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The Heavy Metal War Help File

Feeling a little lost? Well fret no more! This page here collects all of the most popular questions in one place - many of which are answered on each respective page in the Heavy Metal War navigation above. Please read through the entire help file below - you might learn something new that you didn't know was available as part of Heavy Metal War!


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I want to play! Where do I begin?

If you are already a member of SEIBERTRON.com, you're already registered! If you're not a member, click here.

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I just signed up - now what?

Once you have registered, the first thing you will see is the screen where you declare your allegiance. After you've chosen a faction, you'll be invited to check out the Help section (including the FAQ you're reading now!) and to create your first Transformer.

You start with 2,500 Energon chips (€2,500) to use in building and equipping your character. It costs €500 to create each Transformer you add to your team. When you create a Transformer, you need to give it a unique name - you'll be alerted if the name you choose is already in use - and you can select an alternate mode (i.e. a transformation) for it if you like. Once you've done that, you'll be taken to your Registry, where you can activate your new Transformer and send it into battle.

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Can I make more than one team in HMW? Can I make an Autobot team and a Decepticon team?

No. The SEIBERTRON.com site rules only allow you to have one account, and each SEIBERTRON.com account can have one faction and one HMW team. Therefore, you can have one account within the game, and one only. You cannot have one team per faction.

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What is the registry?

The registry lists all of your Transformers. All of your Transformers are placed in one of two groups: Active and Inactive.

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What is the difference between active and inactive Transformers?

Active Transformers are characters which are ready to be used, and they can be sent on missions or into the Arena. Inactive Transformers are Transformers in the registry that are not in use. If you do not have any available Active slots left then you must wait until one becomes available before you can activate any more Transformers. Many tasks, such as putting a Transformer into the CR Chamber, will de-activate the Transformer during the process, allowing you to activate another Transformer. Transformers must remain active, however, when on a mission, or in the arena.

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How many Transformers can I have active at one time?

Only 6 Transformers can be active at any given time.

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What is the difference between Missions and Arena Battles?

Arena Battles are one-on-battles, whereas Missions have anywhere from 2-10 Transformers on respective teams. Arenas take 30 minutes to complete, and Mission have various times depending on whether you wish to partake in a small mission with a couple team members or an all out brawl with many. Missions have a lead-in time that allows everyone time to join, then they have a varied time as to the length. Another difference is that when the Arena fight is over your Transformer is automatically placed in the CR Chamber whereas after a Mission you must place your Transformer in yourself (more on that below). You generally earn more spoils from missions such as extra Energon, extra experience, and the ability to do more than just a one-on-one fight.

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Is there an advantage for my characters to be in an Arena Battle over a Mission and vice versa?

When you first begin playing Heavy Metal War, there is an advantage to participating in Arena Battles. The Arena Battles place you in a CR Chamber for free at Level 0. Let's just call it a "payment" of sorts for battling in the Arena. Your character also earns more Energon in the Arena than in Missions. On the flip side, your character gains more experience by going on Missions. More experience gives you the opportunity to increase your character's statistics.

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How do my characters gain Energon and Experience?

By fighting, of course! The more fights you do the more Energon and experience you accumulate. Need more Energon for the CR Chamber, Weapons, or Armor? Spend some time in the Arena. Need more experience to increase your character's tech spec ratings like strength, intelligence, speed, endurance, firepower, courage, rank, and/or skill? Send 'em on missions!

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Are the tech specs really used or are the stats just for show?

This has got to be one of the first games ever that utilizes all 8 elements of the infamous Transformers tech specs. Yes, your characters will use their strength, intelligence, speed, endurance, firepower, courage, rank, and skill throughout the various missions and arena battles in which they participate. The more speed your character has - the more likely it will race away from an attack. The more endurance your character has - the longer your character will endure attacks during a battle. The more firepower your character has - the better weapons your character can use!

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How do I increase my character's tech specs?

All you have to do is click on your character's name anywhere you see it displayed. Once you are viewing your character's profile, click on the link that says "upgrade". The next screen will enable you to upgrade your character's stats. Try raising the strength on one character and the skill on another to see the difference in results from your battles.

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Why does the amount of experience points to raise a tech spec change when I raise a different spec?

A tech spec costs more to raise to a level when there are more tech specs already at that level. This is done to encourage people to raise tech specs unevenly. It's much more fun when people have one or two really good stats than all mediocre ones.

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Why does it cost so much experience to raise a tech spec?

The cost of tech specs is raised the way it is to encourage the use of only a few stats effectively, instead of raising all stats blindly. It encourages you to budget your XP and plan out what you need to do to make your Transformer successful.

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How do I gain levels?

Your level is based on the number of upgrades (Tech Specs and/or Tactics) your bot has been given. When you buy your fifth upgrade, your bot will become level 1. From that point, you need to buy a further 9 upgrades to gain each new level.

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Upgrades 0 5 14 23 32 41 50 59 68 77 86 95

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What are the missions?

Missions put you head-to-head against the enemy. For every mission you see, your enemy sees another version of the same mission. You and the other players on your side who join the mission with you will fight against your mutual enemy who joined their version. You may not assign more than one Transformer to the same mission. Each mission has a duration, and you will be able to see the results when the mission is completed.

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How do I find out who has joined a mission?

To see who has already joined the mission, click on the name of the mission. Inactive Transformers may not join a mission. To activate a Transformer, visit the registry.

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What happens when a mission is complete?

Once the mission is complete, the Transformer can recover in the CR Chamber, depending on the amount of damage incurred. If your character reached no opposition during the mission, then your character will have incurred no damage. It is also possible to survive a mission untouched, thereby eliminating the need to go into the CR Chamber.

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How do I register for an Arena Battle?

You can register your Transformers for combat in the Arena. This page shows the other Transformers which are already registered but do not yet have opponents. Below that are the Transformers you have already registered and the Transformers you have active. You can use the menu at the top to see Current Battles, Your Battles, and Register for Battle to return to the Arena registration page. You must have an active Transformer in order to fight in the Arena. If you there are no Transformers available for you to fight then you can click 'Wait' and it will place you in a fight when an opponent of the same level registers. If there is a Transformer of the same level on the opposing team waiting for a fight you can click 'Fight' and be pitted against him.

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What are Your Battles?

This is a list of your battles which have recently finished. The Transformers involved in the battle are listed grouped by allegience.

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What are Current Battles?

This is a list of the battles which are underway and the battles which will begin shortly. Results of battles are available as soon as the battle is finished. The Transformers involved in the battle are listed grouped by allegience.

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Everyone has a weapon but me! How do my characters get weapons?

You may buy weapons for your characters based upon what level of firepower or skill (or a combination of both) they have and how much Energon you have. In order to equip your character with one of the weapons you purchased, you have to click on the character's name in the active box at the bottom of the page. Once you are viewing a particular character's profile, just select which weapon you want your character to be equipped with.

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I want armor too! How do I get it?

One ton of Armor may be installed per point of Strength. A Transformer with a Strength of 0 may not have any Armor. In order to install the Armor, the Transformer must be active and not doing anything.

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What's a CR Chamber?

One of the great things about the Beast Wars: Transformers series was some of the retroactive story elements such as the CR Chamber (where Transformers "heal"), stasis lock (when a Transformer goes into an inactive state), and spark (the "soul" of a Transformer) - all story elements which can be applied to the G1 Transformers. We decided to include these story elements as a part of Heavy Metal War. The CR Chamber is where your Transformers go to recover after missions and arena fights. Recovery time and cost depends on how much the Transformer has been damaged. Transformers are placed into the CR Chamber automatically after an Arena battle, but after a mission it must be done by you.

To put one or more Transformers in the CR Chamber, click on the checkbox that says "Recover" , and click on the "Send to CR Chamber" button. When a Transformer is placed in the CR Chamber, it is de-activated. It can be re-activated in the registry once the process is complete.

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How often does the game get reset?

While this is something that we always wish to avoid the administrators of the Heavy Metal War game may see a scenario arise where we need to reset the game. Upon resetting elements of the game, certain information will or may be destroyed and/or lost. If there is any information you wish to keep for your permanent records, please feel free to copy and paste mission and arena logs. There are no plans at this time to reset the game on purpose but there are no guarantees that it won't happen, even if by accident.

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I just read through this and I don't see what I was looking for. What now?

The game has alot of players that are active members of our Message Board. In here you can discuss whatever you wish regarding the world of Transformers, or the world in general. But if you wish to ask for something specific to Heavy Metal War then you can ask in the HMW-General Discussion forum where there are friendly players ready and willing to answer any questions you might have regarding the game. You can also use this forum to reports any problems you encounter or leave your comments for the game designers.

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