Twincast / Podcast #194 "Toy Fair 2018"

Twincast / Podcast #194 "Toy Fair 2018"

Toy Fair 2018 - In this episode of the Twincast/Podcast, “Toy Fair 2018”, we join ScottyP along with Tigertrack and xRotorstormx as they discuss all the exciting news coming out of New York's Annual Toy Fair event. The episode starts off with the cast's take on the fully revealed upcoming Titan Class Predaking from the Transformers Generations Power of the Primes series. Next up, a discussion of the impressive Power of the Primes Leader Class Optimal Optimus / Optimus Primal takes the crew down a nostalgic road. Abominus, the combined form of the Deluxe Class Terrorcons and Voyager Class Hun-Gurrr made its way to Toy Fair and strutted his stuff, but is he a must have for the cast? In celebration of the upcoming Bumblebee movie release, Hasbro unveiled the first wave of the Movie Studio series toys which sees some updates to our favorite characters along with some names not seen for a while. After the Studio Series discussion, we head back in to Power of the Primes to discuss the Legends Class Duocon pair that forms Battletrap and his different possible combinations. Before things finish up, the crew is joined by Seibertron who was on hand in New York. He provides a firsthand account of the goings on at this year’s Toy Fair, with other details about the toys discussed earlier in the episode. This show concludes with an interview featuring Ben Montano and John Warden of the Hasbro Transformers brand team, as they field questions from the Transformers fan media community.
Toy Fair 2018 - Gallery of Transformers: Power of the Primes: Nova Star, Abominus, Moonracer, Bludgeon, More #HasbroToyFair #NYTF

Toy Fair 2018 - Gallery of Transformers: Power of the Primes: Nova Star, Abominus, Moonracer, Bludgeon, More #HasbroToyFair #NYTF

Power of the Primes - Toy Fair 2018 - Gallery of Transformers: Power of the Primes: Nova Star, Abominus, Moonracer, Bludgeon, More #HasbroToyFair #NYTF
Toy Fair 2018 - Transformers Movie Masterpiece MPM-6 Ironhide, with Barricade #HasbroToyFair #NYTF

Toy Fair 2018 - Transformers Movie Masterpiece MPM-6 Ironhide, with Barricade #HasbroToyFair #NYTF

Movie Masterpiece - Toy Fair 2018 - Transformers Movie Masterpiece MPM-6 Ironhide, with Barricade #HasbroToyFair #NYTF
See Now Buy Now: Transformers Studio Series Line Available to Order Now

See Now Buy Now: Transformers Studio Series Line Available to Order Now

See Now Buy Now - See Now Buy Now: Transformers Studio Series Line Available to Order Now
Toy Fair 2018 - Gallery of Transformers Cyberverse Reveals #HasbroToyFair #NYTF

Toy Fair 2018 - Gallery of Transformers Cyberverse Reveals #HasbroToyFair #NYTF

Power of the Primes - Toy Fair 2018 - Gallery of Transformers Cyberverse Reveals #HasbroToyFair #NYTF

New Hasbro Transformers War for Cybertron Trilogy Fan Vote Now Open

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 15,062 views

STICKY! As pre-announced over the weekend, the official Hasbro Transformers social media platforms have opened the voting for the 2018 Fan-vote Poll! The voting runs on official Transformers social media platforms Facebook and Instagram from Tuesday February 20th to Friday February 23rd, using the hashtags provided below as a comment to the Facebook post. More info can be found on the official War for Cybertron page on Pulse. Needlenose and Tracks - #NeedlenosevsTracks (brother vs brother) - Read More

Three-Page Preview for IDW Hasbro Universe: Scarlett's Strike Force #3

Posted 10 hours ago by Va'al - 1,811 views

Courtesy of iTunes, we have a three-page preview to share with you all, for the last issue in the short-lived IDW Publishing series focusing on the characters in GI Joe and MASK: Scarlett's Strike Force #3! Including the likes of Matt Trakker, Skywarp, the new Cobra Commander, Vipers and maybe some remaining Dire Wraiths too..? Take a read below! It’s the third bombastic issue and the fun’s just getting started, sports fans! But that’s how it goes when you mix ninjas, talking robots, - Read More

New Images of Takara Tomy Transformers Movie The Best Lockdown, Megatron, Bonecrusher, and Jazz

Posted 11 hours ago by Bronzewolf - 3,730 views

It's been a while since we've gotten some news regarding Takara's Movie The Best line, as Hasbro's Studio Series has been dominating the Bayverse figure news cycle. But that changes today, thanks to site sponsor Robot Kingdom, who has uploaded images of the next wave of figures' packaging over on their Facebook page! This next set of toys include Jazz, Bonecrusher, TLK Megatron and AOE Lockdown, all in spiffy new paint jobs different from their original releases! Check out the new images below, - Read More

A Gateway to Unicron - HasLab Crowdfunding

Posted 11 hours ago by megatronus - 4,246 views

My fellow Seibertronians, lend me your audio receptors! One of the major stories coming out of this past weekend's Hasbro Media Day at New York Toy Fair is the launch of Hasbro Labs (HasLab for short), a crowdfunding platform intended to deliver oft requested and long sought after 'grails' to the various communities in Hasbro's fan ecosystem. Their initial project is the largest Star Wars vehicle ever: a 3.75" scale Jabba's Sail Barge from Return of the Jedi. With all crowdfunding projects - Read More

Ted Adams, IDW Founder & CEO, Joins CBLDF Board of Directors - Press Release

Posted 11 hours ago by Va'al - 1,650 views

We received another press release from comics publisher IDW Publishing today, concerning something which has nothing much to do with Transformers, but does directly affect its CEO Ted Adamsas he joins the board of directors over at the non-profit organisation Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. If you've never encountered the CBLDF or their work, they primarily focus on freedom of speech in matters where comics are involved, such as schools or councils removing books from their libraries, and - Read More

Toys R us reportedly planning to close 200 more stores

Posted 12 hours ago by WreckerJack - 4,137 views

We have more news about ToysRus's financial issues. This comes to us from fellow Seibertronian, mordhelm. USA Today reports that ToysRus may be planning to shut down 200 more stores. Considering roughly 170 US stores are holding going out of business sales, your store may be added to the list to be closed if they were not already on it. You can check that list here if you have not already seen it. In the meantime be sure to make plans for a last visit to ToysRus just in case. The article at - Read More

IDW Press Release - Transformers Original Graphic Novel Starring Bumblebee

Posted 15 hours ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 2,262 views

IDW has reached out to us with a new press release advertising their upcoming one-shot Graphic Novel called Transformers: Bumblebee – Win If You Dare. The new novel is intended for release on September 11, 2018 and is set to cost $9.99. The novel will follow a Bumblebee adventure, where life is never easy when you aren't the tallest or the fastest Autobot around. It is also important to note that this appears to not be related to any current continuity. You can read up on the press - Read More

Transformers Voice Actor David Kaye to attend TFcon Toronto 2018

Posted 15 hours ago by Va'al - 1,950 views

We have been sent some news from TFcon Toronto, about a new guest announcement for their 2018 edition of the event, taking place on July 13-15th: voice of Beast Wars Megatron among many many others, voice actor David Kaye! Find out more below, and head to TFcon's website for all other info on the convention, too. We are very pleased to welcome David Kaye to TFcon Toronto 2018. Transformers fans will recognize him as the voice of Megatron in Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Armada, Energon and - Read More

Collector Coin for Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-40 Targetmaster Hot Rodimus

Posted 15 hours ago by Va'al - 2,813 views

Courtesy of site sponsor RobotKingdom, we have some new images of the Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece release of MP-40 Targetmaster Hot Rodimus, and specifically of the collector coin that will accompany the Hasbro Asia (outside of Japan) releases of the new offering in the line. You can find the image of the coin in its carded sleeve below, with the latter sporting the iconic Hot Rod chest / car hood flames, and the coin itself showing the Targetmaster name under Rodimus' face. Check - Read More

Possible New Version Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime in 2019

Posted 22 hours ago by Va'al - 7,506 views

A scanned image from the latest issue of Figure King magazine - mirrored below via Planet Iacon and thanks to a tip from fellow Seibertronian Cyberpath - shows us something the magazine themselves call a 'scoop': what appears to be a new version, or at least an 'update' to the Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime (supposedly the MP10 version, at this stage), for the 35th anniversary of the franchise in 2019. In the image below, we can see differences in the shoulder and ab - Read More

Variant Cover for IDW Transformers: Lost Light #16 by Milne and Perez

Posted 22 hours ago by Va'al - 3,385 views

We had clearly not brought you enough comics news on Wednesday, so we have some more today in the form of a variant cover from Alex Milne and Josh Perez for the IDW Publishing Transformers: Lost Light issue #16, via IDW Publishing! The book is due out next month, and already features the main cover with a lot of Are All Dead vibes, but the variant pushes the concept a little differently, showing Rodimus seeing the ghosts? spirits? avatars? traces? of the characters we know have definitely - Read More

Netflix The Toys That Made Us Transformers Episode Now Due June 2018 #TTTMU

Posted 23 hours ago by Va'al - 3,703 views

Courtesy of entertainment and media website GeekDad, we have some more news on the next leg of episodes from the Netflix documentary series The Toys That Made US - which will see LEGO, Hello Kitty, and Star Trek join the Transformers episode (featuring our very own Seibertron!) - in the form of a short interview with show creator Brian Volk-Weiss, which you can read in full here! We've selected a few salient points about Transformers specifically below (including the inaccuracies in the - Read More

AJ's Toy Chest Newsletter - February 21, 2018

Posted 1 day ago by WreckerJack - 2,487 views

AJ'S TOY CHEST - 02/22 NEWSLETTER JUST ARRIVED: Power of the Primes Voyager Wave 02, Legends Wave 02, Prime Masters Wave 02, GCreation Rebel, Iron Factory War Giant and more!!! POWER OF THE PRIMES Power of the Primes: Leader Optimus Prime Power of the Primes: Leader Rodimus Prime Power of the Primes: Voyager Elita 1 Power of the Primes: Voyager Hun-Gurrr Power of the Primes - Leader Rodimus Unicronus Power of the Primes - Deluxe Dinobot Snarl Power of the Primes - - Read More

Transformers Titans Return Ramhorn Found at Five Below

Posted 1 day ago by william-james88 - 4,825 views

The final toys part of a toyline are always harder to find at brick and mortar retail. It was the case with Titan Master Ramhorn who never showed up at the bigger toy retailers in the US. He did show up online at Hasbro Toy Shop and at Meijers among other smaller retail chains and now he has shown up at Five Below. Here are the details from Primus1982, the Seibertronian who sent this info to us: I found the Titan Master Ramhorn at Five Below in Danvers, MA They had 3 in the case. I have - Read More

Listing for IDW Transformers: Lost Light Volume 3 TPB

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 4,382 views

Were you looking for even more comics news today, in terms of IDW Publishing content? Because we got some, also from Penguin Random House, this time featuring the third collected volume of the ongoing series Transformers: Lost Light! The listing, found here, shows the cover for the trade to be the Jack Lawrence variant for issue #13, as seen here, and is currently showing a due date of September 18, 2018, collecting issues #13-#18. Check it out below! About Transformers: Lost Light, Vol. - Read More Sponsor News: Toy Fair NECA / Funko, DC Collectibles, Marvel Legends, Transformers, Iron Giant, Gundam & More!

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 5,050 views

------------- NEW PREORDERS ------------- IT FIGURES & COLLECTIBLES Fans of the classic 1990 series and the new 2017 movie can grab Pennywise and the boys as collectible plush figures, Mystery Minis, bobble heads, Scalers, and action figures! Relive the horror with these unique and creepy items from Funko and NECA. ... Brand=5021 NECA HORROR TOY FAIR RELEASES NECA brings horror, sci-fi, and classic movie fans new Toy Fair collectibles for their - Read More

New IDW Transformers: Bumblebee - Win if you Dare Original Graphic Novel by Sims, Bowers, Ferreira

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 4,409 views

We have yet more comics news for you today, as Penguin Random House have listed a new Transformers original graphic novel which appears completely un-linked to any continuity or established fictional universe currently active, and may indeed just be working to build up some hype for the Bumblebee spin-off movie - though the story seems to have nothing to do with it, penned by the talents of Chris Sims and Chad Bowers, illustrated by Angry Birds Transformers famed Marcelo Ferreira! The book - Read More

HobbyLinkJapan Sponsor News - Barricade rolls in to the Transformers Movie Masterpiece lineup

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 5,228 views

MY ACCOUNT PRIVATE WAREHOUSE HELP CENTER Our new Japanese Snack & Meal Packs are the perfect way to sample some of our favorite easy-to-prepare snacks and mini meals from Japan at a great price! Shop Now Hot Preorders Shop Now The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Roy Focker Apparel by CospaCospa's new "Macross" inspired apparel features Roy Focker's Skull Squadron mark!Shop Now Shop Now 1/12 TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human (Third Lot) by - Read More

Video Reviews for Transformers Studio Series 01 Bumblebee

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 9,177 views

Fellow Seibertronian Kanrabat has shared with us another video review from the Transformers Studio Series line, this time from the Autobot side of the factions, in the shape of Bumblebee in his vaguely The Last Knight incarnation, complete with hammer. The clip, embedded below from YouTube reviewer Baltmatrix, shows both modes and posability but also features some severe issues in terms of stability and solidity - which may not entirely be due to the toy's quality, though it obviously - Read More

Teaser Image for IDW Transformers: Requiem of the Wreckers One-Shot by Nick Roche

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 6,147 views

An additional piece of news on the Requiem of the Wreckers one shot coming from IDW Publishing in May 2018, comes at us directly from Nick Roche, the writer and main artist on the book (along with colourist Josh Burcham and guest artists Geoff Senior and Guido Guidi), in the form of a promotional image promising One. More. Time. with leaders Springer and Impactor about the face off, Verity Carlo ready for a fight, and Kup No More. Check it out below! Transformers: Requiem of the - Read More

View the rest of our exciting Transformers news here!

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #194 - Toy Fair 2018
Twincast / Podcast #194:
"Toy Fair 2018"
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Posted: Monday, February 19th, 2018
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