Twincast / Podcast #196 "One With The Matrix"

Twincast / Podcast #196 "One With The Matrix"

One With The Matrix - In this episode of the Twincast/Podcast, "One With The Matrix", we join ScottyP, Megatronus, and RodimusConvoy13 as they catch up on the lastest Transformers news. This starts with the impending closure of Toys R Us and what impact that could have on both Transformers and the wider toy retail sector. That discussion leads into a break down of the last exclusive figure for the chain, Movie Studio Series Voyager Class Thundercracker. Next, first impressions are shared of recently revealed Power of the Primes figures including Voyager Class Inferno, Legends Class Cindersaur, and Legends Class Outback. The toy talk ends with a discussion of the possible upcoming Walgreens exclusive Wreck-Gar. Listener questions are answered next, starting with a question about what got us back into collecting Transformers. This is followed by a question asking what our favorite gimmick has been over the history of the toy line. The show moves to comic discussion beginning with the Optimus Prime Annual, then to the announcement of Requiem of the Wreckers, and finishing with Lost Light #16. Ending the show is the latest round of bragging rights.
Top 5 Best Giant Transformers Toys

Top 5 Best Giant Transformers Toys

Giant Transformers - Remember that scene in the Transformers movie where Unicron transformed? The whole time you just saw a big planet that destroyed other planets ala Death star. But then it Transformed and our notions of the limit to Transformers flew out the window. This was the instance where we all gazed at the wonder of this brand and saw that it was boundless. Since then, there have been many giant Transformers in the fiction and better yet, we eventually got their toys. And this is what this list is all about. This is about those awe inspiring towering Transformers from the fiction and their wonderful toys. A quick note, this post was started January 2015. But with Hasbro announcing a yearly Titan class toy, I figured I should wait. Turns out nothing really changed from my initial thoughts of over 3 years ago.
Top 5 Best Optimus Prime Super Mode Transformers Toys

Top 5 Best Optimus Prime Super Mode Transformers Toys

Best Super Mode Optimus Primes - No adversary is too great for Optimus Prime / Convoy. When everything seems bleak or when the challenge seems to tough, you can always count on him rising up to the occasion, often times in a super mode. These temporary evolved forms have been part of the franchise since the very beginning and are a mainstay of Japanese pop culture. It is always fun to see just how glorious that super mode will look like and the best part of this fiction being used to sell toys is that we do get the toys of these super modes. We even have super modes that don't even have fiction attributed to them like our first pick ...
Top 5 Best Ultra Magnus Transformers Toys

Top 5 Best Ultra Magnus Transformers Toys

Best Ultra Magnus toys - From day one, Ultra Magnus toys were always closely related to Optimus Prime toys, with his first toy being a redeco with a different trailer which turned into a powersuit giving him a totally different look from Prime. Toy designs and ideas evolved from this giving a wide variety to Ultra Magnus toys where some are Prime redecos, others more extensive retools and others being fully original. We will explore the rich history of this autobot's toys by looking at the best ones to have come out so far.
Toys R Us debating whether or not it will close all of its US store locations

Toys R Us debating whether or not it will close all of its US store locations

Toys R Us ... no more? - You read that right. This Monday, Toys R Us is expected to appear at a bankruptcy hearing and shutting down all its stores and liquidating its entire US operations is one of the options they are considering. There are other options, of course, but this is the option certain lenders are pushing for, after a weak holiday performance. They had already planned to close 20% of their US stores (184 to be precise). Read more ...

KB Toys to Possibly Make a Return to US

Posted 4 hours ago by Va'al - 1,882 views

NEW! With the stories about Toys R Us dominating the news cycle for toy collectors and fans, something else seems to have made its appearance, sped up by the closure of the giraffe-shaped retail chain, and a name that North American Transformers fans might recognise: KB Toys. Fellow Seibertronian Sabrblade pointed us towards an article on The Rock Father detailing the entire deal, but it all starts with Ellia Kassoff of Strategic Brands, LLC, posting on LinkedIn about their plans to resurrect KB - Read More

New Audio From the Transformers G1 Cartoon Episode "Heavy Metal War" Featuring Extended and Deleted Scenes

Posted 6 hours ago by Bronzewolf - 1,119 views

NEW! TF fan site TFAt TM have posted another installment of their absolutely incredible series of audio clips from the original G1 Transformers cartoon! Pertaining this time to the episode "Heavy Metal War" specifically, the audio gives us not only behind the scenes banter from the likes of Wally Burr, but also extended or deleted scenes! These extra bits and pieces are fascinating to listen to, and they give more context and flesh to these stories we thought we knew so well! The folks over at - Read More

Transformers Generations Cyber Battalion Shockwave and Sideswipe Found in US + More In Hand Images

Posted 13 hours ago by william-james88 - 4,948 views

Good news for those hoping the new Shockwave and Sideswipe toys find their way to the US. They are now being found at Wallgreens, at two per case. They were found in California, near San Francisco by SurgeOpressor, who reported this on the TFW2005 boards. He also showed the UPC codes and took images of Shockwave in his robot mode to give a sense of scale. SurgeOpressor wrote:I'm about 45min outside San Francisco, CA. Shockwave UPC 63050964914 Sideswipe UPC 63050964913 They only had one - Read More

When We Had to Grow Up: Remembering Toys R Us

Posted 18 hours ago by Va'al - 3,853 views

With the news that has been circulating the past weeks, if not months, about the future of the toy store chain Toys R Us, the North American (Canada and USA) staff of have pooled together some thoughts on what the stores meant to them growing up, what they do now, and what it might mean going forward now. Be they Toys R Us kids or not, fond memories or barely present, there is something that struck a chord with a lot of children who grew into toy collectors, from Transformers - Read More

More New Transformers Titans Return Artwork from Ken Christiansen and Marcelo Matere Featuring Blurr, Fortress Maximus, More

Posted 19 hours ago by Bronzewolf - 3,772 views

This week has been full of Transformers artwork. We, in fact, just posted some newly released concept/line art for Combiner Wars Leader Class Megatron and Starscream from artist Marcelo Matere, and now it's time for Marcelo to share the spotlight with fellow packaging artist Ken Christiansen! He has also shared new Transformers artwork over on his Facebook page, featuring Titans Return Blurr and Skullsmasher! Marcelo has also posted a photo of his extremely intricate piece for Titans Return - Read More

New Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Concept Art of Leader Megatron and Starscream from Marcelo Matere

Posted 20 hours ago by Bronzewolf - 4,404 views

We've been sharing a lot of Generations line and concept art, and we have even more today from artist Marcelo Materia! We're a bit Decepticon-heavy this time around, however, as Marcelo's new images feature Combiner Wars Leader Megatron and Starscream! These are, as stated above, line drawing versions of the packaging art. It's interesting to see pieces like these, to spot differentiation from the actual toys, and to see the full art. We don't get to see these in their full glory typically, as - Read More

Twincast / Podcast Episode #196 "One With The Matrix"

Posted 20 hours ago by megatronus - 3,154 views

Welcome to the latest episode of the Twincast / Podcast! This episode features your host ScottyP with Megatronus and RodimusConvoy13. Listen in as we discuss the latest news, toys, and more. Episode #196 "One With The Matrix" is available directly and in our RSS Feed, and should appear on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher Radio within 24 to 48 hours of when you see this news post. TRU is dead. Long live the... department store chains? Toys 'R' Us is defunct, at least in the - Read More

Meijer Buy One Get One 50% Sale on Transformers This Week

Posted 22 hours ago by Va'al - 4,192 views

According to fellow Seibertronian Ironhidensh, store chain Meijer seems to have a week long sale on Transformers figures - all lines except for the recent Studio Series - of the buy one get one 50% off. The image below shows the store in Elkhart, Indiana, but is it very likely the sale is available across the entire chain, and sports the likes of Transformers The Last Knight figures, both Turbo Changers and Premier Edition, alongside Robots in Disguise Combiner Force Warriors and simpler - Read More Creative Round-Up - March 2018

Posted 23 hours ago by Va'al - 6,594 views

Top of the weekend to you all, and welcome to another monthly instalment of the creative round-up, a collection of all that happened since the last edition over in the Transtopia section of the Energon Pub boards. Take a look below at the works of creative side of the community, including Transformers paint jobs, customs, touch ups, fan fiction, artwork, builds, mods, comics, photos, and more. Make sure to comment if you like what you see, and support the creators in their - Read More

Transformers Tiny Turbo Changers Series 3 To Feature Movie Dino, Sentinel Prime, Ironhide and More!

Posted 1 day ago by william-james88 - 8,308 views

The Transformers: The Last Knight Toyline gave us series 1 and 2 of the Tiny Turbo Changers, and these were very much enjoyed by fans, especially due to their ability to Transform at such a small price point ($3 USD). Series 3 will be coming out as part of the Bumblebee Movie toyline and its listing was up on (it has gone since then). Due to these being blind bags, the listing was for such a blind bag and thus gave the entire list of characters that you might get. Here is the list - Read More

Pictorial Reviews for Transformers Studio Series Starscream and Optimus Prime

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 10,684 views

Fellow Seibertronian Ironhidensh has bought the latest Transformers Studio Series voyagers, both Optimus Prime and Starscream, and has given us a pictorial review for both. Without further ado, here it is below and let us know if his words change your mind about wanting to own them or not or even convinve you to pay the high price they are currently going for at the Kroger family grocery stores (where they have been found). If you want to see videos showcasing the transformation of either - Read More

Free Comic Book Day Interview with Alex Milne and John Barber!

Posted 2 days ago by WreckerJack - 5,418 views held an interview with Alex Milne and John Barber about the upcoming Unicron comic and their take on comics in general. Many of our readers will recognize Alex Milne's artwork in More Than Meets The Eye, Lost Light and many other comics. John Barber has worked as a writer for numerous Transformers comics, including Optimus Prime and Rom vs. Transformers. It is worth the read to hear their insight about comics and get to know the people who put so much work into creating the - Read More

Hasbro Toy Shop St Patrick's Day Discounts and Code

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 6,527 views

Courtesy of the Hasbro Toy Shop website, we have another promotional sale in occasion of St Patrick's Day (today, 17 March 2018), with three time brackets with respective discounts , decreasing as the day proceeds! Starting at 9am until 12 noon (Eastern, so already over at the time of writing, unfortunately), you get 25% off orders, 20% off then until 5 pm, and 10% until midnight after that, all with code LUCKY18. Check out the terms below, and happy hunting! 25% off from 9AM-12PM ET on - Read More March update

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 9,011 views

We've been at it again! Loads of mind-blowing new sets have just been made available at Toyhax! New labels for POTP figures, Starscream, Grimlock and the Prime Masters: ... cream.html ... mlock.html ... rs-w1.html We're still working hard on sets for TR as well, with brilliant upgrades for Grotusque, Arcee, a Blitzwing-Tarn conversion set, and a Code Red follow-up to - Read More

Final Colored Images of Flame Toys Tarn Figure

Posted 2 days ago by WreckerJack - 8,192 views

Flame Toys presents us with some photographs of Tarn via their Twitter page. This figure is a highly detailed, non transforming collectible. It appears that this figure will be poseable and in images below you will notice that a lot of intricate sculpting went into this work of art. Flame Toys figures of this type run about 300$ each. Before the colors had been finished, Tarn's prototype was displayed at ToySoul 2017 in Hong Kong. Fans of IDW's More Than Meets The Eye and Lost Light comics - Read More

AJ's Toy Chest Newsletter - Week of March 17th

Posted 2 days ago by WreckerJack - 3,953 views

AJ's Toy Chest News! Transformers Legends Feature Products, Transformers Masterpiece, Power of the Primes Leader Restock, Fans Toys Sovereign, Gcreation Rebel AND MORE! TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS LG63: G2 MEGATRON - ORDER NOW! LG62: TARGETMASTER WINDBLADE - ORDER NOW! LG61: DECEPTICON CLONE SET - ORDER NOW! LG60: OVERLORD - ORDER NOW! LG59: BLITZWING - ORDER NOW! LG58: AUTOBOT CLONE SET - ORDER NOW! LG57: OCTANE - ORDER NOW! LG53: BROADSIDE - ORDER NOW! LG56: - Read More

Great Deals and Fun to be had at Toysrus Canada for Transformers Toys and More

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 8,289 views

Toysrus Canada said it would be business as usual with them and that includes the great deals. This week, from March 16 to 22, they have a mix and match sale where you can buy any toy from a variety of brands, including all things Transformers and the second toy you buy would be 50% off. You can combine any toys from different brands. The 50% off would be on the toy of lesser or equal value. That is not all, oh no, that is not all. This deal is stackable against the current Hasbro coupons - Read More

In Hand Images of Transformers Generations Cyber Battalion Sideswipe

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 7,563 views

赛博坦之声88 on Weibo has uploaded new images for the Cyber Battalion subline of Generations. We previously had images of Shockwave along with artwork for Sideswipe and now we finally have our first look at the Sideswipe toy in hand. Looking at it compared to Prowl, we see that the sculpts are very different and they mainly share the abdominal/pelvic area. The transformation is identical though. And while the head is a very faithful G1 Sideswipe head, the way the chest protrudes is - Read More

Voice Actor Daniel Riordan to Attend TFNation 2018

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 5,220 views

TFNation headquarters has sent out another announcement about their guests for this summer's 2018 edition of the UK fan Transformers convention, and in the spirit of the 'lesser known' franchises being celebrated, they secured none other than the voice of Megatron from Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2001)! Check out more info below. Transmission_Initiated Transmission ID: 00011 TFNation_2018 Operation: A Handful of Voices The second voice actor that TFNation is proud to present for - Read More

TFSource News! TW Constructor, FT Apache, PotP Legends w2, MP-40, MPM05 Barricade & LGEX Metroplex

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 6,129 views

TFSource News! TW Constructor, FT Apache, PotP Legends w2, MP-40, MPM05 Barricade, LGEX Metroplex & More! NEW HOT INSTOCK ITEMS: - Transformers Power of the Primes - Legends Wave 2 - Set of 3 - Fans Toys FT-19 - Apache - ToyWorld - TW-C07 - Constructor - Green and Clear - Soul of Chogokin - Pacific Rim - GX-77 Gipsy Danger - Masterpiece - MP-40 Targetmaster Hot Rodimus with and without Collector's Coin - Masterpiece Movie Series - MPM-5 Barricade - Hasbro Version - Masterpiece - Read More

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #196 - One With The Matrix
Twincast / Podcast #196:
"One With The Matrix"
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Posted: Sunday, March 18th, 2018
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