Twincast / Podcast Episode #215 "New Year, New Toys"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #215 "New Year, New Toys"

New Year, New Toys - On episode #215 of the Twincast / Podcast, regular cast members and guest stars talk about some of the newly released and upcoming Transformers toys of 2019. The lengthy list includes Siege Leaders Shockwave and Ultra Magnus, Movie Masterpiece MPM-6 Ironhide, Studio Series Voyagers 38 Bumblebee Movie Optimus Prime and 31 Revenge of the Fallen Battle Damaged Megatron, and the Walmart Exclusive G1 reissues of Soundwave, Gears, and Warpath. A short mention of Energon Igniters Soundwave is invited as well. The conversation moves to answering a listener question about distribution of Transformers products at retail stores in 2018 as opposed to previous years. After that, speculation about the prospect of an animated Transformers film focused around Beast Wars, which was hinted at by Bumblebee Movie producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, takes the spotlight. The Twincast then discusses the more substantial and imminent arrival of the IDW comics reboot, including the initial news, plot and character details revealed in the solicitations, and our thoughts on some of the promotional cover artwork released thus far. We wrap up the episode with the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment, where cast members discuss what they've acquired since the last episode.
Twincast / Podcast Episode #214 "Bumblebee"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #214 "Bumblebee"

Bumblebee - The Transformers live action film franchise's latest installment is out, with Bumblebee hitting theaters last week. The Twincast / Podcast brings you its review of the movie, with one of its regular podcasters Jon Bailey bringing his insights after providing the voice acting talents for Soundwave and Shockwave in the film. Along with this insider perspective, the cast discusses each significant part of the movie itself, beginning with the "Generation One" inspired opening scene on Cybertron. The new human and robot characters presented in the Earth based adventures are also reflected on, with the cast agreeing that this latest movie is a measurable tonal departure from the approach of previous films in the franchise. After talking through the entire movie's plot and characterizations, speculation about what comes next for Travis Knight, Michael Bay, and the Transformers live action movies comes next. A quick chat about the movie's tie-in toyline follows, and the show concludes with a quick round of holiday season bragging rights about the cast's Transformers related gifts.
Top 5 Best Transformers Stories from IDW Comics Era

Top 5 Best Transformers Stories from IDW Comics Era

Best IDW Transformers Comics Stories - The IDW timeline/universe/story that started in 2005 has ended and I personally believe it includes the best Transformers fiction involving our favourite G1 characters. Of course comics can be daunting to get into and I won't pretend every single story was a gem. But there was some stellar storytelling here, the best these characters ever got and I will go through the 5 best stories from this 13 year run that any Transformers fan should check out asap. The titles link to the comics on comixology in case you want to check them out.
Bumblebee Movie ... now in theaters!!!

Bumblebee Movie ... now in theaters!!!

Bumblebee Movie - The all-new live-action Bumblebee movie directed by Travis Knight is now in theaters. Follow our on-going news coverage here!
Twincast / Podcast Episode #213 "How to Say Expensive and Mean It"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #213 "How to Say Expensive and Mean It"

How to Say Expensive and Mean It - The Twincast / Podcast reaches episode #213, and the discussion begins with Takara Tomy's upcoming Masterpiece MP-44 Optimus Prime version 3. This toy has a substantial price tag that has caused controversy amongst Transformers fans. In-hand impressions of Transformers Generations War for Cybertron: Siege figures come next, with analysis starting for Deluxe Class figures Sideswipe, Hound, Cog, and Skytread/Flywheels. After that, Micromasters from the Race Car, Battle, and Air Strike Patrols get a look. Weaponizers Lionizer, Blowpipe, and Firedrive come next before the Generations discussion concludes with Voyager Class Megatron and Optimus Prime. A look at the upcoming Generations Select releases of Ricochet and Red Swoop is followed by a quick examination of the recently released Transformers: Botbots lineup. The endings of the long-running IDW Transformers comics continuity comes next, with the end of event book Unicron occurring first. Optimus Prime's namesake series is talked about next before the comics discussion concludes with Lost Light's finale. Bragging Rights close out another episode with early holiday season sales driving the cast's recent purchases.

Transformers: SIEGE Deluxe Autobot Sixgun Video Review!

Posted 7 hours ago by Wolfman Jake - 2,254 views

TonTon is at it again! This time, Seibertron member Riley Hoffman was the one to alert us to the latest video review upload at TonTon Review on YouTube. The upcoming Transformer this time is the Deluxe Autobot Weaponizer Sixgun, slated for release soon in Wave 2 of the War for Cybertron: SIEGE line. Sixgun is classically a companion to Metroplex from the original G1 series. We get a look at the conversion of Sixgun from Cybertronian flying munitions platform to robot and back. TonTon gives - Read More

Rumour Megatron and Jazz to be Transformers MPM-08 and MPM-09

Posted 13 hours ago by ZeroWolf - 4,479 views

We have an interesting rumour for fans of the Transformers Movie Masterpiece line. Regarding the next two entries MPM-08 and MPM-09. This information comes from user NOTRAB on the Chinese social media site Weibo and must be taken with a pinch of salt. The identities of MPM-08 and MPM-09 is none other than 2007 Movie Megatron and 2007 Movie Jazz! According to the user, they are set to be official revealed at an event in China on the 26th January. At this stage there is no other - Read More

Deluxe Insecticon Venin Revealed For Transformers Trading Card Game And More.

Posted 16 hours ago by ZeroWolf - 3,320 views

Well with the recent reveal of Wave 2: Rise of the Combiners for Wizards of the Coast's Official Transformers Trading Card Game, we have a few more new cards to share with you all! The reveals today come from a mix of YouTubers Wossy Plays and Wreck N' Rule, as well as websites tabletopgaming and VectorSigma.Info! So as usual, we'll hand things over to fellow Seibertron user, #Sideways#. #Sideways# wrote: __________CHARACTERS__________ "Like... A turd! In the wind." Veno-- - Read More

Pre-Orders and Gallery For Bluefin Transformers Star Saber and Bumblebee Collectibles By Flame Toys

Posted 18 hours ago by Seibertron - 4,430 views

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BLUEFIN OPENS PRE-ORDERS FOR NEW TRANSFORMERS STAR SABER DIE-CAST FIGURE AND BUMBLEBEE FURAI MODEL KIT FROM FLAME TOYS Star Saber Debuts In May With Impressive Linkage Articulation Sturdy Die-Cast Construction And Multiple Accessories; Bumblebee Furai Model Kit Is Ideal For Beginners And Advanced Builders And Offers Realistic Poseability Anaheim, CA, January 15, 2019 – Bluefin, the leading North American distributor of toys, collectibles, and hobby merchandise - Read More

Travis Knight Discusses Bumblebee's Continuity with Bay Films, Alf and More

Posted 1 day ago by william-james88 - 8,867 views

Travis Knight sat down with Empire for their spoiler podcast to discuss the Bumblebee movie in his most candid interview yet. While he discusses a lot of this prequel's aspects we wanted to share some segments pertaining to the continuity with the Bay films. It is a subject he does address, and one the interviewer is very curious of (as we all are). He does mention why certain aspects may be inconsistent or not mentioned, even though it is a prequel and within the larger Bayverse. We have a - Read More

TFSource News - MP-36+ Megatron, FT Hoodlum, 3A Blitzwing, GP Gutter, Flame Toys Tarn & More!

Posted 2 days ago by ZeroWolf - 5,736 views

TFSource News - MP-36+ Megatron, FT Hoodlum, 3A Blitzwing, GP Gutter, Flame Toys Tarn & More! NEW HOT INSTOCK ITEMS: - Transformers Masterpiece MP-36+ Megatron - G1 Toy version - GigaPower - Gigasaurs - HQ03 Guttur - Chrome and Metallic Versions - Iron Factory - IF-EX24X War Giant Catastrophe - Set Of 5 - Flame Toys - Transformers - Tarn - Mastermind Creations - Ocular Max - R-34 Cylindrus - Mech Fans Toys - MF-37 Veteran and MF-20 Scourgers - Magic Square - MS-B02F - Read More

Transformers Studio Series 37 Voyager Constructicon Rampage Video Review

Posted 2 days ago by Wolfman Jake - 10,677 views

Thanks to member Grimyeal, we've been tipped off to yet another early look at an upcoming Transformers Studio Series figure from YouTube channel TonTon Review! TonTon gives us a good look at SS-37 Constructicon Rampage, the first Voyager Class member of Devastator to be released in 2019! Rampage will be made available at retail, along with seven other movie series Constructicons, over the course of the next two years (2019-2020). These eight figures will combine to form the - Read More

3A Movie Blitzwing gallery and pre-orders go live

Posted 2 days ago by Emerje - 12,736 views

3A has launched their Bumblebee movie Blitzwing gallery and, wow, does this figure look good!? As expected from 3A this non-transforming figure looks just like it walked straight out of the movie with loads of details, articulation, metal parts and LED lights to really bring it to life. We're also getting our first look at his accessories which include weapons, a replaceable arm, and extra sets of hands. The figure can be pre-ordered right now at the link above for $199 which does include - Read More

The Chosen Prime Sponsor Newsletter 14th January

Posted 2 days ago by ZeroWolf - 7,731 views

The Chosen Prime newsletter for January 14, 2019 Greetings from The Chosen Prime! We have a number of new arrivals and pre-orders available this week, presented below. Let us know if there's a particular figure you're looking for that isn't listed here or on the website. Happy shopping! LATEST PRE-ORDERS World of 3A Bumblebee Movie DLX Scale BLITZWING Estimated Release 2019 ZetaToys ZB03 SILVER ARROW Estimated Release Jan/Feb 2019 ZetaToys ZB02 - Read More

Bumblebee Movie Nitro Blitzwing does indeed have two heads

Posted 2 days ago by Emerje - 16,704 views

You'll recall a recent news post where we showed off a second head on Bumblebee Movie Nitro Blitzwing that was believed at the time to be a head variant. Turns out the head bearing a movie-style resemblance to Animated Blitzwing's crazy face wasn't the only thing the two figures have in common. Thanks to a photo gallery on Facebook by Arhi Manta we now know that Blitzwing does in fact have both the standard and "crazy" head on the figure thanks to a face changing gimmick on the figure. In the - Read More

Bluestreak and more revealed from Transformers TCG Wave 2: Rise of the Combiners

Posted 3 days ago by ZeroWolf - 10,175 views

Thanks to fellow Seibertron user, #Sideways#, we have some new cards to show you as well as #Sideways# look at how the card fares. Included in his run down is a look at the rules change that is coming with this set and some suprises we can look forward to. The reveals listed here come from multiple sources (Links contained in article): WTF@TFW podcast Wossy Plays YouTube Channel Without further ado, over to you #Sideways#! #Sideways# wrote:It's the most wonderful time of year -- in - Read More

New Video Review of Transformers War for Cybertron Siege Wave 2 Deluxe Prowl

Posted 3 days ago by ZeroWolf - 12,882 views

Thanks to fellow Seibertron users, Riley Hoffman, Sentinel_Primal and Nemesis Primal we have learned that YouTuber TonTon Reviews has uploaded a new video review of Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege Wave 2 Deluxe Class Prowl! The review covers his transformation and comparisons with his Siege brethren and with Studio Series #38 Transformers Bumblebee Optimus Prime. We have embedded the video below for your convenience: Will you be hunting Prowl down for your collection? Or are - Read More

Transformers Designer Eric Siebenaler to attend TFcon Los Angeles 2019

Posted 3 days ago by ZeroWolf - 6,422 views

TFcon USA Los Angeles 2019 is only two months away now but the guests keep on coming. The good folks over at TFcon have reached out to us to let us know that Transformers designer Eric Siebenaler will be attending the con and hosting a Q&A panel at the convention and have a table. Eric was the lead designer of Transformers Animated and was largely responsible for it's development. Here's the full press release announcing his attendance: TFcon wrote:We are very happy to welcome - Read More

New Transformers Siege Sightings for Canada and Australia

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 11,406 views

While the US of A has been getting all the Siege toys first (just like it happened with wave 1 of POTP), the line has been propagating across the globe, finding many happy fans. Canada was missing the leaders, and while they have yet to hit Walmart or Toysrus, they have been popping up at EB-Games at $69.99 (which is the retail price for leaders in Canada now). They can also be purchased online (though randomly allocated). As for Australia, we have had reports that the first wave (except for - Read More

New Transformers BotBots Revealed along with New Colour Change Gimmick

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 10,807 views

So we knew the new year would bring about more Botbots, but that was all we knew, until now. Hasbro has updated their Australian site to include 4 new 5 packs which include new Botbots. 2 of those are new molds, and include a rolling pin and mixer. Both of those feature the colour change gimmick, which may be similar to the good old rub stamp effect. Both of these new molds are included in each of the 5 packs. The rest of the packs include redecos of previous Botbots including the soap - Read More

Twincast / Podcast Episode #215 "New Year, New Toys"

Posted 3 days ago by megatronus - 8,483 views

The Twincast / Podcast is gearing up for another year of toys and tie in media. Your host ScottyP along with Megatronus, Cobotron, D-Maximus and Jon3.0 discuss their in-hand thoughts on this year's newest plastic offerings, what toys are up next, and comics and media news. Episode #215 "New Year, New Toys" is available directly and in our RSS Feed, and should appear on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher Radio within 24 to 48 hours of when you see this news post. Here's what - Read More

Possible head variant of Bumblebee Nitro Blitzwing of Animated Blitzwing's crazy face

Posted 3 days ago by notirishman - 18,676 views

As I'm sure you may know, there is a new jet Blitzwing in the Nitro size class, with, well, a movie accurate head sculpt. But, today, we have what may be a new variant. As I'm sure you also may remember, Blitzwing from the Animated show had three faces, something unique to that version. Well, this upcoming Blitzwing figure has a possible new variant, based of a mix of the original, and the crazy face, from the Animated version. This was found from a "Ken Adrian" on Facebook, though it appears - Read More

Bumblebee 'Solidly Profitable' according to Viacom CEO

Posted 3 days ago by D-Maximal_Primal - 9,460 views

With Bumblebee comfortably enjoying its fourth weekend in American theaters, fellow Seibertronian Sabrblade has made us aware that Bumblebee’s success has not been limited to the critical-sphere. Far from it, for a recent statement from Viacom CEO Robert M. Bakish has cemented Bumblebee as a financial success. Speaking at the Citi TMT West Conference in Las Vegas this last Wednesday, Bakish made explicit reference to Bumblebee’s success, and that it had proven “solidly profitable”. - Read More

Analysis and Description of New Battle Features in Rise of the Combiners Cards for TFTCG

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 6,277 views

We thank #Sideways for this review of the new combiner features and battle strategies in the second wave of the Transformers Trading Card Game. "Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives." I thought that Combiners could never be in the Transformers Trading Card Game. I thought they were impossible. I thought wrong. Combiners are coming in Wave 2 of the TFTCG, aptly christened "Rise of the Combiners", it features 46 character cards and 81 Battle Cards, with 6 full teams of - Read More

Transformers: SIEGE Deluxe Autobot Chromia Video Review!

Posted 4 days ago by Wolfman Jake - 16,107 views

It seems like the Transformer: SIEGE line has just barely gotten the entirety of Wave 1 into brick and mortar stores in the United States, and already, we have some exciting stuff to show you for Wave 2, fellow Seibertronians! YouTuber TonTon has just published a video on his channel of the upcoming Transformers: SIEGE Wave 2 Deluxe Chromia! As usual, TonTon gives us a good look at the conversion of Chromia from Cybertronian car to robot and back again, showing off the fine detailing sculpted - Read More

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #215 - New Year, New Toys
Twincast / Podcast #215:
"New Year, New Toys"
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Posted: Sunday, January 13th, 2019

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