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Seibertronian Council Bulletin

Civil War ... ummm ... not sure what number we're up to on this site after the Forum Staff vs News Crew wars
Posted 14 days ago

"What's so Civil 'bout War Anyways?"

Reappearing out nowhere, after disappearing just as abruptly over a stellar cycle ago, Wingz and her crew waste no time in beginning to reclaim their former status in the Autobot Hierarchy by challenging the self-proclaimed HMW Messiah HMW Flippity Floppity Bun-Bun to contest that will not only gauge their teams battle prowess but also the other faction commander's loyalties.

Not to be left out, the Decepticon Kamjiin siezes the opportunity presented by the chaos and rallies his fellow Decepticons to assist in his latest attempt at revenge against Bun-Bun with Wingz caught in the crossfire.

Meanwhile, no one has seen steve2275. Hopefully this draws him out and he shows everyone who the REAL Autobot Saviour is.

Who will survive to claim victory in this clash of betrayal, revenge, and Egos? Come join us in the HMW forum to participate & find out.

Iron Man-of-Iron Challenge
Posted 3 months ago

So ahhh...Christmas was a fair while ago, lots happened since then, not updates obviously but hey, you know how it is.

Anyhoo ... I was tired of seeing that Christmas announcement so I decided to do this one, it'll probably be at the top for 4-5 months as well, I dunno, we'll see what happens.

If you haven't visited the forums lately, well, hey, these things happen too. But you missed something good!

The Iron Man-of-Iron Challenge!

It's simple, nominate one of your bots, turn off the Auto CR Chamber and see how many missions it can survive.

Is there rewards? Dunno. Probs not. Is there an end date? Also, dunno, hope not, is good challenge! Go do!

I have work to get back to. Toodles!

It's Christmas time!
Posted 8 months ago

It isn't much, but we've done a couple of little things for Christmas.

Have a good Christmas and New Year, stay safe, try not to murder any relatives, praise be to Santa, or if none of that applies to you, just have a good whatever it is you're up to around this time of year.

CfC: Extinction - Round 2
Posted 2 years ago

Campaign for Cybertron: Extinction, Round 2 is live!

Your faction needs you!

Join the War of Violence and help defend Cybertron from the menace of the Reavers as they try to corrupt the Transformers into their mindless Brood army and prepare their attack from the Violence region of the Inferno.

Just join in the special 'CfC'-tagged missions and help your allies protect your world for the chance to win your faction a prize, or sign up in the HMW Forum here to enter the Twelfth Knight bonus game, with a chance of winning an extra prize for yourself and your faction!

Get involved in the missions and help fight this new terror from below!

The 'Campaign for Cybertron' is a player-created and forum-led ongoing interactive tournament found in the HMW Forum, ending 9/12/18 (12/9/18 for those in the US) New and old members are always welcome to join in.

Faction Forum Access
Posted 2 years ago

If you weren't aware, or maybe you are aware, both Autobots and Decepticons have their own faction specific sub-forums.

If you don't have access to your faction's sub-forum, please let us now in this thread and we'll get your access sorted.

Recent HMW News

HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Extinction - Round 4: PROLOGUE!!
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Reaver War Update! wrote:WarPorn Industries and the RDD proudly present The Campaign for Cybertron SEASON 2: Extinction! HMW BITES BACK! Round 4: PROLOGUE!! Once more unto the breach, once more!! So we're basically just ripping off Henry V? Oooohh kaaay... It's been a rollercoaster Read more ...

HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Round 3 Weapons Update!
Posted 2 years ago by Psychout

I hope your trigger fingers are good an itchy... You put the lime in the coconut, then grab your empty and smelt him up... Weapons Manufacturing Has Begun!! 15 brave Cybertronians entered the battle of Kaon and collected the resources required to create the ‘Reaver-X’ weapon class. Read more ...

HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Extinction - Round 3: Spoils of War
Posted 2 years ago by Psychout

WarPorn Industries and the RDD proudly present The Campaign for Cybertron SEASON 2: Extinction! HMW BITES BACK! Round 3: THE SPOILS OF WAR!! All's fair in love and war, but both at the same time is so much more fun! Right, let's skip all the preamble and pleasantries: The Reavers have Read more ...

HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Extinction - Round 3 [Prologue]
Posted 2 years ago by Burn

WarPorn Industries and the RDD proudly present The Campaign for Cybertron SEASON 2: Extinction! HMW BITES BACK! I find a nice Chardonnay goes best with wholesale slaughter. Its a new year!! Have you all sobered up yet? Pretty sure I haven't, but with the festivities of the holidays over Read more ...

HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Extinction - Round 2: War of Violence!
Posted 2 years ago by Psychout

Dammit, here we go again. Don't these Reavers ever shut up? ...and cue Zombi! *taped applause* ...I don't care what the warranty says, that is definitely NOT a silent setting! Greetings, peasants! We have our airwaves back again! These interruptions are really damaging my ratings! What Read more ...

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