructicon combiner Devastator based on his appearance in Revenge of the Fallen. Generations Selects' Soundwave Spy Patrol 3rd Unit has also shipped out, featuring Wingthing, Frenzy, Skar and Knok. The cast takes some time to discuss them with the conversation going to some fascinating places before the show concludes with the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment.
New Galleries: Generations Selects Seacons and King Poseidon

New Galleries: Generations Selects Seacons and King Poseidon

Seacons - is proud to bring you seven new galleries for the Transformers Generations Selects Seacons. All together, there are almost 1,500 images because there is a lot of ground to cover with the Seacons. Since they are all combiners, the limbs have five modes each: leg, arm, robot, beast mode with Snaptrap only having the beast, robot and torso modes (though we attempted a Snaptrap weapons/base/attack mode for your viewing pleasure). On top of that, each of the limbs also have a Targetmaster mode. You will find an individual gallery for Turtler (Snaptrap), Lobclaw (Nautilator), Kraken (Seawing), Gulf (Skalor), Overbite and Tentakil, along with their combined form King Poseidon (Piranacon).
Twincast / Podcast Episode #249 "It's Repaints!"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #249 "It's Repaints!"

It's Repaints! - Episode 249 of the Twincast / Podcast begins with a pair of two-packs that aren't new, but they are new to show discussion. Earthrise Skywarp and Thundercracker as well as a Decepticon Clone two pack, with Pounce and Wingspan, will be Target exclusives under the Cybertron Villians sub-line. Next up, we discuss the newly revealed Masterpiece Lamborghini, named Spinout which is a homage to diaclone Sunstreaker. It looks like the animated prequel that has been tossed around lately may actually come to fruition because a director has finally been announced, leading to a brief chat about how there are allegedly dozens of movies in the Hasbro universe on the horizon. We close out the night with an in hand discussion of the Netflix Ultra Magnus, featuring a surprise inclusion from one of Hasbro's other brands: Play-Doh.
Twincast / Podcast Episode #248 "Battle for Cybertron"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #248 "Battle for Cybertron"

Battle for Cybertron - Episode 248 of the Twincast / Podcast takes a look at the first four episodes of Transformers: Cyberverse Season 3. The episode starts off with a discussion that explores the overall plotting and characterization of the show so far. We'll also take a look at how season one and two tie in with some of the more meaningful events that took place during the first four episodes. Bumblebee, Cheetor and Hot Rod seem to be the leading cast members this season so we'll discuss the appeal these characters have to kids and we finish things up with the toy line that has not had too many gems but it does give us our first incarnation of Rack N' Ruin. A few listener questions are on tap to see who we'd like to see as the next commander class figure and smaller class figures giving us an ever growing accessories cache. We close out the episode with another round of bragging rights.

TFSource News - BF Sharpshooter Black, PE Honor & Dark Warriors, ZT Ford, Netflix, MMC Tortor & More

Posted 6 hours ago by ZeroWolf - 1,313 views

NEW! TFSource News - BF Sharpshooter Black, PE Honor & Dark Warriors, ZT Ford, Netflix, MMC Tortor & More! NEW HOT PREORDERS: - Banana Force MPL-01B Red Sharpshooter Black Version - Diaclone Reboot DA-58 Warudaros Soldier Type - Perfect Effect PE-DX11 Honor Warrior and PE-DX11B Dark Warrior - Zeta Toys - EX09 Ford Metallic Edition - Transformers Ultimetal UM-03 Megatron - Mastermind Creations Reformatted R-44 D Squad Tortor - Transformers Masterpiece MP-51 Arcee - Fans Hobby MB-15 - Read More

Transformers Movie Masterpiece MPM-11 Ratchet Revealed with Pre-Order Live

Posted 8 hours ago by D-Maximal_Primal - 4,492 views

The Movie Masterpiece line has been moving along at a great pace, giving us around 2 new bots per year and providing some gems of some toys, the newest of which were the Megatron and Jazz of 2019. WEll, 2020 is set to provide some more fantastic figures, as not only do we have Starscream, but now we have our final movie 1 Autobot on the way: Ratchet! Ratchet was the last of the original 5 Movie Autobots, and his new MPM captures his look from the first movie wonderfully. The figure has all - Read More

New Images Comparing Earthrise Thundercracker and Skywarp with Siege and Classics Versions

Posted 1 day ago by william-james88 - 12,969 views

Smokingray7775 has posted some images on their Twitter account of the Cyertron Villains 2 pack Transformers Earthrise set which includes seekers Thundercracker and Skywarp. They give us new comparisons with the Siege releases and the classics toys. These images further reinforce how off the Siege Skywarp colours. We can also see that Skywarp's purple is closer to grape than the more lilac shade we had on the Takara classics version. These toys will be coming to the US as Target exclusives, - Read More

The Chosen Prime Sponsor News - 1st June

Posted 1 day ago by ZeroWolf - 6,133 views

The Chosen Prime Newsletter for June 1, 2020 Greetings from The Chosen Prime! We have new arrivals and pre-orders available this week including those presented below. Let us know if there's a particular figure you're looking for that isn't listed here or on the website. Happy shopping! LATEST PRE-ORDERS Takara Diaclone Reboot DA-58 WARUDEROS (Soldier Type) Estimated Release October 2020 Perfect Effect DX11 HONOR WARRIOR Estimated Release June - Read More

Product Number Found for New Upcoming Transformers Bluestreak Toy

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 16,185 views

We already knew Earthrise would include a new Smokescreen and while it could be assumed that we would get the rest of the Datsuns in this new Earthrise mode, it always helps to get some confirmation. Well, we now know the product code for the upcoming Bluestreak toy. Of course, until we see the images or more listings, it may be something else, but logic points toward this simply being Earthrise Bluestreak, which we all guessed was coming. You can see the item number in the tab for the - Read More

New In-Hand Photos Of Earthrise Commander Class Sky Lynx

Posted 2 days ago by ZeroWolf - 20,463 views

Greetings Seibertronians! Do you feel that your collection is missing a certain magnificent specimen? Well maybe these photos will help you make your mind up! These in hand photos of Earthrise Commander Class Sky Lynx come courtesy of fellow Seibertron user, LeAwesome1, who purchased Sky Lynx from UK website In Demand Toys, and thanks to the magic of one day shipping, it arrived today! The photos show off all the modes his majesty can make, from his humble bird mode to his spectacular - Read More

In Hand Images of Earthrise Thundercracker and Skywarp Confirms Different Headsculpt

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 20,281 views

石川よしのぶ@Ishikawa_sunday has posted some images on their Twitter account of the Cyertron Villains 2 pack Transformers Earthrise set which includes seekers Thundercracker and Skywarp. They give a comparison to the Starscream headsculpt and while the Thundercracker face looks more defined in the mouth area, the bigger difference comes from Skywarp. We get confirmation that Skywarp will be getting the screaming face. These toys will be coming to the US as Target exclusives, though we - Read More

Transformers Netflix Ultra Magnus Spoiler Set Found on Clearance at US Walmart

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 21,580 views

We thank fellow Seibertronian Flashwave for sending us word and proof that the Netflix Series Ultra Magnus Spoiler box has been found on clearance at Walmart. Now this is probably not the case for all or even most Walmarts but we wanted to let you know, just in case. For many, paying $60 for a toasted Magnus and a Rung redeco was not ideal, but clearance prices tend to change people's minds. And this clearance price is $35, which is almost half off. This particular sighting comes from - Read More

Video Review for ThreeZero Bumblebee Premium Scale Figure

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 20,148 views

Fellow Seibertronian PrimeVsPrime sent us a nice e-mail letting us know of their latest review for the ThreeZero Transformers Bumblebee – Bumblebee Premium Scale figure. This is a fully articulated non transforming figure of Bumblebee as he appears in the Bumblebee movie when his alt mode is a Beetle. Hey Seibertron! I hope you are well, I just thought i'd let you know that I uploaded a review for Threezeros latest Premium Scale figure, that being Bumblebee. In the review I also show a - Read More

Transformers War for Cybertron: Earthrise Scorponok Packaging Images

Posted 3 days ago by Bounti76 - 27,554 views

Thanks to Hasbro's Facebook page, Seibertronian aronjlove, and an email from those subscribed to Pulse updates, we have some cool new images to bring to you of War for Cybertron Earthrise Titan Class Scorponok! This possible biggest-ever Decepticon figure deserves some good packaging, and that's what he gets! These shots show off the front and side of the packaging, as well as a shot of the figure standing next to his box. The impressive box art shows the gargantuan Decepticon with Optimus - Read More

HobbyLink Japan Sponsor News - SS-47 Scavenger, SG-47 Astrotrain, & More Available Now!

Posted 4 days ago by ZeroWolf - 15,734 views

New Preorders Open Now! 2,400 JPY WFC-04 Transformers: War for Cybertron Sideswipe    Just In 2,240 JPY ER-04 Transformers War for Cybertron: Earthrise Ironworks 2,240 JPY SS-50 Transformers Studio Series Roadbuster 4 left in stock! - 2,240 JPY ER-03 Transformers War for Cybertron: Earthrise Wheeljack 3,600 JPY SS-51 Transformers Studio Series Decepticon Scrapper  Available Next Month 3,600 JPY ER-05 Transformers War for Cybertron: Earthrise Starscream  In Stock & - Read More Newsletter #1533

Posted 4 days ago by ZeroWolf - 14,814 views

ROBOTKINGDOM.COM Newsletter #1533 Due to the Corona Virus situation, many cargo flight cancelled. Both Air Mail Parcel and EMS service to following countries are suspended and wait for further update. We will continue to change our post services daily. At the moment, EMS service is still available to Germany, France, Singapore, Malaysia (Normal Air Mail OK too) and Japan. For more information, please check the following link. ... d_923.html We - Read More

Transformers Generations Selects God Neptune New Images with MP-48 Lio Convoy

Posted 4 days ago by D-Maximal_Primal - 25,235 views

Thanks to 【公式】トランスフォーマー情報局 on Twitter, we have some new images of the upcoming Transformers Generations Selects God Neptune figure to share with you today. These new images show off God Neptune in his combined mode glory, and one picture even pits this mighty new addition to the modern combiner era against his greatest foe: Masterpiece Lio Convoy! We see that MP-48 Lio Convoy is a little big in comparison to God Neptune, but this is to be expected for a retail - Read More

ThreeZero Bumblebee Movie Premium Optimus Prime Revealed

Posted 4 days ago by D-Maximal_Primal - 24,646 views

Thanks to the ThreeZero Twitter page, we have a tease for their next upcoming premium collectors figure: Bumblebee movie Optimus Prime! The Bumblebee movie Optimus Prime design has caused quite a stir since it debuted in the Bumblebee film back in 2018, and we have had the pleasure of getting both a transforming Studio Series toy and a prior Deluxe ThreeZero figure of this design. This new take by ThreeZero is a larger and even more premium version of their original deluxe Optimus Prime, - Read More

Hasbro Offers Free Printable Rescue Bots Academy Coloring Sheet for Kids

Posted 4 days ago by Bounti76 - 12,674 views

Speaking of things to keep your little bots occupied, Hasbro is offering something for the younger fans. On their Instagram page, they offered a free, downloadable coloring page for parents to print that lets kids color in Optimus Prime and Hot Shot from the Rescue Bots Academy show. The picture is mirrored below, and you can download it for your kids (or yourself, no judgement ) by clicking on the picture. 'Til All Are Colored In. (Sorry, I couldn't help - Read More

Transformers Cyberverse Episode 8 "The Citizen" and Episode 9 "The Trial" Available on YouTube

Posted 4 days ago by Bounti76 - 11,432 views

Thanks to Seibertronians william-james88 and Sabrblade, we have something to keep your little bots occupied for a while. Episodes of Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures have been posted to the official Transformers YouTube channel! In episode 8, "The Citizen", Hot Rod, Clobber, Whirl, Dead End and Perceptor discover the secret of Maccadam's bar, and in Episode 9 "The Trial", Hot Rod gets captured by the Quintessons, in something of a throwback to "Transformers: The Movie". Both episodes - Read More

Transformers Masterpiece MP-39+ Spinout Bio and Packaging Art Work Published

Posted 5 days ago by D-Maximal_Primal - 25,656 views

Thanks to Takara Tomy Mall, we have some additional information and images for the upcoming Transformers Masterpiece MP-39+ Spinout figure. Up first, we get a sample shot of the packaging artwork for Spinout, which features him running headlong into battle screaming his mechanical lungs out, while his car mode races out in front of him through the desert. Second, we get a good bio for Spinout, which gives us a lot of detail about the character himself, and his connections to the - Read More

Transformers Themed Mobile Phone to be Released in China

Posted 5 days ago by Bounti76 - 14,119 views

According to the website GSMarena, we have news that Chinese phone maker iQOO will be releasing a Transformers themed mobile phone in China on June 1st, in collaboration with Hasbro. The themed version of iQOO'S 3 5G phone will be packaged in a special box stamped with the Autobot logo. It will also come with a protective case and charger carrying the same logo and theme, and comes preloaded with interactive interfaces, and Transformers-themed icons and wallpapers. For the techier among us, - Read More

New Transformers Movie Masterpiece Figure to be Revealed June 1st

Posted 5 days ago by Bounti76 - 24,016 views

Thanks to Hasbro's official page on China's Weibo site, we have news that a new Movie Masterpiece figure is set to be announced June 1st at 8pm Chinese time, which is 5am Pacific Time on June 1st in the USA. While there's no clues given in the post as to who the figure might be, the Movie Masterpiece series seems to follow a pattern of releasing a Decepticon, then an Autobot, since 2018 (with MPM VW 'Bee shoehorned in near his eponymous movie). Since Starscream was revealed for a September - Read More

BigBadToyStore Sponsor News - 27th May

Posted 5 days ago by ZeroWolf - 9,135 views

May 27, 2020 Newsletter BBTS News: DC Multiverse, One:12 Wonder Woman, Marvel Legends, MAFEX, WoW, Transformers, Street Fighter & More! ------------------------------- NEW PRE-ORDERS ------------------------------- McFarlane has opened preorders for their Batman: White Knight DC Multiverse figures this week alongside Mezco’s One:12 Collective Wonder Woman figure in gorgeous battle armor. Finally, pick up Marvel figures as part of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Retro Collection, MAFEX - Read More

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #251 - Bob Lobclaw's Rumor Mill
Twincast / Podcast #251:
"Bob Lobclaw's Rumor Mill"
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Posted: Sunday, May 24th, 2020

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