Twincast / Podcast Episode #200 "Requiem of the Twincast"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #200 "Requiem of the Twincast"

Requiem of the Twincast - In this episode of the Twincast Podcast, "Requiem of the Twincast", the show celebrates its 200th episode with several special segments. To start the show, Transformers comics writer and artist Nick Roche, responsible for fan-favorite works Last Stand of the Wreckers, Sins of the Wreckers, and the upcoming Requiem of the Wreckers, sits down for a long chat about what's come before and what's yet to come in Requiem of the Wreckers. The interview includes topics about characters and the writer's process for defining them, with plenty of teases to get you ready for his latest work. A retrospective look at past works is also in store, and there are plenty of details that you won't want to miss within this special interview. After that, the current and former host of the show look back on the history of the Twincast Podcast, including its origins and where it could go in the future. Then, a wider selection of podcasters takes questions and comments from the show's community of listeners. These lead to several topics, such as superlative Transformers toy lines that have been released since 2010, some of the crew's greatest hits and misses in their collecting, and even a look at each cast member's favorite Generation One Transformers toy.
Twincast / Podcast Episode #199 "Like It's 199(9)"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #199 "Like It's 199(9)"

Like It's 199(9) - In this episode of the Twincast/Podcast, "Like It's 1999", discussion begins with impressions and speculation about the upcoming Transformers: Bumblebee live action movie set for release later in the year. Business news comes up next, with Hasbro's acquisition of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers intellectual property from Saban potentially creating waves in the toy industry. Keeping the potential for crossovers in mind, the chat goes off the beaten path and examines several "what if" crossover scenarios for Transformers. Friends, foes, and even cooking competitions and sporting events involving the Transformers come to the forefront for a long discussion that should not be taken too seriously! There's still time for discussion of some recent Transformers comic book releases from IDW Publishing, with Optimus Prime's 17th and 18th issues and their major twist receiving analysis from the cast. A look at the Free Comic Book Day "0" issue of Transformers: Unicron rounds out the episode's topical discussions, with the recurring Bragging Rights segment closing the proceedings.
Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 1 Debuts Online

Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 1 Debuts Online

PotP Episode 1 - The very first episode of Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes is online at . We will not spoil it for you of course, but the title of the Episode is called "The Swamp". You probably guessed based on the new poster some of the characters that may appear. We will also share with you the episode description if you would like to read it.
Top 5 Best Toys R Us Transformers Exclusives of All Time

Top 5 Best Toys R Us Transformers Exclusives of All Time

Best TRU Exclusives - There are not many lists I have written which I won't have to edit in the coming years. It's only normal since more toys come out and new fiction is written (even for existing universes) that there are bound to be updates and new toys that come which make my list dated and in need of an update (like my Top 5 Best Grimlock toys for instance). But when I read the words "All stores CLOSING forever!" in a recent e-mail Toysrus sent out, I realized that with a list like this, it can be definite. So, in honour of this store we all once loved and which many will never be able to walk into again, I decided to look back on its amazing history if Transformers exclusive. Thanks to the multiple board members who suggested the topic, I hope you enjoy it!
Toys R Us rejects bid from billionaire toy CEO Isaac Larian

Toys R Us rejects bid from billionaire toy CEO Isaac Larian

TRU rejects Larian Bid - For those of us hoping that Toys R Us still had a shot at salvation, those hopes might have been squelched yesterday evening. Various mainstream news agencies reported yesterday that Toys R Us rejected billionaire Isaac Larian's bid to "save" hundreds of Toys R Us stores in the United States and Canada. Larian is the CEO of the toy company MGA Entertainment, home of the popular and highly collectible L.O.L. Surprise Dolls as well as Bratz (competitor to Barbie) and Little Tikes. As of this writing, it is unknown why Toys R Us rejected his bid, perhaps because it was not enough or maybe because it's just time to move on. Read more ...

In-Package Images of Transformers X Street Fighter II Figures

Posted 43 minutes ago by Va'al - 340 views

NEW! Thanks to site sponsor Robot Kingdom over on their official Facebook page, we have a series of packaging images of the Takara Tomy Transformers Transformers X Street Fighter II Figures, for both the Ken vs Chun Li set and the Ryu vs Vega set, respectively using the Titans Return Hot Rod and Generations Arcee figures as base mold, and the Titans Return G2 Optimus Prime and Megatron Voyager molds. Check them out below, and let us know your thoughts on this bizarre crossover in the Energon Pub - Read More

Full Preview for IDW Transformers Optimus Prime #19

Posted 52 minutes ago by Va'al - 308 views

NEW! Fellow Seibertronian Sunstar has spotted over on the website Adventures in Poor Taste! the full preview for next week's issue of IDW Publishing's ongoing Transformers comics series Optimus Prime, which we have mirrored below for your viewing convenience! Optimus Prime #19 features the continuation of Onyx Prime's machinations in The Falling story arc, and features art by Sara Pitre Durocher and Josh Burcham. Take a look, and join us next week for a review. “The Falling,” Part 4. Onyx - Read More

Netflix The Toys That Made Us Featuring Transformers Debuting on Friday May25th #TTTMU

Posted 59 minutes ago by Va'al - 330 views

NEW! If you're reading this in a timezone where it's already Friday May 25th, the tenses used in this post may not make sense, but the official Facebook page for the Netflix documentary The Toys That Made Us has sent out a reminder that the second part of the first season (though they sometimes call it second season themselves) is due on the streaming service on the 25th - so tomorrow is in fact today! The four episodes due for upload will feature Lego, Star Trek, Hello Kitty, and the brand we've - Read More

Transformers Studio Series Jazz Review and Leaked From Cybertron Video

Posted 4 hours ago by D-Maximal_Primal - 1,352 views

NEW! We have a pair of news for you tonight regarding the upcoming and fairly highly anticipated figure from the Studio Series Line: Jazz! The first news we have for you is yet another video review from PrimeVsPrime, who has already done reviews for us of voyagers Brawl and Megatron. Here PrimeVsPrime gives us a great look at Jazz, who is a very small deluxe with some great talking points, such as the high amount of silver paint and the fairly awesome posability. You can check out his review - Read More

New Officially Licensed Transformers Digital Stickers on Quidd

Posted 7 hours ago by Bronzewolf - 2,523 views

Today popular sticker app Quidd unveiled new officially licensed digital stickers and trading cards based on Hasbro brand such as My Little Pony and, more importantly, Transformers! Spanning from the Movie universe, to G1, to cool animated renders of new Power of the Primes toys, the collectible sticker packs have every interest covered! These stickers are set up in a trading card pack style, where you can purchase them with an in app currency, then download them and use them in text messages - Read More

Marvel Death's Head Featuring in Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk

Posted 11 hours ago by Va'al - 2,242 views

We have a new sighting of the Freelance Peacekeeping Agent extraordinaire that has often crossed paths with the Transformers universe in the Marvel comics of old - as he is still indeed part of the Marvel sandbox, and last we saw was appearing in the Saladin Ahmed / Chris J Ward Black Bolt series almost a year ago. This week, the totally not a bounty hunter reappears in the pages of a cosmic Marvel comic, as he squares off against Chris Powell, the superhero known as Darkhawk - originally - Read More

First Look at Takara Tomy Masterpiece MP-10 G Optimus Prime Golden Version and MP Optimus Prime 3.0

Posted 17 hours ago by william-james88 - 6,382 views

And to think some thought the Masterpiece line was slowing down. Well, not only did we get a slew of announcements recently, but in the same magazine which gave us our first look at the upcoming Mastepriece Beast Wars Megatron's beast mode, we also got two additional reveals. We finally get our first full look at MP10-G, which is the gold version of the Masterpiece Optimus Prime mold. We see that it is indeed fully golden and not simply MP10 with gold highlights ala Year of the Horse Prime. - Read More

New Images of Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-43 Beast Wars Megatron

Posted 21 hours ago by Va'al - 8,065 views

Fellow Transformers fan Chris Delarmente has provided the internet at large with new images from the latest Figure King hobby magazine issue - meaning that we have some new looks at the Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-43 Beast Wars Megatron in its grey prototype form! The images, mirrored below via Facebook page Planet Iacon here, show both the robot mode and the Tyrannosaurus Rex mode, with some size comparisons with fellow Beast Wars toys Optimus Primal and the soon to be released - Read More

Artist Sara Pitre Durocher to Attend TFcon Toronto 2018

Posted 22 hours ago by Va'al - 3,471 views

We have a new guest update from the folks over at TFcon Toronto 2018, featuring a fan-favourite IDW Publishing Transformers comics artist and toy package art designer and manager (through Volta): Sara Pitre-Durocher! Check out more information below, and head over here to check out tickets, timings and prices for the event. We are very pleased to welcome back artist Sara Pitre-Durocher to the TFcon Toronto guest list this year. Sara is best known to fans of IDW’s Transformers series as - Read More

Paramount Officially Removes Seventh Transformers Live Action Film From Schedule

Posted 23 hours ago by Va'al - 6,991 views

The first story we posted on this topic dates back to February, just before Toy Fair, as a Hasbro call reported a Paramount and Hasbro project due in 2019, but nothing specific to Transformers after the release of Bumblebee in December 2018. A slide was shown with all Hasbro produced films slated to appear until 2021 with Bumblebee in the forefront and then GI Joe in 2020, Micronauts in 2020, Dungeons and Dragons in 2021 along with an unnamed Paramount/Hasbro film in 2021. Notice the total - Read More

iTunes Preview for IDW Transformers: Requiem of the Wreckers One-Shot

Posted 1 day ago by Va'al - 4,182 views

The end of the month of May brings us the final chapter in the Wreckers saga from IDW Publishing's Transformers universe, as Nick Roche is joined by a legion of collaborators - such as Geoff Senior, Josh Burcham, Brendan Cahill, Josh Perez - to create Requiem of the Wreckers. Check out below the opening pages, and listen to the 200th episode of the Twincast Podcast to find out more about Nick's work and the book itself! Wreck & Rule! They’ve been beaten up, torn apart, betrayed, and had - Read More

iTunes Preview for IDW Optimus Prime #19

Posted 1 day ago by WreckerJack - 4,274 views

A few days ago we got to see a cover variant of Optimus Prime #19. Today we bring you a cool preview via It looks as if Cyberton will be finding a new hope. Time will tell. The release date will be May 31st 2018 from IDW. Until then let us know if you will be picking up this issue. “The Falling,” Part 4. Onyx Prime’s motivations are clear, and his scheme seems unstoppable. Heroes have fallen, and hope dwindles for the survivors. Cybertron’s last chance of salvation is in - Read More

BBTS Sponsor News: Featured Sale, Logan, Diamond Select, DC, Game of Thrones, Deadpool, and More!

Posted 1 day ago by D-Maximal_Primal - 4,996 views

FEATURED SALE ITEMS ... heme=14399 SALE MENU Now is your chance to grab the collectibles and accessories you’ve been waiting for! Don’t miss out on these sale items from Hasbro, Takara, Funko, and more. ---------- PRE-ORDERS ---------- MARVEL ONE:12 COLLECTIVE LOGAN Soldier. Weapon. Mutant. The One:12 Collective Logan figure invokes his rugged and feral nature! He features three head portraits, a - Read More

Images of Transformers Studio Series Rusty Bumblebee and Camo Blackout Exclusive from China

Posted 1 day ago by WreckerJack - 6,474 views

User NOTRAB on Chinese social media site has taken some pictures of two new exclusive figures from China. Rusty Bumblebee and Camo Blackout are limited editon prizes for a Lucky Draw contest. Customers who purchased items from Hasbro China's TaoBao store on May the 15th were entered to win one these exclusive figures. NOTRAB seems to have won a Rusty Bumblebee. It appears to be inspired by how Bee looks in the first live action film when Sam Witwicky finds him at the used car lot. - Read More

High Quality In Hand Images of Power of the Primes Predaking and Individual Predacons

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 11,838 views

Several fans in Asia now have Transformers Power of the Primes Predaking now in hand. The Photo Vault Facebook page has been updated with plenty of shots of Predaking along with the individual Preadacons Razorclaw, Tantrum, Headstrong, Rampage and Divebomb in both their beast modes and robot modes. Now these shots will look better than what we have seen before simply thanks to the black background which hides the back kibble on Tantrum and Headstrong. We also get the best look yet at - Read More May Update: Transformers Power of the Primes, Studio Series, & More

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 8,593 views

Toyhax is proud to present its newest release! Starting off strong, we've finally wrapped up our set for POTP Rodimus - it's a whopper alright! ... prime.html Continuing with POTP, we've also got some very creative sets for Tailgate, Elita-One, and Snarl: ... lgate.html ... a-one.html ... snarl.html No IDW collection feels - Read More

Video Review of Transformers Studio Series Voyager Brawl

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 6,954 views

As we announced in the review for Megatron yesterday, Seibertronian PrimeVsPrime has also uploaded a full video review of the Transformers Studio Series 12 Voyager class Brawl, taking on his incarnation from the 2007 live action movie (as the backdrop also shows) in which he was also mistakenly labelled as Devastator. Check out the embedded clip below, featuring transformation, poses, and comparisons, and share your thoughts in the Energon Pub discussion boards! Transformers Studio - Read More

IDW Transformers and Hasbro Universe Comics Solicitations for August 2018

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 6,841 views

Directly from IDW Publishing and post-embargo time, we can share with all the solicitations for the IDW Publishing comics in the Transformers and Hasbro Universe (with its one, collected Rom the Spaceknight book), both heading towards the close of their narrative life as we all know by now, with the Unicron series in full swing, and Lost Light and Optimus Prime hurtling towards the end - and plenty of tie-in books for the live action Bumblebee movie due in December. Please be aware there may - Read More

Possible New Logo for Transformers Bumblebee Movie

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 4,755 views

We have a new piece of vital news for those following the vital updates on this story - a new logo change / reveal for the Bumblebee movie, at least in terms of the licensed and toy products associated with the Transformers live action spin-off feature. You'll remember we initially had the angry bee logo showing up for a numeber of stories, including this one here, and that seemed to be it; a recent post then showed a cleaner version for products, with the second B capitalised as the first. - Read More

Full Colour Image of Imaginarium Art Transformers Arcee Statue

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 6,824 views

Directly from the Facebook page of the officially licensed statue and replica makers Imaginarium Art, we have a full colour shot of their latest project in the Transformers statue line: G1 esque pink warrior, Arcee! Posing with both gun and sword - taking on attributes from her first incarnation and some Animated and IDW slants in there, much like the Generations transforming toy - you can see her in a suggested rendition: the page talks about potentially removing some lines from her face, - Read More

View the rest of our exciting Transformers news here!

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