Twincast / Podcast Episode #326 "Sometimes It's Headmasters"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #326 "Sometimes It's Headmasters"

Sometimes It's Headmasters - The Twincast team discusses upcoming Japanese Transformers Masterpiece reveals beginning with MP-58 Hoist and the last piece of the Raiden trainbot combiner, MPG-06 Kaen. Takara Tomy's exclusive version of Optimus Primal and the creative JAXA Sora-Q tie-in, Lunar Cruiser Prime, are discussed next. In addition, recent reveals of the Dilophocon & JP12 Jurassic Park Crossover set receive some side-eye remarks, and everyone unanimously agrees that Legacy Evolution Shadowstriker is a huge miss on a multitude of levels. The continuation of Transformers' upcoming 40th birthday celebration comes next with the cast sharing their favorites from 1985. As usual, the episode concludes with the recurring Bragging Rights segment where the cast talks about their latest toy and merchandise acquisitions.
Monro Announces Partnership with "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts"

Monro Announces Partnership with "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts"

Optimize Your Ride - The Transformers: Rise of the Beasts partnership represents one of the most exciting and anticipated collaborations in Monro’s six-decade history. From May 22 through June 24, guests visiting Monro’s participating stores will have the opportunity to scan on Snapchat to convert their car, collect an official Transformers: Rise of the Beasts movie poster, and take pictures next to movie character displays. Check out all of the details here.
Twincast / Podcast Episode #325 "Iaconic"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #325 "Iaconic"

Iaconic - The season for retailer exclusives is almost upon Transformers fans, and episode 325 of the Twincast / Podcast starts out with impressions of the recently revealed Amazon exclusive two-packs featuring Miner Megatron, Senators Shockwave and Ratbat, plus an Orion Pax using the Siege Hound Deluxe Class tooling. Quick thoughts on Earthspark Grimlock are also included. A pair of Japanese Studio Series exclusives tied in with Rise of the Beasts ticket purchases are pondered next, with said toys being Nemesis Prime and Beast Burning Convoy. The first entry of a new segment, "40 for 40" is found in this episode. With the Transformers franchise approaching its 40th birthday next year, the cast looks back at favorites from each year, starting in this episode with their favorites from 1984. The episode concludes with the recurring Bragging Rights segment, which this time includes discussion on little known packaging variants for some Starscream toys.
Twincast / Podcast Episode #324 "Unicrumbs"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #324 "Unicrumbs"

Unicrumbs - Transformers movie season is underway with the Twincast / Podcast starting out episode 324 with a look at the latest trailer for the soon-to-be-released Rise of the Beasts featuring the surprise appearance of Unicron. Opinions and speculation on the live-action movie give way to further speculation for next year's animated installment, Transformers: One, in light of its cast announcement and plot teasers that have been shared by the studio. Toy discussion follows with reactions to the preorder drop of this year's Generations Titan Class entry Nemesis and her pricing reflecting yet another increase. Images of pre-production versions of the Legacy Evolution Voyager Junkion, an unknown "Miner" Megatron and upcoming R.E.D. series entries for Grimlock and the Prime version of Starscream spark further discussion. The cast reflects on the Transformers themed Ark restaurant in Hong Kong before the episode concludes with the recurring Bragging Rights segment.
Twincast / Podcast Episode #323 "Collective Thinking"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #323 "Collective Thinking"

Collective Thinking - Life's biggest mystery is, for some, what to collect or what doesn't belong on the shelf. Episode 323 of the Twincast Podcast attempts to answer that question, but first, new reviews of Rise of the Beasts mainline Optimus Prime and Primal are discussed to warm things up. Studio Series War for Cybertron Barricade has finally appeared to us in figure form and takes the spotlight next in the conversation. Next, we discuss recently released galleries of G1 Metroplex and Trypticon along with the Street Fighter collaboration figures. Changing gears, the crew checks in to discuss their Transformer collecting approaches at the moment and give some very late advice to our younger selves. This discussion leads into Bragging Rights which, as usual, closes out the episode.

Predictions for Rise of the Beasts' Opening Week-end Show it Might Come in Second to Spider-man

Posted 18 hours ago by william-james88 - 5,026 views

The Transformers live action franchise has gone through a lot of ups and downs in the past 16 years. It was once a billion dollar box office champion, but as of late it is unclear if it can still get back to those glory days. While Bumblebee was a critical darling (the Rotten Tomatoe score has a higher percentage for critics liking it than fans), it didn't bring that much at the box office. That didn't matter as much since the film cost a lot less than previous Transformers movies but now, with - Read More

Transformers Earthspark Warrior Class Jawbreaker and Starscream found at US Walmarts

Posted 18 hours ago by william-james88 - 5,728 views

While Jawbkreaer has yet to choose his alt mode in the Transformers Earthspark show, his spoilerific toy is being found in the US. Fellow Seibertronian Emerje found it in a Walmart in Maine. Starscream is part of the same wave of warrior class toys. Emerje wrote:Found Jawbreaker (and Starscream) at Walmart tonight. He's pretty simple, but has an effective transformation. I like the way everything tucks away leaving him kibble free. Definitely a worthwhile Warrior class figure. - Read More

Seibertron's Roundtable Review for Transformers Rise of the Beasts

Posted 18 hours ago by william-james88 - 5,200 views

Have you watched Rise of the Beasts yet? Well many of us at Seibertron have and here are our thoughts on the film. You'll notice that me and D-Maximus Primal have very different views on the film, offering two sides of the same coin. Please share yours as well and please note that these reviews are not spoiler free. This film is ok. It's basically dollar bin Marvel with skybeams, an army of no name villains that come out of nowhere for the finale that takes place in a drab CG landscape. - Read More

Transformers Will Return to Comic Books Next Week in Image's Void Rivals #1

Posted 1 day ago by ScottyP - 8,528 views

Confirmation of rumors about where and when Transformers would return to the world of comic books has arrived today, with Bleeding Cool posting the news that next week's Void Rivals #1 from Image Comics will feature the debut of the Transformers in a new shared universe. If your next question is "shared with whom?", the answer is unsurprisingly the real American heroes of G.I. Joe. Void Rivals' first issue arrives next week on June 14th with writing by Robert Kirkman - yes, the one you've - Read More

Legacy Evolution Dreadwing Found Listed on eBay

Posted 2 days ago by Emerje - 13,780 views

An auction on eBay is giving us our first look at Legacy Evolution Leader Dreadwing. The Skyquake repaint doesn't have any new parts on the figure itself, but does replace the gatling gun with a proper canon just like the original toys. The colors are not cartoon accurate and there's a lot of debate within our Energon Pub Fourms about just where Hasbro got the colors from, but that's going to take an official reveal to get the truth about. Thanks again to Sowndwave76 for letting us - Read More

First Look at Studio Series 86 "Dead" Prowl from the Buzzworthy Bumblebee Line

Posted 2 days ago by Emerje - 16,009 views

We've known for a little while now that a Studio Series 86 Prowl would be coming to the Buzzworthy Bumblebee line and now we're getting our first look. Thanks to an eBay auction we have what appears to be our first look at said figure. It's unknown if Hasbro is going to call it "dead", "dying" or simply battle damaged, but what we do know is that it has a new chest and head while in usual living Prowl colors. The damaged spot on his chest appears to even have a spot for an effect part to fully - Read More

Takara Tomy Mall Exclusive MPG-06S Kaen Features Additional Trainbot Accessories

Posted 2 days ago by Emerje - 15,524 views

Thanks to Seibertronian o.supreme for making us aware of a special edition release of MPG-06 Kaen that includes additional accessories only available through Takara Tomy Mall currently. MPG-06S features bronze stands that can be attached to the train tracks, a MP stand for Raiden, and a a metallic sword for Raiden along with all of Kaen's other accessories. He comes in much larger box, but should be stressed that this isn't a multi-figure box set of any kind. The set is priced at 25,300 JPY - Read More

Beast Wars Again Adds Tigatron vs Blackarachnia as Latest 2 Pack

Posted 2 days ago by Emerje - 15,416 views

Next up in the Beast Wars Again line from Takara Tomy is Tigatron vs Blackarachnia. You probably know the drill by now: premium repaints of Kingdom figures to give them more cartoon accuracy. This set, BWVS-04, is expected to be out in February 2024 and will cost you $64.99 through Hasbro which is a fair price for a premium repainted, only about $5 more than the current retail price of a Deluxe and a Voyager. Old business, but we also have photos of BWVS-03 Cheetor vs Waspinator which runs - Read More

Paramount Spoils Scourge's Face in Latest Voice Actor Featurette for Rise of the Beasts

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 17,090 views

There's been lots of mystery regarding whether or not Scourge's mask is meant to hide something. For some reason, Paramount is just going willy nilly with spoilers now that the film is out and in this new featurette, they just straight up show us Scourge's face. For each character, they show the voice actor and a still of the bot they voice and when it came to Scourge, they show Peter Dinklage with Scourge's unmasked face next to him. Whether or not that is a legit spoiler, we leave it to you - Read More

Possible First Look at Legacy Evolution Bombshell

Posted 3 days ago by Emerje - 19,530 views

Thanks to Seibertronian sol magnus for pointing us to a first look at Legacy Evolution Bombshell set to be released as part of Wave 4. The photos come from madie_is__gone on Instagram and ze collecter on TFW2005. We now know for sure that the figure will feature purple like the original toy rather than gray like the cartoon. Also in addition to his regular gun first seen on the vintage figure he'll have two extra guns that, like Shrapnel, will for his bug legs. - Read More

New Legacy 2024 Leaks List Vector Prime, Origin Wheeljack, Potential Rock Lords and More

Posted 3 days ago by Emerje - 23,969 views

Thanks to Seibertronian Munkky we have a new batch of leaks from Jtprime17 for the 2024 Legacy line. The first two figures take place of the previous leak that called the figures "Rock 1" and "Rock 2". And if you weren't already thinking "Rock Lords" with that clue then the names Bouldercrash and Magneous sounding so close to good and evil Rock Lord leaders Boulder and Magmar should really cinch it. We also have our first mention of a Deluxe Optimus Prime, something we've seen in the child - Read More

Transformers Rise of the Beasts Review Embargo is Lifted and Starts Screening Wide Tonight

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 12,853 views

It's finally here, tonight Rise of the Beasts goes wide with advanced screenings and most fans will now have a chance to see it for themselves. Once you've seen it, let us know what you think. Critics sure haven't missed a beat with critic scores pouring in now that the embargo ate has been lifted. The film currently sits at 53% on Rotten Tomatoes, which means that 53% of critics gave it a score of at least 60/100, or simply that 53% of critics think it's ok/good and 47% think it's a below - Read More

Rare Velocitron Exclusives are up on TTMall + New Manga

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 17,440 views

So it turns out Takara is releasing the wave 2 Velocitron figures as exclusives on their end as well and they are TTMALL exclusives, which means you can only order them on their website with a Japan shipping address. Forwarding services in Japan do exist so this is how some fans will be getting these highly coveted toys. Fellow Seibertronian Emerje details how he will be getting them below. He also shared that there is a new manga up which we also put below, along with the links for Galaxy - Read More

Twincast / Podcast Episode #326 "Sometimes It's Headmasters"

Posted 6 days ago by ScottyP - 28,633 views

With Rise of the Beasts just around the corner, episode 326 of the Twincast / Podcast has us "Going Hollywood" a little bit early. Host Scotty P is joined by Mr. Starscream and Aaarnhide19 to talk all about the latest Masterpiece reveals including a look at finally combined Raiden, a legacy leak, Takara's team up with JAXA to give us a transforming lunar rover, and another Jurassic Park collaboration. The next installment of the 40 for 40 segment covers the 1985 Transformers - Read More

Japan Releases for Velocitron Galaxy Shuttle, Crasher and Shadowstrip Confirmed

Posted 7 days ago by william-james88 - 34,740 views

Good news for those looking for other options for getting the hard to find Velocitron releases from wave 2. Takara has revealed that on June 5th, new preorders will go up. Those include MP Hoist, premium deco Kingdom toys and Velocitron Crasher, Shadowstrip and Galaxy Shuttle. It is unknown if they will be exclusive or not. If they are not exclusive, it could be as simple as ordering them from Amazon Japan. If they are exclusive, we'll see if any western collectible site will import them and if - Read More

Russian Fans will be able to watch Rise of the Beasts in Russian Despite Sanctions

Posted 9 days ago by william-james88 - 35,524 views

Western films are included in the sanctions related to Russia at the moment, so Transformers Rise of the Beasts could never have a legitimate release there. However, through a bypass release (aka smuggling), the film will be released in Russia with Russian dubbing. It is not sure if it will be shown in all cities and since this is a bypass release, any revenue it will generate will not be counted towards the global box office for this film. It is due out there June 15th. The dubbed trailer is - Read More

Peter Cullen talks of the Integrity and Courage Found in Rise of the Beasts and Sends us his Love

Posted 9 days ago by william-james88 - 34,283 views

Anyone who has met Peter Cullen knows he loves his fans and is very happy to have contributed to all our lives as Optimus Prime. He takes the opportunity once again to send us his love in the new featurette for Rise of the Beasts which Paramount uploaded to Youtube today, which focuses entirely on him. This is quite novel since in the past, he wasn't as involved with the marketing campaign, and it speaks to the fact that the people working on the Transformers movies now are people who grew up - Read More

ThreeZero Rise of the Beasts Bumblebee First Look

Posted 9 days ago by D-Maximal_Primal - 42,596 views

Our friends over at ThreeZero have shared the first image of their next work of art, and this time it is Rise of the Beasts Bumblebee! ThreeZero has a good track record of Bumblebees so far, having done the Bee movie VW Bee as well as The Last Knight Bumblebee, both of which were fantastic. This newest Bee is based on his appearance in Rise of the Beasts, and is modeled after his 1977 Camaro form. He is said to come with his battlemask and has light up eyes. No word yet on a release - Read More

Hasbro Adds Pride Merchandise Featuring Transformers and More - Proceeds Benefit LGBTQ+ Youth

Posted 9 days ago by D-Maximal_Primal - 32,022 views

Hasbro has gone in on the Pride Month this year with some merchandise to celebrate Pride, which takes place during the month of June. Hasbro Pulse includes a Transformers Autobots and Pride Adult T-Shirt, featuring Optimus Prime with a rainbow Autobot symbol in the background. The shirt is $27.99, and for every purchase during the month of June, Hasbro will donate $10 to the Trevor Project. Hasbro has also added some listings on CustomInk, which includes an "Optimus Pride" T-shirt and - Read More

Transformers Masterpiece Gattai MPG-6 Kaen Revealed

Posted 9 days ago by D-Maximal_Primal - 40,364 views

Thanks to the Transformers Toy Bar page, we have our first look at the sixth and final Trainbot: Kaen! Kaen in the final component of Raiden, the result of 2 years of work. Kaen transforms from a workhorse diesel engine into a short and stumpy little robot who is the definition of adorable. He comes with a gun and a lightsaber-esque sword. Kaen will form the waist of Raiden, filling in the gap between Shouki and the leg bots. The reveal pictures include pictures of Kaen as a waist by - Read More

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #326 - Sometimes It's Headmasters
Twincast / Podcast #326:
"Sometimes It's Headmasters"
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Posted: Sunday, June 4th, 2023

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