Twincast / Podcast #173 "Crossing The Rubicon"

Twincast / Podcast #173 "Crossing The Rubicon"

Crossing The Rubicon - In the latest Twincast / Podcast Mainframes episode, the team tackles Till All Are One Issues 5 through 8. Starting in the first issue, we recap the lead up to the arc, started by events in Titans Return, discuss the buildup and peril, and the Council's first response. We analyze the politics, characters introduced or developed, and the ties to the timeline. Continuing with the next issue, we examine the sweeping action scenes, carnage caused by the invasion, and the characterization of Carcer's inhabitants. Proceeding to issue 7, we remark on the lush visuals and set pieces while delving into Windblade's plan and the subsequent reveal. Concluding with issue 8, we speculate on the larger implications of the reveal, praise the artistic choices, and attempt to divine the future in Till All Are One's near term and the Transformers IDW-verse in the long term.
Twincast / Podcast #172 "Ready For Launch"

Twincast / Podcast #172 "Ready For Launch"

Ready For Launch - The Twincast / Podcast's latest episode features ScottyP, xRotorstormx and RodimusConvoy13 discussing the latest Transformers: The Last Knight trailer, Nemesis. Conversation then moves to a look at The Last Knight Movie Toy Launch Day, which is Monday, April 24th. After that, Scotty discusses his thoughts about the amazing engineering behind the latest masterpiece figure, MP-36 Megatron. Next, the cast discusses the color change that Takara just went through on the upcoming Legends series Targetmaster Kup. The season 3 trailer for Robots in Disguise was released and some brief discussion follows on the direction of the show and toy line. We follow up with a listener question about whether or not characters that were "similar" in G1, like Ironhide and Ratchet continue to be redecos/similar molds in the modern toy lines. IDW unveiled the newest Hasbro property cross over "First Strike" and Hasbro teased their new "Reveal Your Shield" Transformers Celebration shortly before the recording, and the cast takes some early looks at these events. We close out the night with a new segment called Blast from the Past as we tell you about some older toys that we've rediscovered recently.
Massive HD gallery of The Last Knight "Nemesis" trailer

Massive HD gallery of The Last Knight "Nemesis" trailer

Nemesis - Didn't get enough of the new Transformers The Last Knight "Nemesis" trailer yesterday? How about over 1,600 high-res screen captures from an ultra HD copy of the trailer! Check out our massive gallery of the 2:50 minutes long trailer by clicking any of the images . And after that, make sure you check out the new trailer one more time on's YouTube channel.
New official trailer for Transformers The Last Knight

New official trailer for Transformers The Last Knight

Redemption - Paramount released a new official trailer for Transformers The Last Knight was released this morning. The new trailer, narrated by Anthony Hopkins' character Sir Edmund Burton, features new footage such as the Knights of Cybertron, Optimus Prime's maker Quintessa, King Arthur, Optimus versus Bumblebee, Megatron, Decepticon beheadings and more!
Top 10 Best Transformers Characters From Generation One

Top 10 Best Transformers Characters From Generation One

Best G1 Characters - This isn't a badass meter, but instead, it is a list about the characters from this era that inspire you or haunt you as you go about your day. The G1 title doesn't necessarily refer to the show (although it is usually a big factor) but instead to the era and the prominent characters stemming from it. We will keep specific modern day interpretations (like IDW) for another time though. Let me know which G1 characters you like best once you have finished reading the list.

New Images of Transformers Movie Masterpiece MPM-4 Optimus Prime

Posted 17 minutes ago by Va'al - 904 views

NEW! Via fellow Seibertronian AzT, we have a look at the new Transformers Movie Masterpiece MPM-4 Optimus Prime toy, courtesy of fan TFMizer on Facebook (and shared by Planet Iacon)! There's only a few images for now, but we get a look at the premium deco and the box - check them out mirrored - Read More

Transformers: Rescue Bots Sightings in Australia - Flip-Changers, Multipacks, and More

Posted 1 hour ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 774 views

NEW! Continuing on with our sightings, Ozformers also reports that many new Rescue Bots products have made their way to their stores. The new products include the Flip Changers (the single and the 3-packs), the two Rescue Team multi-packs, and the third wave of the Friends/Minicons (Swift the cheetah and Fireplug the dog). You can check out the products in the images below, and you can head on out and begin your hunt for the latest Rescue Bots toys! - Read More

Robots in Disguise Crash Combiner Skyhammer Found in Australia

Posted 2 hours ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 854 views

NEW! Seibertronian forum admin Burn has let us know that the Ozformers Facebook page has posted a new sighting, this time in the form of Crash Combiner Skyhammer! Skyhammer was sighted at a Kmart and a Toymate for $19. If this guy interests you and you live in Australia, head on out and start hunting him down! - Read More

Reveal Your Shield Week Day 4 - Laura Haddock and Transformers: The Last Knight Turbo Changer Optimus

Posted 2 hours ago by Va'al - 1,320 views

NEW! On day 4 of the Transformers: The Last Knight Reveal Your Shield promotional campaign, we have second cast member Laura Haddock (Vivian Wembley in the movie) declaring her allegiance to the Autobot faction, and showing off.. Turbo Changer Armor Knight Optimus Prime! Check it out below. #Transformers: The Last Knight actress Laura Haddock got a sneak peek last week of the new Optimus Prime figure…and revealed if she’s an Autobot or a Decepticon. Are you on her side? (function(d, s, id) - Read More

Celldweller also Working on Transformers: The Last Knight Score and Soundtrack

Posted 6 hours ago by Va'al - 2,509 views

NEW! Composer Steve Jablonsky is not the only one involved in the score and soundtrack for the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight live-action movie - we have news from Celldweller (through a YouTube video that slipped under the radar), that the synthwave / 80s New Wave artist will also be collaborating on the soundscape for the movie. According to the latest interview, on Beyond Synth episode 101, the project is near completion and Klayton/Celldweller is ..just wrapping up work on the new - Read More

Retcon 2017 This Weekend, Nick Roche and Simon Furman Attending,

Posted 9 hours ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 3,585 views

In just 2 days, Retcon 2017, Sweden's new Transformers Convention, will kick off starting at 11:00! The convention is set to host the likes of Simon Furman and Nick Roche, and will include some items that will be available for purchase. A limited number of walk-ins are still available, just go to to ask about being a walk-in. Check out the update talking about the coming weekend, and take a peek at the Grimlock art form Spotlight: Shockwave that will available among other things - Read More

Takara The Last Knight Voyager Limited Edition Optimus Prime New Images

Posted 9 hours ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 6,304 views

The Planet Iacon Facebook Page has found some new images of the upcoming Limited Edition The Last Knight Voyager Prime! This version of Prime, teased about 2 weeks ago features some new paint decals, purple eyes, a purple sword, and the title "Dark Optimus Prime." This figure is available as part of a deal with advanced tickets to see the movie in Japan. Check out the images, and let us know what you think in the comments section below! - Read More

Video Review for all Wave 1 of Armour Knight Turbo Changer Toys from Transformers: The Last Knight

Posted 12 hours ago by william-james88 - 4,324 views

There has been very little push or information on the Armor Knight Turbo Changers from Transformers: The Last Knight, to the point that we only knew there was a Bumblebee coming out when it was seen in stores. Fellow Seibertronian Chuckdawg has reviewed all three from the first wave: Grimlock, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. So check out the review below if you are curious about these simpler toys and their mask/helmet gimmick. chuckdawg1999 wrote:More figures released under the Turbo - Read More

25% Off Most Transformers Figures at Toysrus Canada From April 28 to May 4 2017

Posted 12 hours ago by william-james88 - 4,424 views

Another month, another sale at Toysrus Canada. This one is pretty important though since it will finally bring down the prices on the new movie figures to something more affordable for Canadians. For those unaware, both deluxes and voyagers jumped $10 in price for the movie line. This 25% off sale on all Transformers below $59.99 nullifies that increase for Voyagers (bringin them back to $30) and helps with the deluxes (bringing them down to $22.50). Of course, it's not just movie figures that - Read More

Possible Plot Point Revealed in Japanese Title for Transformers: The last Knight

Posted 13 hours ago by william-james88 - 9,054 views

While we had seen the boxes for the Takara Transformers: The Last Knight toys a while back, we only got a really good look at them today. We see that they are just the Hasbro boxes with stickers (like what happened with the first movie toys). However, now that we see the stickers up close, we see something we never saw before: Kanji. You see, every single time before, the name of the film was in Katakana, the bigger Japanese letters you see. However, below these letters, we have different - Read More

Lost Light #5 iTunes Preview

Posted 14 hours ago by Kurona - 5,775 views

As it turns out, not long after James Roberts tweeted two panels of the comic, the preview of Lost Light's fifth issue has been put up on itunes! Have a look below and tell us what you think in the - Read More

Review of IDW Micronauts: Wrath of Karza #1 (of 5)

Posted 15 hours ago by Va'al - 4,256 views

Khaaaa-- rzaaaa! (Spoiler free-ish) Synopsis As one universe dies, another is invaded! Microspace — the home of the Micronauts — is collapsing. But Baron Karza has discovered a new universe in which the people of Microspace would thrive, a universe in which he would rule! The first world to be conquered is Earth, and the first enemies to be targeted are the TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE, M.A.S.K., and ROM! token Franchise appearance Story So, Micronauts. You might be forgiven - Read More

Reveal Your Shield Week - Decepticon Day

Posted 16 hours ago by Va'al - 5,001 views

As part of the Reveal Your Shield week at Transformers HQ, their Instagram account has posted a collage of a series of photos celebrating the Decepticon faction (presumably doing the same tomorrow for the Autobots), as notified to us by Twincaster xRotorstormx. Check it out below, along with a video from their Facebook page! (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = - Read More

Two IDW Transformers: Lost Light #5 panels previewed

Posted 16 hours ago by Kurona - 4,894 views

Straight from his Twitter account, comic writer James Roberts has tweeted a couple of panels featuring Nightbeat and Rung from the fifth issue of Lost Light, due for release next month. Check out the little snippet of character development below and tell us what you think in the - Read More

Transformers: The Last Knight Drift and Sqweeks Possibly Available in Argos UK

Posted 16 hours ago by Va'al - 6,867 views

UK-based Seibertronian Whirlkick has sent us another Argos tip, featuring a later wave of Transformers: The Last Knight toys, and including Drift and Sqweeks! The products are not found in store, but the order for pick-up function seems to be active. If you try it out, let us know how it goes, and happy hunting! I was browsing through Argos UK's website for The Last Knight figures, and it said that Deluxe Drift and Sqweeks are available for click and collect within 5 days, and you can order - Read More

Hallmark 2017 Transformers G1 Soundwave Ornament

Posted 16 hours ago by Va'al - 6,136 views

You will remember the Hallmark ornaments from previous years, such as Grimlock - we now have news of the 2017 edition, Soundwave, thanks to fellow Seibertronian zebanshee! Release date is July 15 2017, and it joins 2014's Optimus Prime, 2015's Megatron, and 2016's Grimlock. Check it out - Read More Sponsor News: Transformers, Breath of the Wild, GotG, Mega Man, TWD, Sailor Moon & More

Posted 17 hours ago by Va'al - 4,146 views

------------- NEW PREORDERS ------------- TRANSFORMERS TITANS RETURN The Transformers battle explodes into uncharted territory when the Titans Return! To control an ancient race of giant city-sized warriors called Titans, the Autobots and Decepticons must harness the power of Titan Masters, smaller bots that give bigger bots increased abilities in battle. Don’t miss out on the latest wave of Titans Return! ... eturn%2004 TRANSFORMERS VOYAGER - Read More

Prime 1 Studio Superior Megatron Teased

Posted 20 hours ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 6,498 views

Prime 1 Studio is at it again with their statues, this time in the form of Megatron Superior! This new Megatron is the counter to the Optimus Superior, and features some very elaborate details. The tease was made via the TFsource Facebook page and the teaser can be seen below along with 3 images of the already revealed Megatron! - Read More

Transformers The Last Knight Meizu E2 Cellphone Revealed

Posted 20 hours ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 4,661 views

Meizu, a primarily Chinese smartphone maker, unveiled a new product today related to the upcoming Transformers The Last Knight movie. They unveiled a new smartphone, the E2, and among the special features of the new smartphone is the creation of a special edition of the phone featuring Optimus Prime, which will be featured on the packaging and some branding on the back. No word on a price, though a release date of the end of May has been noted. These pictures came to us via adam.glam on - Read More

Variant Covers for IDW Optimus Prime #7 by Kei Zama / Josh Burcham, Andrew Griffith

Posted 20 hours ago by Va'al - 3,829 views

Some more Optimus Prime news from IDW Publishing comes in the form of some cover art for issue #7, tentatively due in May, courtesy of both artist Kei Zama's Twitter account and the PreviewsWorld listing here. Zama has included clean lineart, plus Josh Burcham's coloured version, and Andre Griffith takes on the other cover seen for the issue, à la Thundercracker - check them out below! With the Junkion invasion resolved peacefully, Optimus Prime takes a moment to plan the Autobot's next - Read More

The Last Knight TRU exclusive Mission to Cybertron Glyph Decoder

Posted 22 hours ago by Kurona - 9,022 views

A few days ago we reported on rumours of a little Toys-R-Us exclusive event called Mission to Cybertron, which appears to encompass the previously-leaked exclusive toys of Skullitron, Nitro and Megatron, and Infernocus and Quintessa. Turns out those rumours are true, as fellow News Staff ScottyP just today found a Glyph Decoder in a Toys R Us at Cary, NC! This will help you decode the Glyph language found not only on the upcoming exclusive toys, but in quite a few other places in previous - Read More

Takara The Last Knight Wave 1 In-Package Images

Posted 24 hours ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 9,229 views

Thanks to the Transformers Never Die Facebook Page we have some new images of the upcoming wave 1 figures from Takara's The Last Knight toyline. The 5 figures in wave 1 are Deluxe Bumblebee, Barricade, Berserker, and Slash, along with voyager Grimlock. The figures deco differs only slightly from their Hasbro counterparts, which have started to show up across the world. Check out the Takara packaging images, or their stickers, at least, and let us know what you think in the comments section - Read More

Transformers: Earth Wars Event - Dark Deeds

Posted 1 day ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 5,577 views

Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong! The Polyhex Saga begins. Fight in this weekend's event and earn resources, Spark, boosts, and Crystal Shards! Dark Deeds Be it by chance, mistake or sheer curiosity, Dinobot Slog has unknowingly ventured deep into the darkest and most treacherous corners of Cybertron... There, beyond the Sea of Rust, lies the settlement of Polyhex - home to Straxus, one of Cybertron’s most twisted and despotic figures. The - Read More

Isabella Moner Reveals Transformers: The Last Knight Deluxe Barricade

Posted 1 day ago by william-james88 - 11,853 views

In Day 3 of Reveald Your Shield Week, Hasbro's promise of revealing a new Barricade figure is kept where they reveal Deluxe Barricade for the first time ever. Yes, this is the very same figure already found in stores and that we have already seen for months now. But since this figure was absent from Toyfair with 0 stock images given by Hasbro proper to the media, this is their official reveal fo the figure (even if we saw him in yesterday's stop motion video). Enjoy the video below of - Read More

Transformers: Robots in Disguise 2-Pack Diecast Vehicles Sighted at Australian Retail

Posted 1 day ago by Va'al - 8,303 views

Fellow Seibertronian Maximal Rainmaker has sent us a sighting of the Dickie Toys licensed Transformers: Robots in Disguise set of figures, spotted at a Target in Canberra, Australia. They're two-packed, non-transforming, die-cast vehicles, three sets in total: Optimus Prime with Strongarm, Bumblebee with Steeljaw and Optimus Prime with Sideswipe. Check them out - Read More

Review of IDW Optimus Prime #6

Posted 1 day ago by Va'al - 7,186 views

Optimus ..Fine? (Spoiler free-ish) Synopsis “NEW CYBERTRON”—CONCLUSION! As the Junkions reveal their ultimate plan, Optimus Prime makes a decision that will define the relationship between Earth and Cybertron for all time... but will Arcee be able to live with the fallout? Good memory, kids Story The first arc of Optimus Prime, the big core book at the heart of the Hasbro Universe (take that, Crown Jewel), comes to a close in this sixth issue, and we get some closure - Read More

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #173 - Crossing The Rubicon
Twincast / Podcast #173:
"Crossing The Rubicon"
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