Deszaras with a human boy

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Deszaras with a human boy
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Black Hat writes: "Wwow, I can't believe I'm actually meeting Deathsaurus!"

"It's Deszaras."

"let's not start that one again..."
Heckfire writes: "And now, I will demonstrate 'Kiss Players' for you."
Zeedust writes: Aside from being the leader of the Decepticons, Deathsaurus was also the mastermind behind another, far more sinister organization: NAMBLA.
Unknown writes: Little Boy:"I'm Japanese!!!"
Deszaras:"Who F----ing cares!!"
Roadshadow writes: Optimus Prime *Reading this*: Uhh...okay, is this supposed to be manga or a Japanese sublimanal message?
Roadshadow writes: Deszaras: Hey, this isn't my dolly! This is Black Zarak's doll!
Zeedust writes: Um, the last line of my last submssion was supposed to be "I thought only the Autobots got stuck babysitting." Sorry about that...

We need a way to fix typos on these things.

What do you mean *you* don't smartass?

It's NOT ju
Zeedust writes: Deathsauras/Dezarus/Deathsource/Giant Space Chicken: "Optimus will never hurt a human. Go rip off his scrotum and bludgeon him senseless with it."

Kid: "Yes SIR!" *Runs off*

D/D/D/GSC: "That oughta get me some peace and qu
shockwave_inoz writes: Well, it looks as though Michael Jackson's plastic surgery has gone too far this time, and we already thought it had done that! That kid better watch out, too - his haircut could be considered a deadly weapon!!
Zeedust writes: Boy: "Behold the cut of my hair, in modern style! It posesses body and tone!"

Deathsaurus: "So does my shiny metal butt, kid, now quit talking like a freak and go get yourself a decent haircut."
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Zeedust writes: Boy: "Look! We're speaking Japanese!"

Deathsaurus: "That's it? That's the joke?"

Boy: "Yes! Pretty weak, huh?"

*Both laugh, then a brief pause.*

Deathsaurus: &
Shadow Fox writes: Deszaras (English translation)- Yes I can transform my robo genetailia when I like, Now come back with me, I have candy and a nice BIG 'surprise' waiting for you back at HQ!!!
omega icecream writes: boy;i cant understand you deszaras,what language are you speaking?deszaras;ching -chong, ing!
Zeedust writes: Boy: "That's not a Destron! It's a gaint chicken!"


*Boo-zarus whips out a plasma mine blaster and reduces the kid to his component particles. The hapless, gree
Zeedust writes: "My, grandma, what big hands you have!" "The better to crush you like the pitiful insect you are with, worthless fleshling!"
K-nonFodder writes: Japanesse writings = Only you can prevent forest fires- i guess we didn't realize Japan didn't have any bears
Unknown writes: Deszaras: I was hurt, but I'm okay! (mutters) Curse you Star Sabre!
Kid: Hi, Mr. Robot! What're you saying?
Deszaras: Oh piece of...
Unknown writes: "We could be saying 'ought - they can't read our text bulloons."
Unknown writes: "Once again I have saved the freedom of all freedom loving peoples everywhere!""Thank you, Super Mighty Zord of Truth, Justice and Twinkies!"
Ricochet writes: The boy is giving ultiment plans in Chinese, but the robot is saying he only understands Japanese
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Unknown writes: can we kill the guy who made us talk japense?
boy: sure go ahead!
zach writes: deszaras:you got that Human:*thinking I wonder what he said "awesome cool Deszaras: strange i asked him if hes ever had sex with a transformer
zach writes: I cant believe i have a kid! I shoudnt of married that fat female human
Shadow writes: Boy: Sure, okay, yeah! Really, I have no idea what the h*** you just said.
Unknown writes: i swear i wont tell anyone father Deszaras.
Unknown writes: Des: Today... the daycare center... tomorrow the WORLD~!!!

Boy: Yes sir~!!!
Unknown writes: DEATHSAURUS: Ha! We had kids in our show before Armada made it uncool!

BOY:Hey, could you direct me to the Digimon Set?
PlasmaRadio writes: Deszaras: "Its big American Party! Happy joy gala, big wide-eye!"
Afeminate Boy: "Yes, big party! I'm your slave, happy!"
Unknown writes: hye don't i look like a gril you know,hihihihihihihihihihihihi
Unknown writes: boy:just a little off the fringe please...
nicky clarkeATRON:oh ok i think we can manage that
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Broadside writes: Now remember just shout my name 3 times and I'll be there
Unknown writes: "We're friends we are."
ryo777 writes: Deszaras: Oh, waiter?
waiter: Are you ready to order sir?
Deszaras: Yes. I'll have the "Sum Yung Guy".
ryo777 writes: THIS is what happens when they combine "FORCE FIVE" and "RANMA 1/2"!
Unknown writes: Des:..and remember Kojiro, Satan is your friend!
Kojiro: Hai Deszaras-chan!
Unknown writes: The gay is reaching unfathomable heights right now.
Manchester Devil writes: Deszaras: Finally! The Decepticons have their version of Daniel.
Boy: That's right sir! :D
Unknown writes: Deszaras: So, just because you beat me in Monopoly, you think you're hot stuff!
Unknown writes: Hey commonits bad enough I dont know whats being said but do I have to speak this crap too!?!?!?
Glen writes: BOY: English man! Speak english!!

DES: I say Old Chap! Feel like a spot of tea, eh what?
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Unknown writes: DZ:"And now, can somebody please tell me if this thing is a boy or a girl."
Unknown writes: It was #1 in Japan and NOW it's coming to America.Transformer's presents "Destron and the Dud" coming soon to a
theatre near you!
Darkscream writes: The actual Japanese translation is pretty funny in itself...

Deathzaras: I'll be happy as long as you're with me.
Boy: Thank you, Emperor.
Dynamus Prime writes: Deathsaurus: The rain in Spain lies mainly on the plain... Kid: When I go out I play in the street I get hit by cars I make mash potatoes I get hit by cars!!
Dynamus Prime writes: Deathsaurus: Look! We are speaking Japanese! (Check out if you don't know where I got this)
Bumblebee writes: Desz: Hey! WhoareyourighttherelittleboyIdon'tthinkI'veeverseenyouherebefore, ha ha!!
Boy: Whaaaaaaat?Whoareyouagiantrobotwowyoulooksocool!

Narrator: Unknown to little boy, Deszaras is his long lost older brother who he thought died i
Unknown writes: Deszaras: "Quick, wee lad, to the translation room! Gyokama will help us out with these captions right away!"
Boy: "Yes Sir!"
Unknown writes: I'm telling you robot and boy relationships work
Unknown writes: Bah weep grah nah weep nini bon?
Unknown writes: Deszaras: "Hello little boy. Do you want some candy?" Child: "Please Sir! May I have another?"
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Unknown writes: frankly id rather not know what theyre talking about.
tony writes: Oops, forgot to switch on my universal translator, never leave home without it!
Unknown writes: Vizzini, he can fuss.
fuss, fuss, I think he likes to scream at us.
mouse writes: After battling countless hordes of anime genres and characters, Deszaras is left with only threat...POKEMON..."I choose..." "Die you little..."
Metroplex writes: D: Ni nen ting de dao ma?Boy: Wo bo dong ni zai jiang se mo (Got Translation?)
Metroplex writes: D: Ni nen ting de dao ma?Boy: Wo bo dong ni zai jiang se mo
Unknown writes: Hi Kids! Remember not to play with scissors. If you do, you might end up with hair like Billy here.
Unknown writes: Deszaras: I am Bill S. Preston, Esquire!
Kid: And I am Ted Theodore Logan.
Both: And togther we are WILD STALIONS!!!!
Ibanezjimjim666 writes: Deszaras: Hey kid! Is that a fish on your head??? Kid: Is this the Gundam set??? Damn!! I was hoping it was for Pokemon!
Unknown writes: (in crort) just fo the record son now tel gus we did he tuch you he toughed my naughty place :Deszaras damn stright...i mean way!!!
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Unknown writes: hall ass to lALLAPALOOZA boy booooo! deszaras:shut up you!
Sharpshot writes: Hey Kid, Get the hell otu of my way aand WIPE THAT SMILE OF YOUR s£!t EATING FACE. Boy : Yes Sir!
Unknown writes: Gee Mr. Peabody!
-Quiet you!
Unknown writes: Boy: Where is my Deszaras re-issue?
Deszaras: Right in front of you, enlarged!
Chachi writes: Kid: "HAIL ILPALLAZZO!"
Dezaras: "Who the Hell is this kid?"
Unknown writes: Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die...

kid: Me so horny, me love you long time..
DrSpengler writes: Deszaras: I want to f*ck you like and animal!!!
Child: Only God can save me now...
Unknown writes: The galaxy is in danger...fusion of sexually deprived robot and ambiguously gay anime child couterpart!!!
GalvaTRION writes: Dezauras: Ho! Young child; patriotic in nature! Evil intentions lie in wait? Who can judge!

Boy: Unfortunate event! Dezauras is fooled as a child! Can he discover my plan!?

Hot Rodimus writes: (a guy off screen)were did he touch you for the record
(kid points)
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The Matrix writes: *New cartoon currently being dubbed for American Television*
Unknown writes: Deszaras: Your not Dan! Your Char Aznable, from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Char:So what if I am you wierd talking Titan mobile suit.
Unknown writes: Deszaras: Dan. I am your father. Join me to the darl side. Dan: No! Never!!!!!
Unknown writes: And now I know.....AND KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE!!!!!!!!! (an out of work autobot tries to get a job with another popular cartoon series.)
Unknown writes: He followed me home, can I keep him please?!
Stelartron writes: DESZARAS: All your base are belong to us. We will set you up the bomb. KID: What you say?!
Unknown writes: I speak Japanese!
Unknown writes: Awesome!
Unknown writes: Alright, a new human to keep. I transformed with the last one still in me. Ewwww!
Unknown writes: Transformers is super cool!
Kid:Super groovy cool!
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Unknown writes: Kid: Somebody set up us the bomb!
Deszaras: You have no chance to survive make your time.
Unknown writes: Deszaras: hey? Your a boy? I thought you were a girl? you sure look like it!
Unknown writes: Deszaras:see timmy,if you drink all of your milk,you can grow up big , strong and rule the universe like me.Boy:my hat is cooler then yours is loser
Unknown writes: Dezsaras places his food order at a beefbowl stand.
Dynamus Prime writes: Say what?
Pokejedservo writes: Deszaras: Alright my new sexually ambiguous anime kid action figure!

Kid Toy: Ready for my new "service" sir!
Unknown writes: Boy: Why have that garbage RiD Megatron when you can get the original DESZARAS.
davewelttf writes: Kid: this caption needs color
Deszaras: its fine the way it is
Kid:you have a band-aid on your forehead
Deszaras:shut up already!
Metroplex writes: Deszaraz: Need translation? Boy: Click for Japanese on the top of page!
Unknown writes: If you want my super candy you can buy it on (Kid) yees sir
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Unknown writes: My very own Boy action figure!! Thanks Mom!!!
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