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Seibertronian Council Bulletin

Posted 6 days ago

You had your chance to sign up here (and you still can if you're quick), and it's time! The first round of C4C Season 2 has begun from mission 110500.

PandaRabbitFuzor will soon be available
Posted 8 days ago

In the lead up to the next season of the Campaign for Cybertron contest we will be releasing the PandaRabbitFuzor alt into the wild.

The PandaRabbitFuzor features the BITE tactic, PLUS STRAFE.

Now if you think this is going to be easy, think again. The alt will be released in rotation at random times throughout the day, we just won't be telling you when, and it'll only be around for a few hours at a time. So you're going to have to keep an eye out and be quick to grab it.

Have fun, and good luck catching it!

BW Dinobot alt now available to Autobots
Posted 10 days ago

As we work to bring balance to the game and refresh it, an all new Alt Mode and Alt Class featuring BW Dinobot (based off his Masterpiece release which Phasewing converted for the game, cheers Phasewing!) is now available to the Autobots!

He is a single tactic alt mode, and that tactic is BITE. This balances him against the Decepticons Sharkticon alt.

We have more alts and alt classes to be released soon, hit the forums as that's where we'll be posting any hints as to what we have in the pipe line.

Something wicked this way comes ...
Posted 19 days ago

Denied his place in The Inferno, Jack-O-Lantern has arrived and begun to spread his ghostly influence amongst the Autobots. Will you fall prey to his influence? Or will you become victim to his BITE.
Learn more about Jack here

Recent HMW News

Official Transformers TCG Metroplex Theme Deck Card Reveals
Posted 12 hours ago by ZeroWolf

With the new Metroplex Theme Deck hitting online vendors and hobby shops alike on November 21st,the Official Transformers Trading Card Game Facebook page has put up card scans of the exclusive cards contained within the set. We have mirrored them here along with the thoughts of fellow Seibertron Read more ...

HMW: Campaign for Cybertron Season 2- Extinction. Round 1: INFECTION starts in 24 hours!
Posted 7 days ago by Psychout

WarPorn Industries and the RDD proudly present The Campaign for Cybertron SEASON 2: Extinction! HMW BITES BACK! Round 1: INFECTION!! Like, you didn't see this coming... wrote: I like big teeth and I cannot lie, you other bunnies can't deny... AWWWW YEAHHH!! ITS TIME TO GET YO BITE ON Read more ...

HMW: Campaign for Cybertron, Season 2: Extinction! PROLOGUE
Posted 13 days ago by Psychout

WarPorn Industries and the RDD proudly present The Campaign for Cybertron SEASON 2: Extinction! HMW BITES BACK! Prologue Don't worry, I wont bite... unless you ask really nicely. Hey there Losers and Ladies, I'm Zombi Cheerleader and we're back! Did you miss me? Tonight on WPNN - The Read more ...

HMW: Something wicked this way comes ...
Posted 18 days ago by Burn

Centuries ago, before the war, at the beginning of the Inferno, a dingy bar on the outskirts of a long forgotten city, an old forgesmith invited the Darkness for a drink. Stingy Jack as he was known, didn't like to pay for his own drinks, so he some how convinced the Darkness to transform himself Read more ...

HMW Campaign for Cybertron: Shard of Resilience
Posted 5 months ago by Burn

INTERLUDE! For 15 years, Heavy Metal War has been a part of Seibertron.com, through both good and bad, this little game has brought together transformers fans on both sides of the war and given pleasure and pain in equal measure. To celebrate this amazing achievement, during this tourney we Read more ...

Previous Heavy Metal War news ...

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