« » New High Quality Stock Photography of Transformers War For Cybertron Siege Wave 1 Toys

« » New High Quality Stock Photography of Transformers War For Cybertron Siege Wave 1 Toys

Takara Tomy SIEGE Stock Photos - These new listings from Takara Tomy Mall give us a plethora of official images, including ones we have not seen yet. Included in all of the images are different angles of many of the figures from what Hasbro is calling Wave 1 of the line, including backside shots of each figure, giving us a great look at how these figures are really going to work. The figures seen include: Battlemasters Lionizer, Blowpipe, and Firedrive; Micromasters Battle Patrol (Flask and Bigshot), Air Strike Patrol (Stormcloud and Whisper), and Race Car Patrol (Road Handler and Swindler); Deluxes Sideswipe, Hound, Cog, and Flywheels; Voyagers Optimus Prime and Megatron; and Leaders Ultra Magnus and Shockwave!
Twincast / Podcast Episode #209 "Under Siege"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #209 "Under Siege"

Under Siege - Episode 209 of the Twincast Podcast from Seibertron.com features a wide variety of regular hosts and special guests from the site's news staff as they all react to the latest Transformers product reveals made by Hasbro at the 2018 New York Comic Con. The Generations: War for Cybertron: Siege series starts out the discussion, with the initial roster of Decepticons being revealed at the show. Initial impressions and analysis of Voyager CLass figures such as Megatron, Soundwave, and Starscream, as well as Leader Class Shockwave and Deluxe Class Refraktor and Brunt are all shared. After a look at some of the other Generations product reveals such as Micromasters and the sneak peek at Titan Class Omega Supreme, the live action Bumblebee movie's full trailer is talked about along with the longer preview of the movie seen before the Fathom Events showing of The Transformers: The Movie. Along with trailer reactions and speculation on the Bumblebee Movie in general, the related toys get a short look with other new products being shown at NYCC. The crew then takes some time to look at the latest Cyberverse toys such as Warrior Class Prowl and Scout Class Ratchet before going back a few days in the news cycle to talk about Takara Tomy's upcoming Legends series Big Powered.
Gallery and Video of Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege Display from #NYCC 2018

Gallery and Video of Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege Display from #NYCC 2018

SIEGE Decepticons Revealed - Seibertron.com is giving you all the information available from NYCC, and with so many different lines we have several new videos and official images to show you of the new revealed figures! First up, we have the highly anticipated War for Cybertron: Siege Decepticons, including the likes of Megatron, Shockwave, Flywheels, Reflector, Brunt, Whisper, Storm Cloud and more! We have both a video of the show floor and diorama as well as a great gallery for you. Both give us some great shots of the table where all the figures were displayed, including an awesome scenery created by John Warden himself!
Video of Hasbro Transformers Brand Live Stream Video from #NYCC 2018

Video of Hasbro Transformers Brand Live Stream Video from #NYCC 2018

Our final video for you tonight consists of the Hasbro Brand presentation that Seibertron and Megatronus got to attend, which included the Siege Shockwave in his Famous "Are All Dead?" pose complete with the comic book. Also included in the video is an awesome shot of the Omega Supreme tank that will form his head and upper chest, and includes Micromaster Countdown storing in that tank component!
Amazon.com pre-orders for Masterpiece MPM-7 Bumblebee now available #JoinTheBuzz

Amazon.com pre-orders for Masterpiece MPM-7 Bumblebee now available #JoinTheBuzz

MPM-7 Bumblebee Pre-Order - In addition to MPM-7 Bumblebee being available at various sponsors like HLJ.com, we now know this product is also available for pre-order at Amazon.com. Thank you to fellow Transformers fan, DG, for sending a message to Seibertron.com to let all of us know that Amazon.com now has pre-orders available for the upcoming Transformers Masterpiece Movie Series MPM-7 Bumblebee action figure. This version of Bumblebee is based on his upcoming movie appearance where he transforms into a yellow Volkswagen Beetle, just like the alt-mode of his original G1 version.

In Hand Images of Transformers Hallmark Generation One Starscream Ornament, New Optimus Prime Stocking Ornament Found

Posted 52 minutes ago by Bronzewolf - 496 views

NEW! Whether you like it or not, the Holidays are upon us, Seibertronians. If you still think you need something TF-related to spruce up your tree, drop into a Hallmark store, as their new Transformers Ornaments are now available. We've previously reported on Starscream a couple times, (this year's entry in a series of ornaments based on the original G1 toys that included Optimus Prime, Megatron, Soundwave, and Grimlock in year's past), and now we have in-hand images courtesy of yours truly. We also - Read More

First Look at Transformers BotBots Art and Logo

Posted 4 hours ago by Va'al - 1,767 views

NEW! As we know, Hasbro will be present at both the Paris Comic Con event and the MCM London one, offering some potentially new reveals for upcoming toys across the currently active Transformers lines (Studio Series, Cyberverse, Siege, Rescue Bots) - but we also know that BotBots, the latest trademark to be announced at MCM London will be shown off too! The weird listings found so far on online retail spaces Walmart and Amazon, which include the likes of Music Mob, Shed Heads, Greaser Gang 2.0, - Read More

IDW Publishing Comics Solicitations for January 2019

Posted 15 hours ago by Va'al - 2,728 views

Happy New Year! With scheduling happening so soon in advance for publications, we have the full list of relevant titles appearing in January 2019 from IDW Publishing - and we've included below all the Transformers related titles that you might be interested in, including the Star Trek crossover, on its fifth and final issue, and the Tom Scioli Go-Bots project. Nothing else? Sadly, only the final volume trade paperbacks for both ended ongoings Lost Light (volume 4) and Optimus Prime (volume 5). - Read More

Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege Wave 1 Micromasters in Package Photos

Posted 15 hours ago by ZeroWolf - 5,311 views

Thanks to wholesalers website NDA Toys we have our first look at the wave 1 Micromasters in package. These are being sold at the same price point as the previous legends figure class, and the two figures can combine to form a weapon for the larger figures to use. The first wave consists of: Autobots Topshot and Flak Decepticons Storm Cloud and Visper Autobots Roadhandler and Swindler According to the website, the UK RRP for these is £11.99. If you want more pictures - Read More

Transformers Studio Series KSI Sentry and Dropkick Listings on Amazon.com

Posted 15 hours ago by Va'al - 4,417 views

We have a notification of two new listings over on online retailer Amazon.com, featuring the Transformers Studio Series line, thanks to fellow Seibetronian boyatlarge who contacted us via email - though they appear to still be unavailable, the two deluxes found are live action Age of Extinction -sourced KSI Sentry ( a blue redeco with minor retool of Stinger ) and the upcoming Bumblebee movie antagonist Dropkick, in helicopter alt-mode! The figures are currently listed at the 18.94 USD price - Read More

Ages Three and Up Fall Sale Event 2018

Posted 16 hours ago by Va'al - 3,647 views

Fall for These Savings and Complete your Collection! https://www.agesthreeandup.com/fall-sal ... a4&mc_eid=[UNIQID] https://www.agesthreeandup.com/fall-sal ... a4&mc_eid=[UNIQID] Ages Three and Up Fall Sale! Save on advertised items online at www.agesthreeandup.com! (https://www.agesthreeandup.com/fall-sal ... a4&mc_eid=[UNIQID]) Please note that discounted prices will be reflected at time of checkout. Check your shopping cart to view your total discount. This sale is ONLINE only - - Read More

IDW Transformers Unicron #5 Review

Posted 24 hours ago by D-Maximal_Primal - 4,495 views

Rebirthing A Seibertron.com Spoilerish Review of IDW Transformers: Unicron #5 Synopsis THE END IS HERE! The Transformers make one last, desperate stand against Unicron, as Optimus Prime plunges deep into the monster—and into the dark history that spawned them both. I need a way out I don't believe that it's gonna be this way The worst is The waiting In this world I'm suffocating Story So here we are once more, with the issue before the end, the final non-final issue. And - Read More

BBTS Sponsor News: Star Wars Black, Street Fighter, Transformers

Posted 24 hours ago by william-james88 - 2,939 views

------------- NEW PREORDERS ------------- STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES 6" FIGURES Kids and fans alike can imagine the biggest battles and missions in the Star Wars saga with figures from Star Wars The Black Series! With exquisite features and decoration, this series embodies the quality and realism that Star Wars devotees love. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Search?H ... Brand=2308 DIAMOND SELECT TOYS FIGURES, BUSTS, & STATUES New Marvel Gallery, DC Comics Gallery, Minimates, busts, - Read More

Transformers Cyberverse Warrior Wave 2 Available on Amazon Under Seinfeld Names

Posted 1 day ago by william-james88 - 6,756 views

We knew that the Cyberverse toys had code names derived from Seinfeld characters. What we did not know is that we would have to search for these toys under those names to find them once they were released. But don't worry, in case you didn't know that Acid Storm was Uncle Leo, we have the links below for you to find these toys, and purchase them if you feel so inclined. While they are on the simpler side, some of the sculpting is downright gorgeous. Check out some shots of Megatron's noggin - Read More

Steal of a Deal: Robots In Disguise 3 Step Changers and Transformers Last Knight Allspark Tech On Sale at Ross, AllSpark Sqweeks Finally Found at Retail

Posted 1 day ago by Bronzewolf - 5,418 views

One of our very own Seibertronians, JelZe GoldRabbit, made a quick trip to Ross the other day. Not only did she discover many Transformer toys one sale, such as RID 3 Step Changers. But the most important thing she found was the elusive The Last Knight Allspark Tech Sqweeks! The small scooterbot was never reported at main, brick and mortar retail, and has finally started popping up at the market 3 level. Keep in mind though, unlike the rest of the All Spark Tech line, he is non-transforming. - Read More

Review of IDW Transformers Optimus Prime #24

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 6,282 views

Let It Slide (Spoiler free-ish) Synopsis YOUTH IN REVOLT! As Unicron approaches, Optimus Prime’s colonist soldiers take matters into their own hands. With Autobot forces spread thin, will anybody stand in their way? And–more importantly–SHOULD anybody stop them? that solicit feels more like last issue Story We continue, after a fashion, the almost parallel story being told between the Unicron mini-series and the Optimus Prime ongoing, after the latest events in the two - Read More

Hasbro X Alpha Transformers Jackets are Now Available For Order

Posted 2 days ago by Tyrannacon - 6,977 views

Alpha Industries has finally opened pre-orders for the new, officially licensed, limited edition, MA-1 style, Transformers jacket. The Jacket is reversible so you can choose to wear it with the Bumblebee racing stripes style being shown off or you can reverse it for a more Generation One centric look featuring some classic box art. The jacket is set to retail for 250 dollars and comes in sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large. The jacket looks comfortable, be sure to order one today if - Read More

Toyhax / Reprolabels October Update

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 10,301 views

We've got a small but terrific update this month! A great new set for CW Blast Off: https://toyhax.com/for-potp/2637-labels ... t-off.html Completing the POTP Monsterbots, check out this set for Repugnus: https://toyhax.com/for-potp/2635-labels ... ugnus.html Fans of IDW and G1 will love these upgrades for MMC's Colisus: https://toyhax.com/standard-scale/2636- ... lisus.html Continuing our sets for Studio Series! Here's our offering for Blackout: - Read More

Hasbro Australia Cybertron Collectors Video Series

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 6,464 views

Similar to the TFSource collector interview series, run by fellow Transformers fan Maz (of Square One fame), the official Hasbro Australia YouTube channel have started a new video series - limited to two clips so far - on the more visible members of the Australian collector community! The first two clips, embedded below for your viewing convenience, feature the owner and admin of OzFormers Griffin - a regular source of news and sightings from Down Under - and Kelvin / Goktimus Prime, also - Read More

Titles and Synopses for Transformers Cyberverse Episodes 15, 16, 17, 18 (Season Finale)

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 6,682 views

From regular sources for the animated series so far, and for specifically Transformers: Cyberverse, we have the Canadian listings over on TVpassport and Zap2It for the upcoming episodes 15 to 18 for the currently airing new series of our favourite converting sentient robots-but-not-quite! The four episodes listed below, with their synopses, airing dates, and titles - which may also contain spoilers if you're waiting for them to be available in US or international channels to view - are the - Read More

The Chosen Prime Sponsor Newsletter for October 15, 2018

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 7,417 views

The Chosen Prime Newsletter for October 15, 2018 Greetings from The Chosen Prime! We have a number of new arrivals and pre-orders available, presented below. Let us know if there's a particular product you're looking for that isn't listed here or on the website. Happy shopping! LATEST PRE-ORDERS Bandai Gundam Metal Build - CROSSBONE GUNDAM X1 Estimated Release January 2019 ZetaToys ZB03 SILVER ARROW Estimated Release December 2018 Mastermind Creations - Read More

Steal of a Deal: Buy 2 Authentics 5 inch toys, get 1 free at Walgreens

Posted 3 days ago by notirishman - 8,959 views

Thanks to our own site owner, Seibertron, we now have a new deal! If you wanted to pick a couple of the Authentics 5 inch/Bravo figures, now is your chance to do so! This deal was found in a Walgreens at Des Plaines, Illinois, where you can pick up two Transformers Authentics 5 inch "Bravo" figures each for $6.99, and grab a 3rd extra Authentics figure for free! These Authentics figure used to be available online, or in General Dollar-esque stores, and there are also 7 inch "Alpha" - Read More

Transformers Bumblebee Movie Merchandise Displays Appearing at Variety of US Stores

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 6,436 views

Hasbro is going all out on the upcoming Bumblebee movie with several stores organizing displays filled with a variety of Bumblebee merchandise. We have several examples below. The first comes from our own Jon 3.0 who found a display of mugs, water bottles, lunch boxes and more. You will see that there is merchandise for both Bumblebee in his movie look and his G1 look. That display was found at Ralph's a super market chain in California. This chain belongs to Kroger, so as you can expect, other - Read More

TFSource News! XT Savant, PE Mega Dragon, ZT Silver Arrow, UT Challenger, GP Gaudenter & More!

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 8,298 views

TFSource News! XT Savant, PE Mega Dragon, ZT Silver Arrow, UT Challenger, GP Gaudenter & More! NEW HOT INSTOCK ITEMS: - Unique Toys - UT - R-02 - Challenger - Fans Hobby - Power Baser - MBA-02 Articulated hands for MB-06 - Fans Hobby - Power Baser - MBA-01 Optional Head & Articulated hands set - Transformers Power of the Primes - Leader Wave 3 - Optimal Optimus - Perfect Effect - PE-DX06 Beast Gorira - TFC Toys - P01-06N Poseidon Noir - Limited Edition - Diaclone Reboot - - Read More

Jada Toys Hollywood Rides RC Volkswagen Bumblebee at Costco #JoinTheBuzz

Posted 4 days ago by Va'al - 11,025 views

Thanks to Seibertron.com podcasters xRotorstormx and megatronus, from two separate areas of the United States, we have some officially Transformers licensed Jada Toys news to share: the sighting of the Hollywood Rides Volkswagen Bumblebee RC toy! Coming from both Michigan and Manhattan, and both found at Costco (including on the online store here) for $49.99, the toy is an RC 1:12 VW bug with monster truck wheels for all terrains. We knew of the Camaro Bumblebee and the Optimus Prime truck - Read More

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #209 - Under Siege
Twincast / Podcast #209:
"Under Siege"
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Posted: Sunday, October 7th, 2018

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