Twincast / Podcast Episode #213 "How to Say Expensive and Mean It"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #213 "How to Say Expensive and Mean It"

How to Say Expensive and Mean It - The Twincast / Podcast reaches episode #213, and the discussion begins with Takara Tomy's upcoming Masterpiece MP-44 Optimus Prime version 3. This toy has a substantial price tag that has caused controversy amongst Transformers fans. In-hand impressions of Transformers Generations War for Cybertron: Siege figures come next, with analysis starting for Deluxe Class figures Sideswipe, Hound, Cog, and Skytread/Flywheels. After that, Micromasters from the Race Car, Battle, and Air Strike Patrols get a look. Weaponizers Lionizer, Blowpipe, and Firedrive come next before the Generations discussion concludes with Voyager Class Megatron and Optimus Prime. A look at the upcoming Generations Select releases of Ricochet and Red Swoop is followed by a quick examination of the recently released Transformers: Botbots lineup. The endings of the long-running IDW Transformers comics continuity comes next, with the end of event book Unicron occurring first. Optimus Prime's namesake series is talked about next before the comics discussion concludes with Lost Light's finale. Bragging Rights close out another episode with early holiday season sales driving the cast's recent purchases.
First Images of Transformers Generations Selects Deluxe Red Swoop and Ricochet + pre-orders available

First Images of Transformers Generations Selects Deluxe Red Swoop and Ricochet + pre-orders available

Generations Selects Ricochet and Red Swoop - Following our last news post regarding this new "Generations Selects" toyline (previously called "Select Series"), we finally have new images of the first two releases, Deluxe Class Red Swoop and Ricochet! These two figures are redecos of Power of the Primes Swoop and Jazz respectively. Red Swoop is based of the original G1 toy's colors (which can be found on the stock renders for the Power of the Primes toy), while Ricochet is meant to evoke the Headmasters character Stepper.
Generations Selects Megatron in unreleased G2 colors, plus more info about this new collector line

Generations Selects Megatron in unreleased G2 colors, plus more info about this new collector line

Generations Selects Megatron rumor - The collector oriented "Select Series" toyline, should be unveiled soon. Hopefully we'll see pictures of soon "red" Swoop as well as Ricochet (a black and gold repaint of POTP Jazz). Both listings were previously found on Midtown Comics. We also know of one of the new upcoming figures, Combat Hero Megatron in arctic camo colors! He is to be a redeco of the new Siege Voyager Class Megatron. For those who don't know, Combat Hero Megatron in arctic camo colors is an unreleased redeco of G2 Combat Hero Megatron.
Twincast / Podcast Episode #212 "Countdown"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #212 "Countdown"

Countdown - On episode #212 of the Twincast / Podcast, cast members Megatronus and xRotorstormx wax lyrical about how Black Friday has creeped outward to cover most of Thanksgiving week, and how this in conjunction with the advent of online events such as Cyber Monday have dulled excitement for the sales season. The conversation moves to new sightings across Power of the Primes, Studio Series, and Siege. This dovetails into our look at Seibertron's exclusive galleries of War for Cybertron Siege Battlemasters, Micromasters, Deluxes, and Voyagers. The episode moves in a cinematic direction to evaluate new details of the upcoming Bumblebee Movie, including its run time and rating - which compare favorably to this film's predecessors - and a new trailer which provides a glimpse of the movie's action on Cybertron. We wrap up the episode the way we always do - with bragging rights, where cast members discuss what they've acquired since the last episode.
New Galleries: War for Cybertron SIEGE Battle Masters Blowpipe, Firedrive and Lionizer

New Galleries: War for Cybertron SIEGE Battle Masters Blowpipe, Firedrive and Lionizer

WFC Siege Battle Masters Wave 1 galleries - Continuing with new galleries for War for Cybertron SIEGE, we now bring you galleries for Battle Masters Blowpipe, Firedrive and Lionizer. These little guys are at the core of the line since they provide both the firepower and blast effects for you to recreate the War for Cybertron. Each effect can be added to the weapon to simulate it firing or it can be used creatively across your bots, like to show someone getting shot or even simulate the speed of the small Micromaster cars. Check out the galleries here.

New Images of Deluxe Studio Series #28 2007 Barricade and Deluxe Studio Series #29 Dark of the Moon Sideswipe

Posted 35 minutes ago by ZeroWolf - 355 views

NEW! New Deluxe Class Studio Series #28 Transformers 2007 Barricade and Deluxe Class Studio Series #29 Dark Of The Moon Sideswipe in-hand pics have surfaced by Weibo user NOTRAB. We have mirrored the images below, and the original gallery can be found on NOTRAB's wall. These are due to hit mass retail early next year along with Voyager Class 2007 Movie Optimus Prime, Bonecrusher and Leader Class Revenge of the Fallen - Read More

Round 2 voting begins on Hasbro Pulse Instagram for Walmart 2020 G1 Reissue

Posted 2 hours ago by ZeroWolf - 795 views

NEW! Thanks to an update from fellow Seibertron user, Carytheone, we can now confirm that Astrotrain has won the first round of voting to see if he can make it to Walmart shelves in 2020. His opponent will be decided today as it's now Thundercracker and Skywarp's turn to go head to head. Voting is now open for round 2, so as long as you're an Instagram and Facebook user, go and vote to see who you want to see back in the shops. - Read More

G1 Reissue Minibots Found Instore At Walmart For $7.86

Posted 4 hours ago by ZeroWolf - 1,393 views

NEW! Thanks to Instagram user AVP_Toys via ToyShiz, we finally have confirmation of Walmart exclusive minibots being on sale at retail at $7.86 each! We have mirrored the image below and the link to the Instagram post can be found Here, on ToyShiz's feed. The reissued Minibots are Swerve, Tailgate, Outback and Bumblebee who sports a G1 cartoon accurate head sculpt. This version of G1 Bumblebee was first released back in 2004 as part of the Transformers Collection reissues as part of a - Read More

Travis Knight talks about what could be next after the Bumblebee Movie

Posted 11 hours ago by Wolfman Jake - 2,699 views

The latest film in the long-running Transformers live action movie franchise, Bumblebee, is still more than a week away from its U.S. theatrical debut (December 21, 2018), but that isn't stopping anyone from talking about what's NEXT for this particular branch of the franchise! ScreenRant writer Sandy Schaefer reports that if Travis Knight, director of the Bumblebee movie, has anything to say about it, it could be a fully CGI-based movie set entirely on Cybertron! If you've been keeping up on - Read More

Dolby Cinema reveals new exclusive Bumblebee Movie poster

Posted 11 hours ago by Wolfman Jake - 2,060 views

Can't get enough buzz about the soon to be released Bumblebee movie? Dolby Cinema has got you covered with their new EXCLUSIVE movie poster! You can check out Dolby's post on their Facebook page by following this link. You should be able to spot this poster in person at theatres across the United States equipped with Dolby Cinema technology. The poster itself shows Bumblebee looming large in the background, with his new co-star, Hailee Steinfeld, front and center, portraying Charlie - Read More

Transformers Bumblebee Mission Vision Bumblebee and Shatter revealed

Posted 14 hours ago by notirishman - 3,135 views

We're comin' in hot! Off, we have new listings, as well as official stock images showing these new toys, Bumblebee Mission Vision Bumblebee and Shatter! We know these new toys are called "Mission Vision" due to another listing with the name 'Transformers Tra MV6 Mission Vision Figure AST" that uses the same Bumblebee image. Speaking of, the new figures appear to be simplistic toys that can easily transform into their alternate modes. The big gimmick is they have a lens - Read More

New Stock Images for all Upcoming Cyberverse Toys like Soundwave, Hot Rod , Prowl and More

Posted 24 hours ago by william-james88 - 6,056 views

The is a lot coming down the Cyberverse pipeline and with the current idea of having several toys of different sizes/classes for the same characters, it can get very confusing, especially sicne there is no sense of scale in these images. So we will break it down for you. All images came from listings on Amazon Australia. Below you will find images of: One Steps: Bumblebee, Prowl, Megatron, Optimus Prime Warrior: Soundwave, Prowl and Hotrod. All of these deue sized toys have action - Read More

Round 1 voting begins on Hasbro Pulse Instagram for Walmart 2020 G1 Reissue

Posted 1 day ago by ZeroWolf - 5,700 views

Following on from the story yesterday, Hasbro has opened the first round of voting to decide which classic G1 toy is reissued in sprint 2020 at Walmart. Thanks to fellow Seibertron user, Sabrblade, for bringing this to your attention! The first round is Perceptor vs Astrotrain, with presumably Thundercracker vs Skywarp being the second round. Follow this link to take part in the vote (Instagram or Facebook account required to vote). Which do you want to see on the shelves again? Have you - Read More

Producer Speaks of Next Tranformers Film and Why he Does Not like Unicron

Posted 1 day ago by william-james88 - 8,216 views

With Bumblebee getting praise from critics and fans alike, Paramount and Hasbro are both looking to continue the live action film franchise and not waste a minute. Lorenzo Di Bonaventura has provided us with the very first details for the next Transformers film. You can read the quotes he gave to Slash Film below, but the major take away is that the next film will be a BIG Transformers film rather than a smaller character based film, and while it will be going a different direction than where - Read More

New Promo Video for MP-44 Optimus Prime from Takara Tomy

Posted 1 day ago by ZeroWolf - 6,429 views

Following on from the latest pictures of Takara Tomy Masterpiece MP-44 Optimus Prime, we now have word that Takara Tomy have created and uploaded to their YouTube channel a trailer for this hotly anticipated Masterpiece figure. We have embedded the video for you to watch below! MP-44 is stated for a release in August and comes with a whole host of accessories including Starscreams head so you can replicate scenes from the G1 cartoon episode "Megatron's Master Plan". Also included are - Read More

G1 Hot Rod reissue available for 50% off currently on

Posted 2 days ago by Seibertron - 7,499 views

For those of you who have been on the fence about the Transformers vintage G1 Hot Rod reissue action figure available exclusively at Walmart, now might be your best chance to get one for your collection. Hot Rod is currently available on for a mere $14.97, about 50% off of the original $29.84 MSRP. Special thanks to fellow Seibertronian boyatlarge for sharing this information with us. This Autobot Hot Rod figure comes with photon laser cannons and converts between racecar and - Read More

Video Reviews for Transformers Studio Series Deluxe Sideswipe and Barricade

Posted 2 days ago by D-Maximal_Primal - 7,867 views

Thanks to TonTon Reviews on Youtube and a heads up from Seibertronian What's Crackin'?, we have a pair of nice video reviews for the upcoming Transformers Studio Series deluxe class Barricade and Sideswipe! Starting with Barricade, we have a nice look at the figure that utilizes some of the transformation tricks his MPM self had, and we also see that his chest is mostly real car parts in robot mode, with only the center moving out of the way to allow for the angry chest slant. He is also - Read More

TFSource News - MPM-6 Ironhide, UT Challenger, IF Rush Beats, FT Hydra, KFC, Magic Square and More!

Posted 2 days ago by ZeroWolf - 5,205 views

TFSource News - MPM-6 Ironhide, UT Challenger, IF Rush Beats, FT Hydra, KFC, Magic Square and More! TFSource Winter Sale is here! Up to 70% OFF 300+ items! Shop Now! NEW HOT INSTOCK ITEMS: - Transformers Masterpiece Movie Series - MPM-6 Ironhide - Unique Toys - UT - R-02 Challenger 2nd Release - Iron Factory - IF-EX29 Rush Beats - Unique Toys - Palm Collection YM01 Tom & Jerry - Unique Toys - Ragnaros Combiner M-02 Gahz'ranka - DX9 Toys - War in Pocket X34 Dutch - KFC Crash - Read More

The Chosen Prime Sponsor Newsletter 10th December

Posted 2 days ago by ZeroWolf - 4,938 views

THE CHOSEN PRIME NEWSLETTER FOR DECEMBER 10TH, 2018 Greetings and happy holidays from The Chosen Prime! Our 2018 Holiday Sale is underway! Similar to last year, in addition to sale prices on specific items, we are giving an instant discount on ALL in stock items by applying the item's Rewards Points as a discount at the time of purchase! We also have a number of new arrivals and pre-orders available this week, presented below. Let us know if there's a - Read More

New Images of Masterpiece MP-44 Optimus Prime Showing Carly and Transformation

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 14,195 views

Thanks to posts on Baidu and Weibo, we have some new images from the latest Generations Book which heavily features 2019's big Masterpiece release, MP-44 Optimus Prime Ver 3. We get so see Prime at many different angles we did not see before, like his back with the Jetpack. We also have our best look yet at the human characters he comes with which does indeed include Carly. But best of all we get to see his transformation. We get confirmation that the chest windows he has are actually from the - Read More

Hasbro launch vote tomorrow for G1 Reissue to launch in Spring 2020 in Walmart

Posted 2 days ago by ZeroWolf - 12,863 views

Thanks to fellow Seibertron user, Carytheone, we have news of a special vote Hasbro is launching tomorrow through their Hasbro Pulse social media account (and also advertised on their Transformers Official Instagram account). The vote will determine which of four pre-selected G1 toys will be reissued in Walmart in the Spring of 2020! The choices are: Perceptor, Astrotrain, Thundercracker and Skywarp. Here's the post as put on the Transformers Official Instagram account. - Read More

Up to $25 Off Your Purchase of Toys and Games at Target

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 9,133 views

Carytheone gave us a nice tip on the forums. Right now, there is a coupon which gives you a $10/25$ return for a purchase of $50/$100 or more on toys, which is coming in real handy with Siege hitting Target stores. And for those who already made a $100+ or $50+ purchase recently, you can always bring in your receipt to have Target honour the new deal. For those unsure about how that works, the idea is that they would be price matching the current deal.They will do like you are returning the - Read More

Hasbro Reveals New Bumblebee Movie Blitzwing, Cliffjumper and Dropkick Toys

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 16,069 views

It's not everyday that Hasbro themselves share reveals through Twitter. Through a tweet regarding the Bumblebee film showing in LA, they posted an image of toys, three of which are new reveals. Here is the Tweet: We’re in #LA kicking off the world premiere of the @BumblebeeMovie with a showcase of our #Transformers #BumblebeeMovie products! Who’s ready to #JoinTheBuzz? And here are the toys: Speed Series Cliffjumper Nitro Series Blitzwing Nitro Series Dropkick While these - Read More

Twincast / Podcast Episode #213 "How to Say Expensive and Mean It"

Posted 3 days ago by ScottyP - 8,087 views

The Twincast / Podcast returns with a plate full of topics that's so big, we're going to need the power of the Matrix to even stand a chance at tackling it all. Host Scotty P is joined by Megatronus to talk shop about the latest toys and opine on the end of the IDW comics' long running continuity. Episode #213 "How to Say Expensive and Mean It" is available directly and in our RSS Feed, and should appear on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher Radio within 24 to 48 hours of when - Read More

Bumblebee Movie voice actor Jon Bailey talks about his experience

Posted 3 days ago by notirishman - 9,615 views

Our very own Jon Bailey (known as jON3.0 here on Seibertron) was able to land a role in the Bumblebee film as Shockwave and Soundwave! Jon has voiced Optimus Prime in Ask Vector Prime, Combiner Wars, as well as numerous Bumblebee movie trailers, Siren and Shockwave in Botcon 2015's script reading, AND the Crossovers Anakin toy (as well as many, MANY, non-Transformers projects, i.e. Honest Trailers). Today, we have a word from him on his experience on working on the film: jON3.0 wrote:I am - Read More

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #213 - How to Say Expensive and Mean It
Twincast / Podcast #213:
"How to Say Expensive and Mean It"
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Posted: Sunday, December 9th, 2018

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