Part-Time Help Wanted at Seibertron LLC in Mount Prospect, IL

Seibertron LLC is looking to hire a part-time minimum wage employee with availability between 9am and 5pm. Position is for approximately 5 to 20 hours per week. Primary tasks are related to e-commerce and marketing needs of business which include (but are not limited to):

  • Bagging and boarding comic books (approximately 500 per week)
  • Transforming Transformers toys for our store inventory or gallery content on
  • Assisting with piecing together used Transformers toys from collections we purchased
  • Cropping photos of inventory and content
  • Assisting with packaging of sold products
  • Assisting with posting content on
  • Other relevant tasks pertaining to the Seibertron Store and

Applicants with flexible day and/or night schedules preferred. Self-motivation and reliable transportation are required. Work schedule is flexible to accommodate your other commitments. Daytime hours preferred but willing to work a couple of nights to make it work with the right person. This is a unique opportunity that could help employees build out their experience with marketing and/or e-commerce. Willing to work with your college if experience is required to earn school credits. Trustworthiness, ability to follow instructions, use proper care with our inventory, willingness to take on new tasks, and ability to use Windows and Android devices. Familiarity with and a working knowledge of how to transform Transformers toys is a must OR a great interest in other aspects needed to operate this company. Knowledge of Transformers toys preferred. Applicant location near northwest suburbs of Chicago preferred. Seibertron LLC is located in Mount Prospect, IL.

If interested, contact Ryan using the contact form on this page. Please provide additional and relevant information about yourself, skills, and capabilities for our consideration. COVID-19 vaccination required for employment. Masks are not required. Customers are rarely on site. You generally work in a separate room from the owner. Resume and/or other information will be requested in a follow-up via email.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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